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Silencing the Inner Critic: A Conversation with Becky Karush

She Built This™

Becky Karush is the founder of READ TO ME Literary Arts, where writers learn to dazzle us and themselves with fresh, brilliant writing.  Through writing salons, coaching, the READ TO ME podcast, and tools to support your solo writing practice, Becky helps you to step over the cult of the critic and help you surface your innate talent. Becky is a certified teacher of the Gateless Writing method. She graduated from Wesleyan University (B.A.) and Emerson College (M.A.), and she worked as a teacher, farmer, journalist, Disney magazine editor, summer camp counselor, and copywriter. She lives in southwestern New Hampshire with her family and cat. In this episode, Becky and I discuss:  Her writing journey How she discovered the Gateless Writing Method  What makes the Gateless Writing Method different and how people approach the page in a whole new way when they silence the inner critic and are allowed the freedom to embrace all the beauty and power in their work  Becky's #1 piece of advice for aspiring writers and authors  How to try out Gateless Writing for yourself, today!  Links Mentioned:  She Built This Upcoming Events Becky's Fall Salon Sessions Writing Retreat at Stepping Stones Farm & Event Center  Connect with Becky:  Website Instagram  Facebook Page  Podcast 


15 Sep 2021

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Becky Come Home w/ Becky Karush

The Golden Mic Podcast w/ Marc Cordon

1hr 5mins

7 Jan 2021

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"I want to be seen as a cross between David Bowie..and a fat English nanny." Becky Karush

How Do You Want To Be Seen?

There's not a lot I can say to follow up with that title. But I'll try.  Becky is a creative writer.  She does help businesses find the words to promote their brand.  But she's also just a lover of words.  She provides a safe, welcoming atmosphere to explore writing, even for those of us who have a bit of a hesitation around writing.  She calls these experiences Gateless Writing Salons.  Its just sounds nice, doesn't it?  Listen to Becky describe her experience with writing and then...here you go, here's her web site.   If anyone has attended these salons and would be willing share their experience I think it would be a great opportunity for others to feel a bit more comfortable to at least look into it.  And thanks! Some time back I had a conversation with another creative writer. I mentioned her in this episode and feel compelled to share her link here too.  I get the sense Becky won't mind.  Cheyenne Vaughn--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lisa-arnold-being-seen/message


7 Aug 2020

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Becky Karush

Creative Guts

In this episode of Creative Guts, co-hosts Laura Harper Lake and Sarah Wrightsman sit down with Becky Karush of Read To Me with Becky Karush, a podcast that was inspired by the gateless writing method. Becky believes that when we read aloud great writing, and listen for what we love, we become more powerful writers. Read To Me helps her listeners practice two elements of the gateless writing method: listening for and mirroring back what is great on the page. Tune in to this episode to hear the beautiful story of a writer who didn’t write for 16 years, and how Becky’s persistence and willingness to be vulnerable helped her return to writing, led her to becoming a trained instructor in the gateless writing method, and inspired the creation of Read to Me with Becky Karush. Find Read To Me with Becky Karush online at www.ReadToMepod.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/readtomepodcast and Instagram at www.instagram.com/readtomepodcast. As always, come hang out with the Creative Guts team online at www.CreativeGutsPodcast.com and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/CreativeGutsPodcast and Instagram at www.Instagram.com/CreativeGutsPodcast


18 Mar 2020

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