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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Schulp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Schulp, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Schulp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Schulp, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 55 WPCoffeeTalk: Michelle Schulp

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Michelle is amazing at what she does. An inspired artist and designer, Michelle creates for her customers bespoke designs and sites that not only meet their needs, but do it with style and grace. She also happens to be a generous WordCamp speaker and WordPress community member.

Jan 08 2020 · 45mins
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E10: Speaking at conferences with Michelle Schulp

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Michelle Schulp is an independent UX designer and web developer based in Minneapolis. She is also a household name in the WordPress community, and she's given dozens of great talks on a wide range of topics at tech conferences over the years.

Traveling for conferences is not cheap, and preparing for talks takes a lot of time and energy that takes you off of paid work. In this episode, Michelle talks about why she makes speaking a priority and how she manages the demands of both public speaking and client work as an independent contractor.

Follow Michelle on Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/marktimemedia
Read more about Michelle 👉 https://marktimemedia.com
See Michelle's workshop at WordCamp US in St. Louis 👉 https://2019.us.wordcamp.org/session/templates-plugins-blocks

Hey, we're finally into double digit episodes! -- thank you all for your support and feedback!

Sep 04 2019 · 29mins

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WPWeekly Episode 362 – Fitness, Freelancing, and More With Michelle Schulp

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In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by Michelle Schulp, an independent freelancer and Director of Technology at AIGA Minnesota. We discussed the impacts speaking at multiple WordCamps had on her business early on, why she continues to be a freelance contractor as opposed to managing her own agency, and the role fitness has in her life. We also touch on what her personal experience has been like as a woman in the WordPress community.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress Security Team Discusses Backporting Security Releases to Fewer Versions

WordSesh EMEA Coming September 25: A New Virtual WordPress Event for Europe, Middle East, and Africa

How to Be A WordPress Ally

Fitness and Freelance

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Next Episode: Wednesday, August 7th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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Listen To Episode #362:

Aug 01 2019 · 1hr 6mins
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Michelle Schulp and Staying Fit While Freelancing

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Michelle Schulp is a fantastic web designer in the WordPress space – you make have seen her work on the WP Hierarch chart. Recently she’s launched a new initiative talking about fitness and freelancing. Last week we touched a bit on mental health. This week we’re going to dive into physical health, especially when running your own business.


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Michelle Schulp: I also just tried to find things that gave me joy. As much as exercise can give you joy, because I’m not going to lie, I’m not inherently in love with exercising, and I do it every day. I don’t want you to feel like you have to love it either if you’re trying to do it, it just has to be something that you want more than the alternative.

Joe Casabona: You just heard from Michelle Schulp. Michelle is a fantastic web designer in the WordPress space. You may have seen her work, which includes the WordPress hierarchy chart. Recently she launched a new initiative talking about fitness and freelancing. Last week we touched a bit on mental health with the Allie Nimmons episode, this week we’re going to dive into physical health, especially when running your own business. This is another episode where I open up a little bit more than I’m used to, talking about my own journey to become healthier and my pitfalls, especially. Michelle offers some fantastic advice on what you can do and the mindset that you should take when approaching getting healthier. We’ll get into all of that in a minute, but first a word from our sponsors.

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Joe: Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of How I Built It, the podcast that asks, “How did you build that?” Today my guest is my good friend Michelle Schulp, the designer, developer, founder, main person at Marktime Media and Fitness & Freelance. Michelle, how are you today?

Michelle: I’m doing well. How are you?

Joe: I’m fantastic. You live in what I think is like the middle of the country.

Michelle: The upper part of the middle, yes.

Joe: Yes. So I’m sure the weather is generally worse for you than it is for me, but it’s finally becoming nicer as we record this.

Michelle: As of right now it’s beautiful and sunny outside, and here I am sitting inside with you, so that goes to show.

Joe: It’s about t

Jul 16 2019 ·

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Michelle Schulp

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As a freelancer, fitness sometimes falls by the wayside. Not with Michelle.

Jun 09 2019 · 46mins
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Michelle Schulp - Make Your Design Look On Purpose

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Michelle Schulp, design expert and owner of Marktime Media joins us to share her wisdom about Web Design principals and creating great slide presentations.

May 22 2019 · 22mins
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Talking WordPress Design & UX with Michelle Schulp [Episode 63]

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On this week's special episode of The New Marketing Show, the boys sit down with web design & user experience (UX) expert Michelle Schulp to discuss a number of design topics.

The team talks with Michelle about her design background, her extensive WordPress knowledge and as well her involvement with WordCamp's across the country.

Mar 26 2019 · 33mins
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The Importance of Visual Branding w/ Michelle Schulp

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In this episode, Jason and Bridget chat with @Michelle Schulp from MarkTimeMedia.com about how branding can make or break your business.

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Mar 19 2019 · 1hr 2mins
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The Millennial Designer (Strategy Talk with Michelle Schulp)

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Meet Michelle Schulp, she’s the owner of Marktime Media (http://marktimemedia.com/) where she makes design frictionless. Michelle is a designer, front-end developer, and strategist. She gives talks in the WordPress and design communities, and is super passionate about design and technology. Listen to our digital strategy chat.

If you want to check out Michelle’s personal blog: http://mynameismichelle.com/

Mar 08 2017 · 20mins