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I'm Better Now with Bryan Duff

Talking Shop w/ James Dugan & Rob Grabowski

In the second to last episode, James and Rob are joined by local man Bryan Duff! They talk with Bryan about his start in Chicago, Improvised Shakespeare, Baby Wants Candy, rough auditions, and how everytime you're out they pull you back in.  Follow Bryan on twitter @ bryanevansduff and check out his podcast 15 Minutes with Lincoln Want to share some improv advice? Email us at Talkingshopshow@gmail.com Like what we do? Support our PATREON As always, please rate, review, and subscribe. 

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12 Apr 2022

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Chocolate Milk with Bryan Duff

Poppin' Bottles

Chicago's own Bryan Duff (15 Minutes with Lincoln, McSweeney's) joins us in cyberspace to chat about his love of Chocolate Milk! He lets us know how drinking his chocolate milk helps farmers, why it's doctor recommended, and some earned nudity. #NotRob talks cow and Josh gets swole. Hopefully you can donate to Josh's ChiParks Marathon Fund!Bryan’s Malted Nanner aka Coco Duff .5 oz Chocolate Malted Milk Mix.5 oz Hershey Chocolate Syrup 8 oz of Milk1/2 Banana1 Strip of Thick Cut BaconBlend all together and serve over ice

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29 Jul 2021

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Episode 34: Likely Unlikely Story (with Bryan Duff)

The Gunkhole State Park Podcast

The rangers discuss the potluck, which was disastrous for The Beef Man but very positive for the punctuation cult. Then, local investigative reporter Rece Roberts (Bryan Duff) takes the rangers to task for their most recent bad deeds.

1hr 12mins

12 Jul 2021

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Episode 82: Bryan Duff & Tyler Samples


Comedians BRYAN DUFF and TYLER SAMPLES entered a morass of misogyny when they went to a Steve Harvey show taping. This is their hilarious, and horrifying, story. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Intro 0:50 Bryan and Tyler endured a 10-hour taping of the Steve Harvey Show. 2:15 An audience member brought his own popcorn for Steve Harvey to try. This may be the only sweet moment from the taping."This is gonna be a fun dumb way to spend 4 or 5 hours on a Sunday."4:35 They explain exactly why they went to the men-only show 7:00 They were e-mailed a 53-question survey. Tyler shares the skewed survey questions & answers. The idea of not going never crossed their minds. Their group began to realize they didn't fit in.“There were a lot of warnings...honestly, there is no one to blame but ourselves.”18:45 The men-only show started and the curtains raised to reveal women onstage. There was catcalling and verbal harassing of the women. 24:45 Sammy gives a little background on Steve Harvey. Bryan and Tyler share Steve Harvey's hunter analogy.“It was like being in war...you don't remember every detail...”27:10 Bryan, or his misogynist character rather, got a job offer. Bryan and Tyler detail the audience's hostile reactions to the female guests and one of the male guests.“Anyone who didn't give the most misogynistic answer or perspective, on either side, would just be like shut down completely.”37:00 They analyze Steve Harvey's logic on infidelity and sexual mores.“When you have 2000 men who think it's a show about and for them and then 150 women who know what's actually going on...it does not go well.”44:00 Sammy wonders if there were any “good guys” in the crowd and wonders about Bryan's character, Mr. Rape Culture. They didn't know it was going to be a ten-hour taping. 51:00 They share their highlights and lowlights of the taping. 59:00 Despite his experience, Tyler still has hope. 1:03:00 Outro, during which Bryan plugs his fucking High School reunion...again. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!

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20 Aug 2015

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Episode 28: Bryan Duff


Chicago comedian Bryan Duff braves the snowstorm to visit Studio 1Q! He waxes nostalgic for the WWE-inspired days of battling in the boys room and explains his disdain for the NFL. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Candid Pre-Show, where Bryan shares his video strategies that made his opponents hate him. 2:00 Intro—Bryan takes issue with being called boisterous by Sammy. We talking about the Lincoln-Douglas debates and redneck scientists. 5:45 Sammy is intrigued by Bryan's downstate upbringing in White Heath, Illinois. Bryan talks about letting loose a stray dog pack, bathroom stall wrestling and his sixth-grade friends, the self-named “Chain Gang” and their eventual end as they reached junior high. He also talks about what high school was like for him. 22:20 A racist grandpa can't help but be racist, even when trying to explain he wasn't being racist to the cops. 25:10 Bryan breaks down his issues with professional football such as concussions, reverse Robin Hooding and the racial socio-economics of the situation. He explains the controversy dogging some of the players to Sammy and how problematic football is for him. 40:45 Fall Out Boy apologized for ESPN playing their song all the time. We talk about separating the artist from their work. 44:20 A fourth grader was suspended after using magic from the Hobbit. 47:25 Bryan is in charge of his 10-year high school reunion and we reminisce about the hits of 2005. 49:30 Outro, during which Sammy is stunned Bryan has a group using a trademarked name.


1 Feb 2015

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Episode 75 - MBSing with Bryan Duff - Nutrition

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

Bryan Duff? More like Bryan BUFF because this guy is a well-oiled machine of nutrition facts and practices. He's not here to get preachy or make anybody feel guilty, he just has a genuine interest and passion in the fuel that makes our bodies tick in the healthiest, most efficient way. There's so much fascinating stuff in here that it's hard to even highlight particular topics, but some favorites are how much your ancestry affects what your body processes the best, some various pitfalls or misconceptions of diets traditionally considered very healthy (i.e. Paleo, Vegan, Raw), and the nutritional difference present in higher quality, more naturally raised meats. Enjoy the episode, and perhaps improve the quality of your life!Note: I meantion DHEA in the intro... Bryan might have been referring to DHA. I truly don't know. I can't afford a fact checker.

1hr 42mins

13 Nov 2014