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22 - How To Live An Addiction Free Lifestyle, Semen Retention, Dopamine & Feeling Your Best w/ Ronnie Landis

The Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast

Summary: In this episode Ronnie Landis shares his unique perspective, personal experience and the work he does with others on how to live an “Addiction Free Lifestyle." We cover topics such as how to address and rest your neurotransmitter dopamine system which is the reward system in the brain. We cover a topic that many guys struggle with and that’s the addiction of pornography and masturbation and  how to work the most powerful force: your sexual energy so it begins to work for you and not against you. How to overcome limited beliefs when it comes to what you are capable of achieving when it comes to healing from addiction and achieving health. And of course we touch into the topic of  trauma and discuss “What The Real Addiction Is.” Ronnie’s enthusiasm for addressing “the whole person” when it comes to healing from addiction was contagious and was igniting me with inspiration as we recorded this show and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.  About Ronnie Landis:  Ronnie is a holistic health and life transformation coach. Over the last 11 years he’s devoted his life to study, research and lecture around the world on natural healing and the body’s potential to self heal when its met with the right diet, nutrition and lifestyles practices. Over the years his work and interest has been focusing on the mind - body connection and now his latest piece of work is around supporting people to heal from the root cause of addiction. Connect with Ronnie:  www.hhphealth.com Connect with Mike Govoni, Healing Beyond Recovery Website Instagram Facebook Get a FREE 19 page Holistic Recovery Guide now! Discover 8 Holistic Principles to: Lose Weight, Create Thriving Relationships, and Feel Good In Your Body - All While Staying Sober!

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6 Apr 2021

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AH136: Ronnie Landis

Alpha Hippie Podcast

Ronnie is a public speaker, teacher, published author of multiple books, podcast host, holistic performance coach, and above all else a man who has devoted his life to uplifting humanity to its next level. Ronnie is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, and human potential. He powerfully supports driven entrepreneurs, athletes, performers, executives & influencers to perform at their best mentally, emotionally, and physically.Connect with Ronnie:Facebook: Ronnie LandisHealth.Weath.Wisdom.MasteryConnect with Angelo & Alpha Hippie:Alpha Hippie WebsiteInstagram | @iamalphahippieFacebook | The Way Of The Courageous ManYouTube | Alpha Hippie Subscribe to the Alpha Hippie Podcast:Apple PodcastSpotifyIf you are called to support the podcast, please share the show with a friend!!! This is the best way to spread the message ❤️🙏🏼Enjoy,Angelo 

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16 Nov 2020

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046 - Interview with Ronnie Landis - Entrevista con Ronnie Landis

Sovereign Futures

“When we finally understand the depth of deception that has been systematically architected throughout the entire socio-political environment we have all been inundated through it becomes far easier to discern between fact and fiction and truth and falsehood.” -Ronnie LandisIn this episode, Ivonne brings an amazing leader who guides others through conscious eating and has a truthful, conscious, and strong political opinion for humans, this is Ronnie Landis.Join us in this interview to know the interesting point of view that Ronnie can deliver about the current situation in the world and the United States.He is the author of “The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program” available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Alchemy-Youthening-Program/dp/1544757581/ Connect with Ronnie on social media https://www.facebook.com/ronnie.landis https://www.instagram.com/ronnie_landis/ Visit his website http://holistichealthmastery.com/ for more in-depth information What is next? Show you care and SHARE this episode with your friends and followers on social media, leave your comments below and visit  https://DelaflorTeachings.com/futuring  to learn more about how to design your desired futures and receive a Futuring journey audio meditation in either English or Spanish- - - - - - - - -“Cuando finalmente entendemos la profundidad de la decepción que ha sido sistemáticamente planeada a través de todo el ambiente socio-político, hemos sido inundados, así se vuelve mucho más sencillo discernir entre los hechos y la ficción, y entre la verdad y la falsedad.” – Ronnie LandisEn este episodio Ivonne trae a un líder maravilloso que guía a otros a través de la alimentación consciente, y tiene una humanitaria, consciente y fuerte opinión política para los humanos, él es Ronnie Landis.Acompáñanos en esta entrevista para conocer el interesante punto de vista que Ronnie puede entregarnos sobre la situación actual en el mundo y los Estados Unidos.Es autor de “The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program” disponible en Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Alchemy-Youthening-Program/dp/1544757581/ Conecta con Ronnie en las redes sociales https://www.facebook.com/ronnie.landis https://www.instagram.com/ronnie_landis/ Y visita su página http://holistichealthmastery.com/ para obtener más información. ¿Qué Sigue? Demuestra que te importa y COMPARTE este episodio con tus amigos y seguidores en redes sociales, deja tus comentarios abajo y visita  https://DelaflorTeachings.com/futuring  para conocer más acerca de cómo crear tus futuros deseados y recibe de regalo una meditación guiada de Futuring sea en español o en inglés.


12 Oct 2020

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Rehabilitation of Humanity w/ Ronnie Landis

Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese

In episode # 68, Dr. Reese talks with health educator, author & researcher, Ronnie Landis. In this convo, they talk about decoding the pandemic to understand what's happening in the world right now and its significance to humanity. They touch on the new normal around the corner, mind conditioning, cycles of crisis, timeline projections and the theatrical production of it all. They also dive into empowering the immune system, cold therapy, neurogenic tremoring and much more.  __________________________ Support Dr. Reese's Work by becoming a member on PATREON & receive bonus recordings, behind-the-scene updates, Q&A sessions & more HERE Check out Dr. Reese meditations, books & more podcast episodes HERE Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drreese/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/drreese/support


11 Oct 2020

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Elevating Your Consciousness & Lifting the Veil Of Fear with Holistic Health Expert, Ronnie Landis

Modern Goddess with Cassie Aurora

Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, and human potential. He powerfully supports driven entrepreneurs, athletes, performers, executives & influencers to perform at their best mentally, emotionally, and physically.  He is a public speaker, teacher, published author of multiple books, podcast host, holistic performance coach, and above all else a man who has devoted his life to uplifting humanity to it's next level. Ronnie offers YOU a 50% code for his online Holistic Health Mastery Program.   The code is HHM50 and the website is https://ronnie-landis.mykajabi.com/hhm Please follow him at https://ronnie-landis.mykajabi.com/ or on insta at @ronnie_landisIf you want to be on my UNLEASH YOUR INNER CHILD course in August 2020 then please directly contact me via IG @iamcassieaurora or hello@cassieaurora.com. I cannot wait to hear from you! Lots more FREE CONTENT via my website cassieaurora.com Please leave a rating and review so that more people can access this information and get support for free. Disclaimer - This is for entertainment purposes only and in ALL my podcasts, I do not intent to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, mentally or physically. Please get the help of a medical professional in any case that these episodes trigger you.

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7 Jul 2020

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349 Ronnie Landis | Rethinking Veganism: The 10 Year Journey Back Home

Wellness Force

The world of veganism is not just about health; there's a lot of baggage, layers, and levels that make nutrition about politics and ethics. Although I believed in the plant-based lifestyle and all the benefits that can come from it, these past 10 years have been an integration of health transformation rather than living by an ideology. The truth about diet is that there will always be extremes from veganism to carnivorism but what's in the middle is what will actually work for the mass population. - Ronnie Landis   Is the vegan diet really healthy for everyone? Get 15% off your CURED Nutrition order with the code WELLNESSFORCE ---> Get The Morning 21 System: A simple and powerful 21 minute system designed to give you more energy to let go of old weight and live life well. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | *REVIEW THE PODCAST*   Wellness Force Radio Episode 349 Evolutionary Nutritionist, Founder of Holistic Health Mastery, Host of The Official Ronnie Landis Podcast Show, and Author of both The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program and The Life Food Peak Performance System, Ronnie Landis, shares why he chose to transition out of veganism after a decade, explains the ups and downs of veganism including its global impact, and why he believes that veganism is actually anti-human at its core.   By the end of this interview, you will have a firm understanding of why veganism can be a short term diet tool; not a sustainable lifestyle.   Listen To Episode 349 As Ronnie Landis Uncovers:   [1:30] Why Ronnie Is Transitioning Out Of Veganism Ronnie Landis Holistic Health Mastery The Life Food Peak Performance System The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program The Official Ronnie Landis Podcast Show 122 Ronnie Landis Cured Nutrition Why he decided to leave his raw vegan lifestyle to start eating meat once again. Exploring what is currently going on his life, wellness journey, and in the current vegan movement. How he's integrated and applied what he knows as a professional nutritionist to his own life. His views on veganism and eating more plants no matter what diet you follow. Unpacking extreme diets including fruitarian diets and what nutrition approach is actually beneficial for the mass population. Digestion conditions he experienced while following the vegan diet and why he chose to solve them in private rather than share the journey with his platform. Explaining what phytotoxins and Phyto anti-nutrients are and why they're essentially plant pesticides that vegans are binging on in place of animal foods.   [15:30] Is Veganism Bad For The World? Exploring whether veganism is even good for our future as far as health and even climate change. Joel Salatin Why we naturally block out certain information when living a specific lifestyle like veganism and how he allowed himself to be open and learn other ideas while still being a vegan. Weston A Price Foundation The constant and consistent narrative he hears throughout the world of veganism. Unpacking the fact that a lot of people don't know our human history and have cognitive dissonance about what is happening in the world today compared to those who have studied the facts. David Wolfe His connection with David Wolfe and his superfood movement. Why we don't have to keep arguing about diets; we're all on the same mission for greater health. Understanding that veganism attracts people with certain psychopathic tendencies even though they have the best intentions. How the veganism culture affected him personally especially when he was promoting it through his work.   [24:20] His Raw Vegan Diet Experience Why he chose to follow a raw vegan diet and how it snuck up on him overtime. 275 Paul Chek Sean Croxton Why he was drawn to veganism for its spiritual experience, connection with nature, and ability to cure disease. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall How a vegan diet helped him heal his knee pain, inflammation, and awaken his consciousness. Why he's so thankful that he started to focus on becoming a nutritionist at the same time he became a vegan because he didn't know how to follow it correctly. The natural high from the sugar in fruit and detoxing he felt when he first started eating vegan. Physical symptoms he began to see in accordance with long-term deficiencies that come from the vegan diet: translucent skin, muscle loss, sunken eyes, and protruding bones in his midsection as well as cheekbones.   [32:20] Honoring The Whole Wellness Journey The moment he realized that he could either choose to continue to follow the vegan diet and go down a path of poor health or he could use this as a moment to educate himself and honor the wellness journey. This natural, holistic, innocent vibe that veganism brought to his life during the time he was following it. The three books on veganism that have impacted his life the most and why. The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Gabriel Cousens Diet for a New America by John Robbins Why the Heir to the Baskin-Robbins Empire Doesn’t Eat Ice Cream Taking a deeper look at the biochemical, biological perspective of the gut-brain axis and a vegan diet's impact on it. The fact that diets aren't about being right or wrong; what's important is that whatever you choose to eat will help keep you healthy. His current state of health now after being about 3 months into a modified carnivore diet. Spencer Mack  Dr. Robert Cassar Other people who have followed veganism for over a decade and the health transformation they've also had after reintroducing meat back into their diet. What sources are out there to help people rehab from veganism and how hearing his friends' experiences got Ronnie to rethink about his own vegan diet choices.   [39:20] The Ups And Downs Of Veganism What ups and downs of veganism he has seen first hand in not only the community but close friends who have great knowledge about health. The incredible experience he had when he took his first bite of a grass-fed steak after years of not eating meat. What healthy meats and dairy products are great for a diet including organ meats and ghee from animals that have been grass-fed. The "blessing" of eating meat as a shamanic ritual that many people talk about and Ronnie experienced when he returned to eating meat. Unpacking the blind assumption that veganism and plant-based diets are better for our health, the animals, the environment, or the ozone layer. The real truth about where these processed vegan "pet" foods are coming from and the devastating effects of monocropping culture not only on our food but also for wildlife.   [48:20] Why Veganism Is Anti-Human At Its Core Rudolf Steiner Why veganism isn't real according to the laws of nature. The focus we should be giving on the love and care that animals are shown at small scale farms at the close of the organic cycle and stop what happens at large scale factory farms. PETA His appreciation for organizations like PETA but why we can't just let domesticated animals into the wild. 179 Josh Tickell Rodale Institute Why the practice of veganism is anti-human at its core. The significant difference between a supplement and the vitamins and nutrition you will find in meat. Exploring the concept that humans aren't only part animal but we're part plant as well according to Rudolf Steiner's studies. The hardship and suffering that actually goes on in third world countries just to process coconuts or remove the poisonous shells of cashews. Unpacking the fact that all these vegan cheeses and substitute foods are loaded with subtle toxins that accumulate and build up over time in our bodies.   [56:50] Ending The Fight Between Vegans And Non-Vegans Why arguing about which diet is best for everyone and the planet is a huge distraction and we should be just solely focusing on what's best for ourselves. 055 Gay & Katie Hendricks Why being close-minded especially with nutrition and seeing something like a diet as "black or white", saying "yes or no" to something all comes from our ego. The fact that an intense focus on something like a diet or lifestyle is just a means to distract ourselves from taking care of our emotional wellbeing. Why your food choices are about your health; not about your political position, belief, or opinion. The Socratic Method of rationally deciding if something is actually right for you and how to apply that to your health and food choices. How he's applied the Socratic Method to his own life as he transitioned from veganism to eating meat again.   [1:03:20] Why Vegans Have Worse Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health How we can honor our truths and others as we continue on our individual healing journeys. Breaking down the science of why people who are only on plant-based diets tend to have more breakdowns and mental health issues from nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalance, and digestion problems. Biome Medic – Purium How adding meat has helped him stomach digest food better compared to when he was eating a vegan meal. The Paleo Diet and a well-constructed vegan diet can be a great tool for an elimination diet to figure out which foods are triggering digestion and immune system problems such as dairy and grains or nightshade foods like eggplant and tomatoes.   [1:15:50] What It Means To Be Human The articles Ronnie wrote on rethinking veganism and his decision to reach out to his vegan friends to see how it would land for them. Jason Wrobel Daniel Vitalis What inner work practices you should begin to add to your life if you're beginning to feel strong feelings of hatred for something or someone. How this personal transition and everything going on in the world has helped Ronnie to get in touch with himself and what it means to be human. What we can do together as a society to come together and support one another during COVID19. How data from the CDC and WHO have hijacked our intelligence with their misaligned data. Exploring the primal instincts of fear and truth that we can hone in on when we're physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Brian Rose Infowars - Brian Rose Alex Jones  [1:27:50] The Recovery Process From Veganism How we can use our intuition to connect with our food and what is best for each one of our unique wellness journeys. Creating the ability to recognize patterns and not just believe everything someone has to say. The identification recovery process he experienced during his health and diet transition as a public figure. Why he's so excited to be in this new recovery process because it means that he didn't hit his limit. Purium The recovery process anchors for anyone considering bringing meat back into their diet. Why organ meats like the liver are a must to help your body and mind stay strong. Ancestral Supplements Human Potential Podcast How eating meat from ethical sources rather than mass-produced products in large factories impacts your health. The devastation that factory-farmed plants have caused along with mass meat production. Unpacking short term diets for healing benefits versus a long, sustainable lifestyle. His holistic life approach with the four quadrants of health: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. What checklist you should go through to make sure your four quadrants of health are where they should be for greater wellness. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl BREATHE M21 Wellness Guide Wellness Force Community   Power Quotes From The Show Evolving Through Eating   "There are short-term therapeutic approaches such as elimination diets and then there are long-term, sustainable lifestyles and ultimately, our eating habits have to become a lifestyle and not just one component of our wellness journey. Even if someone is vegan or plant-based, something is going to change in their macronutrient ratios or what they're doing. They're going to incorporate new ideas, experiment, and have an open mind because if something doesn't change, then they may not be changing; their identity and their belief systems are not changing. A lifestyle itself is a reflection of that person's own evolution." - Ronnie Landis   Diet Is Just One Of Many Healing Tools "There's a multiple layered process to healing and the diet is just a tool. It's an access point for healing the human being but when we get wrapped up and obsessed about the diet, it's actually a tactic to avoid the spiritual, psychological, and emotional healing that created the attachment to the diet itself." - Ronnie Landis   90% Of A Diet Is Psychological "90% of a diet or any health practice is psychological. It's based on compliance. It's based on belief system adaptation. Does your belief support the practice? If not then you're going to self-sabotage someway, somehow. You're going to find a way to not incorporate whatever it is even though consciously you say, 'Oh, this is the healthiest thing; this is the best thing for me.' We have this survival and scarcity software which oftentimes pulls us down from our highest potential and what's best for us. I saw that happening quite a bit in the nutrition world and more pronounced in the plant-based community than anything else." - Ronnie Landis     Links From Today's Show  Leave Wellness Force a review on iTunes The Life Food Peak Performance System The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program The Official Ronnie Landis Podcast Show 122 Ronnie Landis Cured Nutrition Joel Salatin Weston A Price Foundation David Wolfe 275 Paul Chek Sean Croxton Born To Run by Christopher McDougall The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Gabriel Cousens Diet for a New America by John Robbins Why the Heir to the Baskin-Robbins Empire Doesn’t Eat Ice Cream Spencer Mack  Dr. Robert Cassar Rudolf Steiner PETA 179 Josh Tickell Rodale Institute 055 Gay & Katie Hendricks Biome Medic – Purium Jason Wrobel Daniel Vitalis Brian Rose Brian Rose on Infowars Alex Jones  Purium Ancestral Supplements Human Potential Podcast Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl BREATHE M21 Wellness Guide Wellness Force Community Holistic Health Mastery Facebook Ronnie Landis Facebook Instagram YouTube   About Ronnie Landis Ronnie Landis is one of the leading advocates for raw foods, superfoods, and plant-based nutrition. He is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and full-time athlete. He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, has been a semi-professional athlete, and personal trainer. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating audiences on the benefits of a high raw plant-focused lifestyle for optimizing the body, sharpening the mind, and expanding the human spirit. Ronnie's Mission Ronnie's mission is to awaken your greatest potential and help you discover new superpowers that are hidden inside, just waiting to be unlocked. As an author, professional speaker, lifestyle design specialist, and private consultant, Ronnie Landis has become one of the leading sources for raw living foods and superfoods, tonic herbalism, blender alchemy, peak performance strategies, and functional nutrition. He conducts live presentations, workshops, raw chocolate parties and retreats regularly. He's the author of The Life Food Peak Performance System and The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program. Build Immunity. Breathe Deeply. A simple, powerful 21 minute morning system designed to give you more energy to let go of old weight and live life well. Get Your Calm Mind + Immunity Building Guide  *6 science based morning practices guaranteed to give you more energy and less weight in 21 Minutes. *7 day guided B.R.E.A.T.H.E breathwork included. CURED Nutrition Get 15% off your CURED Nutrition order with the code WELLNESSFORCE It's taken me over a year to find the right hemp and CBD company to introduce to the Wellness Force Community and I could not be more thrilled that it's CURED Nutrition! CURED Nutrition is a movement inspired by nature and grounded in a shared desire to leave a lasting impression on you, our community, and this world. Together, they're a collective of heart-centered human beings who are inviting you – the conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – to join their family. Learn how CURED hemp and CBD products can enhance your daily wellness routine. Try Cured Today They're Colorado-based organically grown hemp products that have been engineered to transform your approach toward an elevated life. Tap into your inherent potential – your greatest mind-body alignment – and nourish it with the supplements you were designed to thrive on. A greater existence is waiting. More Top Episodes 226 Paul Chek: The Revolution Is Coming (3 Part Series) 131 Drew Manning: Emotional Fitness 129 Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies  183 Dr. Kyra Bobinet: Brain Science 196 Aubrey Marcus: Own The Day 103 Robb Wolf: Wired To Eat Best of The Best: The Top 10 Guests From over 200 Shows Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the #WellnessWarrior Community on Facebook Tweet us on Twitter: Send us a tweet Comment on the Facebook page

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16 Jun 2020

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Ronnie Landis - Discussing Holistic Wellbeing and The Dark Global Deception

Alex Hickman

Ronnie Landis is a well known holistic health teacher out of Sedona, Arizona. He is an author, speaker and lifestyle design specialist. His mission is to uplift others by spreading a health message based on self-sovereignty and personal empowerment.  In the podcast, we covered the path of spirituality, detoxing and rebuilding the body and Ronnie's take on the Coronavirus.  Ronnie's Website http://holistichealthmastery.com/ Self Sovereign www.selfsovereignty.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/thepathtoselfsovereignty/ https://www.instagram.com/selfsovereign_/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGQQFCQcDivO8_UM4j_tQg?view_as=subscriber

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6 May 2020

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59: Healing Poverty with Ronnie Landis

Elevate Your Soul

Today Ronnie and I have a conversation around Poverty and touch on many different topics such as; the purpose and value of money, how we can help to heal poverty in the western world, the messenger of anxiety, the energy around poverty, and how we can begin to shift that.


26 Jan 2020

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AH89: Mind Body Connection w/ Ronnie Landis

Alpha Hippie Podcast

Ronnie Landis is on the show today. He is a holistic coach that specializes in foods that create a mind-body connection.  We talk about what holistic health is and dive deeper into his practice and interesting way of life.  I love you all, enjoy the show. Angelo Join the community in our new Facebook Group: Alpha Hippie Tribe Join us on Instagram at @TheAlphaHippie Check out our website at www.alphahippiepodcast.com Get the shirt at www.alphahippiepodcast.com/shirt


10 Jan 2020

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#030 Holistic Health, Natural Nutrition, and Human Potential with Ronnie Landis

Health Hacker Life

FULL SHOW NOTES HERE: www.elevateyourstate.co/podcast/ronnie-landisShow Notes:1:59 - what is wholistic health mastery?17:38 - decision fatigue and making the complex simple20:45 - hacks for avoiding distraction and decision fatigue31:42 - quantum collapse process35:55 - the fundamental flaw in goal setting and habit change39:39 - spring water and why it’s important51:25 - skills related to nutrition that you can integrate easily59:20 - why subscribing to one subculture of diet or health trend is a problem1:06:06 - tonics and coffee vs. cacao1:16:10 - what it means for Ronny to elevate his state Links:Ronnie’s website his flagship online nutrition course Holistic Masterydecision fatigueDr. Gabor MateTM (transcendental meditation)the hungry ghost ideaThe Presence Process by Michael Brown - and his mantra “I Am Here Now In This”findaspring.comlive spring waterDr. Gabriel Cousens - raw living foodRonnie’s Reishi Cappuccino recipe:1 tablespoon cacao powder1/2 tablespoon reishi mushroom powder1 tablespoon coconut oil w/ natural sweeteneradd the above to a tea or coffeeraw revelations sacredchocolate.com send email to tell them Ronny sent you for a discountreach out to Ronnie directly and mention this podcast for a discount on the programQuotes:5:06 - “How can I maximize and squeeze out the most that I can in this life because I always realized that life is not guaranteed.”7:45 - “I didn’t realize at the time that there were issues within my heart and my soul that was manifesting through my physiology.”9:26 - “The subtle energies of our mind come from the subtle energies of our food.”15:28 - “I don’t believe that a balanced life really exists.. I believe in dynamic harmony from a quantum physics or a brainwave perspective…”22:10 - “Source of suffering is actually these hungry ghosts that live inside of us.”42:17 - “If you don’t get a filter you become the filter.”1:06:54 - “You gotta make this stuff fun… because otherwise it just gets heavy and hard and that’s not a part of vitality.”1:17:00 - “An elevation of vitality and my energy is an embodiment of that transformation in the moment.”

1hr 16mins

12 Nov 2019