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27 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brigit Esselmont. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brigit Esselmont, often where they are interviewed.

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27 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brigit Esselmont. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brigit Esselmont, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 51 Brigit Esselmont's Tarot Card Business chalking up 1.5million visitors a month

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Brigit likes to roll up her sleeves. After learning some SEO, she got to work on a fledging business website in Tarot Cards. Fast forward 10 years later, she is dominating the Tarot card space teaching people all around the world on how to use card reading personally and professionally. 

Brigit is a member of EO Brisbane and is based on the Sunshine Coast.

Visit: biddytarot.com

Jul 12 2020 · 26mins
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Extra Credit: Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

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Join Kelley Knight for an Extra Credit conversation with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot. Kelley and Brigit explore how tarot practices ingrate consciousness, personal growth, and entrepreneurship to encourage connection with the intuition.

Brigit Esselmont is best known as the best-selling author of Everyday Tarot and founder of Biddy Tarot. An intuitive entrepreneur, Brigit has helped millions of people all around the world discover how to trust their intuition, access their inner power, and bring the Divine into their everyday life, using Tarot as a guide.


May 31 2020 · 51mins

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Intuitive Entrepreneur | Brigit Esselmont

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Online entrepreneurship is more important now than ever!

To get to the other side of this shift, we’ve got inner work to do.

Brigit Esselmont started her online entrepreneurial career 20 years ago as Biddy Tarot. Brigit always loved reading tarot cards. She wondered if she could create a business online teaching others what she’s learned about the practice.

Well, she did it – and beautifully!

The information she shared found a hungry market and she eventually quit her corporate job to serve others through tarot. It’s become a seven-figure business that employs fifteen people. And serves over 5 million tarot learners and lovers every year.

Today, she supports others in growing their spiritually conscious online businesses. Brigit is an intuitive business strategist and mentor. She’s also a published author. What a powerful woman!

I’m delighted to have Brigit as my guest on today’s episode. Her years of growing and learning and feeling out e-biz through intuition have given her some lovely wisdom to share with you.

If you’re thinking about growing an online business – new or not – this episode is for you! 


Click the play button to learn more…

What you’ll find inside this episode…

  • Growing seeds of love into a seven-figure company
  • Let intuition be your business guide!
  • Meaningful business through the spirit filter…
  • You can step into your best and share your gifts with the world, too!
  • Expanding beyond limitations – tap into your unlimited potential!

Additional resources for you…

  1. Growing an online business? Find Brigit’s mentoring at Brigit.me
  2. Follow me on Instagram @TheSoulFrequency
  3. Download your 7-Step blueprint to powerful communication at TheSoulFrequency.com/Alignment


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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo

Apr 29 2020 · 46mins
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Brigit Esselmont on Spiritual Entrepreneurship (E139)

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I don’t often like to use or lean into the word should, however in this episode introduction today - I’m going to. I think it’s well and truly time we should get past any notion that you either can’t make an abundant living from being a spiritual entrepreneur OR that you shouldn’t do so because it’s just not ‘spiritual’ anyway. Holy Goddess no! That’s a blatant swipe of the patriarchy and spiritual speak gone terribly awry if ever I’ve heard it and a really great way to keep women in particular small and not believing they are deserving of financial freedom and wealth. Brigit Esselmont, my guest on The Priestess Podcast today, is a living embodiment of a truly successful and extraordinary spiritual entrepreneur who is running a million plus dollar a year business. As a tarot reader and teacher of the tarot. Yep. Cards. Divination. Spirit. And she’s as grounded and relatable as ever a person you could meet. Get ready for the worlds of money, spirit and the Divine to meet in this episode and show you what is truly possible for your own abundance as well.

Mar 11 2020 · 32mins
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45: REPLAY from The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast with Brigit Esselmont: From Burnout and Exhaustion to More Joy, Creativity and Flow with Libby Crow

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It’s no secret that I have been healing from burnout inside of my business. I’ve shared openly about this journey & process here on Behind The Dream and went deep into the lessons I’ve learned along the way inside of this replay episode. 

In this episode, Brigit interviews me and we take you behind the dream of my journey through burnout and how this path has lead to more alignment in my life & business (& how it can lead you there too!) In this episode you will hear me share about:

-Hitting rock-bottom with burnout 

-My definition of success

-Creating more joy in your work 

-Reuniting to intuition & well being 

Links & Resources:Connect with Brigit on Instagram here: Brigit's InstagramCheck out Brigit’s podcast here: The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 27 2019 · 49mins
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Balancing it All with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

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Balancing it All with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

Aired Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

Laura interviews Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot to unpack the 20-year history of Biddy Tarot, and how a budding interest in Tarot gave way to a 7 figure, profitable and purpose-driven business. This will appeal to both those interested in Tarot and those Tarot professionals.
Oct 10 2019 · 54mins
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Episode 51: Intuitive Entrepreneurship with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

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The one and only Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot is on the show talking intuition, tarot, and growing a 7-figure online business! Brigit shares her journey from corporate life to her dream-come-true business, working 20 hours per week and prioritizing her family. She shares about learning to trust her intuition in business, the importance of …

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Mar 21 2019 · 49mins
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Inner Work 053: The Business of Tarot with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

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For episode 53 of Inner Work, I had the pleasure of interviewing author, teacher, spiritual entrepreneur, and founder of Biddy Tarot, Brigit Esselmont. We talk about the business of Tarot, how to trust in divine timing, what it means to work within our "zone of genius," and how to shift into doing more soul-aligned work -- from wherever we are today. Brigit also shares a bit of her background and how her business and relationship with the Tarot have evolved over time. Thank you for listening, and keep doing your inner work!

To learn more about Brigit or explore her courses, please visit Biddy Tarot.

Mar 20 2019 · 47mins
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“Trust & Surrender to the Process” with Brigit Esselmont - 150

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What would it take for you to trust yourself, trust others, trust the process, and trust the timing of how things unfold? If you know it’s time to practice patience even when it’s hard, then episode 150 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with Brigit Esselmont.

Brigit is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, The Biddy Tarot Planner, and her newest book and deck, Everyday Tarot.  A professional Tarot reader for more than 20 years, Brigit founded Biddy Tarot (www.biddytarot.com) in 1999, where each year more than 5 million people are inspired to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!): :: How Brigit got started with tarot and her first impressions of it :: What fears and hesitations she had in taking a stand for her chosen field :: Her journey to building a team and 7-figure business :: What she’s done well (and not so well) in building a community and a large online following :: The ways she’s personally taking a stand for what she believes in and why we should be integrating silence into our lives daily

Blog url: https://jadahsellner.com/trust-and-surrender-to-the-process-brigit-esselmont 

Mar 13 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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29. Dominating a Niche – Interview with Brigit Esselmont

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In Episode 29 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, we chat with Bean Ninjas client, Brigit Esselmont who established her business in the niche of tarot.  Brigit established Biddy Tarot, an online tarot community.  Biddy Tarot doesn’t just offer tarot reading, but offers a supportive learning environment for people who want to learn to read tarot or who generally want to tap into their intuition.

What does it take to have a niche business and a published book?

Do you have a hobby or niche interest that you could monetize?

What are the signs to look for?

Find out what it takes to build a niche business.

In this podcast, Brigit shares with us how her hobby turned into a business and how it grew to what it is today, in terms of vision, team management, structure and products.

  • Brigit’s background and the Biddy Tarot’s growth story.
  • The evolution of her team, team management structure and vision for the business.
  • Deciding on the departments for the business.
  • Process for hiring team members.
  • Brigit’s weekly work structure.
  • Experience on traditional and self-publishing with her book, Everyday Tarot.

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