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You don’t have to be a practicing medium to use your intuition everyday. In fact, our intuition is the most natural part of who we are as humans! In this episode, life and business coach Erin Anderson describes the first memory she has of her intuition, and shares with us how both using it and ignoring it has shaped her life. At age eleven, Erin could sense that something was “off” in her family. Later she learned that she was right. However, years of being dismissed as a “sensitive” child taught her to squash her intuition. Into her teens and twenties Erin found herself feeling more and more constricted every day. It wasn’t until she found herself with two small children, literally drooling on the couch and looking for a personal revolution, that she once again listened to her intuition and signed up for a yoga retreat that she could not afford. Logically she should have said no. But instead, she trusted her gut and said yes. That week long training with Baron Baptiste opened doors for Erin that she never even dreamed possible, and taught her that above all, when your brain tries desperately to prove to you why you should say no, it is always best to listen to that tiny voice that gently whispers “yes”.It was an honor for me to sit with Erin and discuss how we can use intuition in our day to day lives, how to protect ourselves energetically, and how to be an empath and hold healthy space for others (a trick she learned from her dad when they were leading expeditions in the Himalayas). We talk about shifting the dialogue from “being present” to being in a state of awareness, how we can honor the SOUL and the GOAL, and what her mom’s message from the other side means for her today. HINT: it’s all about the art of slowing down.For more information on Erin, follow her on Instagram (@livebigco) or check out her website www.livebigco.com


18 Jan 2021