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#16: Block the Hustlers with Creative Director and Copywriter Dr Ryan Wallman

Anti Hustle Hustle Club

Today’s guest is Dr Ryan Wallman, Creative Director and Head of Copy at Wellmark Health, a creative agency that specialises in healthcare.A non-practising doctor, Ryan leads a collective of writers who combine their backgrounds in life sciences and marketing to deliver everything from pharmaceutical marketing right through to consumer health campaigns.Ryan is also the author of Delusions of Brandeur, a no-holds-barred commentary on modern marketing, and a contributor to Eat Your Greens, a compilation of fact-based thinking to improve the health of brands. If you follow Ryan on Twitter, you will be familiar with his mock trend lists and marketing predictions. With thorough research, he discovered a number of illnesses he calls ‘marketing diseases’, things like ‘Bovine gastroenteritis', a common condition among thought leaders on Twitter, which leads to explosive BS.You'll find Ryan on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Dr_Draper?s=20Want to improve the health of your brand? Check out Wellmark Health here: https://www.wellmark.com.au/Delusions of Brandeur is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Delusions-Brandeur-Ryan-Wallman/dp/1677224967Eat Your Greens is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HP9WYVF/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1Subscribe to the podcast to enjoy our incredible lineup of interviews about hustle culture, work, success and happiness. Say hi to us at instagram.com/antihustle.hustleclubIntro music by Ant Henderson soundcloud.com/antphenderson


3 Nov 2021

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Don't be Brave. Be Right. Giles Edwards & Ryan Wallman - Delusions of Brandeur

The Marketing Meetup Podcast

In the final stages of hypothermia, people often engage in “paradoxical undressing”. As they lose rationality, they feel irrationally hot. They strip off their clothes and hasten their own death. Marketing is not a matter of life or death. Far (so very far) from it. Yet how we present ideas, how we glorify risk, and dare to talk of being brave is equally as absurd. And ultimately self-defeating. In this session Giles and Ryan will share: • How best to present risk vs reward • How to better communicate the value of creativity • And share why being “brave” can be a fool’s errand


21 Mar 2021

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Ryan Wallman And Darren Talk Creativity, Copywriting And Caring About Your Audience

Managing Marketing

Dr Ryan Wallman is the Creative Director and Head of Copy at Wellmark, a creative agency for healthcare brands. He is also the author of a fabulous book on advertising and marketing titled “Delusions of Brandeur”. Ryan shares his thoughts on the role of creativity and particularly writing in engaging the audience and the particular challenges and discipline required to write in categories that are often quite technical and regulated. He also shares how he found and embraced Twitter and can be followed at @Dr_Draperhttps://www.trinityp3.com/2020/07/creativity-copywriting-caring-about-your-audience/


28 Jul 2020

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Ep220: Marketing Hilarity with Ryan Wallman

1000 Authors

Monty Python, marketing idiocy, and the general state of the world: join Vicky as she chats to Ryan Wallman, aka Dr_Draper on Twitter, as he puts the world to rights. Vicky has been wanting to snaffle Ryan for years for an interview, so you'll have to excuse the initial fangirling. But he is the funniest marketer on Twitter, so there's a legit reason... Key Takeaways: [1:15] Who is Ryan and what does he do?   [4:00] How did Ryan learn about marketing?  [5:40] Why did Ryan decide it was time to write a book?  [10:30] Ryan intentionally wrote his book to not be serious!  [12:25] When it comes to marketing, who should you be paying attention to?  [14:30] Uncertain about your business? Ryan has some advice for you!  [17:50] What was Ryan’s process?  [20:35] Why did Ryan pick Monty Python as his inspiration?  Mentioned in This Episode: Website Vicky on Medium Order Vicky’s new book! 90-day Book Course Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast Connect with Ryan on Twitter Delusions of Brandeur by Ryan Wallman Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing Book by Drayton Bird Marketing Week Mini MBA


26 Jun 2020

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38: Ryan Wallman

Call To Action

An internationally acclaimed copywriter and author who is partial to some wolf nipple chips (who isn’t?), Ryan Wallman is Creative Director and Head of Copy for Wellmark, a Melbourne-based creative agency specialising in healthcare.   He has written for numerous industry publications, including Marketing Week, and is a co-author of the bestselling marketing book Eat Your Greens. More recently, Ryan smashed out his own masterpiece; The Drum Roses award-winning satirical scalpel that is Delusions of Brandeur; a hilarious, piss-taking how-not-to-guide for getting on in the marketing industry.   Praise for the book has been knockout:   “I love this book. Anything I spend my time on, I either have to learn something or be entertained, with this book I get both.” – Dave Trott   “Not only is this a marvellous book – but no one but Dr. Wallman could have written it.” – Rory Sutherland   Ryan chirps to us on the origins of Delusions of Brandeur, rumours of a sequel, what the world of medicine can teach marketing, the work of the Wellmark agency and the vital role Twitter played in his career change. His claims of being a world-class whistler are also put firmly to the test. Get your ears out and listen. ///// Follow Ryan on LinkedIn. And on Twitter. Here is his agency Wellmark’s website. Check out his book, Delusions of Brandeur, including some top merch and a Monty Python inspired video of supreme silliness. The ISOLATED Talk from Gem Higgins. Book Recommendations: Alchemy by Rory Sutherland  The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton /////


29 May 2020

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Ryan Wallman - Delusions of brandeur

Let's talk branding

We talk about:Ryans twitterRyans book: Delusions of brandeurHow brands grow by Byron SharpMark Ritson from marketingweekDave Trott's blogHow to write better copy by Steve HarrisonOgilvy on advertisingGeorge Tannenbaum's blogIf you liked this episode, I would really appreciate a rating on Itunes. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get the weekly episodes at your doorstep. If you want the deeper, juicier insights you can also subscribe to the newsletter here . This episode is sponsored by Holabrief, The go-to platform 
for creative briefs. If you want to subscribe, you can use the code LTB and get a 20% discount.


27 Apr 2020

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Dr Ryan Wallman discusses how brands can use satire marketing to appeal to customers' emotions

Let's Talk Marketing

Dr Ryan Wallman discusses the importance of satire in brand building and how to get it right


22 Mar 2020

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Ryan Wallman is Disrupting the advertising business with a very funny book

Disruptor Series

The advertising business is crazy. And lately, things have gotten even crazier. It’s more complex. With more platforms. More jargon. More acronyms. And more opportunities to poke fun at all of it. Creative Director and copywriter Ryan Wallman has done just that. His new book is called “Delusions of Brandeur.” And it’s a wonderful antidote to all that ails the ad business. Listen in as he and Rob unpack the inspiration and some of the hilarious content that fills its pages. Credits Host - Rob Schwartz  Intro/Outro Voiced by Sophia Barnett Executive Producer - Sean Riojas Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman


25 Feb 2020

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Ryan Wallman’s Delusions of Brandeur

The Strategy Inside Everything

The incredible Ryan Wallman joined me to talk about the inspiration for his new book, Delusions of Brandeur and the decisions he made to create a very different kind of marketing book. We also discuss evidence based marketing and his medical training. Get full access to The Strategy Inside Everything at specific.substack.com/subscribe


14 Jan 2020

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Delusions Of Brandeur - Ryan Wallman, Creative Director & Dr Draper

Sweathead, A Strategy Podcast

Ryan Wallman is back to talk about his first book Delusions of Brandeur. He's compiling his most powerful pieces of the Internet to put into a compendium dedicated to puncturing the pretensions of marketing. We discuss why the industry is so serious about itself and how this hurts it, the copy-writing community, and self-deprecation. You can find Ryan here: http://twitter.com/dr_draper. His book website is here: https://www.delusionsofbrandeur.com/The Kickstarter for the “Strategy Is Your Words" book is live until December 4 http://bit.ly/strategykickstarter


25 Nov 2019