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5-Step System to Increase Profit in Your Business in 4 Weeks with Dawn Fotopulos

Business Processes Simplified Podcast

Guest’s Background: Dawn Fotopulos is the associate professor of business at The King’s College, the founder of BestSmallBizHelp.com and author of Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners (AMACOM). As an experienced entrepreneur and small-business turnaround expert, she has rescued hundreds of small businesses from financial disaster. She has been featured on MSNBC’s Your Business and at the New York Times Small Business Summit. Website: hiddenprofitacademy.com System Steps: Step 1: Review your financial dashboard. Step 2: Focus on gross margin, not on revenues. Step 3: Increase your gross margin by increasing your prices. Step 4: Increase your gross margin by eliminating unprofitable products and services. Step 5: Increasing growth margin by identifying profitability by the client.Support the show: https://www.systemhub.com/podcastSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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11 May 2020

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Episode 16: Dawn Fotopulos

Scaling New Heights Podcast: Cutting Edge Training For Small Business Advisors

During this episode, Joe speaks with Dawn Fotopulos, associate professor at The King's College and award-winning author of "Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners". Joe and Dawn discuss how accountants are uniquely positioned to not only support the success of small business clients, but also to stem the staggering rate of small business failure in America.


18 Oct 2016

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866: Create your financial dashboard with Dawn Fotopulos

Archive 3 of Entrepreneurs On Fire

Dawn is on a mission to cut small business failure rates in half. Let’s flame the FIRE to teach 1 million small business owners how to read their financial dashboards and thrive in any economy. She’s already saved hundreds of businesses from bankruptcy.


7 Oct 2015

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Number Phobic Business Owners - Help is on the way with Professor Dawn Fotopulos

Talking Business Now

Joining host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies Radio is Dawn Fotopulos, founder of BestSmallBizHelp.com, an award-winning blog dedicated to helping struggling solopreneurs. She is also the associate professor of business at The King’s College and  an experienced entrepreneur and small-business turnaround expert. She has rescued more than 300,000 small  businesses from financial disaster. She'll share advice from her new book, "Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners" and explain how  understanding your financials doesnt have to be difficult. Dawn has led an accomplished 20-year career in business,  working as a serial entrepreneur, vice-president at Citigroup and Wall Street trader. Fotopulos is a certified facilitator in the Kauffman FastTrac Program, and is a CEO  leader for the Job Creators Network. An expert in her field, she has been featured on MSNBC’s “Your Business,” at the New York Times Small Business Summit and in Forbes.For more information visit www.bestsmallbizhelp.comTo listen to more shows hosted by Kelly Scanlon visit our archives  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Mar 2015

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Dawn Fotopulos: How to read your financial dashboard and thrive in any economy

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Dawn is on a mission to cut small business failure rates in half. Let's flame the FIRE to teach 1 million small business owners how to read their financial dashboards and thrive in any economy. She's already saved hundreds of businesses from bankruptcy.


6 Mar 2015

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250 Beating the Odds - Hope and Healing for Health and Business - Dawn Fotopulos

ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She lost 18 years of savings and endured extreme pain after an accident. Business coach Dawn Fotopulos shares her story and simple, practical tips to add to the bottom line of small businesses. Book: Accounting for the Numberphobic - A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners For Full Transcripts of this show and More Resources http://relaunchshow.com/250


25 Feb 2015

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Dawn Fotopulos: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners

The Game Changer

Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners by Turnaround Expert Dawn FotopulosThis on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dawn Fotopulos. The original live interview was 2/13/15.You wouldn’t drive a car with your eyes closed. Yet that’s essentially what you’re doing if you’re running your business without understanding the very basics of how to read your financial dashboard. Illustrated with wit and humor-Ron Bucalo, a 20 year Disney veteran, illustrates each chapter of Accounting for the Numberphobic with wit and humor that makes a brittle topic like accounting fun and engaging to read.Dawn Fotopulos is an experienced entrepreneur and small business turnaround expert. As a leading expert in her field, Dawn has appeared in MSNBC’s “Your Business”, the NY Times Small Business Summit, and Forbes. Dawn specializes in “Ah ha!” moments. Currently Dawn serves as the Associate Professor of Business at The King’s College in NY. She’s also the founder of BestSmallBizHelp.com, a site dedicated to helping struggling solopreneurs.Her website is www.bestsmallbizhelp.com/To order the book click HEREFor more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com


13 Feb 2015

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The Game Changer Series - Dawn Fotopulos - Accounting for the Numberphobic

The Game Changer Network

Interview by Chicke Fitzgerald of the Game Changer Network as a part of the Best of the Game Changer series, showcased on C-Suite Network“I don’t have time to look at the numbers.” “That’s what the accountant is for.” “I can see what the balance is--that’s all I need to know.” Why do so many business owners dread looking at the numbers? Financial statements, ledgers, profit and loss reports--many avoid these and treat them like junk mail and phone solicitors. But as a small business owner, having an intimate knowledge of all these crucial numbers yourself is the most important tool you can equip yourself with in order to survive the constantly changing and highly competitive marketplace of the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, it’s true--you’re not a numbers person. How can you learn to make sense out of all this Greek? Accounting for the Numberphobic to the rescue! This easy-to-follow guide demystifies your company's financial dashboard: the Net Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet. The book explains in plain English how each measurement reflects the overall health of your business--and impacts your decisions. Even self-proclaimed numbers dummies will discover:• How your Net Income Statement is the key to growing your profits• How to identify the break-even point that means your business is self-sustaining• Real-world advice on measuring and increasing cash flow• What the Balance Sheet reveals about your company's worth• And more Don’t leave your company’s finances entirely in the hands of a third-party accounting service or an employee who is only loyal to the highest paycheck. Even worse--don’t ignore them altogether! Knowing the numbers yourself isn’t just about seeing how your company is doing . . . it’s about knowing where it is going--and guiding it toward the highest profits possible. The Game Changer is featured on C-Suite Network.Chicke is a philanthropreneur • she zigs where others zag, creating value, growth and bringing to life crazy good ideas that will leave a legacy 💡 #𝘇𝗶𝗴𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗸𝗲


13 Feb 2015

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Ep 09: Dawn Fotopulos - Top 3 Tips for a Business Turnaround

The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs

Dawn Fotopulos is a business turn around specialist and author of "Accounting for the Numberphobic." Listen as Dawn tells us her top 3 tips for a business turnaround. The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs is a weekly podcast created for any business owner looking to get inspired, motivated and moving by asking successful entrepreneurs to share their Top 3 best tips. Stephanie Burns, founder of Chic-CEO.com, a global resource for female entrepreneurs, interviews today's most impressive entrepreneurs to talk about their challenges and the top 3 things they want you to know in order to be successful. www.chic-ceo.com/top3podcast


9 Dec 2014

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#295 Sue Ershler, David Meerman Scott, Dawn Fotopulos, Susan Barancini-Moe

The Small Business Radio Show

Susan Ershler is an international speaker, business executive, and along with her husband, became the first couple to climb the Seven Summits. She is the author of the new book Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales - From Everest to Every Business. Susan shares the lessons she learned from mountain climbing that can translate into success at the workplace.David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed sales and marketing strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals seeking to generate attention in ways that grow their business. He is the author of the books New Rules of Marketing and PR, and most recently, The New Rules of Sales & Service. David discusses how the buying process has changed and what small businesses can do to sell effectively.Dawn Fotopulos is an experienced entrepreneur and smallbusiness turnaround expert that has rescued hundreds of small business from financial disaster. She is the author of Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners. Dawn shares the most common mistake small business owners make on the financial side of their business and gives tips for where to start when reading financial statements. Susan Baroncini-Moe is an executive coach, a digital marketing strategist, and author of the bestselling book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style. Susan tells how to get rid of brain junk - baggage small business owners carry with them every day that hurt their businesses.Sponsored by Sage and Nextiva.


14 Oct 2014