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POWC #510 – Secrets of Syndication with Reed Goossens

Pillars Of Wealth Creation

Reed Goossens shares his secrets of syndication today that he used to buy more than $650M of real estate. Welcome to Pillars of Wealth Creation, where we talk about building financial freedom with a special focus in business and Real Estate. Follow along as Todd Dexheimer interviews top entrepreneurs, investors, advisers and coaches. Reed Goossens is an Australian real estate entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and an all-around good bloke. Reed got his start in real estate investing back in 2012 when he moved to the US. Since then he has gone on to start two multifamily syndication investing firms which have been involved in the acquisition of over $650 million worth of US real estate to date. He also hosts the Investing in the U.S. Podcast, where he interviews top real estate investors to help educate entrepreneurs looking to break into the U.S. market.3 Pillars1. Business2. Health3. Love/ReligionBook: Key Person of Influence by Daniel PriestleyYou can connect with Reed at www.ReedGoossens.com or info@reedgoossens.comInterested in coaching? Schedule a call with Todd at www.coachwithdex.comConnect with Pillars Of Wealth Creation on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PillarsofWealthCreation/Subscribe to our email list at www.pillarsofwealthcreation.comSubscribe to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/PillarsOfWealthCreation


29 Aug 2022

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TLP29: Working with the Right Real Estate Team with Reed Goossens

The Limited Partner - You can invest in Real Estate Private Equity!

One of the challenges of a limited partner is finding the right team to invest with. Today our guest, Reed Goossens, will discuss what an L.P. should look for when vetting an operator. Reed owns a multifamily syndication investing firm. Based on his vast experience as a syndicator and operator, Reed will teach us to ask the right questions and analyze how a team operates a deal. You’ll also hear about Reed’s personal story of how he started his real estate journey in Australia and then moved to the U.S. He will share how hiring a coach has helped him scale. His insights on mentorship could be the catalyst for your growth, so listen now! Key Points from This Episode: How the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki spurred Reed to take action and do a deal. Reading books, listening to podcasts, going to meetups, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people are the initial steps real estate investors can take at the beginning of their journey. Reed’s mindset at the beginning was to become an operator. He hired a coach when he wanted to take it to the next level. What’s the difference between hiring a mentor versus just trying to find someone to emulate? What should an L.P. be doing to vet an operator? A track record is essential, especially when you’re buying deals with cap rates that are less than interest rates. Talk to different operators – from the newest to the most experienced ones. Understand how they find and underwrite deals. Ask them about their projections. Are they looking to refinance? How are they getting the mid-teen IRR? Find out how safe your investment is in their deal. Tweetables: “Small actionable steps done consistently lead to good results.” [00:06:51] “[Hiring a mentor] is the act of taking a bet on yourself. You’re taking your own money and saying I’m worth going out and putting in, investing in myself to help get someone to look over my shoulder; getting someone to be that mentor to help me, guide me on my path towards where I want to go.” [00:14:14] “Over time, as you get track record, as you build a brand, as you build your systems internally, more people are attracted to you.” [00:18:01] “In the beginning, go out and vet a lot of operators, talk to them, understand their processes, understand how they’re finding deals, understand how they’re underwriting deals in today’s market.” [00:20:31] Links Mentioned Reed Goossens on LinkedIn Reed Goossens’ personal website Reed Goossens on Facebook Reed Goossens on Instagram Reed Goossens on YouTube Investing in the U.S. podcast Investing in the U.S. on Apple Podcasts About Reed Goossens Reed is a real estate entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and an all-around good bloke! His background is in civil/structural engineering and he has had over nine years of professional experience before taking the plunge full-time into real estate investing and development. One of his career highlights as a civil/structural engineer was being involved with the infrastructure development of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Reed has also worked worldwide as an engineer, including in Australia, NYC, Los Angeles, Fiji, and Europe. He moved to the U.S. in 2012 for the love of two things: his wife and the Big Apple, NYC! Within the first year of living in the U.S., he had purchased his first duplex for $38,000. This experience taught him the benefits of investing in cash flow in the U.S.  Reed has started two multifamily syndication investing firms that have acquired over $500 million worth of real estate. He has also launched the podcast, Investing in the U.S., where he interviews the cream of the crop within the real estate industry to educate better other investors who want to break into the U.S. market and start investing in multifamily real estate today.


15 Aug 2022

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The DJE Multifamily Podcast #172 with Reed Goossens

The DJE Podcast - Real Estate Investing with Devin Elder

Reed Goossens, Founder of RSN Property Group, joins us to discuss moving to the US from Australia to grow a multifamily investment firm, operating in multiple markets, and the current challenges with the capital markets. Connect with Reed at https://reedgoossens.com/ To join the DJE Investor list visit https://djetexas.com/access For multifamily mentoring visit https://www.ApartmentEducators.com


21 Jul 2022

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058: Building A Robust Business through Branding with Reed Goossens

Real Estate Runway

There’s one thing the multifamily industry excels at that others don’t–its potential for growth. 2x best-selling author, multifamily syndicator, entrepreneur, and podcast host Reed Goossens is here to share this with us today. Reed emphasizes the importance of having a mindset that is not only focused on profitability, but on sustainability. He also discusses the need to have at least 500 units in one area before you can turn a profit, and how this is an economy-as-a-scale thing. Reed Goossens shares his story of success and how he has always been able to bounce back from failed ventures. He talks about the importance of betting on yourself and how it's important to have multiple income streams in order to recession-proof your business. Tune in to learn valuable lessons for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. [00:00 - 06:35] Opening Segment Welcoming Reed to the show Brief background Real estate in US versus in Australia [06:36 - 16:52] Building A Robust Business through Branding How to recession-proof your business with a strong personal brand and ecosystem Personal brand as key to building an investment portfolio Podcasting in building a reputation Creating an ecosystem of related businesses [16:53 - 25:55] Other Revenue Streams Property management is an overhead intensive business Renter’s insurance in house Cable income, trash valet, and bulk buying Being creative when assessing revenue-generating opportunities [25:56 - 30:16] Closing Segment Get to know Reed in the Quattro Trio! Final words Quotes:  "So one thing that I think you're recognized for is the ability and the track record of having built some ecosystems to not only recession-proof the business, but to really streamline operations, and surround yourself with an A team." - Reed Goossens "It just makes more sense to go out and hire your own staff members and run your own properties. It may not be a profit center, but it is an expense control center, which is very important as we come into very low interest, low cap rate environments where margins become a lot thinner." - Reed Goossens Connect with Reed through LinkedIn, Facebook, or visit www.reedgoossens.com LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode. Find out how team Quattro can help you by visiting www.TheQuattroWay.com.  Real Estate Runway Podcast is all about alternative business and investment strategies to help you amplify life, and maximize wealth! Click here to find out more about the host, Chad Sutton.


15 Jun 2022

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Best Practices of Great Operators - Reed Goossens

Mailbox Money Show

Reed Goossens is an engineer who turned into a multifamily investor. His background in engineering gave him a special insight on things that work, how people connect, how things are built and how things flourish. This made it easy for him to invest in real estate and build an enormous portfolio over time. He even founded the RSN property group, a great real estate community that helps investors with their multi-family passive income. If you want to get into real estate or want that passive income but you’re having your doubts, the key is to trust your gut. Reeds along with Bronson talks about how consistency plays a huge role in learning because knowledge is power. Which then means you have to continuously be a student. If it doesn't work the first time, try again. Just like Reeds says in the episode, “You just have to go and kiss a few more frogs for it to turn into a princess” Don't miss it! In this episode, we explore: 01:14 - An engineer’s Story 03:46 - Background Experience 07:41 - Trends in the multifamily space 12:42 - Downside risk 16:12 - How to deal with the upcoming recession 18:40 - Environment of a rent nation 20:42 - Job Employment and Creation 22:29 - U.S. as the most yielding commercial asset 24:22 - Advice for people getting into real estate 27:53 - If I had to start over again, what would I have kept or change 29:30 - Any failure you can learn from 30:40 - Resources and tools Connecting with the Guest: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reed-goossens Website: https://reedgoossens.com/ Website2: https://www.rsnpropertygroup.com/ #multifamily #realestate #passiveincome


31 May 2022

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Insights from $650,000,000 in Apartments with Reed Goossens, Ep. 390

Multifamily Insights

10 years ago, in 2012, Reed quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the world to chase a goal. He moved to the US without a job, no established network, and no family members for support.  With limited funds, Reed purchased his first property for $38,000 in late 2012. Since then Reed has co-founded Wildhorn Capital and controls over $650 mill worth of US commercial real estate, and he has achieved financial freedom in the process! Reed is also the author of two best-selling books on Amazon: Investing in the US - The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate, and 10,000 Miles to the American Dream - Our Story of Financial Freedom. We spoke to Reed about his investing journey, his growth, how podcasting worked out for him, and what needs to be done to be successful in real estate investing. Announcement: Download Our Sample Deal and Join Our Mailing List [00:01 – 05:03] Opening Segment  Reed talks about his background. Why he came to the US and how he got into real estate investing. How he built his company. [05:03 – 17:58] $36k to $650 mill Reed talks about his first deal in the US. The benefits of investing in secondary markets. Learning from your first deal to be able to grow. He explains the steps he took and the crucial things he did to grow. The importance of building systems. How podcasting and writing a book helped with his credibility. [17:58 – 33:57] Podcasting and Credibility He talks about his purpose with his podcast. The importance of sharing your story. John talks about how Reed inspired his podcast. Reed talks about his first syndication deal and lessons learned. The importance of having a good company culture. How you can identify a good property manager.  [33:57 – 39:02] Round of Insights Apparent Failure: The triplex property he bought. Digital Resource: Slack Most Recommended Book: Key Person of Influence Daily Habit: Meditation #1 Insight for Investing: Be educated. Understand what you are going to invest your money into. Best Place to Grab a Bite in LA:  The Great White Contact Reed: To learn more go to Reed’s website. Go to Episode 7 and Episode 191 to listen to the previous episodes we did with Reed. Tweetable Quotes: “If I can move halfway across the world and achieve what I’ve done in ten years, then so can the average American.”- Reed Goossens “You make money when you buy but you lose it through bad management.”- Reed Goossens Thank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW,  and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode.


12 Apr 2022

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Leadership Conversation- Episode 61 with Reed Goossens

Leadership Conversations

Name: Reed GoossensCurrent title: Co-FounderCurrent organisation: Wildhorn CapitalReal Estate entrepreneur with 8 years’ experience in structural engineering, project management, design and real estate acquisitions. I combine my technical engineering background with my passion for real estate development and investing.Resources mentioned in this episode:Free Download of The Leadership Survival Guide (10 World-Class Leaders Reveal Their Secrets)The Leadership Conversations PodcastThe Jonno White Leadership PodcastThe Leadership Question of the Day PodcastClarity Website7 Questions on Leadership SeriesWe'd Love To Interview YOU In Our 7 Questions On Leadership Series!Subscribe To Clarity's Mailing ListJonno White's eBook Step Up or Step OutJonno White's Book Step Up or Step Out (Amazon)


15 Feb 2022

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Reed Goossens - 10,000 Miles to the American Dream

The Wild West Real Estate Show

In 2012, Reed moved from Australia to the US with no job and no connections. Since then, he's co-founded Wild Horn Capital and now controls over $300M in commercial Real Estate. He has also authored two bestselling books,  Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate and 10,000 Miles to the American Dream. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3HdVSWy


8 Feb 2022

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E289: How to Start a Multifamily Business From Scratch (Encore) - Reed Goossens

The Investor Mindset - Real Estate Show

So you want to start in real estate but don't know where to begin? Steven is joined by Reed Goossens, a real estate entrepreneur from Australia, and they dive into how you can get started in building a prolific business from scratch. KEY TAKEAWAYSIf you focus on why you could fail... it's easy to then create excuses and reasons why NOT to take action.Figure out what your step by step plan is from the beginning.Find a mentor and work on yourself and your own brand because investors are going to invest in YOU as a person.Be patient and realize that success is a process and journey that takes time. Being impatient can easily lead to failure.Find a partner to work with who has experience already and offer them one of your skills or unique abilities that they don't necessarily have so you can be the strength in the area of their weakness.Realise that you may need to let go of some control when your business scales up.As a leader make sure that you have the right team in place and that they manage the business like it's their own. Abut the Guest:One of the biggest benefits of investing is commercial multifamily is economies of scale. However, this can be very tough if you don't have the right people, processes and systems in place though. We talk about this and how Reed came from Australia as an expat and grew a successful real estate business from scratch here in the US. For anyone wanting to start a real estate business this episode is a must for you.In 2012, Reed quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investing firm, Wildhorn Capital. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the US. He has also achieved financial freedom, and has taken control of life.Reed is also the host of the successful podcast, Investing in the U.S., wherein he invites other distinguished real estate investors and entrepreneurs to speak with him about their success and help guide other investors who want to successfully invest in the U.S.! Reed is also a best-selling author with two books now on Amazon: Investing in the US – The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate, & 10,000 Miles to the American Dream.


31 Jan 2022

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ATE-Communicating with Property Managers with Reed Goossens and Michael Messner

Diary of an Apartment Investor

Communication with property managers and how to guide them to become great assets with Reed Goossens and Michael Messner.Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TwitterFor more educational content, visit our website at www.diaryofanapartmentinvestor.comInterested in investing with Four Oaks Capital?  First step is to schedule a call with us. Originally aired on Aug. 03, 2021 ----Reed GoossensIn 2012, Reed quit his job in Australia and moved half way across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investing firm, Wildhorn Capital. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the US. He has also achieved financial freedom, and has taken control of life.https://reedgoossens.com/email info@reedgoossens.com----Michael MessnerBusiness development executive, consultant, entrepreneur and author. I specialize in promoting corporate growth through new business partnerships, win-win negotiations, and web funnel optimization. Data-driven market insights + calculated risk = exponential growth.----Your host, Brian Briscoe, is a co-founder and principal in the real estate investing firm Four Oaks Capital.  He and his team currently have 485 units worth $21 million in assets under management and are continuing to grow.  He will retire as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021. Learn more about him and the Four Oaks team at www.fouroakscapital.com  or contact him at brianbriscoe@fouroakscapital.com - be sure to let him know where you found him.Connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.


3 Aug 2021