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Episode 175: Phil White on Book Writing and Being a Leader

Beyond Fit

Today on the podcast I was joined by Emmy-Nominated writer and co-author of bestselling books: Unplugged, Game Changer, The 17 Hour Fast, Waterman 2.0 and coming in November, The Leader’s Mind. In this podcast we talked about writing as it relates to personal productivity and the delicate balance we try to strike between doing important work and just living life (plus dealing with burnout). We also talked about why and how everyone can be a leader as well as Phil's best interview tips. Connect with Phil on his website. Timestamps: 2:22- The blueprints to leadership and why culture is not static. 19:07- Perfect is the enemy of good, and deep work. 27:28- How to make more connections, and do work that matters. 51:37- Should you care what other people think? How we think about this question and the role social media plays. 1:02:32- Getting over the voice in your head and the benefit of systems.

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19 May 2021

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74 | Phil White, Emmy Nominated Author & Writer for The Momentous Blog

The Momentous Podcast

Today’s guest is Phil White. Phil is an Emmy Nominated Writer and a co-author of The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt, Waterman 2.0 with Kelly Starrett, Unplugged with Dr. Andy Galpin and Brian Mackenzie, and Game Changer with Fergus Connolly. Phil is also a frequent contributor to The Momentous Blog. Phil's new book with Dr. Jim Afremow, The Leader's Mind, is available for pre-order now.  Find Phil:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFind Momentous:LiveMomentousInstagramFacebookTwitterYoutube

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14 Apr 2021

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Guest Phil White

Truth Accord

Phil discusses growing up at Homestead Heights Baptist Church in North Durham and the  the cultural changes he witnessed as it transitioned to The Summit Church. Phil also describes how God, through the Gospel, has changed his heart over the years, as he now seeks to listen to and understand Christian brothers and sisters of different ethnicities.  


8 Mar 2021

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Phil White's Marathon Swim Organizing Story

Marathon Swim Stories

Have you heard of Kingdom Swim? Imagine a blissful summer day in late July in the far reaches of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The weekend kicks off with a swimmer and pet parade and a pasta feed. There's a 1 mile swim. When you're ready you can go a little further out into the lake for a 3 miles swim, or check off your first marathon with a 6 mile swim! Jump up to 10 miles of open lake. Or bust the border to get 25 km under your belt. This is what Phil calls the ladder, it's where my marathon swim journey started…Culminating with a search for a lake monster, as a swimmer scouting the length of the Lake Memphremagog for Memphre. Or perhaps the culmination is swimming across and back? There has been a few doubles!In out interview today, my former neighbor on Sunset Acres, Phil White, tells how he got started by trying to save the local pool and in the process fell in love with open water swimmers. In his own words: I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY on June 28, 1948Education: 1966: HS, Phillips Academy Andover; 1974 BS Columbia University; 1978: JD Georgetown University Law Center. In my younger days, I worked as a carpenter, a carriage driver in Central Park, a casino cashier in Athens, Greece, and as a Research Assistant at Columbia Geology Dept, UVM, Georgetown, and the Federal Judicial Center.  In the 1980s I served as Orleans County State’s Attorney, and was a trial attorney for over three decades after that.  I was married for 19 years and raised two kids.  I was a youth soccer coach for many years. I am a dedicated downhill skier, runner/jogger, boater, and water rat. During the 1980s I was an avid windsurfer.  I’ve loved hiking and camping and playing softball and soccer.  During the past 40 years, I’ve boated on Lake Memphremagog in all conditions, fair weather and foul, day and night, drunk and sober.I started The Games in 2007 to help raise money for our local recreation center and pool that was in extreme financial distress.  When the center closed in 2013, I started a small business, Kingdom Games, to organize, host and promote outdoor running, biking, swimming and ice skating events.  We are based on Neuman’s Own, with any net profits dedicated to local charitable events.  Over the last decade, open water swimming in the Northeast Kingdom has blossomed.  Here’s the chronology:2009 Kingdom Swim2010 Willoughby Swim2011 In Search of Memphre2012 Caspian Swim2013 NEK Swim Week 2014 The Great Skate2015 US Winter Swimming Championship2016 Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival2020 Saturday Clubhous Swim Series In 2021 we will be hosting 25 days of open water swimming: Kingdom Swim (1), NEK Swim Week (8), In Search of Memphre (7), and the Saturday Clubhous Swim Series (9)Questions, comments, feedback, or if you'd like to be a guest on Marathon Swim Stories, email me! mailto:shannon@intrepidwater.comStay in touch by joining our email list at http://intrepidwater.comJoin a supportive group of limit pushers at The Marathon Swimming Collective Music credit:Epic Inspiration  by Rafael KruxLink: https://filmmusic.io/song/5447-epic-inspiration-License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Swimming sounds courtesy of swimmer Todd Lantry.


11 Jan 2021

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5. PI 5#: Phil White - being at your best

Jeff Weigh

Phil White is an Emmy-nominated writer Phil White, Author of Game Changer (with Fergus Connolly & Jim Harbaugh) and Unplugged (with Brian Mackenzie and Andy Galpin). His latest book, The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt is out now and available on Amazon and all good book shops. Also look out for the forthcoming Waterman 2.0 with Dr. Kely Starrett Phil is hugely passionate about exercise, science and generally how we can all switch off a little more and achieve what's important in our lives. To find out more about Phil and what he's up to check out his website www.philwhitebooks.com Start a conversation with him on Twitter at @PhilWhiteBooks, on Facebook at @PhilWhiteBooks or on Instagram at @philwhitebooks --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/perfectimbalance4/message

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30 Oct 2020

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From disrupting an industry with Cervelo, to empowering athletes with 4iiii * Simon Ward and Phil White

Simon Ward, The High Performance Human Triathlon Podcast

I love the concept of disrupting an industry.  Think PayPal or Monzo with banking, Netflix with streaming TV, Amazon with book sales, Tesla with cars, and in the bike industry think Cervelo. At a time when most bikes were Italian made with traditional round stainless steel or aluminium tubing, along came Cervelo with aero designs and carbon fibre.  If you want an example of their first design, look at the Barracchi concept bike which looks very similar to the P5x which came out a few years ago. My guest today is one of the co-founders of Cervelo, Phil White.  Despite not being a bike geek, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.  Phil was a great guest and I learned a huge amount about what drove he and his partner Gerard Vroomen to make what have become the most popular triathlon bike brand.  Having sold Cervelo to PON bikes in 2012, Phil stayed on as a consultant to the company for another 5 years, leaving in 2017. Recently (as in the last 3 months), Phil joined 4iiii as acting president. You may know 4iiii for their range of power meters and heart rate monitors. Their goal is to empower athletes by providing them with the tools they need to get the most accurate results. With Phil White on board, you can bet that they’ll be able to deliver this and more going forward. We cover a lot of topics including: Why triathlon was a good market for Cervelo To create good bikes you need to be an engineer and a designer "Who dares wins" Making cool bikes that are different and better Creating a strong company structure  Understanding what the customer wants On leaving the company that you founded, and the challenges of letting go City Bikes - Congestion, pollution, and solving the problem of moving large masses of people in cities Being afraid of not doing good work Tubeless tyres, carbon rims, disc brakes, and the future of bike wheels LINKS To find out more about 4iiii please visit their website 4iiii.com To find out more about Cervelo To Make Riders Faster The inside story of Cervelo and the Dan Empfield Review on SlowTwitch.com We also talked about these books…. Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? Ben Hunt-Davies Car Guys vs Bean Counters by Bob Lutz Phil expressed admiration for the work done by Dan Bigham That first Cervelo Bike - The Barrachi The purists will like this page - Cervelo Engineering Field Notes To find out more about Simon’s SWAT programme, please click HERE Visit Simon's website for more information about his coaching programmes Links to all of Simon's social media channels can be found here For any questions please email Beth@TheTriathlonCoach.com

1hr 33mins

15 Jul 2020

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353 - Amazing Journeys - Phil White

Pursuit of the Perfect Race

I sat down with co-founder of Cervelo, Phil White and discussed at great length the history of how he went from Cervelo, to semi-retirement, to now helping the amazing team at 4iiii. At 4iiii, they have designed a power meter that was built for cyclist, by cyclist. We talk about all the things 4iiii has developed and how the pandemic has changed things. Thank you Phil for coming on the show and telling me your story. I enjoyed your company.-Follow Coach Terry:Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast


7 Jul 2020

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Episode 21 - Phil White: Cervélo Co-Founder, now heading up 4iiii: How to design a shopping cart.

The Zero Lemon Podcast

This one was pretty darn awesome. Phil White is someone I have admired from afar for years. His name, is what you may have seen on some older Cervélo frames on the rear stay. Phil Co-Founded Cervélo and now heads up 4iiii. Truly one of the pioneers of cycling in the modern era. Enjoy!

1hr 21mins

25 Jun 2020

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Fitter Radio Episode 320 - Phil White: 4iiii Innovations

Fitter Radio Triathlon Podcast

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:19:10) We chat to Hannah Wells about her experiences with the Elite Mindset Institute’s hypnotherapy program ‘The Athletes Secret Weapon’. EMI are offering our podcast listeners a 30% discount off the program with the discount code FITTERASW30 – go here for more details. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: PHIL WHITE (00:38:46) Co-founder and pioneer of Cervelo, Phil White has now moved into a new role as Acting President of 4iiii Innovations. Based in Cochrane Alb., 4iiii develops and manufactures power meters, heart rate monitors, and trainers. White had been acting as one of the company’s board members until the announcement of his move last month. ONE STEP AHEAD: (01:13:40) Menopause and recovery strategies. LINKS: More about 4iiii at https://4iiii.com/ More about STAC at https://www.staczero.com/vwt/ More about FORM goggles at https://www.formswim.com/ Training Peaks 20% discount at https://www.fitter.co.nz/about-radio Athletes Secret Weapon at http://elitemindsetinstitute.com.au/ More about INSCYD testing at https://www.inscyd.com/ Holistic Performance Nutrition at https://www.holisticperformancenutrition.com/ More about WILD.ai at https://www.wild.ai/ Myovolt at https://myovolt.com/ Menopause and recovery strategies links at https://mikkiwillidenphd.wordpress.com/2020/06/15/recovery-from-training-for-a-menopausal-woman/ CONTACT US: Learn more about us at http://www.fitter.co.nz Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fittercoaching for the latest news and information Mikki Williden can be found at https://www.facebook.com/mikkiwillidennutrition

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14 Jun 2020

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Rouleur Conversations Podcast - Orla Chennaoui and Phil White

The Rouleur Podcast

Sports commentator, journalist and Rouleur columnist Orla Chennaoui opens a big can of worms on the podcast this week – helmets. It was the subject of her issue 20.3 column and caused some – generally – good-natured debate. Riding round Amsterdam, Orla goes without a head covering, something she’d never have considered when living in London. What is the difference? And what can other less cycling-friendly cities learn from the Netherlands’ approach? She’s also presented us with a poem for the latest issue. Despite the editor’s trepidation, it’s a beauty on July without the Tour de France. Bravo! Phil White was one of the Cervélo founders and a fascinating podcast guest on his last visit to London. Now he has joined turbo trainer and power meter gurus 4iiii to add his expertise to the company. Integrated power is coming, he tells Ian Parkinson. And power meters are now de rigueur. Listen up, Phil knows his stuff. And what exactly has Desire editor Stuart Clapp been up to? Messing around in haunted woods and scaring himself silly, apparently. But he does have details of a Rouleur competition to win a spectacular 3T Exploro gravel bike. Very classy indeed, a bit like our Stu. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Jun 2020