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#53 - Franz Snideman: Dad's Training Skill Set To Thrive With Autonomy

The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast

In the 53rd Episode of The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Chris, Mike and our special guest Senior StrongFirst Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter, International Lecturer and founder of  𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙇𝙚𝙖𝙣 𝘿𝙖𝙙 𝙍𝙤𝙖𝙙𝙢𝙖𝙥, Franz Snideman, will talk about many aspects of the life of a dad, to help them become a better version of himself.Join us in this insightful and amazing talk!In this chapter you will discover:.(0:50) Introducing our special guest Senior StrongFirst Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter, International Lecturer and founder of  𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙇𝙚𝙖𝙣 𝘿𝙖𝙙 𝙍𝙤𝙖𝙙𝙢𝙖𝙥, Franz Snideman(1:10) How did Mike and Chris meet Franz(3:00) Franz origin story(5:20) What does Franz love about Sprinting?(11:30) The beauty of Sprinting and short races(12:10) How did Franz start training with kettlebells?(13:30) The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Book by Pavel Tsatsouline https://www.amazon.com/Russian-Kettlebell-Challenge-Fitness-Comrades/dp/0938045326 (15:00) Shout out to Brett Jones, Mike Mahler, Steve Maxwell @brettjonessfg @mikemahler73 @stevemaxwellsc (15:45) Shout out to Great Cook @functionalmvmt(16:40) The power of being a great learner(18:45) Shout out to Steve Cotter @stevecotter_ikff(19:35) Shout out to Levi Markwardt, Bill Esch and Denis Vasilev @leviarsl @kettlebellwarrior @denisvasilevkbsport(21:00) Knowing your coaching DNA(23:40) “The second you become a parent your life changes” - Franz Snideman(24:20) Kettlebell, finding ways to optimize the training and return of investment(25:45) The gift of COVID, finding a lesson out of everything(27:00) External motivation vs Internal motivation(32:40) What inspired Franz to work with Dads?(34:20) When you’ve been very athletic and you lose your great physique(36:20) Shout out to Hector Gutierrez and the Better Man Blueprint(41:00) Having the food you love and getting lean as a dad(42:30) “I really enjoy the mental aspect of coaching guys, helping them to overcome weird beliefs” - Franz Snideman(43:10) Men are not so open to share health and fitness problems(44:10) “Strength is a scale” (45:10) Developing the skill around food(45:30) “I love making it so simple for guys that they can’t screw up” - Franz Snideman (46:50) Guys just need someone they like and trust(50:10) Helping busy dads who want to become the better version of themselves(51:30) Teaching the Skill Set, people need autonomy in their strength training process(52:20) “Retention is not preventing people from leaving you, is giving them a reason they wanna stay”(1.01:00) Where to contact Franz Snideman .@franzsnideman @brettjonessfg @mikemahler73 @stevemaxwellsc @functionalmvmt @stevecotter_ikff @leviarsl @kettlebellwarrior @denisvasilevkbsport#BruceLee #kettlebells #kettlebellworks #strength #power #speed #endurance #becomethestrongestversionofyourself #confidence #mindset #health #wellness #nextlevelliving #strong #powerful #humble #studentofstrength #strengthhasagreaterpurpose #breakthroughsecretspodcast #hardstyle #strongfirst #hardstylemethod

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16 Apr 2021

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#48 Focus on these Pillars of health from guest, Franz Snideman of FSathletics in San Diego

Brandi Loyd on The Path For Health

Learn how Franz manages his own digestive issues and also coaches his students at FSathletics in San Diego.

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6 Jul 2020

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# 47 Interview with Franz Snideman of FS Athletics-autoimmune disease and strength training

Brandi Loyd on The Path For Health

Join me as Franz and I talk about our strength training backgrounds and personal struggles and management of autoimmune disease. You can find more information and contact Franz at www.fsathletics.com or on Instagram at Franzsnideman.

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11 Jun 2020

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Lessons from a Seasoned Coach: Franz Snideman

Vital Metabolic: The Art and Science of Strength

During this episode of Vital Metabolic Podcast, hosts James Wheeler and John Parker speak with Franz Snideman, founder of FS Athletics and Primal Speed. Franz speaks about his athletic history with running and sprinting, how he uses kettlebells while training his clients, the importance of trainer adaptability, and what he sees for the future of the profession. Episode Highlights:  4:47 - Today’s guest is Franz Snideman, a master kettlebell instructor and a high-level sprint enthusiast. 7:34 - What was it like back in 2002 when you were getting certified in kettlebells? 8:00 - It wasn’t structured like it is now, but it was unique and different. It was a game changer for the industry. 8:38 - Was it like an underground movement at that point? Or do you think it was a natural progression of fitness? 10:21 - Kettlebells opened up the world to using other tools such as Indian clubs. 11:00 - James feels that kettlebells are the best and most versatile tool for overall fitness. 12:35 - What was your early athletic career like? 15:45 - Can you tell people who Paul Chek is? 16:00 - Instead of focusing on muscles, he emphasizes focus on movement patterns. 18:30 - John speaks on the importance of having a mentor. 20:45 - The main goal is to get people moving. 21:00 - At the end of the day, is your client getting healthier and are the building blocks of fitness in place. 22:00 - Strength does not necessarily equate with performance. 23:40 - Franz needs multiple types of training to keep his body where he wants it to be. 25:55 - Transitioning into kettlebell training, did you notice anything with your speed? 26:50 - Kettlebells are great for teaching athletic qualities, even to non-athletes. 28:11 - All exercises have a risk factor, it’s the job of the coaches to determine whether the reward factor outweighs the risk. 28:55 - The goal of training is to continue training, and if you’re injured you can’t keep training. 31:00 - Take into account whether a certain style of training is appropriate for that individual person. 33:10 - What do you think about the current state of the industry with personal trainers? 33:50 - It’s very easy for people to get their message out, which has its pros and cons. 36:30 - James feels that right now is a great opportunity for coaches and trainers to be part of the solution to the health crisis. 37:45 - What are your plans for the future? 38:40 - Franz feels that a big part of his future will be integrating diagnostic testing and lifestyle behavior modification. 40:40 - It’s an exciting time with a lot of ambiguity, but Franz is staying optimistic about the future. 43:00 - Do you have any advice for new coaches starting out or current or new clients who will be training with you?  45:55 - It’s important to know who you want to work with, but also who you don’t want to work with. 47:00 - Do you have any new and exciting projects coming up? 3 Key Points: Having a mentor as a trainer can be incredibly beneficial in growth. As a trainer, you need to meet your client’s individual needs and necessarily stick with your personal favorite training style. Looking toward the future, trainers have a very important role to play but they will need to be adaptable. Tweetable Quotes:  “Absolute strength definitely does not equate with better performance.” - Franz Snideman “If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s learning how to match exercises for people’s current capabilities.” -Franz Snideman “The most important thing for a trainer is education.” -Franz Snideman “We don’t need more trainers. We need more trainers who are passionate and really good at what they do.” -Franz Snideman “If you want to be a good coach and you want to treat it as a profession you have to take it seriously.” -Franz Snideman Resources Mentioned:  James: Facebook Instagram Twitter John: Facebook Instagram Twitter Franz: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Sponsor: Kettlebell Gains Apparel, code: vital20 Sponsor: Great Lakes Giriya, 20% off during lockdown with pre-orders


8 Jun 2020

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EP 8: Franz Snideman on power (& speed) to the people!

The Hammer Cast

I'm joined on this episode by Franz Snideman (of https://fsathletics.com/fitness/) one of California's top personal trainers and an internationally recognized expert on the topic of safely training for strength and speed at any age. In this episode Franz and I talk about: * why 'dynopenia' - the loss of the ability to produce power - is the unaddressed elephant in the room for people over 40 * how (and why) to safely train for speed and power * training general population vs. training athletes - the differences and the similarities * Franz's favorite non-kettlebell exercises to kick start your body's ability to move quickly and athletically * much, much more! And if you haven't already, be sure to hop on my email list - https://alekssalkin.leadpages.co/8weekchallenge/


20 Jun 2019

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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 010: Let’s Talk Sustainable Fitness with Franz Snideman

Move Daily Health Podcast

Is your training suitable for your goals? Are you getting what you want and what you need from your training? In today's episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome coach Franz Snideman to the show as we explore the nuts and bolts of sustainable fitness.Franz has been in the fitness industry for over 22 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share for both trainers and trainees alike; tune in for more details!Key topics:0:00 – Who is Franz Snideman?4:30 – What populations does Franz work with?6:00 – Age is just a number- again populations are capable of amazing things!6:50 – How to give clients both what they want, AND what they need11:00 – We discuss the value of failure- and how to avoid personal bias in coaching13:50 – Franz discusses minimalistic training and sustainable fitness15:05 – How the 80-20 Rule applies to fitness and results16:35 – Franz gives some training advice suitable for most women17:00 – We discuss placing external loads on the body, and why you should have to earn the right to load20:40 – Franz discusses how “Functional movement” used to be the big craze21:40 – How strength became the most important thing ever… but is it really?23:25 – How bodyweight movement systems are helping people become better homo sapiens25:00 – The importance of helping people improve their movement patterns alongside any of their other goals26:50 – The benefits of swimming- get in the pool if you can!28:47 – We discuss Franz’s Primal Speed training29:45 – How sprinting is at the top of the CNS food chain (sorry Oly lifters!)32:05 – Dain gives a personal example of why it’s important to train patterns before maxing out34:00 – Franz talks being an entrepreneur and his biggest mistakes as such36:45 – We talk the importance of “Staying in your lane”39:00 – The pitfalls of going too big too soon, and the value of sticking with what you love41:40 – Key values of true professionals: Learning, experimenting, creating & sharing.43:00 – We discuss the concept of being a genius and flow states44:55 – What personal training shoulder be all about – the client.45:55 – Franz’s book recommendations:- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, by Stephen Covey- 1000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly49:00 – Franz’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool50:20 – The one thing you absolutely should NOT do first thing in the morning51:40 – Franz’s one piece of health advice: Just take one step.52:55 – Where you can find FranzMore about Franz Snideman:Franz Snideman, a former collegiate sprinter and power and speed aficionado, is the Owner of Revolution Fitness, Co-creator and Owner of Primal Speed, seasoned veteran of Hardstyle Kettlebell training and Ground Based Development Movements.By night, he dreams of being a Superhero come Sprinting Ninja, saving the world and spreading his enthusiasm for all things sprinting, speed and power. By day, under the guise of a buff-come-fitness-nerd trainer and coach, he energetically and intricately blends his knowledge and love for athleticism and functional movement, delivering it to his beloved and long-term personal training and group clients.When back on planet earth, he has authored and edited several books, as well as produced a series of training DVD’s. Drawing on his life experience, passion in healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development and anatomy he co-developed the dynamic Primal Speed System, taught nationally and internationally.Franz believes in the fundamental importance of educating and coaching his clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Coupled with impeccable attention to detail, bio-mechanical understanding and skill in accommodating and adapting training regimes to support and enhance individual’s unique abilities and needs, he is personal coach to clients and professional athletes. He lectures internationally,


15 Apr 2019

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EA 08: Better Health & Movement Through Sprinting With Franz Snideman

Fit Over Thirty

Welcome to Everyday Athlete the podcast for the everyday athlete who wants to train smarter and live to be 100 years old. I am your host, Josh Kennedy. Today, I am talking to Franz Snideman, co-owner of Revolution Fitness in La Jolla, California. Franz is a Senior Strong First Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, a former collegiate sprinter, a trainer, coach, speaker, and author. Franz is known as the sprinting ninja, and he has dreams of being a superhero.Franz has been in the fitness industry for 21 years, and he has been a personal trainer since 1996. When he was young, he stumbled onto track and field by accident. He ended up getting a college scholarship for track and field, and he is currently known as a sprinting geek. He and his brother developed Primal Speed which is a synthesis of all of his fitness knowledge put into a system that teaches power training and sprinting. This system is unique because it is geared towards health first and performance second.Today’s topics include: How a little bit of long-term power training makes a huge difference in fitness. Starting with sprinting mechanics. Take the gait cycle up to a march. Then go to skipping and running in place. Mechanical efficiency is important in any movement. The higher the foot goes up the more stretch and that is where the power comes from in sprinting. Start slow and gradually increase. Move arms explosively from the shoulder independent from your legs. How Franz could get a 78-year old sprinting in 3 to 6 months. The excitement of sharing a passion for sprinting. Flexing your shoulder and powerful arm movements give you some bounce off of the floor. Developing speed and power before developing endurance. Start short and then work up. Benefits of sprinting opposed to jogging. Sprinting can maximize results with a minimal time input. The hormonal response of using your body explosively. The adrenal and pituitary glands kick in and release hormones that tell the body to adapt. Sprinting helps the body adapt by losing fat to be faster. Don’t chase the body you want. Chase the behavior that allows the body to get those adaptations. Focus on the function of doing explosive things. Burning through glycogen improves insulin sensitivity. Intentional Athleticism - Taking an honest assessment of your 8 motor qualities. Anti-rotation movements teach your brain to check your core when you move your arm and legs. The rate of force development - how long it takes you to do a movement like a deadlift. Jumping from a boulder to a boulder is a fast rate of force development. Anti-extension most sprinters live in extension. This can cause problems like hamstring strains. Teach the body to keep a neutral pelvis and not overdo extension. Thoracic spine mobility - Where the body is designed to rotate from. Encourage thoracic mobility. Work on a little bit every day. Have strong hip flexion, glutes, and hamstrings.Links and resources: Revolution Fitness Primal Speed Instagram @franzsnideman Twitter @franzsnidemanQuotes:“As we get older we actually need more power. Why not train for power your entire life?” Franz Snideman“Sprinting makes all of the other bio-motor qualities better.” Franz Snideman“Every human being needs the ability to produce force quickly.” Franz Snideman

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3 Jul 2017

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066 Franz Snideman: Sprinting For A Better Life

Wellness Force

On this week’s podcast, Franz Snideman, Senior Strong First Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter and International Lecturer shares the fundamental importance of educating and coaching clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Today, Franz talks about how we can add sprinting to our fitness routines and what benefits it includes for both body and mind. Franz is a student of nutrition, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Primal Move Kids and Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology. As the co-owner of Revolution Fitness, in La Jolla, CA and the author of several books including Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program, he draws on his passion for healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development, anatomy and personal experience, to have co-developed what he calls the Primal Speed System. It can be a strange, new journey to add something to our lives that we are unfamiliar with such as sprinting, but Franz has some great tips for both beginners and born again athletes who are eager to get back into shape. With each new effort, we can change our own behavior and improve ourselves every day. Why Should You Include Sprinting In Your Workouts? Sprinting has many benefits, not just for the body, but for the mind as well.  How many hours did you spend sitting down at your desk today? Most likely you were sitting there for quite some time before you got up and walked around the room. During that time, maybe you got a drink of water, went to a meeting, or stepped outside for some lunch. When you look back on your day, do you think you have had enough physical movement? If you spend many hours each day sitting at a desk, you will not get the fitness that your body and mind are craving. Maybe you don't have enough time for a long run, swimming, or an hour long fitness class. Fortunately, the beauty about adding sprinting to your workout is that it's just as viable as any other cardiovascular activities AND it doesn't take too much time.  The Steady Progression to Becoming a Sprinter So how can you become a sprinter? Sprinting is vital for fitness, but it needs a progression so that your body can adapt to it.  Franz's advice is to do several steps to gear yourself up before adding sprinting to your workout. If you try going to the track without proper preparation and understanding of sprinting mechanics, then you might face a future injury. To learn how to sprint, you need to go back to the basics of crawling. Crawling is the first mode of locomotion you do before you can even stand and walk. Sprinting is a standing crawl and the final progression of locomotion. Once you get the hang of crawling, here are Franz's next 3  steps to prepare yourself for a sprint workout: 1. March while standing in place To connect the brain with the body and get into a rhythm of movement, begin marching while standing in place. By learning the sprinting cadence, you begin to learn important sprinting techniques such as moving on the balls of your feet, foot striking, and landing underneath your body. Try doing this technique for 5 minutes each day. 2. Build the intrinsic and small muscles of the feet. Prepare your feet and lower legs for sprinting by building the intrinsic and small muscles of the feet by walking on your heels, toes, and the sides of the feet. First, do heel walks (walking on your heels) with the toes pointed upwards towards your shin. This helps to teach your ankles to be stiff and have dorsal flexed feet so that you run on the balls of your feet and not on your toes. However, for the next exercise, to teach your body how to do a proper push off when you sprint, you need to lean forward on your toes as you walk. You shouldn't be walking on your tip toes, but leaning enough that your knees are straight as you walk. For the third foot exercise, you need to do an around the world combination of cycling through these next motions. Begin by walking on your tiptoes followed by walking on the outside edges of your feet, the heels, and finally the inside edges of your feet. Cycle through these motions for 30-60 seconds once a day. 3. Create a great posture with shoulder mechanics To create a great sprinting form, you should have good posture on the upper half of your body. Begin by sitting up straight. Next, simply start moving your arms in the same motion as you would when sprinting. This will help remind you to keep your arms up and in front of you to create momentum. All of these steps can easily be done from the comfort of your home. After you have practiced each one, put them together for your next sprint workout. Build Your Body and Mind with Each Sprint "Regardless of your goals. If you're an endurance athlete, middle distance athlete, maybe just a strength athlete, sprinting will make you more athletic because it will enhance the functioning of your nervous systems and the way that your brain communicates with your body. And that's a good thing." -Franz Snideman Just like crawling, you find yourself in a cross body pattern and motion as you sprint. This movement actually connects your body to both the left and the right brain hemispheres. Because of this link, your brain works better, you burn more calories, and you build more muscle and nerve tissue. The brain develops from movement so that when we learn new skills, we end up building new nerve cells and tissues in the brain. People who do a lot of different movements and move really well tend to learn better than people who do not move on a daily basis. Because of this, short term sprinting is good for the brain because it takes you to a whole new level for a couple seconds before you come back to resting mode. What happens if you over exhilarate yourself when you sprint? You don't have to worry about over exhilarating yourself because you have central governors in your brain that protect you from overdoing something that can cause harm to the body. For example, right before you reach your fastest speed, your brain will tell your body to stop going too fast should you pull a muscle. However, this doesn't mean that you should let the central governors from moving and keep growing as a sprinter and athlete. Sprinting actually helps you to break free from the central governors and take your brain up a step. How does sprinting help you to lose weight? Sprinting is not only good for the mind, but obviously the body as well to help you deal with glucose and insulin to shred excess fat and calories. If you take a look at professional sprinters, pole vaulters or hurdlers, their training involves high power and short duration sprints to be able to have their athletic physique. When you add sprinting and other high intensity exercises to your workout, you should include it with a combination of strength training, walking, and an overall healthy lifestyle. With sprinting, you will see a progression overtime and eventually a healthier, more athletic you. How to Face Your Problems and Fears to Reach Success On Franz's Facebook page, he wrote this inspiring post: "Success requires so much more than people can see. Enjoy the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs. It's all part of the process and Journey. Easily earned success is not character building and does not make you stronger. If you can understand that problems are opportunities to grow than you will not want to quickly give away or avoid your problems. Embrace the problems and the challenges as they make you better and more resourceful."  We are all on our own life journeys and we dream of different goals, but to get where we want to be, the pathway is not always easy and sometimes unplanned events can stop us from getting where we want to be in life. You don't stop growing because there's a problem you're facing. Instead, you really grow by taking on the problem by yourself. Figure out which goals you want to achieve and obstacles to overcome. That way, you can grow emotionally and become a stronger person than your were before. It's fine to reach out for help, but understand your role to take on what needs to be done on your part. Nobody else can walk in your shoes. It's your life and your journey. Resources Mentioned In The Show Franz Snideman's website-Revolution Fitness Franz's Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop Franz Snideman on Twitter Revolution Fitness on Twitter Revolution Fitness on Facebook Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program by Franz and Yoana Snideman StrongFirst Program Strength Matters Program Mind over Matter? The Central Governor Theory Explained The General Adaptation Syndrome Listen To Franz Uncover What are the benefits of sprint workouts. How sprinting can help you get an athletic physique. Fran's mission for Primal Speed Sprinting Workshops. His top tips for preparing your body for sprinting workouts. How sprinting can boost and improve your brain power. How sprinting can affect our hormonal balance. How can hormones help our health. Why we need to set goals, choose an adaptation, and have a WHY to see an end result happen. What success means for Franz. How Franz has learned to take on problems and obstacles to find solutions and reach goals. Rate & Review Wellness Force Aloha! Josh here. Listen, I deeply value your thoughts, now let your voice be heard! I thrive to serve better based on your words, feedback, and requests for the Wellness Force Community. (including breaking bad habits) Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsor Want to avoid more trips to the store and save hundreds of dollars a year on superfood supplements? Check out Perfect Supplements.com Go to perfectsupplements.com/wellnessforce to get your grass-fed collagen from today's show and sign up for a free membership, plus get 10% off your entire order - just enter promo code "wellnessforce" at checkout.     Ask A Live Question For The Next Episode Click here to leave a voicemail directly to Josh Trent to be read live! Get Your Free Audio Book http://www.wellnessforce.com/FreeBook  You May Also Like These Episodes Nir Eyal:Breaking Bad Habits, Technology Addiction, & Emotional Triggers Healthy, Happy & Harder To Kill w/ Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo Beyond Meditation: How To Get A Better Brain With Ariel Garten Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World With Dan Pardi Creating A Life Worth Living With Michael Strasner Get More Wellness In Your Life: Download your free Digital Health Transformation Guide: wellnessforce.com/radio Don't miss next week's show: Subscribe and stay updated Did you like this show? Rate and review Wellness Force on iTunes So nice! You read all the way to the bottom? That's what I call love! I do the same thing for the people, things, and movements I care about as well. PS: Looks like you and I share the same passion. I'm grateful for you and want to extend you my email address. Write to me and let me know what you'd like to have to get more wellness in your life!

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12 Jul 2016

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Franz Snideman: How to Become a Sprinter-Ep. 92

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Leave us a review at http://www.openskyfitness.com/review On the Open Sky Fitness podcast we talk a lot about getting a good night's rest and one of our favorite sources is the book, Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson. Rob begins the show discussing three great tips from Shawn's book. If you like what you hear and want to learn more about how to sleep smarter, we're giving away three of his books in a raffle to USA listeners. Just leave us a review, take a screen shot of it, and send it to Rob with your home address.  Today, Rob talked to Franz Snideman who is a former collegiate sprinter and the co-owner of Revolution Fitness. Franz believes that sprinting is key to becoming healthier and stronger. He's an expert at running and sprinting for beginners and shared his tips and insights with us on the show including: how to learn how to run properly; where to run; what shoe to wear; and how fast you should sprint on speed days. It was a really fascinating conversation and Franz told us how and why crawling, sprinting, and marching exercises are great for not only fitness purposes, but to improve the function of the brain as well. Whether you've been running for years or are eager to get started, this episode will really help benefit your fitness. Franz has also authored and edited several books, as well as produced a series of training DVD’s. Drawing on his passion in healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development, anatomy and personal experience, he co-developed the dynamic Primal Speed System as well as Primal Move Velocity. Franz believes in the fundamental importance of educating and coaching his clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Coupled with impeccable attention to detail, bio-mechanical understanding and skill in accommodating and adapting training regimes to support and enhance individual’s unique abilities and needs, he is personal coach to clients and professional athletes. He lectures internationally, driven to share his knowledge and skill, theoretically and practically. Franz is a Senior Strength Matters Kettlebell Instructor, Ground Force National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter and International Lecturer. He is a student of nutrition, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Primal Move Kids and Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology.  What You'll Hear on This Episode0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction 1:13  Opening Remarks 1:55  Tips on How to Sleep Better from Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson.                           7:08  How to decrease your coffee intake to be naturally energized .                                                        8:40  Train your body to know that it's nighttime to sleep better.  11:00 How alcohol takes a toll on your sleep cycle and how to ease off of it. 15:30  Introduction to Franz Snideman 16:20  How Franz got involved in athletics and running as a child, high school and beyond. 20:15  Work on speed continuously to become fast. 23:12  The mechanics and learning benefits of sprinting for your body and brain. 26:46  The body types of endurance and sprinter runners: how to burn fat and gain lean muscle. 29:28  The importance of the cross crawl exercise and how it triggers brain function in children and adults. 31:20  How crawling can help a person become a faster runner. 33:05  How to do a good march or crawl for better sprinting and health benefits. 38:05  How to stay within your base of support to become a better runner. 40:30  Why do we have to train to learn how to run? 41:35  Franz's tips on what exercises to do to learn how to run. 42:30  Why sprinting can be really good for distance runners. 44:25   How often should someone be sprinting? What should my workout look like? 48:05 Why you should not run at 100% on your speed workout day. 48:40 How to do a tempo workout for longer sprinting days. 50:17  How to properly include sprinting  or fast activity into your workout for weight loss. 51:40  How to do a running A's exercise to learn how to properly run. 53:55  Where's the best place to run for beginners? 56:41  What type of shoes should runners wear? 59:35  How can people maximize their fitness results with nutrition? 1:09:58  Primal Speed and Sprinting Course: Learn how to sprint and improve other skills with Franz 1:12:21  Closing Remarks by Rob 1:13:30  Open Sky Fitness Closings LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Check out Shawn's book: Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger SuccessDo you want to learn more about Franz's sprinting training?:  Primal Speed and Sprinting Course:Find Franz on Twitter:  Twitter.com/franzsnidemanTo Download Rob’s FREE workout templates click below**Download Templates Ask Rob a Question or tell him what is working for you: Email Rob@OpenSkyFitness.com To leave a Review for Rob and the Open Sky Fitness Podcast CLICK NOW!  Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show and I read each and every one of them. Contact our amazing sound engineer Ryan? Send him an e-mail here: info@stellarsoundsstudio.com Thanks for Listening!Thanks so much for joining us again this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post. If you have any questions (and would like to hear yourself on the Open Sky Fitness Podcast), click on the link on the right side of any page on our website that says “Send Voicemail.” And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates. It’s free!

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19 Apr 2016

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Franz Snideman - Everything You Need to Know About Sprinting

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast



30 Mar 2013