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The Women in Dentistry Podcast #14: Ms. Laura Hatch

The Women In Dentistry Podcast

In this episode of "The Women in Dentistry" podcast, we have Ms. Laura Hatch! Laura brings a wealth of experience in managing and empowering team members, and will be sharing how to address gaps!

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8 Sep 2020

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Rock Your Front Office Experience with Laura Hatch

Money. You Got This.

Ground Control to Major Dentists.Your Front Office Team. They da gatekeepers. They represent your brand - and your patient experience. Check out my kibbitz session with Laura Hatch, from Front Office Rocks. Learn how to invest in your team right here. EPISODE: Your Front Office Needs to Rock! Investing in the Team Patient Retention Tracking Metrics STAY CONNECTED Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn www.coolmoneyshow.com | Read the Full Shownotes!


20 Jul 2020

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ENROLL: Top 3 Things Your Phone Team MUST Be Effective At with Laura Hatch

Bulletproof Dental Practice

Text ‘bulletproof’ to 33777 to stay in the know about all things Bulletproof, and buy the book HERE! Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 157 Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden Guest: Laura Hatch Key Takeaways   Introduction Front Office Rocks Importance of Front Office Team “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Challenge We’ve Always Done it That Way  Ideal Time for New Patient Call Questions from a Patient’s Perspective Delivering Happiness Potential New Patient Calls Respect the Phone, A Butt in a Chair The Dual Close Training, Guidelines, Scripting  Systems & Speaking from your Heart Dentists: Being Vulnerable, Being Leaders, Growing and Teaching The “Why” Importance of Training References Front Office Rocks  Delivering Happiness book by Tony Hsieh Tweetable If you don’t have bats, you can’t hit a homerun. -Dr. Boulden In the absence of a system, people will create their own. -Dr. Boulden The experience starts before the first phone call. -Laura Hatch Give your team a reason to love you first. -Dr. Spodak We don’t have to have it all figured out, we just have to learn and grow together. -Laura Hatch


7 May 2020

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173 - Why You Need to Invest in Team Training with Laura Hatch

The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast

As dental professionals, we all want to provide the best care possible for our patients. But, it’s not just about your capability and skill as a dentist. Delivering ‘WOW’ to patients starts with the front office team and making sure patients have a great experience from the moment they schedule an appointment to the moment they leave the practice. So, how can you make sure you’re delivering a WOW experience to each of your patients? Joining me on this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast is Laura Hatch, the Chief Vision Officer at Front Office Rocks. Laura is committed to learning how to manage and empower team members. She is a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers, a national and international speaker for dental authorities like AADOM, Patterson, and Mid-Atlantic Dental Society, and has been recognized as one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2016. She and her team at Front Office Rocks help dental practices train their teams in a way that makes sense for them. They focus on patient retention and carry out training online through videos and webinars, which means you can train your entire team whenever and wherever your staff learns best, desktop, phone, or tablet. In this episode, we discuss: Tips to improve training processes in your practice Why you should always schedule a time for training The importance of investing in training Why investing in your team is the best investment you’ll ever make The connection between the front and back office of your practice Want to learn more about Front Office Rocks and their training? Visit their website and discover how they can help change the way you train your team! Don’t forget to grab a copy of Laura’s book, ‘Step Away from the Drill: Your Dental Front Office Handbook to Accelerate Training and Elevate Customer Service.’ To explore other episodes and for more info go to: deliveringwow.com/173


30 Apr 2020

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Episode 125: Laura Hatch- Front Office Rocks- The Strategy for a Grand Re-Opening Part 2

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Laura Hatch is the CEO of Front Office Rocks/ Team Training Being married to a dentist, she found herself managing a new startup in Baltimore and then again in Southern California. After seeing the same problems and need for continual training for the front office, she decided to create a team training that could be done anywhere. After opening up in 2008 in one of the most challenging markets in the country, she has learned a lot about start-ups in challenging environments. The key is to have a great attitude first and foremost. The way it was may not happen quickly, but you can prepare. It’s a graduated system to get going. First of all, you want to check in with your team. Who’s coming back, and who can’t come back due to issues with kids. Start with your schedule and look at our high-risk patients likely to cancel, also look for small business owners or people who have high travel jobs that will get back to work quickly. Look for those who have needed to come in and are ready. You also need to be mindful of who is eligible for their insurance. With many people losing their jobs, they may not be able to come in for treatment due to cost. How do you approach team members that are hesitant? What was your culture before? You may choose not to invite some people back because other more qualified and high impact people will be available to hire. What advice do you have for startups? If you were a recent startup, keep running with what you’ve got. You were probably already working on social media, technology, and acquiring new patients. What should we do about new laws and regulations? We don’t know how those will look currently, but we do not it will be a slow open. Lengthen the appointments to reconnect with patients, address new safety precautions, and give the patient assurances of their safety. In the front, we are not sure what changes will be necessary, and we will need to refresh ourselves on the operations and safety measures. Be mindful that some patients may be very scared. Turn off the news in your offices and keep the environment positive. Communication, team building, and anti-drama training is a great place to put your time. Another great training is productive scheduling and case acceptance. The last thing is to go over things that were giving you headaches before the closure to correct the issue before opening. How should we handle the modules? Have the team watch the same videos on their own, then set up a meeting on how to implement it in your practice. What about a curbside waiting room? It is a reception area, not a waiting room. There should be an adaptation based on the patient unless you prefer otherwise. What about high-risk patients having a designated time? That can be a great idea. We need to look at how we can adapt to accommodate as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does, just do what works for you and your team. How should we keep the training momentum going after we reopen? New hires need one hour minimum training per day. For current team members, it is one hour a week on any kind of training skills. The recommended time is either first thing in the morning or right after lunch so that it doesn’t interrupt production. You can also do it during a huddle or during cancellations. Team meeting times are a great time to apply the information as well. If you don’t schedule it, it doesn’t happen. Just get the person away from the production area. Doctors need to lead by example. How do I keep my team motivated? Ask your team what they want to work on to improve. Her next event will be in June in Indianapolis that will be live-streamed. Go to www.frontofficerocks.com/laura to reach out to her team for information and don’t forget about the Nifty Deal What do you suggest to help get through this time? Use this to come out of it as a better person.


20 Apr 2020

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Episode 77: Nifty Deals: Laura Hatch- Front Office Rocks

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Why is the front office so difficult for many doctors? It’s a lack of knowledge and the fear to say, “I don’t know what I’m doing”. What are some of the most common questions? How do I deal with the doctors? The front does not get the same kind of training that a doctor may get. A lack of communication and a lack of training creates a big disconnect. There is no school for front office like there is for the doctor, hygiene, or assistant. Most of the time they have to learn as they go. Front office rocks has over 300 videos that focus on different topics and positions. Their coordinators work through the practice’s individual issues and customize the track. Team members can watch together and learn. The hot topics are insurance, phones, and cancellations. There are three types of no shows: new patients, doctor production, and hygiene. Each has a different issue that must be addressed. The focus of doctors is production, but they need to focus on case acceptance. That falls on the doctors for responsibility to spend time with the patients to build trust and to show the need for treatment. The front needs to know the numbers, just like everyone else on the team. Knowing the metrics helps them to be more productive like the back office. In regards to phones, make sure the phones are being answered all the time by trained people. The phone is the most important piece of technology in our practice. How do we need to handle price shoppers? Don’t give prices when possible. We can’t diagnose over the phone and stress that they should be in the office for diagnosis. Try to turn calls into consultations. There are 3 ways to use or system: New hires, subject-specific, or as a team activity. If you want anything to change, you need time planned to make those changes. Ongoing training is important because we get beat up in our jobs and become frustrated, complacent, or need new skills. If you aren’t growing, you’re stagnant. Next year they will do events that are small, subject-specific events that include live stream option with CE. They will be a day and a half in three different locations. The information will be on the Front Office Rocks website. How do we get today’s employees to be engaged? State your why, goal and focus. Allow them to buy into the goal and they will work hard for you.


22 Sep 2019

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LIVE with Laura Hatch

Real Talk with Minal: Why Your Marketing is Killing your Buisness

Laura Hatch is the genius behind Front Office Rocks, offering Dentist and Dental teams a training resource to help offices improve day-to-day operations and customer service. For 10 FREE ways to improve your marketing Text the word RESOURCES to 38470


20 May 2019

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Ep. 31 "Rockstar Team Management" with Laura Hatch

Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

5:00  Employee Ingredients List - What makes the ideal candidate? 8:00 Let’s focus on team building. How can they best work together? 14:58 Laura’s 2nd Book will be coming in about a year but let’s talk about her FIRST book - Step Away From the Drill 20:22 Laura talks about other resources for the Doctor to understand what the front office is doing 24:26 Laura gives insight into tracking retention, new patients are great but what about the ones you have? 30:31 What numbers should you be tracking? 38:13: Why outsourcing benefits and eligibility saves money for today’s offices. It’s different than it was even 5 years ago. 42:40 Brief chat about trends that are coming and what dentists and managers should look out for. 45:45 AADOM and why it’s a big part of our industry 48:29 Dental Spouses this part is for you! Links from Today’s Show Laura’s Book - https://amzn.to/2Ul9PJM Teresa’s Book - http://odysseymgmt.corecommerce.com/Book/ (use ‘newsletter’ for $3 off) Rachel’s Book -  https://zrj88966.infusionsoft.app/app/orderForms/ROHBook?cookieUUID=d0d2dd4f-75de-4278-abd7-9f7c4173a3e0 Kevin’s Book - https://amzn.to/2Vu7pJ8 Rita’s Book - https://amzn.to/2EMRPmn AADOM - www.dentalmanagers.com

1hr 2mins

4 Mar 2019

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Training and Investing in Developing your Team with Laura Hatch

The Thriving Dentist Show

A high-performance team is a requirement if you are going to develop a world-class dental practice. Gary invited his friend Laura Hatch as a guest to discuss the latest trends in training and investing in transforming your team. They discuss Laura’s experience with creating two start-up dental practices and her motivation to creating her Front Office Rocks training resource. Tune in to this episode to learn tips on providing excellent customer service & more!


26 Dec 2018

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Episode #154: How to Have Hard Conversations with the Most Difficult Person on Your Team with Laura Hatch

The Best Practices Show


5 Sep 2018