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E44 August Bradley | How to Live the Life You Want

Creators Campfire

In this episode I sit down with YouTuber, Podcaster and Course Creator, August Bradley. August started YouTube with a clear plan in mind - put out a series of videos teaching people how to design an intentional life through Notion. What he didn't expect was just how fast his channel would grow, the incredible community he'd build around it and that the channel would turn into its own business with a dedicated course. August spoke to me about what that growth and journey looked like for him, how's he's now looking to pivot his content and how you can take the first steps to living a more intentional life today. Enjoy 😃 ***** ⏰ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 The power of the YouTube playlist 08:25 Why YouTube vs a course platform 17:31 Building a business around the channel 27:27 Life-threatening health crisis 38:13 What to do when you feel like you're not progressing in life ***** 📺 Watch the full video episode over on the Creators Campfire YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/CreatorsCampfire ***** 👤 THE GUEST, AUGUST BRADLEY YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/augustbradley Twitter: https://twitter.com/augustbradley Notion Life Design: https://www.yearzero.io/notion-life-design 🎙 THE HOST, BHAV SHARMA Creators Campfire YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/CreatorsCampfire Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/BhavSharma Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustBhavs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JustBhavs 🔥 THE PODCAST, CREATORS CAMPFIRE: Each week I have a conversation with an amazing creators to talk about their journey. We'll find out how and why they started their creative journey, their experiences along the way and their biggest learnings. ***** 🎙 Want to start your own podcast? Check out: https://gumroad.com/l/bhavspodcasting 📥 Special thanks to the sponsor of this episode, FileInbox: https://fileinbox.com/


8 Apr 2022

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Living a Meaningful Life with August Bradley's PPV and Notion

Paperless Movement

🤓 Read Podcast Digest HERE🚀 Join Tom Solid and the Paperless Movement📺 Watch Tom Solid's YouTube Channel🎓 Tom Solid's Tool Courses👀 Follow Tom Solid on Social Media: YouTube | Linkedin | Twitter | InstagramMentioned in this episode:🚀 Join Tom in the Paperless Movement: https://pplmvm.com/joinus🎓 Tom Solid's Tool Courses: https://pplmvm.com/Courses🎙 Paperless Movement Podcast: https://www.paperlessmovement.com/podcasts/👀 Follow Tom Solid on Social Media:- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-thomas-roedl/- Twitter: https://twitter.com/paperlessmove- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paperlessmove


7 Feb 2022

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August Bradley on Building Notion Life Design

Reshaping Education - Online Education, Cohort-based Courses, Bootcamps, and More

August Bradley discusses how he strategically built and grew Notion Life Design.Topics Discussed: Moving away from a traditional cohort-model Iterating on your course Community platforms Tooling for CBCs Twitter: https://twitter.com/augustbradleyRelevant links:Reshaping Education PodcastKeep up with us:Ish Baid,Founder & CEO of VirtuallyWill Mannon,Course Director of Forte Academy


3 Nov 2021

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#30 - August Bradley on Life Operating Systems

How Did You Learn That?

Joining me this week in a special live episode is August Bradley. This was recorded a few weeks ago when I interviewed August to focus specifically on his online course, Notion Life OS. August is an expert in performance enhancements and optimization. He advises clients through complete business system overhauls. During the course of 2020, he became known for the 'In Life Operating System' that he created in Notion, which took off through a YouTube channel - which grew from zero to 25,000 subscribers in the course of a year.August launched his cohort-based online course on the back of that success by growing an email list and converting people who are interested in implementing the system that he taught for themselves. He learned an incredible amount during that first cohort, which was when I came into the picture, to help him start to think through what the next cohort and beyond would look like. We have since become very close friends and collaborators on a number of projects. And I really enjoyed this conversation, unpacking lessons learned from his career, as well as his course. Please enjoy my conversation with August Bradley. Are you an expert? Want to create your own online course? Start right here with my 2-week actionable email course. 

1hr 1min

3 Jun 2021

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#023 "August Bradley - Notion for Systems Thinking"

The Brandon Zhang Show

On today's podcast, I'm speaking with August Bradley, an ex founder who helps small to mid-sized businesses enhance operations with Notion. August also recently created his Notion course, Pillars, Pipelines, and Vaults which he has created content around on his Youtube channel which has reached over 20,000 subscribers. On today's episode, we talk about how August came up with Pillars Pipeline and Vaults system for managing your life and business, why August believes in quantified self, and how science and technology can enhance human performance. Links:1. Year Zero (August's Community)2. August's Twitter3. Brandon's Twitter4. Brandon's Website5 Key Takeaways: 1. The biggest failure is we don't do the things we tell ourselves, we're going to do, the commitments we make to ourselves. And so that is the first challenge to overcome. And I address that with the focus segment. 2. So the quick ones are in front, I'll take two or three minutes, just get them done and knock them off your list, shorten the list, you might have one that's immediate, that's the bold yellow lightning bolt the front, if there's something I have to do, the second I sit down, I flag it as immediate, and I don't miss it. Then after that, the rest are first, second, third, fourth, I go up the fifth priority, but I try to really just have up to three. Because really three big priorities in the day is a lot, even two is reasonable. 3. Because I'm working with small companies with founders who are very dominant in the company's their early stage companies. And even if they've raised a good amount of money, the founders are very intertwined. And I was finding as I would implement systems and processes for the small companies, that it wouldn't work if the founder, like if the founders life was not organized, and systematized and together, so if the founder was kind of a mess, but the company was structured. 4. Some of the most powerful things are simple effect. Many, most of the most powerful things are relatively simple. But those are the game changers, they changed the whole trajectory of the curve. 5. Everyone I had admitted so many people had with Evernote was the became this bottomless pit, even when it was our primary system for expanding our minds, it was even then a bottomless pit because you couldn't really structure and resurface, you might get lucky with with the AI engine recommending something but usually not. 


20 Oct 2020

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Mind & Machine & Productivity with August Bradley

It's All About the Questions

Most everyone I speak to is trying to find a new way to increase their productivity and performance. With work at home the new norm these days finding solutions to be productive is even more top of mind. August Bradley has one of the top Technology podcasts, Mind & Machine and a top YouTube Channel on productivity. He believes that the tech is rapidly being developed that allows an individual to customize solutions for the way their brain works. No more having to force your brain to work with existing performance and productivity apps. Take a listen as August shares his thoughts and tips and favorite solutions for getting the most out of your brain and tell me your favorite hack. August Bradley is the host of MIND & MACHINE, a popular Podcast and YouTube show exploring the science and technologies enabling us to live and work at higher performance levels. (www.mindandmachine.io). August also produces a YouTube show on productivity systems (www.NotionProductivity.com), and coaches individual and business clients on leveraging technology to enhance productivity and performance (www.MoreTimePerDay.com).  LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/augustbradley


29 Apr 2020

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AI, VR and a World Without Privacy as We Explore the Cosmos and What it Means to be Human | August Bradley of Mind & Machine

The Syndicate

August Bradley is a futurist business consultant, founder/host of the Mind & Machine podcast and former COO of the pioneering virtual reality company Kite & Lightning. August’s worked with brands including Coke, Xbox, Kia, Gap, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Fisker Automotive, and many more. He is also a Board Member & Director of the AI & Machine... The post AI, VR and a World Without Privacy as We Explore the Cosmos and What it Means to be Human | August Bradley of Mind & Machine appeared first on The Syndicate.


17 Feb 2020

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159. AI, VR and a World Without Privacy as We Explore the Cosmos and What it Means to be Human | August Bradley of Mind & Machine

The Disruptors

August Bradley (@augustbradley) is a futurist business consultant, founder/host of the Mind & Machine podcast and former COO of the pioneering virtual reality company Kite & Lightning. August's worked with brands including Coke, Xbox, Kia, Gap, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Fisker Automotive, and many more.[spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=20085392" width="100%" height="80px" theme="light" playlist="false" playlist-continuous="false" autoplay="false" live-autoplay="false" chapters-image="true" episode-image-position="right" hide-logo="true" hide-likes="false" hide-comments="false" hide-sharing="false" hide-download="true"]


18 Nov 2019

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738 Podcast Reflection - Mind & Machine by August Bradley

Leigh Martinuzzi

Mind & Machine with August BradleyReview recorded and narrated by Leigh Martinuzzi Mind and Machine is a weekly interview show with people at the forefront of transformational technologies, futurist ideas and the sociological impact of these exponential changes.The host August Bradley describes himself as a technology entrepreneur, strategy advisor and speaker on frontier-tech and its impact. The show focuses on cultural forces and technologies that will transform our world: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Space Exploration, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Life Extension, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, BioTech, Transhumanism and more.Please enjoy my review and take a listen to Mind and Machine.


1 Mar 2019