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4: A Sales Organization is Your Key to Effectively Marketing Your Business w/ Sean Kester

The Corporate Data Show: Outbound Marketing | Email Lists | Sales Leads

In every market, there are ideal customers. Unfortunately, they’re all different. It’s how you market to differing clientele that sets you apart. This week on The Corporate Data Show, we interviewed Sean Kester, from SalesLoft, which was founded to help in-house sales professionals be the best they can be in their jobs. Through the SalesLoft Prospector, companies can target leads by making a list of potential leads and turn their prospective accounts into customer accounts through a touch-flow model. In order to reach the most potential clients, we should take a holistic approach to sales, focusing on sales organizations, not just sales teams.


23 Aug 2016

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48: How to Effectively Personalize Your Cold Email Campaigns w/ Sean Kester

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

Most sales teams would never use “personalization” and “scalability” in the same sentence, but today’s sales environment requires both. Using empathy to form a true connection with prospects will aid for much higher conversion rates than the standard blanket communication model. In this episode, Sean Kester, VP of Product Strategy for SalesLoft, shares strategies and software that enable personalization at scale.


28 Apr 2016

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Aligning Sales Teams Through SLAs with Sean Kester (SalesLoft)

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Sean Kester from SalesLoft joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to walk us through his strategy for “Aligning Sales Teams Through SLAs.” The modern startup sales team includes a variety of roles, each of which has a different but critical part to play in the sales process. And this doesn’t just include core members of the sales team like Account Executives and SDRs. It’s also critical that Marketing and even Customer Success are aligned with sales and understand their responsibilities. Without extremely clear delineation of exactly who owned which parts of the process when, a sales team can become confused, lose deals from a pure lack of communication, and in the worst of cases, turn into a blame-game where different roles become adversarial. The failure to align sales and supporting teams with a clear process, left long enough, can destroy a startup’s culture. This is where the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) can work wonders. Though it doesn’t have to be long or even over-complicated, a well-structured SLA is a core document that makes clear exactly who owns what in a process. A good SLA determines how a team works together and, as we talk about in today’s podcast, can ensure a healthy and collaborative startup sales culture.


22 May 2015