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2669 - How The Supreme Court Enabled Racist, Excessive, and Violent Policing w/ Erwin Chemerinsky

The Majority Report with Sam Seder

The MR Crew are off for Rosh Hashanah today (happy New Year for all who celebrate!), but Sam doesn't leave you hanging-he sits down with Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California, Berkeley Law School, to discuss his recent book Presumed Guilty: How the Supreme Court Empowered the Police and Subverted Civil Rights, as well as the recent developments at the Supreme Court. Become a member at JoinTheMajorityReport.com Subscribe to the AMQuickie newsletter here. Join the Majority Report Discord! http://majoritydiscord.com/ Get all your MR merch at our store https://shop.majorityreportradio.com/ (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: majorityreportstore@mirrorimage.com) You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Support the St. Vincent Nurses today as they continue to strike for a fair contract! https://action.massnurses.org/we-stand-with-st-vincents-nurses/ Subscribe to Discourse Blog, a newsletter and website for progressive essays and related fun partly run by AM Quickie writer Jack Crosbie. https://discourseblog.com/ Subscribe to AM Quickie writer Corey Pein’s podcast News from Nowhere, at https://www.patreon.com/newsfromnowhere Check out The Letterhack’s upcoming Kickstarter project for his new graphic novel! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/milagrocomic/milagro-heroe-de-las-calles Check out Matt Binder’s YouTube channel! Check out The Nomiki Show live at 3 pm ET on YouTube at patreon.com/thenomikishow Check out Matt’s podcast, Literary Hangover, at Patreon.com/LiteraryHangover, or on iTunes. Check out Jamie’s podcast, The Antifada, at patreon.com/theantifada, on iTunes, or at twitch.tv/theantifada (streaming every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7pm ET!) Follow the Majority Report crew on Twitter: @SamSeder @EmmaVigeland @MattBinder @MattLech @BF1nn @BradKAlsop


7 Sep 2021

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Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the law school at UC Berkeley, on his new book Presumed Guilty

Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio in New York

(9/3/21) Police officers are nine times more likely to kill African-American men than they are other Americans. Yet, in his new book Presumed Guilty: How the Supreme Court Empowered the Police and Subverted Civil Rights, legal scholar and dean of the law school at UC Berkeley Erwin Chemerinsky argues that the problem goes way beyond racism in law enforcement. Join us for a look at why it is our judicial system and, more specifically, the Supreme Court where the lion’s share of the blame for inequity in policing belongs in this installment of Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI.


3 Sep 2021

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The Bill Handel Show - 7a - Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and The War on COVID Vaccine Mandates

Bill Handel on Demand

Wayne Resnick fills in for Bill Handel. Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky joins the show to contribute thoughts and ideas surrounding the approved abortion ban law that took effect in Texas yesterday. Americans are suing to protect their freedom from infection, and police unions are going to war over COVID vaccine mandates.


2 Sep 2021

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@BillHandelShow - Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky

KFI Featured Segments

Wayne Resnick fills in for Bill Handel and is joined by the Dean of UC Berkeley's School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky. The two discuss the new abortion ban law that took place yesterday in Texas after the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in favor of maintaining the order.


2 Sep 2021

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Interview with Erwin Chemerinsky

The Brian and Lee Show

Brian and Lee talk with Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Berkeley law. Learn the forgotten History of How Supreme Court Decisions have Enabled Systematic Raciest PolicingThe post Interview with Erwin Chemerinsky appeared first on WWDB-AM.


28 Aug 2021

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Erwin Chemerinsky on How the Courts Enable Police Misconduct

KQED's Forum

The use of the kind of chokehold that killed George Floyd last year should, according to constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, be a clear-cut violation of the Fourth Amendment's ban on excessive police force. But as Chemerinsky explains in his new book "Presumed Guilty," chokeholds remain in use in most of the United States because of a decades-old Supreme Court decision that tightly restricts federal lawsuits challenging police misconduct. We'll talk about the judicial doctrines that enable illegal police behavior and how to reform them.


23 Aug 2021

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Episode 194 - Erwin Chemerinsky, JD (The Curiosity Hour Podcast by Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund)

The Curiosity Hour Podcast

Episode 194 - Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, JD.Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky.Erwin Chemerinsky became the 13th Dean of Berkeley Law on July 1, 2017, when he joined the faculty as the Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law.Prior to assuming this position, from 2008-2017, he was the founding Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, and Raymond Pryke Professor of First Amendment Law, at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Before that, he was the Alston and Bird Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University from 2004-2008, and from 1983-2004 was a professor at the University of Southern California Law School, including as the Sydney M. Irmas Professor of Public Interest Law, Legal Ethics, and Political Science. From 1980-1983, he was an assistant professor at DePaul College of Law.He is the author of fourteen books, including leading casebooks and treatises about constitutional law, criminal procedure, and federal jurisdiction. His most recent books are Presumed Guilty: How the Supreme Court Empowered the Police and Subverted Civil Rights (Norton 2021), and The Religion Clauses: The Case for Separating Church and State (with Howard Gillman) (Oxford University Press 2020).He also is the author of more than 200 law review articles. He is a contributing writer for the Opinion section of the Los Angeles Times, and writes regular columns for the Sacramento Bee, the ABA Journal, and the Daily Journal, and frequent op-eds in newspapers across the country. He frequently argues appellate cases, including in the United States Supreme Court. In 2016, he was named a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2017, National Jurist magazine again named Dean Chemerinsky as the most influential person in legal education in the United States. In January 2021, he was named President-elect of the Association of American Law Schools."Buy Presumed Guilty: How the Supreme Court Empowered the Police and Subverted Civil Rightshttps://www.indiebound.org/book/9781631496516 https://wwnorton.com/books/9781631496516Note: Guests create their own bio description for each episode.The Curiosity Hour Podcast is hosted and produced by Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund.The Curiosity Hour Podcast is listener supported! The easiest way to donate is via the Venmo app and you can donate to (at symbol) CuriosityHour (Download app here: venmo.com)The Curiosity Hour Podcast is available free on 13 platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Soundcloud, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Podbean, Overcast, PlayerFM, and Pocket Casts.Disclaimers: The Curiosity Hour Podcast may contain content not suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion advised. The views and opinions expressed by the guests on this podcast are solely those of the guest(s). These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of The Curiosity Hour Podcast. This podcast may contain explicit language.The Public Service Announcement near the beginning of the episode solely represents the views of Tommy and Dan and not our guests or our listeners.


12 Aug 2021

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@BillHandelShow - The Mississippi Abortion Law with Erwin Chemerinsky

KFI Featured Segments

Erwin Chemerinsky, the Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, joins the show to talk about the Supreme Court set to review the Mississippi abortion law that advocates as a path to diminishing Roe v. Wade.


18 May 2021

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Constitutional law experts and their insight on the news of today with Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law, Erwin Chemerinsky, and George Mason Law School professor, Ilya Somin

Gurvey's Law

Hoping that everyone had a loving Valentine’s Day, on Sunday, Alan welcomed two heavyweights in the legal scholar's world, Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law, Erwin Chemerinsky, and George Mason Law School professor, Ilya Somin. Alan moderated as the two constitutional law experts talked about the pandemic and school closures, the impeachment proceedings, as well as gave opinions on important 2021 Supreme Court cases that impact our lives. Don't miss Gurvey's Law on Sundays at 5 p.m. on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and streaming live on kabc.com!


16 Feb 2021

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46: Vikram Amar and Erwin Chemerinsky — 2020-2021 Supreme Court Term

iGen Politics

Vikram Amar became the dean of UIUC Law School in 2015, after having been a professor of law for many years at law schools in the University of California System. Dean Amar is also one of the most eminent and frequently cited authorities in constitutional law, federal courts, and civil procedure, having produced several books and over 60 articles in leading law reviews. TY for being here.  Erwin Chemerinsky has been the Dean of Berkeley Law since July 1, 2017. Prior to that, he taught at Duke University, USC Law School, and UCLA, where Victor will be starting next quarter. Dean Chemerinsky is also the author of eleven books, including leading casebooks and treatises about constitutional law, criminal procedure, and federal jurisdiction. Intergenerational Politics is a podcast created by Jill Wine-Banks and Victor Shi dedicated to engaging all generations in politics with weekly unfiltered conversations with experts across the nation. Be sure to subscribe to and rate us on Apple Podcasts. You can also find us on Spotify or any other podcast streaming services. Intergenerational Politics on social media: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/intergenerational-politics/id1522241906 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Intrgenpolitics Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergenpoliticspodcast/

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