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Creating Coding Careers via Mob Programming with Mike Roberts

The Mob Mentality Show

What things make a career in tech unattainable for some?What would make a career in tech accessible to more people?Once someone has started their code journey, what things help a career flourish? Join Austin and Chris as they discuss with Mike Roberts making tech careers accessible and equitable at Creating Coding Careers. Mike not only shares about the mission and results of https://cccareers.org/ but he also shares many aspects of his "playbook" for enhancing and enriching the early career of developers: e.g., Mob Programming, Apprenticeship, Mentors, Job Placement, etc.  Video and Show Notes: https://youtu.be/RPOXewO7ZeQ  


8 Aug 2022

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Mike Roberts


We’re hanging out and talking to Mike Roberts owner and operator of Saulk trail archery he talks about what got him interested in building his own bows and his experience in the world of traditional archery 


23 Jun 2022

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The Hudson Institute's Mike Roberts Joins the American Maritime Podcast

AMP: American Maritime Podcast

Tune in to the latest American Maritime Podcast for a conversation with Mike Roberts, an adjunct fellow with Hudson Institute’s Center for Defense Concepts and Technology. Mike previously served as President of the American Maritime Partnership.Key topics include:Addressing the "greatest hits" of misconceptions about the Jones ActThe growing influence of China in the global maritime spaceThe competitiveness of the Jones Act fleet


9 Jun 2022

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Mike Roberts with Harps talks inflation, labor, summer, stone fruit

The Produce Retail Podcast

You're in for a treat! This episode of The Produce Retail Podcast features a wide-ranging conversation with Mike Roberts, vice president of produce operations for Harps Food Stores. Mike discusses the big topics, like how Harps is tackling inflation and labor shortages, and he provides a rundown of programs and items that will be creating excitement in the stores this summer. Mike also tells the story of how the company found a stone fruit supplier during the pandemic — via Zoom — that is helping Harps take their category to the next level. This is a conversation you don't want to miss. Enjoy!  This new podcast series is designed to cover all things produce retail: strategy, partnerships, planning, training, leadership, communication, merchandising and beyond. Recent topics include seasonal resets, approaches to training, pricing strategy, space allocation, category deep dives and more.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


23 May 2022

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Mike Roberts (The Converse Cowboy) Interview - Presented by Martin Saddlery

Cowhorse Full Contact

Chris Dawson and Russell Dilday interview the creator and host of the Converse Cowboy podcast, Mike Roberts. Mike has a passion for horses and is very competitive. These things make him hungry to learn and grow, so he set out to create a platform to allow him to sit down with elite-level horsemen & women to apply what he knows to his own life. The Converse Cowboy focuses on mindset as it relates to performance and life. The Converse Cowboy has allowed Mike to sit down with some fantastic people to tease out their habits and routines so that listeners can apply and test them in their own life. With a growth mindset, Mike is constantly asking questions and pursuing knowledge. The Converse Cowboy Show allows Mike to do just that.  Martin Saddlery (888) 308-2386  www.martinsaddlery.com

4hr 39mins

20 Apr 2022

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UCET 2022 Keynotes with Mike Roberts & Cory Henwood

UEN Homeroom

In this episode of UEN Homeroom, Dani and Matt talk to educators Mike Roberts & Cory Henwood. They are presenting the keynotes for the upcoming UCET Conference. Listen for advice on making it through the end of the school year, and a teaser of what's to come at the conference.UCET Website 


17 Feb 2022

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Beyond the Ocean #15 - Dr. Mike Roberts

Beyond the Ocean

In this very special episode, we’re joined by co-host and Co-Founder of Surf Park Central, Dr. Jess Ponting. Jess is also a Professor of Sustainable Surf Tourism at San Diego State, and the Co-Founder of Stoke, a sustainability certification organization. This episode will be the first of a variety from our INSIDER series, featuring long-form expert interviews conducted by Jess along with industry leaders and change-makers. In today’s episode, Jess is joined by a friend and colleague, Dr. Mike Roberts Professor of Sociology, to discuss the evolution of surfing culture in the context of surf pools. Waves of Simulation: Arguing authenticity in an era of surfing the hyperreal. The third generation of surf parks have had an enormous impact on surf culture since they came online in 2015. Surfing culture has always been underpinned by romantic notions of nature and the surfer’s relationship to it, but now perfect waves have been decoupled from nature and entered the realm of the hyperreal. This episode explores what it all means for surf culture. Dr. Jess Ponting and  Dr. Michael Roberts invoke theorists Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin in a riveting conversation about surf parks and their impacts and implications for surfing and surf culture.

1hr 13mins

15 Feb 2022

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Mike Roberts, Ep 105

the stickboys podcast

This week we visit with Mike Roberts of Sauk Trail Archery.  Mike grew up in traditional archery with his father Jerry Roberts, starting the business in 1981.  Through the years Mike has seen a lot of changes come and go to traditional bowhunting, but through it all it's still the love of the chase, getting close, and the simplicity of the stick and string that gets him.  We discuss topics ranging from an 18 year old young man on his own in ten square miles of Canadian wilderness figuring out running baits for bears on the fly, whitetails and muleys, adventure, spending time with family.  Join us for a great conversation with a genuine, down to earth guy! 


15 Jan 2022

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EP 25 - Mike Roberts, Assistant Coach at Cincinnati

Tell Me Your Story Coach

Coach Mike Roberts’ Story. In this episode, you’ll hear from Mike Roberts. Mike is currently assistant coach for Coach Wes Miller at the University of Cincinnati. Coach Miller was recently selected as the Head Coach of Cincinnati. And, Coach Miller immediately hired Coach Roberts to help with his quest to build Cincinnati again as a major factor in college basketball. As a matter of fact, Mike and Wes worked alongside each other for eight years at UNC Greensboro. At UNCG, they helped build one of the best mid-major basketball programs in America. Coach Roberts played at the Indiana University. In addition to having an amazing partnership with Coach Wes Miller, this former Hoosier has worked for a litany of elite coaches: Coaches Bob Knight, Ben Braun, and Archie Miller. And these incredible leaders have helped shape Coach Roberts’ outstanding thoughts. Recently, Mike participated in the 2021 TopConnect Basketball Symposium. Mike is considered as one of the top assistant coaches in the country. This podcast will illustrate how passionate Mike is about helping young coaches. From his detailed and organized thoughts on toughness, recruiting and skill development to building player relationships. Finally, Mike shared his own philosophy of CONNECTING with the YOUNG Man in your program and creating an atmosphere of GROWTH & IMPROVEMENT. What do I love about Mike? He is so loyal to the coaches that he has worked for. His number one objective of “making your boss look good” is the epitome of loyalty. Oh by the way, you will be “getting your daily vitamin” all fall with your team. Wait until you hear Coach Roberts share this! Follow Coach Mike Roberts @MikeRobertsUCFollow Tell Me Your Story Coach @CoachKevinDro Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEMoneyball Sportswear Moneyball, The Only Way To Ball! Great Sports Wear and Basketball Uniforms! Michigan Made! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


30 Aug 2021

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ARCHIVE S1 E18: Mike Roberts

ARCHIVE SEASON 1 Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Thank you for listening to the ARCHIVE of the Better Leaders Better Schools’ Podcast Season 1. This show launched in 2015 and today has 100s of episodes and over one million downloads. Make sure you search “BETTER LEADERS BETTER SCHOOLS” wherever you are listening to this podcast to subscribe to the main feed and get access to the newest content. This show is created for RUCKUS MAKERS, those out-of-the-box school leaders making change happen in education. If you are looking to level up your leadership skills, we invite you to apply to THE MASTERMIND, which is built on the ABCs of powerful professional development. We’ve served 100s of school leaders from around the world and found that PD built on AUTHENTICITY, BELONGING, & CHALLENGE leads to life and leadership TRANSFORMATION. Learn more about our community and apply to THE MASTERMIND here. Follow Danny on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn. Copyright © 2021 Twelve Practices LLC


5 Jul 2021