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Sima Kotecha from Radio 1 to war reporting

When I Was 25

If you could go back and re-live your twenties all over again, what would you do differently? Vinny takes Newsnight editor Sima Kotecha back to her earlier days as they discuss struggles in New York, near death misses in Afghanistan and receiving unwelcome gifts in the post.


18 Jul 2022

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Friendship: Sima Kotecha and her mum Hansa Kotecha.

One to One

Can mothers and daughters ever truly be friends? In this episode of the One to One series, BBC News correspondent Sima Kotecha speaks to her mother Hansa about their own relationship; from the love they have to the topics that are absolutely off limits.Produced by Caitlin Hobbs for BBC Audio in Bristol


10 Mar 2021

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Friendship: Sima Kotecha with Ella Risbridger

One to One

BBC News correspondent Sima Kotecha talks to the cook and writer Ella Risbridger about friendship - from declaring someone your best friend after a drunken party to longer term, deeper relationships. Are group friendships better than one on one relationships, and how much can you really depend on friends when the chips are down?Produced by Caitlin Hobbs for BBC Audio in Bristol


2 Mar 2021

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Finding and telling news stories: Sima Kotecha

The BBC Academy Podcast

How does Sima find stories?- Social media is where Sima finds something compelling which leads to a story- Talking to people on the street or at events can lead to a story idea- What makes a good story?Can you explain your story or idea to an 11 year old?- ‘Keep it simple stupid’ (KISS)- Real people with compelling stories, different feelings, personalities, problems and issues- "Be bold, be brave, don’t be scared – go up to that person you think won’t talk and ask them for that interview" – Sima KotechaWhat makes a good reporter?- You have to be an expert very quickly. There is no room for getting anything wrong. Read, listen and talk to people- You need to produce your interviewees to keep them to topic. A phone conversation can help- Be bold, be brave, don’t be scared- Building relationships with contributorsBe patient- Listen- You cannot just show up and start recording- Get what you need and leave, before the amount of material you gather becomes overwhelming- Package makingA typical package for the Today programme is just four minutes long and ideally even shorter at three and a half- Have a dramatic clip at the beginning and a dramatic clip at the end - You have to be ruthless- Go for those bits of audio that you know people at home will go wow!A journalist’s job is to:- Be independent- Conjure up debate- Invite the audience to challenge what they have heard on the radio and make their own minds up- Show both sides to a story- Find answers to questions everybody want’s answers toA journalist’s job is NOT to:- Over complicate things- Say what is right or wrong- Be dictated to by contributors


16 Jun 2016

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