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How to Improve Your Consultative Selling Skills? with Amy Franko

Sales POP! Podcasts

Today's guest in the Expert Insight Interview is Amy Franko. She is a leader in modern sales strategy. She helps mid-market organizations to grow sales through sales strategy advisory skills development programs. Her book "The Modern Seller" is an Amazon bestseller, plus LinkedIn also recognizes her as a top sales voice. Amy and Our host John Golden discuss "How to improve your consultative selling skills.”


26 Oct 2022

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Interview with Amy Franko

Checking Off Your List with Rachel Luther

Amy Franko is the leading sales strategist for growth-oriented mid-market organizations. She works with a variety of sectors to grow sales results, through both sales strategy and skill development programs. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and she is also recognized by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Voice. Link: The Modern Seller: https://amyfranko.com/the-modern-seller/ Learn more about how our back-office support services can help you meet your business goals at CheckOffYourList.com Website: COYLwithRachelLuther.com Music: The Smell Of Success by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com


18 Oct 2022

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Organize Your Spaghetti with Amy Franko, Sales Influence(r)

Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

This episode is sponsored by Bigtincan where I speak with sales consultant Amy Franko on how to sell to today's modern buyer and how to organize your spaghetti in business. #amyfranko #bigtincan


6 Sep 2022

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How Modern Sellers Can Stand Out | Amy Franko - 1585

The Sales Evangelist

The modern seller is exceptional in their industry and knows what to do to add value to prospects, keep a full pipeline, and close more deals. But how exactly can we be modern sellers? In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by sales consultant Amy Franko to discuss what she believes makes modern sellers stand out in today’s market.   The modern seller excels in three things: Their value is an essential part of the conversation; they look to be a part of the equation that closes a deal.  They are seen as difference makers in the eyes of their clients and others in the industry. Prospects and buyers believe modern sellers have a competitive advantage over the other sellers in the industry. Anyone can be a modern seller: Understand the makeup of your territory and what you’ve been assigned to sell. Then, take a strategic view of what makes up your territory. Determine if you have a business plan for your inventory, revenue, and profit. The hallmark of a modern seller is the ability to take something complex and boil it down to something simple. Set goals and milestones that indicate if you’re on the right trajectory. Understand your ideal client profile and know what is important to the people you pursue.  Focus on building relationships. Once you clearly understand your verticals, you can focus on building relationships with decision-makers. Connect with one or two people a week to something of potential value to them, whether that’s introducing them to another contact or sharing articles and information.  Read Amy’s book, The Modern Seller, to dive into the five capabilities any sales professional should build in themselves and their teams. For more information and content from Amy, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit amyfranko.com.  This episode is brought to you in part by Skipio. Are you sick of crickets? As a salesperson, the pain of reaching out with phone calls or emails and not receiving a response is real. But all text messaging is not created equal. 85% of people prefer text over email and phone calls because they want to engage in a conversation, not listen to bots. Be more like people and start having conversations that end in the conversions you want. Try Skipio at www.Skipio.com. This episode is brought to you in part by Scratchpad. Are you tired of a digital workspace cluttered with notes, folders, files, and half-filled spreadsheets? (Not that we’re speaking from personal experience.) Luckily, we’ve found the solution. Scratchpad is the first Revenue Team Workspace specifically designed to adapt to each salesperson’s workflow, so you don’t have to change your habits. Scratchpad creates a streamlined workflow that allows everyone to be a little more productive each day without the hassle of updating a database with whatever info you can find. Get Scratchpad free at Scratchpad.com.  As one of our podcast listeners, we value your opinion and always want to improve the quality of our show. Complete our two-minute survey here: thesalesevangelist.com/survey. We’d love for you to join us for our next episodes by tuning in on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, or Spotify. Audio provided by Free SFX, Soundstripe, and Bensound. Other songs used in the episodes are The Organ Grinder written by Bradley Jay Hill, performed by Bright Seed, and Produced by Brightseed and Hill.


12 Aug 2022

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130: Bet on Yourself and You'll Always Win, Amy Franko, Amy Franko Assoc

Conversations with Women in Sales

Amy Franko is a keynote sales speaker and the author of "The Modern Seller: Sell More and Increase Your Impact in the New Sales Economy" Amy is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland where they are building an amazing STEM project for their Girls Scouts which we also discuss. Learn how Amy got into sales as an English and Communication college grad and how she's been drawn to tech during her career. Learn more about Amy at https://amyfranko.com/


30 Jun 2022

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Amy Franko - Identifying and Building the Right Relationships as a Modern Seller

Making Sales Social Podcast

Visit her website at AmyFranko.com.


17 May 2022

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Amy Franko on prospecting and being a better conversationalist

Outbound Squad

Amy Franko is the Sales Strategy Consultant of Amy Franko Associates. In this episode, Amy talks to us about the importance of being a great conversationalist in your cold calls and how to be more process-oriented in your approach.Connect with Amy on LinkedIn here and Amy Franko Associates here.Resources mentioned in the episode: Show Notes Page Here are three more ways to get help with your prospecting: Our best bite-sized content. Want my best LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and webinars? Stuff you can implement in 10-15 minutes or less? Look no further. Outbound Squad. A program for reps who crave accountability, structure, and results over theory. If you hate hitting plateaus in your sales career, check it out. Accelerator. Give your team hands-on training and coaching to overcome call reluctance, build meaningful relationships with prospects, and land more meetings through their cold outreach.


12 Apr 2022

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Integrating Partnerships w/ Amy Franko

The Partnered Podcast

Join host Adam Michalski as he interviews Amy Franko, Founder & CEO of Amy Franko Associates. They discuss how to integrate partnerships into different levels of the sales process.Topics Covered:Amy’s Journey to Sales & PartnershipsHow Sales People Should Approach PartnershipsCentering the CustomerAvoiding the Price Race to the BottomAdvancing Partnerships through ManagementPartner with Amy:WebsiteSales TrainingContactPodcastTwitterSponsors:Partnership LeadersPartneredSubscribe at www.partneredpodcast.com.Interested in joining the podcast? Reach out to hello@partnered.com.


4 Apr 2022

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COSS95 - Amy Franko

Confessions of a Serial Seller

Amy Franko is a keynote speaker, sales strategist, and author specializing in B2B sales and sales leadership development. She works with professional services, insurance, and technology organizations to accelerate their growth results. With over 20 years of client-facing sales experience, Amy began her career with global companies IBM and Lenovo before pivoting into entrepreneurship. Her book of business includes some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and was also named a top sales book by Top Sales World. She is also recognized by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Voice.Join me and Amy in this informative and inspiring discussion.


11 Mar 2022

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Moving the Needle with Skill Based Sales Development with Amy Franko

Transformed Sales

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I had a chat with Amy Franko, a keynote speaker, sales strategist, and author specializing in B2B Sales and Sales Leadership Development. She works with professional services, insurance, and technology organizations to accelerate their growth. With over 20 years of client-facing sales experience, Amy began her career with global companies such as IBM and Lenovo before taking a 180° pivot into entrepreneurship in 2007, launching a training company, Impact Instruction Group. Since that time, the company brand offerings have evolved. It’s now known as Amy Franko Associates, with a specific focus on sales and leadership excellence.Her book of business includes some of the world’s most recognizable brands and her book, “The Modern Seller” is an Amazon Best Seller, and was named a top sales book by Top Sales World. She is recognized by Linkedin as a top sales voice. Amy shares her journey in sales from starting out in inside sales and how powerful having a technical background was in helping her grow to a leadership position. Along the way, she discovered that her number one skill was her ability to uncover problems, engage with customers, and sell. She says the way to go for anyone who wants to thrive in sales is to build up one skill at a time and have engaging conversations one customer at a time so that with time one will have created a whole body of work and success. If you’re just starting out and you’re feeling discouraged, she says you have to start where you’re at and stick with it until you’re good at it. Tune in to learn more about that and how she applies skill-based development to help sales teams win consistently. And if you ever need help with a sales or leadership issue don't hesitate to book a complimentary clarity session with me HERE.On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:Being a natural-born leader and putting it into practice until she got to where she is today (02:07)The one thing that propelled her interest in sales (05:02)How her technical experience helped her grow in her sales career (08:04)Diving into entrepreneurship after proper planning (10:16)Realizing her number one ability was selling and uncovering problems (12:10)Marrying her sales skills with her consulting background (13:53)Living at the intersection of her personal and professional life in the form of leadership (16:47)Helping leaders and salespeople with skill-based development (20:52)Struggling with conflict avoidance and how she has learned to deal with it (27:11)Her pride in the business she’s been able to build in the last 15 years (28:56)Connect with Wesleyne Greer:Wesleyne’s WebsiteWesleyne on LinkedInWesleyne on FacebookWesleyne on TwitterEmail Her at wesleyne@transformedsales.comConnect with Amy Franko:Amy on LinkedinThe Modern Seller By Amy FrankoAmy’s WebsiteAmy on TwitterRate, Review, Learn, and ShareThanks for tuning into The Science of Selling STEM! If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn even more about what it takes to transform your sales, don’t forget to tune into our other episodes and share your favorite episodes on social media!Join The Science of Selling STEM community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and visit my website for even more content, information, and resources.


16 Feb 2022