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CEO Jesse Tevelow on The Impact of A Successful Launch: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 81

The ROI Online Podcast

Thinking about writing a book, releasing a podcast, or even creating a new business but don’t know where to start? In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, CEO & Founder of LaunchTeam Jesse Tevelow shares why creators, authors, and entrepreneurs like you can sometimes struggle to piece together a strategy or marketing agenda, and how LaunchTeam can help your business thrive.Getting your launch right is an essential piece of marketing. Most launches—and, consequently, most startups—fail because you have to consider so many moving parts, how they fit together, and how to avoid the pitfalls all at once. On this episode, Jesse offers advice on how to figure out your launches and create your content. LaunchTeam is a collective of expert consultants who launch books, sites, apps, courses, events, podcasts, and even entire companies. They have worked with over 50 clients and have a proven track record of success. Through their 3 phase system, they work as part of your team to help you launch your business to success.Among other things, Jesse and Steve discussed:The creation of LaunchTeam and client success stories Why “Authorpreneur” is exactly what you need if you’re going through the process of writing a book How to exploit all the activities of a successful launch and the fundamentals of running oneWhy you should think about the content you’re planning to release in a larger context Why Email is the single most important thing you can doTips on how to attract more people into your funnel All about the LaunchTeam Growth Summit and why you can’t miss itYou can learn more about Jesse here:Follow Jesse on LinkedIn Follow Jesse on Twitter You can learn more about LaunchTeam here:https://mylaunchteam.com/Want to attend The LaunchTeam Growth Summit?! Our listeners get a FREE ticket using this LINKIf you think this is cool, have a business or a platform and you think LTGS would be good for your audience, check out this AFFILIATE LINK and make some money on ticket sales!Read the books mentioned in this podcast:The Golden Toilet by Steve BrownAuthorpreneur by Jesse TevelowThe Connection Algorithm by Jesse TevelowHustle by Jesse TevelowEnroll in the QuickStart Academy today to learn how to develop and implement a proven growth strategy that grows your ROI, your business, and your confidence. Learn more HERE.Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes sSupport the show (https://cash.app/$stevemfbrown)


13 Jan 2021

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Building an Agency with No Employees, with LaunchTeam’s Jesse Tevelow – Episode 52.

The Agency Profit Podcast

The Premise Behind LaunchTeamFirstly, I asked Jesse to explain, in his own words, what he’s building at LaunchTeam, the premise behind it – especially in light of his background of building and exiting companies – and why exactly he’s now helping people launch products. His response?“LaunchTeam is essentially your ‘go-to’ market experts. So, there you go. Boom, done.”As avid APP readers/listeners should be aware at this point, things are rarely that black and white… except, in this case – it is. One of LaunchTeam‘s clients, Erik Huberman of Hawke Media (whom we’ve spoken to before…) drilled Jesse regarding the importance of a snappy tagline and keeping things simple.So, what has being “the ‘go-to’ market experts” entailed for LaunchTeam thus far?“We’ve launched over 50 products for clients, and those companies have raised over 500 million. So, over half a billion dollars… We do best-selling book launches, and so on. Essentially, we create these small communities – called LaunchTeams – and we’re purely based on relationships. We’re not a technology company, rather a relationship company that uses technology. We’re very focused on humanity, focused on relationships, and focused on connections.”In essence, these little communities comprise of an expert hub – including expert partners, expert consultants, agency owners – all of whom are willing to help others launch things. And, ladies and gennelmen, this has proven to be a fiercely compelling and accessible way to scale a company. Operational Structure of a Company Like LaunchTeamSo, Jesse managed to build a company with basically a distributed network of other experts. I bet you’re wondering just what LaunchTeam actually looks like from a structural perspective. How does Jesse get that project worked on without necessarily having a team of employees or contractors?The answer is literally thinking outside the box – don’t stimy yourself with rigidity. With this in mind, Jesse refers to LaunchTeam as “a fluid mesh network of talent. ”“We’re all really good at stuff. Just make sure that this is the best of the best, the top 1%, and get this mesh network to do what we want it to do – so that everybody wins… there are lots of interesting technologies – BlockChain, fragmentation of works, and decentralized technology – that can aid these things to happen. And I think we’re at the right time for that to happen.”In fact, Jesse and his cohorts at LaunchTeam are ahead of the curve when it comes to this model of rewarding talent and then allowing that talent to then do what it wants to do so that that talent keeps coming back.You’re here to learn, therefore, I’m going to attempt to break this creative whirlwind of symbiosis down thusly…Cultivate a network of highly-talented experts in your fieldAsk them to get involved in projectsYour collective expertise will fill the functions necessary to deliver the required client outcomesThe budget is addressedThe project is undertaken based on what those economics look like and what the deliverables areTo clarify, there isn’t a slew of people working on projects for LaunchTeam; rather the cream of the crop rises to the top. There is a big focus on quality over quantity. Jesse also brings an extra layer of service by way of added technology platforms that are more self-serve, plus some education products and communities, where he teaches people how to follow the process that he would typically undertake with a client.When you teach people how to do what you do, this significantly props up the value of what you are providing. Don’t Fear “Giving Away” Your ValueKeeping with the teaching side of things; is there a process that you can actually teach? If you’re thinking, “Well, why would I teach it – then people won’t hire us!” In fact, the opposite is true.People will be more inclined to hire you (and willing to pay more) because they’ll get to experience the breadth of how much expertise you have, plus how much goes into what you do, and – most importantly – how well-executed your processes are.“I always say, ‘Give away your value, give it away, just keep giving it away.’ And people go, ‘Why? What do you mean?!’… All it’s going to do is help the people who do want to pay you, come and pay you, because – guess what – tere are different types of currency. There’s relationship currency, there’s credibility currency, and authority currency. They’re all valuable, right? Dollars and cents are just one form.”This plays into my personal philosophy of “If done well, your marketing should serve more people than your product ever does.” I think that’s the philosophy behind this Agency Profit Podcast. How LaunchTeam‘s Growth Summit Can Help YouFor those thinking about launching a podcast, or a book, or a speaking engagement, or a new company, or a new service offering in 2021, LaunchTeam has a really interesting event coming up that I think would be great for them to check out. Or, to quote Jesse…“We have an amazing conference coming up on the 25th of January – the last week of the month, running from Monday through Friday. Growth Summit is THE biggest thing we’ve done as a company since our inception five-plus years ago. This conference is basically the culmination of everything we’ve done and all the relationships we’ve built.”And what an impressive range of relationships LaunchTeam has cultivated. Among the 30+ experts talking at the week-long event, there are a host of names, including Hawke Media‘s Erik Huberman, Foundry‘s Brad Feld, plus Leonard Armato of Management Plus Enterprises – who built Shaq‘s entire brand and was also involved in Oscar De La Hoya‘s brand and therefore responsible for over a billion dollars in value creation.In short, if you’re an agency owner or entrepreneur of any kind, Growth Summit will have value for you. From talking tracks focussing on marketing, peak performance, and health, to workshops featuring Typeform, LeadPages and SO much more. The really cool thing is that it’s happening inside the LaunchTeam platform.Tickets retail in the region of $50-$100, but it’s all free for YOU – because Jesse’s sound and reckons me and my APP advocates are bomb! You are welcome. Key Takeaway… Pay Attention To Your BrandIf you’re someone trying to build out a company, pay attention to your brand. Pay attention to what it is you do, and how it makes you different. Then, go talk about it – everywhere. That’s where it comes back to “thought leadership” and the idea of launching a podcast, or launching a book, in order to create that thought leadership.If you’re curious about Thought Leadership, go check out conversations we had with Blair Enns (How to Win Bigger Deals with Higher Prices, all Without Pitching with Blair Enns – Episode 15) and David C. Baker (How to Become an ‘Expert’ Agency with David C. Baker – Episode 48), who wrote The Business of Expertise. In our chat with David, he discusses the importance of having a platform for your thought leadership, whether it be a podcast or a book, or speaking at web summits, and building authority through that.Remember, there is a BIG difference between giving your time away for free and dispensing your expert advice. One pays off in the long run, the other, not so much.In fact, “past me” really could have done with having access to LaunchTeam’s Growth Summit before I launched this here APP… luckily for you, there’s a free pass waiting for you below – get on it!Want to see more from Jesse? You can do that via…Obtain a Free Ticket for LT Growth Summit 2021Jesse’s Official WebsiteTwitterLinkedIn Did you learn anything new from this episode? Let us know in the comments below – feedback is king! Our next installment of #APP, on January 27th, will see us chat with Trent Dyrsmir. While our previous blog with Vince D’Eletto is over here…


13 Jan 2021

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Jesse Tevelow: How Happiness Creates Success {not the other way around}

The Success Diaries

Today on 'The Success Diaries' podcast we welcome Jesse Tevelow, Founder of LaunchTeam the go-to market experts. Jesse shares how he has struggled with the concept of success in the past and how welcoming his daughter radically changed his values and perspective. Jesse breaks down how he now chooses to run his business and his life based on this new approach.


7 Jan 2021

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Ep. 637: Jesse Tevelow

The Gifters: Your Story is a Gift to the World

Jesse is the founder of LaunchTeam, a marketing agency, accelerator, and management consulting firm that leverages a network of expert partners to drive growth. He's also a Founding Partner at BlockTeam Ventures, a management consulting firm dedicated to supporting the most promising emerging-tech and blockchain-enabled companies. Collectively, his firms have worked with over 50 companies that have raised over $500 million to date. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jtevelow/


3 Jun 2020

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Jesse Tevelow - Distributing Over 500,000 Books

Get Published Podcast

In episode 502 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie talks with Jesse Tevelow about how he has distributed over 500,000 copies of his books. Find out more about how we can help you Share Your Story at www.GetPublishedPodcast.com


4 Mar 2020

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Episode 117 - Jesse Tevelow

Reaching The Finish Line

In this episode, our guest is Jesse Tevelow. He has authored several books, including The Connection Algorithm and his newest book, The Authorpreneur.Jesse is the founder of Launch Team, where he helps authors market their books to build their brand and grow their business.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/reachingthefinishline/support


21 Jan 2018

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1225: FAIL at your passions rather than succeed elsewhere with Jesse Tevelow

Archive 5 of Entrepreneurs On Fire

Visit EOFire.com for complete show notes of every Podcast episode. Jesse is the author of The Connection Algorithm, a #1 Best-seller on Amazon. His book's message is simple: Take risks, defy the status quo, and live your passions. He is also an alumni of TechStars, and the previous co-founder of a multi-million dollar gaming company.


2 Oct 2017

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FAIL at your passions rather than succeed elsewhere with Jesse Tevelow

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Jesse is the author of The Connection Algorithm, a #1 Best-seller on Amazon. His book's message is simple: Take risks, defy the status quo, and live your passions. He is also an alumni of TechStars, and the previous co-founder of a multi-million dollar gaming company. Visit EOFire.com


28 Feb 2016

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Podcast 490: Jesse Tevelow: Being Successful By Connecting His Words To His Passions

Business Coaching With Join Up Dots - Online Business Success The Easy Way !

My guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an entrepreneur, writer and business success. He’s the #1 bestselling author of The Connection Algorithm and Hustle, as well as an original cofounder of PlayQ Inc. He is a guy who is getting out there and flexing the old hustle muscle everyday. Which is really impressive as there was a time that his future could have been so very different. But this guy doesnt lack motivation and is simply inspirational as you will find out in todays podcast. As he says in his own words “I grew up in a small suburb outside of Washington DC. After surviving the public schooling system, I attended the University of Michigan, graduating four years later with a heap of debt and a flimsy certificate saying I wasn’t dumb. Life after college was painfully dull. Two years after graduation, I was bored to death, working at a consulting firm in New York City. So, I quit my job and cofounded a startup, which went on to generate millions of dollars. I worked there for seven years, but I was eventually fired for being (admittedly) combative and generally useless. Battling intense fear and self-doubt, I picked myself back up again and decided to write a book. I’ve taken a lot of risks in life, succeeded at a few things, and failed at many―but the world has never let me down. After each failure, I’m presented with new opportunities. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people who repeatedly support my endeavours despite my shortcomings. I like that point of view. No actually I love that point of view. That is pure motivation on every level. After each failure, I’m presented with new opportunities. Because that is the truth, when you are developing an entrepreneurial venture, or going for the dreamlife you will fail often. But through those failings you will learn, you will learn what worked, what didn’t work and where you need to focus your energies. So what got him started when most people would have settled into the boredom and accepted their place in the scheme of things? And how do you overcome those huge doubts right at the beginning, when you have no experience to fall back on, or fragile belief that things will work out in the end? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Jesse Tevelow


12 Feb 2016

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22: Your Blueprint to Success; Jesse Tevelow

The Create Your Own Life Show

Jesse Tevelow grew up in a small suburb outside of Washington DC. After surviving the public schooling system, he attended the University of Michigan, graduating four years later with a heap of debt and a flimsy certificate saying he wasn’t dumb. Life after college was painfully dull. Two years after graduation, he was bored to death, working at a consulting firm in New York City. So, he quit his job and co-founded a startup, which went on to generate millions of dollars. he worked there for seven years, but he was eventually fired for being (admittedly) combative and generally useless. Battling intense fear and self-doubt, I picked myself back up again and decided to write this book. Writing The Connection Algorithm has been an incredible journey for Jesse. Without a publisher, an editor, or a marketing budget, he somehow still managed to write a book that consistently ranks among the top business books on Amazon. It has reached a #1 ranking in Entrepreneurship, Management, Knowledge Capital, and Personal Success, ranking as high as #867 out of roughly 12 million books available. That means his book is in the top 0.01%, ranking higher than 99.99% of all other books. He never could have imagined this outcome. The irony is that it perfectly supports my book's message: that taking great risks introduces the possibility of great success, regardless of your resources or background. Jesse Tevelow's Favorite Quote:"The only reason to be alive is to enjoy it." – Rita May Brown Jesse's Favorite Book:The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated) Links's from Today's Show:Jesse's Thunderclap Campaignjets.meThe Connection Algorithm: Take Risks, Defy the Status Quo, and Live Your Passions


31 Dec 2015