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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike McGuire. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike McGuire, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike McGuire. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike McGuire, often where they are interviewed.

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Highlanders All Access 12-11-19 Men's Assistant Coach David Boyden and Women's Head Coach Mike Mcguire

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The Voice of the Highlanders, Rick Watson sits down with Men's Basketball Assistant Coach David Boyden and Women's Basketball Head Coach Mike McGuire for an update on the season so far.

Dec 11 2019 · 34mins
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Mike McGuire

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My very special guest this week is Mike McGuire, VP Research at Gartner Group in mobile marketing.  He’s a good friend with a voice for radio, but before he reached his esteemed position at Gartner, he was a surfer,  a journalist, a PR guy, and an innovator.

Our lives intersected at Geoworks, at the very beginning of the handheld mobile device revolution, where we were part of a crazy awesome turnaround, in which a company known for competing with Microsoft Windows for the desktop GUI pivoted massively and took on the Apple Newton PDA.

Though we have many stories together, we used our time in this episode to talk about the structure of story itself, specifically how we use story in marketing, and how story has changed with the revolution in technology that we saw first hand.    For Mike, this is a perspective that informs his work at Gartner today.

From the start of the interview, Mike talks about the advice he gives to his clients.  It isn’t that they should have a set of tactics for mobile marketing, but that they should leverage the fact that every single person out there is mobile and make their brand available at every phase of the customer journey.

Butt does that fundamentally change the narratives that we use to speak to our customers?   As a product storyteller, I look for the thread that integrates the work of the developers, the marketers, and the sales people who bring a new product to market. Does mobile marketing and news cycle acceleration change the story structure that they use?

Our conclusion was that technology accelerates and amplifies what we say, so we had better start with a solid foundation grounded in authenticity.  The better we know ourselves and our teams the more likely we are to deliver a strong message in the moment that stays consistent as it evolves.

This interview was done on the outside patio at the Village Bakery in Woodside, California.  Music almost immediately starts playing in the background.  So, I must apologize that the audio quality isn’t up to the quality of my guest.  But the good news for you the listener is that there is no deep fake here.  You get the raw take, and that can be a very entertaining thing.  Enjoy.

Nov 25 2019 ·
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How Grant Thornton Punches Above Its Weight: Interview w/ Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire

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Jeff McKay talks with Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire about the firm’s unique structure and culture that embraces disruption and facilitates innovation, creativity and growth.

The post How Grant Thornton Punches Above Its Weight: Interview w/ Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire appeared first on Rattle and Pedal.

Dec 16 2018 ·
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Sean Talks Leadership with Mike McGuire

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Sean is joined by Executive Pastor of River City Community Church, Mike McGuire, and together the two focus on the concept and vision of Leadership Forum, a new growth ministry dedicated to embracing the leadership potential within each of us.

Time Stamps/Links:

NFL Facebook Comment/Response - 1:43
Episode Intro - 4:21
Why focus on Leadership Development? - 6:47
Embracing the learning mentality beyond the education - 11:18
Leadership Forum Ministry - 14:12
Growth in Young Leadership - 31:26
Vision Concept Following Leadership Forum - 37:43
Book Recommendations - 40:13
Sean's Wrap Up - 44:33

Sean Azzaro -
River City Community Church -
Social Media:

Sep 13 2018 · 46mins
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Mike McGuire | Status Go - Ep. 47

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J. Michael 'Mike' McGuire is CEO of Grant Thornton LLP, the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the world’s leading accounting and advisory firms. Mike has more than 30 years of experience working closely with high-growth, startup and middle-market companies, assisting in capital markets transactions ranging from angel investing, initial public offerings, merger & acquisition strategies, due diligence and deal structure. Before joining Grant Thornton in 2002, Mike served as Carolinas Audit Division Head for Arthur Andersen, LLP. Mike has received many awards and honors, including 'Most Admired CEO' by Charlotte Business Journal, and the 'Top 100 People in Accounting' by Accounting Today. Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Management Information Services from Bowling Green University.  

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in national accountancy, brand positioning, creating culture, disruptive technologies, and scaling family values. 


  • Mike describes Grant Thornton ('GT') and what makes it 'significantly different.'
  • He explains how GT is structured and how it serves clients across borders.
  • He shares how he sees his job as CEO and what he means by 'People First.'
  • He explains what GT means by 'StatusGo' and what is today's most important asset.
  • Mike reveals the real differentiating factors between accounting firms.
  • He discusses what qualities GT hires for and the two personality traits in employees he values most.
  • He shares why he wants GT to be the 'Tesla' of the accounting industry.
  • He answers whether he thinks of himself as the Elon Musk of accountancy.
  • Mike talks about how Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Data Analytics and Robotics are changing the accounting industry.
  • He considers what changes he would make to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).
  • He identifies what difficult issues GT clients are facing on the horizon.
  • He explains what has to be done right to successfully disrupt industries.
  • Mike addresses whether accounting firms are serving society when they help companies 'optimize' or pay less taxes.
  • He tells the story of how he hired Dianne Swonk, the new chief economist of GT.
  • He discusses growing up in the grocery business and what decision his father made that totally changed his family.
  • He talks about what he learned 'at the corner of Jackson and Main.'
  • Mike shares what happens to him when he enters a grocery store today.
  • He answers whether his childhood friends would recognize him.
  • He reflects on attending Bowling Green University and what it allowed him to do.
  • He reveals why he became an accountant and what he will never forget.
  • Mike shares how he wants to be remembered.

To learn more, visit On Life and Meaning

May 30 2018 · 1hr
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340 – Mike McGuire: CEO Grant Thornton LLP

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Mike McGuire is the chief executive officer of Grant Thornton LLP. McGuire has more than 30 years of experience working closely with high-growth, startup and middle-market companies in a variety of industries, including technology, services, construction, manufacturing, venture capital, distribution, retail and franchising. He has significant experience in capital markets transactions ranging from angel investing to initial public offerings. He ... Read More
Apr 10 2018 · 1hr
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Guest Speaker: Pastor Mike McGuire

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Jun 25 2017 ·
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Episode 0009: MIke McGuire of Deer Park Community Resource Center

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||Greater Omaha Stories Radio|Episode 0009|Deer Park Community Resource Center|Mike McGuire|Joe Riss|We Are Back!|3 Month Hiatus|Joe Is Now a Volunteer Fire Fighter|Perks Of Rural Nebraska Living|Waffle House||Pitfalls Of Using Twitter|Continue To Get Plays Despite Break|Joe's Message To The Future|What Google Knows|Other Agents In The Building|Thank You To Mike Story|NP Dodge Office Location Names Tangent|The Cycling Property Listings Distraction|Next Episode On Location|Union Rural Volunteer Fire Department|Chief Rob Kennedy|Photo Op|Fleek vs. Fleekity Fleek|Joe Tries Too Hard|Interview With Mike McGuire|President Of The Deer Park Neighborhood Association|How Mike Got Involved And Elected|Ideas And Mission For The Center|Current Location|1801 Vinton Street|Former Oracle Art Supply Space|Free Neighborhood Children's Art Class|Aligns with the Mission Of Apollon Art Space|In Need of Desks, Bookshelves, Computers|Difficult To Source Used Or Low Cost Computers|UNMC Surplus Sale|Habitit For Humanity ReStore|Mike Has A Circa 1930 PI Office|Scotch And Firearms|Opening May 2017 (tentative)|Mike Is A University of Nebraska At Lincoln Alumnus|UNL vs. UNO|Advice for Others Pursuing the Same Goals?|Studying vs. Doing|Learning To Say NO!|Check out Episode 0002 Apollon Art Space|Joe Takes Credit for Setting Up The Show Mike Met His Wife At...|Joe Wants A Faster Car|Next Episode|Thank You!|Walls As Made Famous By...||
May 26 2017 · 55mins
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TWV 004 – Safe Drinking Water and the History Behind it With Mike McGuire

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In the fourth session of The Water Values Podcast, Mike McGuire joins us to talk about safe drinking water. Mike is a California-based engineer, author, blogger and water historian. He provides a terrific interview and reveals some little known history about safe drinking water. He also relates a story about drinking water from his travels to China and how Chinese culture approaches drinking water.

Mar 24 2014 ·