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Hannah Jones, Founder of Connecting Learning

Third Millennium Education

Hannah Jones, founder & director of Connecting Learning talks about how technology can benefit education. Hannah Jones says “Technology needs to make learning easier, quicker, or better.” “Learners need to get excited about creating content online and collaborating together.” “It is important to have fun while learning.” “Technology needs to make learning easier, quicker, or better.” “Learners should have the option and the ability to use technology as part of their evidence in learning.” Connect with Hannah Jones on Linkedin Third Millennium Education, it is a collection of thoughts and inspirations of stakeholders within education. What is education for and who is it serving?


14 Apr 2021

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A Theatre Director’s A-Z of Musical Theatre: 'J,' with Jonny, Kirsty & Hannah Jones


David Foster's A-Z of Musical Theatre (The Letter 'J'), with special guests Jonny, Kirsty & Hannah Jones.More info on David Foster: https://kindasound.org/david-jacqui-howe.html


25 Mar 2021

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Hebrews 7 (feat. Hannah Jones)

£ a Plate Podcast

Sam was away, Lee had preached on Hebrews 7 and got Hannah to ask some more questions on it


1 Mar 2021

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Hannah Jones


Alec interviews Hannah Jones! A Denver comedian and editor of Westish News, Hannah speaks on her experience coming from North Carolina, detouring across the country to San Diego, and finally landing in Denver. She recounts the best and worst moments of her wanderlust era and chides Alec constantly for his stupidity. Just like old times! You can find her on everything @Hannahjonescool --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alec-flynn/message


12 Feb 2021

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S2E4 - Innovation Amidst Crisis with Hannah Shafer & Hannah Jones

Beyond Qualified - A Converge Leadership Podcast

Tyler Cornford sits down with Hannah Shafer and Hannah Jones to discuss the topic: Innovation Amidst Crisis. We find many examples in the Gospels of Jesus being innovative in crises (Mark 4:35-41; John 6:1-15). They share different examples from their lives, and how they kept their focus on the eternal hope we can only find in Him. We can be intentionally placing ourselves in uncomfortable situations or leadership positions to develop our innovative muscles. This episode is intended to develop listeners in the competency: Responding to Change. We hope this material challenges and equips you to perform in your sphere of influence with excellence, ultimately to glorify God.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondqualified/message


19 Oct 2020

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 Episode 80: A Conversation with Nikole Hannah Jones

Floor 9

On this special episode of Floor 9, we bring you a thought-provoking and important conversation with the legendary Nikole Hannah Jones, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for covering civil rights and racial injustice for The New York Times Magazine and creator of the 1619 project. Conducted as part of the 2020 UM Impact Day, this conversation between Nikole and Deidre Smalls-Landau, CMO and EVP, Global Culture at UM, dives into the history of institutional racism, the current #BLM movement against racial injustice and police brutality, and how we can be a better advocate and ally for racial equality. Check out the 1619 project here: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/1619-america-slavery.htmlWe welcome your constructive feedback! You can find Adam and Scott on Twitter at @adamjsimon and @tippier. You can follow Nicole at @nhannahjones.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Aug 2020

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Nikole Hannah Jones—I Live In A Slaveocracy

Toure Show

Nikole Hannah Jones just won the Pulitzer Prize for her amazing 1619 project for The NY Times. That project has made people smarter, made people cry and made some conservatives lose their minds. It seeks to explain how America is still impacted by the legacy of slavery. It is not past, we are, today, in a slaveocracy. The 1619 project is a podcast, an ongoing series of articles and essays that are being taught in schools, and will soon be a series of books. This builds on Nikole’s extraordinary work for the Times. She is a verified genius, the recipient of a MacArthur grant, and I could feel her genius as I spoke to her. She is a person who is toweringly influential in that her ideas have changed my thinking on many issues and, with the 1619 project, aims to shape the way many people see the relationship between America and slavery. We spoke to her on January 8th, 2020, and we re-run this now because it’s an honor to hear Nikole Hannah Jones @nhannahjones speak. I hope you get a lot out of this. If you do please let me know on Twitter @toure or on Instagram @toureshow. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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10 May 2020

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Hannah Jones - Get Your Body Right During Lockdown

GradSmart Talks

Exercising is one of the best things we can do for ourselves - our physical and mental health included. But your usual workout routine, if you had one, has no doubt gone out the window as you’re keeping yourself and others safe by sticking to the COVID-19 lockdown.Luckily, we spoke to Hannah Jones, professional cricket player and all round killer personal trainer, who’s taken her sessions online. In this episode of GradSmart Talks, we covered how to change your fitness mindset to adapt to the lockdown, get a home workout routine going, tips to get your diet right, with a ton of extra fitness advice sprinkled throughout. GradSmart Talks runs live on our Instagram 5pm Fridays. @Gradsmartuk


12 Apr 2020

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Mark Masters - Hannah Jones

Mark Masters

Hannah Jones In this episode Mark Masters talks to Hannah Jones, a 6 year comedian based in Denver, CO. Mark drives Hannah from an open mic in Denver to a pro show at Comedy Works, CO and they talk comedy, comedians, and stand up comics.They discuss: - 6+ years since started comedy, almost 2 years in Denver - first Denver open mic - Voodoo Comedy Club - Improv, tech’g at an Open Mic - Nikolai Rosco, Ben Bryant - Very funny comedians - Michael Isaacs - Time travel advice - Social difficulty when breaking into Denver scene - College comedy in front of 200 people - Kinder, gentler but 30+ weekly hours of comedy on top of day job - Not everyone deserves friendliness - Facebook beef segment - Michelle Wolf at downtown Comedy Works - Working out new material, insight into her process - Not remembering names and faces, an open mic story - Anthony Crawford guest appearance - GoodbyeAnd much, much more. Strap in. This is a good one. Brought to you by Not Good Yet, the book by Mark Masters. www.notgoodyet.com


9 Mar 2020

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Nikole Hannah Jones

Free Food for Thought

Melanie and Anna sit down with Nikole Hannah-Jones, a writer for the New York Times Magazine and creator of the 1619 project. Listen in to hear their discussion on modern-day segregation in America's public school system and how Hannah-Jones' own relationships with that system inspired her journalistic career.


29 Feb 2020