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Kevin Hines- Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Jumper Saved by a Sea Lion Becomes Inspirational Storyteller and Filmmaker with Message of Hope and Resilience

Dear Family,

Kevin Hines is a storyteller, best-selling author, global public speaker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. In the Year 2000, Kevin threw himself off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to end his life. He needed his immense mental pain to end but regretted his decision the moment he jumped. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival including a sea lion who kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived and an amazing team of doctors. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness and the ability to survive pain with true resilience.  Kevin is in pre-production of his new Docu-Series The Journey and is working on a comic book version of his life in a cosmic and supernatural form called Hope Dealers. His fight has been long and arduous, beginning with being born into abject poverty, being put up for adoption, and having his biological older brother pass away as a child. His mental health was further challenged because he was bullied because of his unknown mixed race, his bipolar, and his suicidal ideation.  Kevin survived the unimaginable, jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge to see another day- a true miracle. He’s determined to remain committed to life until its natural end. He reminds us all how much we have to live for. His motto Be Here Tomorrow and every day after that has touched and saved countless lives. You can’t help but be moved by Kevin’s strength and determination.  SHOW NOTE LINKS: Kevin Hines YouTube Kevin Hines Story- Website Kevin’s Film- Suicide- The Ripple Effect Cracked Not Broken by Kevin Hines @KevinHinesStory across all socials Text CNQR to 741-741 or dial 988 for crisis services  CONNECT WITH US! *Dear Family, Podcast Page *Write Now Rachel Website *Rachel's Blog @Medium *Rachel’s Twitter *Facebook *Instagram PLEASE JOIN: *Dear Family Members, the Private Facebook Group WAYS TO HELP THE PODCAST: *PLEASE Leave a 5-Star Review and Subscribe! Thank you! Your support means the world to me. Wishing you love, happiness, and good mental health always.


23 Aug 2022

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Kevin Hines: Mental Health Advocate, Best Selling Author, Survivor

Team Never Quit

“Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.” That’s the mantra of this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Kevin Hines. Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Miraculously, a sea lion kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived. He is one of only thirty-six (less than 1%) to survive that fall. He shares his compelling story of hope, healing, and his will to live with Marcus. His story was featured in the 2006 film The Bridge by film director and producer, Eric Steel. Kevin has inspired millions worldwide in the art of wellness and the ability to survive pain with true resilience. “Be here tomorrow...” In this episode you will hear: My biological parents had me on a diet of Kool-Aid, Coca-Cola, and sour milk. My parents would leave me and my brother unattended to go score and sell drugs. Then Child Protective Services picked us up and put us in foster care. The only time I ever lost faith was when I stood atop the Golden Gate Bridge looking down. I found it on my way down. There’s a high number of suicidal teens who went through foster care. Many were abused and neglected by the ones in place to protect them. [Marcus] “I think the kids that go through it, are the ones who can fix it.” I finally ended up with foster parents who saved my life. They gave me a beautiful childhood. At 17 my brain broke. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and then things got completely out of control. I had auditory hallucinations telling me I had to die. If somebody would have just asked me, I would’ve just told them the truth of my situation. I left a suicide note in my backpack because I wanted my family knows I loved them. When I was still underwater, I thought, “I’m gonna die here and no one's gonna know I don’t want to. No one's gonna know I made a mistake.” On that [Coast Guard] boat, I made a cognitive decision: I would never again attempt to take my life as long as I should live, no matter the pain I’m in. When you encounter a suicidal person, it’s about being with them in the moment. “What do you need from me to say here? How can I help keep you on this planet?” My new motto is: I’m gonna be here tomorrow, and every day after that, no matter the pain I’m in. Every moment of every day is a good moment. It’s a privilege to exist. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now: 988 Support Kevin: https://www.instagram.com/kevinhinesstory/ https://www.kevinhinesstory.com/ Follow Us: https://www.instagram.com/marcusluttrell/ https://www.instagram.com/andrewbrockenbush/ https://www.instagram.com/team_neverquit/

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17 Aug 2022

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The Ripple Effect of Suicide with Survivor Kevin Hines

Off The Cuff with Danny LoPriore

Every year, millions of people attempt suicide – and thousands take their own lives. This week’s guest, Kevin Hines, understands better than most.  “Twenty-four hours before I went to leap off the Golden Gate Bridge … I was in such a devastating place of complete despair. It was worse than depression. It was a darkness and it was a place where I came to believe that all of my family, all of my friends hated me and wanted me gone. Of course, none of that was true, but I believed it. My brain told me that.” In 2000, then 19-year-old Kevin attempted suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Miraculously, he lived, making him one of only 36 people ever to survive the 746-foot drop. In this episode, Kevin shares his lifelong struggle with mental health and discusses how suicide creates a ripple effect of grief and pain that affects not just parents and friends, but every single person in our lives. “When you love someone unconditionally and they pass away, that grief is with you forever. In America, we love to sit there and go, “Oh, snap out of it, get over it. Move on.” … When someone dies by suicide that we love, it is a kind of pain that you can never shake off.” Kevin also explores the “instantaneous regret” he felt after jumping, the life-saving act of asking “Are you okay?” and the 85-year battle to raise a net rail around the Golden Gate Bridge, which will be completed in 2023. “I'm asking you to have faith in yourself, faith in the human condition, faith in your ability to fight, to be well and to survive any pain that comes your way. You can do one of two things with pain. You can let it defeat you or you can let it build you break by break from the ground up until you're stronger than ever. That's a choice.” In This Episode The 24 hours leading up to Kevin’s jump (05:40) Why the current conversation on mental health is “the wrong conversation” (08:29) Grief and the unforgettable pain of losing a loved one to suicide (11:32) The importance of “speaking your pain” by talking openly and honestly about suicide (12:27) Kevin’s first experience losing a loved one to suicide, and how it contributed to his own attempt (15:27) Suicide rates among adopted, LGBTQIA+ and minority children (22:44) “All I wanted to do was live, as soon as I let go of that rail.” (35:20) Kevin’s efforts to help prevent future Golden Gate suicides (42:15) Faith and mental health (49:42) The role diet and exercise play in mental wellness (51:56) Our Guest Kevin Hines’ Golden Gate Bridge suicide attempt at age 19 left him with shattered vertebrae and nearly severed his spinal cord. It also set him on a journey to find hope and healing – which he now travels the world to spread to others as a mental health advocate and motivational speaker. Kevin is also a best-selling author and award-winning documentarian whose feature-length documentary, “Suicide: The Ripple Effect,” tells Kevin’s story and illustrates the ripple effect suicide has on those left behind.  Resources & Links Off The Cuff On YouTube On Apple Podcasts On Spotify Kevin Hines On Twitter On Instagram On Facebook On LinkedIn On YouTube Hinesights Podcast with Kevin Hines Danny Lopriore On Instagram More On Mental Health National Suicide Prevention Lifeline National Helpline Database Resources for Parents Watch the first 20 minutes of “Suicide: The Ripple Effect” for free Watch “Suicide: The Ripple Effect”

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25 May 2022

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The Whittier Legacy w/ Kevin Hines

Aw...Crap, a Hellboy Podcast

Episode 9 in the sixth season of the podcast dedicated to the half-demon hero, Hellboy. Kait and MDC are joined by one of the hosts of Scew It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Comics, Kevin Hines to discuss the 8-page story, The Whittier Legacy, that was originally published on USAtoday.com in October 2010. Also, Kevin brings us a surprise segment of Oh Boy Email and we have a segment of Hell to Pay. Share your thoughts: awcrapahellboypodcast@gmail.com. Thank you for listening and please give us a Five Star Review starting with the word BOOM on Apple Podcasts for a shoutout on the show. Remember we love you! __         SHOW INFORMATION Instagram: @AwCrapAHellboyPodcast Twitter: @AwCrapHellboy Email: AwCrapAHellboyPodcast@gmail.com Aw...Crap, A Reading Guide for Listeners Hellboy Resource: https://hellboy.fandom.com/wiki/Hellboy_Wiki Buy Hellboy: https://www.darkhorse.com/Zones/Hellboy

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11 May 2022

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Touched by Suicide - A Golden Gate Jump Survivor - Kevin Hines

Run This World with Nicole DeBoom Podcast

Trigger warning: This episode may include discussions about suicide, mental illness, substance abuse and self-harm. If these topics are sensitive to you, proceed with caution. It may also contain strong language and is intended for an adult audience.  If you are feeling suicidal, thinking about hurting yourself, or are concerned that someone you know may be in danger of hurting himself or herself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988.When people call, text, or chat 988, they will be connected to trained counselors that are part of the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network. These trained counselors will listen, understand how their problems are affecting them, provide support, and connect them to resources if necessary.The current Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) will always remain available to people in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, even after 988 is launched nationally.Veterans can now dial 988 and press 1 to reach the Veteran Crisis Line. Suicide warning signs can be found at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website (Afsp.org). Today we hear the perspective of a man who attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His name is Kevin Hines. He was 17 years old when he decided to take his life. Kevin shares his story, including the fact that he regretted his decision the second his body left the rail. He openly discusses his personal mental health issues, how he has learned to live with, but not act on, his suicidal feelings, and how connections and love form his foundation. Today Kevin travels the world sharing strategies for positive mental health, some of which you will hear right now. Please note - All of the resources Kevin shares are listed in the show notes for future reference.  Resources: https://www.youtube.com/kevinhines Award-winning video "It was an instant regret" "The Art of Wellness 2.0" includes incredible daily life guidance HINESIGHTS Podcast Kevin Hines website Notable quotes: "The voice in my head said jump now, so I did" "Your suicidal thoughts do not have to become your actions" "I live with chronic thoughts of suicide. They plague me but will never kill me" "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" "The millisecond my hands left the rail it was instant regret." Medical Advisory: The Run This World Podcast & the Touched by Suicide series does not provide crisis, counseling or direct services. The information and resources contained on this site are not intended to diagnose or treat  any condition. Please consult a mental health professional before making changes to your treatment plan.  Please be sure to share this podcast with anyone who needs to hear it right now. Thank you for listening. Music credit: "Forgiveness" by Sensho from Upbeatt.io


12 Mar 2022

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100. Jumping Off The Golden Gate Bridge And Surviving with Kevin Hines

The Betar Project

100 Guest Episodes 🥳So grateful for everyone's support throughout this amazing journey thus far. Got some big goals and plans for this year which I cant wait to bring to life.This week I am joined by Kevin Hines,The bloke jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge which is a 250foot fall into the icy cold water and survived. Kevin Hines is now an award-winning global speaker, best-selling author, documentary filmmaker, and suicide prevention and mental health advocate who has reached millions with his story of an unlikely survival and his strong will to live. This short podcast is only an introduction to who Kevin is and what he does. Head over to his website to access all his resources.https://www.kevinhinesstory.com/Make sure to also check out Kevin on Social Media This episode is jam-packed full of value that you won't want to miss. Support the show


28 Feb 2022

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#895 How A Jump From The Golden Gate Bridge Changed Everything with Kevin Hines

Next Level University

In this episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros interview the Best-selling Author, Speaker, Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, and Mental Health Champion, Kevin Hines. They talked about his story of hope, healing, and recovery and how he overcame everything he went through with gratitude and resilience. Today’s episode is such a fire one, and you’ll hear one strong, resilient story that will surely inspire you.Kevin Hines is a storyteller at heart. He is a best-selling author, global public speaker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. In 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival, including a sea lion which kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience. Currently, Kevin is in pre-production of his new Docu-Series: The Journey, and is working on a comic book version of his life in cosmic & supernatural form called Hope Dealers. His fight has been long and arduous, but he is determined to remain committed to life until its natural end. His motto: #BeHereTomorrow and every day after that. Reach out to Kevin at:Website: www.kevinhinesstory.comLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kevinhinesstoryIG: @kevinhinesstoryTwitter: twitter.com/KevinHinesStoryYT: www.youtube.com/kevinhinesListen to his podcast, The Hinesights PodcastDo you want to level up your life in 2022? Join the Next Level Live! Go to this link: www.nextleveluniverse.com/next-level-live/What are you waiting for? Grab this FREE COURSE now! For group coaching details, click here We love connecting with you guys! Reach out on LinkedIn, Instagram, or via email Website 💻 www.nextleveluniverse.comNext Level Podcast FB Group 📌 join hereInstagram 📷Kevin: @neverquitkidAlan: @alazaros88LinkedIn ✍Kevin: www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-palmieriAlan: www.linkedin.com/in/alanlazarosllcEmail 💬Kevin@nextleveluniverse.comAlan@nextleveluniverse.comWe Love When You Leave Reviews!!! ---> https://lovethepodcast.com/nextleveluniversityShow notes:[1:34] Kevin Hines’ story[9:05] What’s normal for him then and now[12:29] The sea lion that saved him[14:49] Amy Diaz from the NLU team shares her thoughts on joining events like the Next Level Live[18:45] Gratitude and resilience[20:19] What is resilience for Kevin?[27:10] What’s new from Kevin and his podcast Hinesights Podcast[29:58] Outro


27 Feb 2022

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Kevin Hines - Best Selling Author, Global Public Speaker, and Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker

EmotionAL Support with Alessandra Torresani

In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival including a sea lion which kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience. Join us as we bond over our mutual diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, chat about survival, learn more about Kevin's comic book origin story, and the importance of support from friends and family. *This episode has a trigger warning.*https://www.emotionalsupportpod.com/@emotionalsupportpodhttps://www.kevinhinesstory.com/@kevinhinesstory Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Jan 2022

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This episode’s guest is a neurosurgeon, CNN chief medical correspondent, and dear friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He is with us in the Hinesights Podcast to chat about his experience through life, his job, and what makes him happy. Dr. Gupta shares his thoughts regarding COVID and his new book: World War C: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One. He shares how he has been re-reading books during the lockdown, his perfect meal plan, and the dark moments in his life. Dr. Gupta also reflects on how he got out of those dense periods and how getting help was essential in this process. Don’t miss this episode in which you will get advice from Dr. Sanjay’s life!


10 Oct 2021

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#129: November 1969 (w/Will Hines and Kevin Hines) - "The Coming of Sunfire!"

Marvel by the Month

Will and Kevin Hines are brothers. They are kind of comedians. And they are the only two guys to host a podcast about a thing that they like. That podcast is the extremely good Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Comics, which is sort of like what we do except they only talk about their favorite comics. We've wasted hundreds of hours of our lives.For more than an extra hour of this episode, support us on Patreon at the $4/month level to get access to our super-secret bonus feed of content. The expanded edition of this episode includes our conversations about Avengers #72 (which features the first appearance of the Zodiac) and Fantastic Four #95 (featuring the debut of... uh, the Monocle), as well as the creative origins of Agatha Harkness, the final fate of the Kangaroo, and banter aplenty.Stories Covered In Detail This Episode:"The Coming of Sunfire!" - X-Men #64, written by Roy Thomas, art by Don Heck and Tom Palmer, ©1969 Marvel Comics"The Coming of the Kangaroo!" - Amazing Spider-Man #81, written by Stan Lee, art by John Buscema and Jim Mooney, ©1969 Marvel Comics"Marvel by the Month" theme v. 2.0 by Robb Milne, sung by Barb Allen, with bass by Ryan ‘Biff’ Dudder. All incidental music by Robb Milne. Visit us on internet at marvelbythemonth.com, follow us on Instagram at @marvelbythemonth and support us on Patreon at patreon.com/marvelbythemonth.Much of our historical context information comes from Wikipedia. Please join us in supporting them at wikimediafoundation.org.

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6 Oct 2021