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28. Interview with Eliseo Flores: Campaigning for Julián Castro, Learning with All-Girls Robotics Teams, and Breaking Down Hustle Culture


Eliseo Flores is currently the Youth Development Program Manager for the education department at Centro Cultural. This week on the podcast, listen as we discuss his journey and relationship in STEM, how he finds ways to make STEAM connections for his students with their daily lives, and why Elizabeth hates marshmallows.  You can email us at podcast@womeninsciencepdx.org and follow us @women_in_science_pdx on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


4 Feb 2022

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31. Breaking down all things Texas with special guest Julián Castro

Daily Kos' The Brief

This week we talk to former Democratic presidential candidate, mayor of San Antonio, and Obama-era secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro. Castro has recently been pounding Gov. Abbott's lack of leadership on the pandemic among other failures such as the "big freeze" of February 2021. We'll unpack the current state of COVID-19, voting rights, and electoral politics in Texas with Castro—as well as whether he's positioning himself to run against Abbott next year!


25 Aug 2021

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Julián Castro & The Fight To Protect Voting Rights

Welcome To The Party

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison speaks with Julián Castro and the Texas Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Director Rose Clouston about our fight to protect and expand voting rights in Texas and nationwide—plus how our listeners can get involved. Please rate and subscribe to "Welcome to the Party"! 


12 Aug 2021

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73 - Mr. Secretary with Julián Castro

Ask Ronna

Now wait a minute. First off, yes, (Bryan) is back with us after his star turn as the new face of Barry's Tow Trucks, but we have GOT to get to our guest today. We've had some heavy hitters on recently, including some high-ranking government officials (we're looking at you, Senior Advisor to President Biden on COVID Policy, Andy Slavitt, excuse me), but we may have outdone ourselves this time, and you deserve nothing less. Joining us in The Carriage House this week is none other than former mayor of San Antonio, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama, and our VERY FIRST Presidential candidate, the host of the podcast OUR AMERICA, The Honorable Julián Castro! Secretary Castro joins us this week to help us give advice on dealing with in-laws who have been too lax during the pandemic, a boyfriend who may be sharing too much with his ex, and a young campaign worker trying to balance work and family. And we have a big announcement. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 18th. We'll be hosting an Oscars preview show LIVE from The Carriage House! We'll have it all: predictions, music, games, prizes, and more...and, just like last month's live show, you'll have a chance for a one-on-one meeting with Ronna or (Bryan). Tickets go on sale this Friday for Patreon members, and next week for the Free Feed. Be there! This week's Carriage House Book Club on Patreon is Lydia Millet's A CHILDREN'S BIBLE. We'll be joined by acclaimed mystery author and LA TImes critic Charles Finch, who's fabulous. Our usual book club cohort, Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, is busy promoting her new novel GOOD COMPANY which you can pre-order now ( https://bookshop.org/shop/askronna ). Plus, Cynthia will be a guest on the Free Feed next month. Be sure to read her new book so you'll be in the know when she makes her Free Feed crossover!

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23 Mar 2021

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Episode 06: Julián Castro

Welcome to Uniontown

Julián Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas and President Obama's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, joined us back in early February, prior to the storms in Texas, for this episode of Welcome to Uniontown. We hear about the inspirational women in his life, his thoughts on the importance of building bridges between communities of color in activist spaces, and his answer to the critical question: In & Out or Whataburger? A podcast from the Los Angeles County of Labor, AFL-CIO. Produced by Hugo Romero, Christian Castro, and Scarlett Ying Sound Editing: Jared Batty (of IATSE Local 33) Music: The Nightwatchman - Union Town. Special thanks to Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine and proud AFM Local 47 union member) for providing us with the music from his solo project. Art: Otha Davis III aka Vakseen


8 Mar 2021

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"The American dream needs to be broader, more nuanced, but also fundamentally reflective of who we truly are as human beings." : A Conversation with Julián Castro

With the Bark Off: Conversations on the American Presidency

Julián Castro rose from a low-income household in his native San Antonio, Texas, to become the city’s mayor at the age of 34. He would go on to serve as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Barack Obama, becoming President Obama’s youngest Cabinet secretary. A one-time summer intern for the Bill Clinton White House, he ran for the presidency himself in 2020. His observations on the campaign trail and as a Cabinet secretary led to his new podcast, “Our America with Julián Castro,” in which he explores the disparity in the American experience and the steps we might take toward a healthier, more just and fair America. Secretary Castro discusses what he learned in his 2020 presidential run, his new podcast “One America with Julián Castro,” and, given the challenges of inequity we face today, the state of the American Dream.


4 Mar 2021

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Julián Castro: In 2021, How Do We Prosper?

Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

We're back! To help unpack this political moment, we sit with former Mayor of San Antonio and 2020 Presidential candidate, Julián Castro. We discuss Trump’s impeachment (4:30), the filibuster as an obstacle to action (14:10), the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans (17:57), what it means to do the right thing in politics (20:35), the complexity of Latinx identity (23:02), connecting to Latino voters (26:10), and the how we keep the American Dream alive (31:52). Finally, Julián closes our conversation with an excerpt from the poem “I Am Joaquin” (34:31) and shares his hopes for how we can prosper (36:40).  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Jan 2021

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Julián Castro, a 2020 presidential contender, on why Joe Biden beat him — and Trump


Castro, a housing and urban development secretary under Barack Obama and former mayor of San Antonio, also discusses the Latino vote in 2020 and the silence among Republicans as President Trump tries to "steal the election.”See more from Jonathan Capehart: https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/jonathan-capehart/?utm_source=podcasts&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=cape-upRead more from Washington Post Opinions: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/?utm_source=podcasts&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=cape-up


24 Nov 2020

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007- Why Vote? (Guest Secretary Julián Castro)

Lyrics & Lattes Podcast

Today we talk about the importance of voting featuring our first guest, Secretary Julian Castro. We break down lyrics from generations of hip-hop, spanning from Slick Rick, Ice Cube, Tupac, and Dababy.  We talk about the barriers that keep people from voting and the type of change that comes from your local and federal elections. Key Points: 1.      We Voted for Obama but saw no change. Does voting really help? - YelloPain2.      Criminal Justice Reform - Tupac3.      Legalization of Marijuana - Royce da 5'94.      Police brutality - Montage of artists spanning since the 80's5.      Gentrification- Wale and Noname6.      Corruption - Marlon Craft7.      What's in it for black Americans? - Ice CubeStay ConnectedIs there a song about voting that has impacted you - reach out and let us know at LyricsAndLattes.com or on IG: @LyricsAndLattesHosts: @JasonWallaceDC and @LostinDesauss  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lyricsandlattes/message


26 Oct 2020

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Julián Castro | A Life of Purpose and Service

Good Life Project

My guest today is former, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, mayor of San Antonio, Texas and presidential candidate, Julián Castro. Today’s conversation is personal. Growing up in San Antonio, his love of the city, example of his grandmother’s devotion to family and hard work and his mom’s commitment to social justice and activism instilled a deep reverence for public service. He’d eventually head to college and then law school with his twin brother, Joaquin, before returning to San Antonio to immerse himself in the pursuit of making the city he loved the best, most equitable and inclusive place possible. He eventually became the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city at the time, before rising up in the world of politics, But, for him, it wasn’t about politics, it was about service, about honoring the examples of his mom and nana to help others. Much if this story is shared in Secretary Castro’s memoir, An Unlikely Journey: Waking Up from My American Dream. He currently hosts Lemonada Media's hit podcast, Our America with Julián Castro. We dive into all of this in today’s moving, wise and open conversation about the role of family, service and connection.You can find Julián Castro at:Our America podcast : https://smarturl.it/ouramericapodcastInstagram : https://www.instagram.com/juliancastrotx/Check out our offerings & partners: My New Book SparkedMy New Podcast SPARKEDVisit Our Sponsor Page For a Complete List of Vanity URLs & Discount Codes. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Oct 2020