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Moving from Success to Significance with Christopher Ryan

I Love Recruiting

On this episode, Adam talks to CEO of Gobundance Christopher Ryan about how he discovered his passion for helping people define and chase their significance over their success.  After building a tech company and selling it right before the tech bubble burst in his twenties, Christopher was asked to help with Tiger21, one of the most influential social networking groups where the average net worth of the members was $100M.  He set out to learn how he could help these people and found a book called Halftime:Moving from Success to Significance by Bob Buford.  The book helped change his mindset about everything, and he started a relationship with Bob Buford where he learned even more about finding significance.  He shares what he has learned over the years helping people find significance: that showing up as your authentic self is the first most important thing to do, that a natural curiosity for who you’re talking to will help you see their authentic self, and that if you open yourself up to the seeds of opportunity in relationships, you will have a rich garden of life.  With that knowledge, Christopher started GoBundance, a tribe for healthy, wealthy men who choose to lead EPIC lives.To learn more about Gobundance, go tohttps://www.gobundance.com/To check out Bob Buford's book, go tohttps://www.amazon.com/Halftime-Changing-Your-Success-Significance-ebook/dp/B000SG9IUE/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=halftime%3A+mens+transition+from+success+to+significance&qid=1620825848&sr=8-3


12 May 2021

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The Evolution And Success Secrets Behind The Mastermind Industry | Christopher Ryan

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an impressive guest, Christopher Ryan shares insights and wisdom on living the best version of yourself in all aspects of life, accountability hacks, handling fears and inadequacy, how to easily build relationships, the secrets to a mastermind group, and the benefits of GoBundance! Christopher Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, investor, CEO of GoBundance, Founder and President of Paredigm Enterprises, a consulting firm helping individuals, companies, and nonprofits realize their goals; and the Texas and Puerto Rico Chair for TIGER 21, the premier peer-to-peer learning organization for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. This incredible man values education, health, sports, and religious upbringing. He first started in the business when he was 17 years old. Just like the whole world, he also faced some form of adversity but did his best to get through, and develop strengths around it. Chris strongly believes that life is all about driving significance and mastering your lives. Likewise, the measure of contribution to this world is not based on the success that you have but finding your real purpose to make your life worth living for. Chris emphasizes that life is so short, therefore, prioritize health, relationships, family, and help other people achieve their significance in order to be more fulfilled, and happier!  Some Questions I Ask: Where did your entrepreneurial trail and journey begin? (01:11) Where did the confidence in your ability to just figure it out and execute and take action come from? (03:55) What is your framework in how you engage and dance with fear, doubts, and inadequacies for those that struggle the same thing? (07:36) How did you get into this world of a mastermind? Why did you get into this space? (13:23) What has been your framework or strategy for the ability to connect with people and close the gap really quickly, add value, and create truly meaningful friendships? (17:31) What is your definition of a mastermind and why are they so powerful? (24:13) Why is GoBundance a place you decided to call home? (32:16) What are you most excited about for GoBundance moving forward? (36:48) Talk to me about the importance of having accountability baked into your life? How can somebody create more accountability in their life to take to the next level? (41:25) What are you paying attention to right now? What is your bread and butter on wealth building? What does that look like going forward for you? (50:09) In This Episode, You Will Learn: The 3 things that serve Chris throughout his life (01:28) Moments when Chris is dealing with fear, uncertainty, and feeling of inadequacy (04:25) The real meaning and facts about success (09:22) Things that rocket-fueled to build relationships (21:09) What is Mastermind Group (24:26) Quotes: “If you’re not willing to take risks, you’re not willing to achieve your words.” “Fear and desperation can be a pretty strong motivator.” “When you’re facing some form of adversity that you find out who you truly are.” “The success is oftentimes were the byproduct of overcoming some form of an obstacle in my path.” “I got to make fear, my friend.” “Life is not about simply achieving success.” “Success is not chasing after something; success is who you are as a human being.” “It’s so much more important to be interested in others than to try to be interesting.” “If you can help enough people to achieve their success, this universe is fair.” “Relationship is the ultimate form of currency and richness, and fulfillment, and satisfaction in my life.” Resources Mentioned: Halftime book by Bob Buford The Second Mountain book by David Brooks Connect with Christopher Ryan on: GoBundance Tiger21 LinkedIn

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10 May 2021

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Christopher Ryan's Story

Loved Ones Lost

Today is a bonus episode for Mother's Day.  Today, is Christopher Ryan's Story, told by his mom, Crystal.  He was the creator of a super hero, Captain Spectrum,  fighting against bullying.  You can read more about his character here: https://www.facebook.com/captainspectrum.  If you would like to have your child's story featured, please visit www.lovedoneslost.net.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


9 May 2021

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Christopher Ryan on the price of civilization | Living Mirrors #49

Living Mirrors with Dr. James Cooke

Christopher Ryan is a bestselling author with a background in psychology. After completing his PhD at Saybrook University, he reached international acclaim with his first book, Sex at Dawn, co-authored with Cacilda Jethá. More recently he authored the book Civilised to Death, which levels a damning critique at modern civilization. He also contributes to Psychology Today and is the host of the podcast Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan. Today we talk about the idea that, rather than being the huge positive that we’re told it is, civilization actually stacks up poorly when compared to hunter-gatherer lifestyles.

1hr 47mins

28 Apr 2021

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Episode 15: Christopher Ryan

Krystal Kyle & Friends

This week’s guest on KK&F is Christopher Ryan, an author and researcher on human sexuality. If you’re not familiar with his book Sex at Dawn, we hope you’ll enjoy watching our conversation with him, covering everything from the personal — are our brains wired for monogamy? — to the societal and political.

2hr 7mins

10 Apr 2021

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Sex at Dawn or Civilized to Death | Christopher Ryan

The Breaking Normal Podcast

Today we have Christopher Ryan on the podcast. It's a great conversation, we talk about his books and so much more! I really think you'll enjoy todays show! https://chrisryanphd.com/  AFFILIATE LINKS - https://www.viome.com Code: BreakingNormal - www.tribevitamins.com STAY IN TOUCH ↣WEBSITE: http://breakingnormal.com ↣FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DanielEisenman ↣INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/DanielEisenman ↣TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DanielEisenman _ Daniel wrote a book! . . . Get the book on Audible! https://www.audible.com/pd/Self-Devel... Get the book on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071SBC7NC/...

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26 Mar 2021

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Episode 3 - Christopher Ryan Hill

How I Write

Christopher Ryan Hill, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at CSUSB, joins host Tom Girshin to talk about motivation in sports, and in writing. We also discuss setting a writing schedule and coauthoring, and have a few laughs along the way. 


2 Feb 2021

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Episode 159 ’What’s up, Pussycat?’ (Christopher Ryan)

Bawdy Storytelling

Get ready to take notes as Author & Podcaster Christopher Ryan tells us about his first sexual encounter. This story’s got it all: 1970 style bridge parties, Harvey Wallbangers, TV’s Love American Style & the birth of polyamory movies like Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice. At the age of 8, Christopher is too young to join the cocktail party, but he *is* old enough to learn about consent, pleasure and natural urges at a party for… one? This story was told live onstage in Los Angeles during our last (pre-Pandemic) tour. #Insistent #Storm #Shudder #Gratitude Song: ‘Young’ (The Chainsmokers) More about Author/Podcaster/VanLifer Christopher Ryan: Website: https://chrisryanphd.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatchrisryan/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatChrisRyan Tangentially Speaking podcast:  https://chrisryanphd.com/category/tangentially-speaking/ Episode Links Bawdy Storytelling is celebrating 14 years of True Stories on Saturday, February 13th. Join us for Bawdy Storytelling’s BIG Anniversary Lovestream; it’ll include the Risk! Podcast’s Kevin Allison, singer-songwriter Rachel Lark, with more storytellers announced soon. This is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend, so buy your tickets NOW at https://bit.ly/Bawdy14LS What time is that for YOU? Use this: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html NEW: Need the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Send your beloved(s) or arch-enemy a custom ‘Cameo’ video from Dixie (with or without applause tiddies). For $69, you can have a short zoom call with Dixie to tell her about the recipient, and she’ll make you a custom video in time for …um, VD. Find out more by emailing dixie@BawdyStorytelling.com #CustomVideo #Gift Uberlube: Time for ‘Lube Facts with Dixie’, courtesy of Uberlube! Uberlube is a luxurious, high-grade silicone lubricant made from clean, body-friendly ingredients; it’s just silicone with a little Vitamin E. Überlube offers long-lasting performance with no flavor or scent. Right now, they’re offering Bawdy Storytelling listeners a special offer – 10% off and free shipping when you use my code “Dixie” at UberLube.com. That’s 10% off and free shipping! Just use the promo code “Dixie” at https://www.uberlube.com/ Patreon: What should our next goal be: Buy a fancy podcasting mic, or buy some fancy applause tiddies bras? We have brand new patron tiers like the #BPC, the Confidante, the Concierge & more, and we wanna thank YOU for telling friends about the great rewards for Patreon members. Tell em: Join our Patreon and you’ll get GREAT rewards in exchange for your support (not to mention: you’ll ensure that Bawdy make it through the Apocalypse). As a Thank you, our $10/month & up Patreon supporters receive Free tickets to special events (like last week’s Bawdy Open Mic, Bawdy Trivia, etc) Free tickets to our Livestream shows, access to the livestream replay, ad-free episodes of the podcast & more. A global pandemic, quarantine and economic devastation all at the same time? Patreon has become our Everything during COVID. Help us continue the podcast, the livestreams & hopefully soon, we’ll be back to live shows, too. You can make it happen: Become a Member Now at https://www.patreon.com/Bawdy Not into Patreon? You can support Bawdy by sending a one-time donation to our: Venmo: Venmo.com/BawdyStorytelling Paypal: BawdyStorytelling@gmail.com Zelle: BawdyStorytelling@gmail.com (& Thank You in advance for your support) Ready to tell your story, and change your life? I’m offering Storytelling for Self-Discovery, and I’d love to help you find your story. Anxious about navigating what’s next? Are you writing a book, or working on your Business’ brand storytelling?  No matter what you’re up against, I can help you communicate with calmness & clarity. Book a Discovery call at calendly.com/dixiedelatour/ Or email me at dixie@BawdyStorytelling.com for more info. Purchasing Bawdy Merchandise means you smell great while supporting a podcast that you love. Bawdy Storytelling offers a line of fragrance & lube for your favorite podcast fan: #BawdyGotMeLaid perfume (with golden honey, amber, ylang ylang and warm vanilla), Bawdy Butter, Hair & Bawdy oil, #BawdyGotMeLube & more. It’s at BawdyStorytelling.com/Merchandise #BestGiftEver Or maybe you want a Bawdy Buttplug? Email me and you too can have my little cartoon face peeking out of your b*tthole. Check out our Bawdy Storytelling Fiends and Fans group on Facebook - it’s a place to discuss the podcast’s stories with the storytellers, share thoughts with your fellow listeners, & help Dixie make the podcast even better. 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27 Jan 2021

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Joy of Faith by Christopher Ryan

Lights On Ecclesiastes with Chris Ryan

In today's episode of coffee with the Saints, we take a look at St Paul's letter to the Philippians, and talk about total faith in God. We will also explore the courageous life of Saint Mukasa and discuss his amazing faith. Written and produced by Chris Ryan


26 Nov 2020

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#ReaperReviews w/Theo Rossi & Kim Coates

This week Theo welcomes Dr. Christopher Ryan, best-selling author and podcast host, to discuss the importance of community, curiosity, and searching for the truth in all aspects of life. 

1hr 25mins

3 Jun 2020