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Thirst Trap // Pandemic Porn Problem | Ps. Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Kicking off a collection of talks titled, "Thirst Trap," Ps. Ali discusses the growing secret sex during this pandemic, porn. It's time to stand up and fight lust, adultery, and porn. Follow us @ centerset.church


7 Feb 2021

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New Year, New You! // Phases of Life | Ps Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Continuing a collection of talks, “New Year, New You!” Ps. Ali Roohi preaches a revealing message about the stages of spiritual life we go through when we are discovering our purpose in God. As always, visit us @centerset.church! 


10 Jan 2021

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New Year, New You! // Who > What | Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Kicking off a collection of talks, “New Year, New You!” Ps. Ali Roohi preaches from the life of John the baptism, teaching us to pay close attention to our small habits as we follow Jesus because they are seeds that grow. Follow us @ centerset.church


3 Jan 2021

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Why Are You Afraid - Guest Speaker Pastor Ali Roohi

Kalos Church Podcast

2 Nov 2020

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Losing Your Mind // FEAR || Pastor Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Ps. Ali Roohi kicks off a new collection of talks titled “Losing Your Mind”, about taking control of our thoughts, because our lives are affected and directed by the way, we think! As always visit us  @CenterSet.church


14 Sep 2020

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God Help Me...I'm Stuck! // Pastor Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Pastor Ali Roohi continues a new collection of talks designed to help you stop worrying and start relying on God’s power in your life. Sometimes interruptions are invitations to take a leap of faith. If you’ve been hit with something you can’t handle, then it’s a job for Jesus! As always, visit us @centerset.church


30 Aug 2020

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EP086: Ali Roohi - My Church is Healthier Because of COVID

The Church Digital Podcast

I’ve talked with hundreds of Pastors in this COVID season. Easily. Not an exaggeration. If I count emails, texts, social media, direct messages, pings… geez, may be over a thousand. Never, never, NEVER have I heard a Pastor tell me this: “Our Church is healthier because of COVID.” Enter Ali Roohi, Pastor of CenterSet Church in California. In this COVID season, he’s seen online attendance drop. Most churches have, after all. At the same time, though, he’s seen Online Groups triple in size and giving increase substantially. How’d he do this? A major philosophical shift of his church… and you’re going to want to hear him say it… here on The Church Digital Podcast. COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT THECHURCH.DIGITAL. Stadia’s Phygital Church Learning Communities: Helping Physical Churches learn to Thrive, Grow, and Multiply Digitally. Stadia’s Digital-Only Church Planting Cohort: Stadia’s looking for Church Planters who are looking to plant a Church digitally… with no physical footprint. Is this you? Check it out here.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thechurchdigital/message


20 Jul 2020

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Such A Time As This // Pastor Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

Join us for the first talk in our new collection of series, "Such A Time As This", which focuses on the life and incredible courage of Esther. God is always working, even when we don't see it! Visit us @centerset.church


9 Mar 2020

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James // Faith & Deeds | Pastor Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

What does James mean by faith without works is dead?  Pastor Ali expounds on this topic in this week's sermon from the book of James! If you would like to donate to our ministry, please visit centerset.church/give


17 Mar 2019

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Prayers From A Fish | Pastor Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church

The 2nd part of our Jonah series.  God hears our prayers from even the deepest of valleys, or in Jonah's case, from the belly of a fish! Visit us at centerset.church 


13 Jan 2019