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27 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Poler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Poler, often where they are interviewed.

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27 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Poler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Poler, often where they are interviewed.

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295. How to Embrace Your Fears with Michelle Poler

The Speaker Lab
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How to embrace your fears is the subject that helped our guest today jumpstart a whole new career as an international speaker and author.

Michelle Poler is here on The Speaker Lab to talk about how she embraced her fears through 100 fears in 100 days challenge, how that challenge culminated in a TEDx talk and how some of those fears even became things she now loves to do.

We explore those topics plus specific steps she took along the way and how you can do the same. Join us to hear the scoop on episode 295 of The Speaker Lab.

  • Which speaker was instrumental in both of our speaking careers?
  • What should you do if your fears are holding you back?
  • Why you don't need to believe all the speaking advice out there.
  • What is more important than the number of views of your video?
  • How she utilized her network to get the ball rolling on speaking gigs.
  • Why having your spouse on board is incredibly helpful to grow your business.
  • What actions did she take that led to referrals from Brene Brown?
  • What can you do to set yourself for success when approaching speaking bureaus?
  • And so much more!

Jun 23 2020



213: Walking Through Fear with Michelle Poler

The Adult Chair
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With everything going on the world the last few months, fear has been on all of our minds recently. Though this fear is very real, it’s also related to events happening outside of we can’t fully control.

But we also all have deeper emotional fears that aren’t related to what is going on in the world and are more constant: fear of vulnerability, fear of rejection, fear of being trapped, etc. They come from inside us, and they hold us back from living the life we really want to live.

What if you could train yourself to face your fears and become more than you ever thought possible in life? 

Today’s guest, Michelle Poler, asked herself that same question and embarked on a life-changing experiment where she faced a new fear every day for 100 days. Her project went viral, and she now travels the world speaking and writing about how to walk through fear and tap into your fullest potential. 

In this episode, she shares her incredible journey, what she learned through her experiment and her tips for overcoming fear in everyday life.

Listen to discover:

  • Why our fears limit us and keep us from becoming who we’re meant to be
  • How to practice courage and build confidence
  • How to face the unknown and embrace change
  • Reframing failure and choosing to see opportunity instead
  • Finding the best, even in the worst-case scenario

When we feel fear in our bodies, most of us take that as a sign to stop what we’re doing or run in the other direction. But when we push through that fear, we discover a world of potential, dreams and opportunities. 

Michelle’s story and perspective on life is SO inspiring, and I know you will walk away from this episode with fresh energy to say “no” to fear and “yes” to life!

“When you radically accept what’s happening, you open new doors.” - Michelle Poler

“Don’t ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen?’ Ask yourself ‘What’s the best thing that could happen?’” - Michelle Poler

“The real enemy of success is not failure; it’s comfort.” - Michelle Poler


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Jun 04 2020



Concrete Steps to Face Your Fears with Michelle Poler

The Science of Success
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In this episode we share how to face down your fears and we uncover what happens when you do. We hear the incredible story of how our guest, Michelle Poler, spent 100 days facing down her biggest fears and show what you can learn from her journey. 

May 14 2020



Michelle Poler on how she overcame 100 fears and the key question she asked to help conquer them

How I Work
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My guest today is Michelle Poler. While doing her Masters in Branding back in 2015, Michelle started a project where she would conquer 100 fears in 100 days. This Masters project turned into a global movement that impacted millions of people and received coverage on The NBC Today Show, Fox News, CBS, CNN, to name a few.

Since that project, Michelle now travels the world speaking to people at companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, P&G, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and many more, about getting out of their comfort zone. 

Michelle’s first book, Hello Fears, is coming out on May 5, and teaches readers how to create their own 100 days of fear project.

In this chat, we cover:

  • How her life as a keynote speaker has changed dramatically post-COVID
  • How she reacted when her diary was literally wiped of all speaking events and work
  • The detail Michelle goes into when constructing and improving her keynote speeches
  • How she keeps her keynote speeches fresh for every audience
  • Her process for helping her 100 Days of Fear project go viral to millions of people
  • The one question Michelle recommends asking to help overcome fears.

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May 06 2020



275 - How Seeing Personal Brand as Self Actualization Changes Everything with Michelle Poler

Creative Pep Talk
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Michelle’s NEW BOOK IS OUT NOW - Hello Fears

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May 06 2020

1hr 10mins


Hybrid Unlimited Ep. 26 Easiest Way To Fear Less and Do More With Michelle Poler

Hybrid Unlimited
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On todays episode we have Michelle Poler who speaks about overcoming fear and self-doubt to tap into our full potential. You dont want to miss this one.

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Apr 26 2020

1hr 2mins


REPLAY: Michelle Poler Inspires Fearlessly

Latina to Latina
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We're replaying this one to help you rev up for the new year!! Michelle Poler says being raised in Venezuela during turbulent times made her afraid of everything. While in grad school in the US, she set out to conquer 100 fears and live a life free from worry. In the process, she has inspired scores of people around the world to face up to their greatest challenges.

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Dec 30 2019



120: How to Face Your Fears (with Michelle Poler)

RISE podcast
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"If you don't choose discomfort, the universe will do it for you." This is the kind of absolutely FIRE knowledge Michelle Poler is dropping on today's podcast. You may know Michelle from her 100 Days of Fear Project, where she (you guessed it) faced 100 different fears she carried with her in order to become a more courageous and empowered person. She stopped by the RISE podcast to share what she's learned on her journey, as well as tips and tricks for you to overcome your fears and live a more fulfilled life.

You can get involved with Michelle's project at her website, and follow her adventures on YouTube and Instagram! You can also pre-order her book here.


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Oct 29 2019



DB 159: Michelle Poler On Facing Her 100 Greatest Fears & Why You Should Too!

Dream Big Podcast
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Born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela, Michelle Poler is a creative and passionate social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, fear-facer, and branding strategist.   Michelle was not always a fear-facer. In fact, as a child and young adult, Michelle avoided all her fears and did everything in her power to never step foot outside of her comfort zone.   In this podcast episode, Michelle shares how an assignment she received in graduate school changed her life forever. Indeed, Michelle has become so passionate about encouraging others to face their fears that she founded Hello Fears, a social movement that has reached over 70 million people worldwide and has empowered thousands to step outside of their comfort zone and tap into their full potential. For our show notes, visit

Oct 14 2019



How Did Michelle Poler Think of 100 Days Without Fear?

Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas
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The idea was: defy 100 fears in 100 days. The result was inspiration for a lot of people who didn’t realize how fear was a barrier to their happiness. How did this idea go from scary whim to a full movement? Michelle Poler – Keynote Speaker, Fear Facer and founder of Hello Fears – shares the genesis of her triumphant, life-changing concept.
Grey interviewer: Strategy Director Karol Chang

Aug 27 2019