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Resiliency Mindset with Tommy Caldwell

The Simplicity Sessions

Welcome back to The Simplicity Sessions, I'm delighted that you’ve joined us today. My name is Jenn Pike, your host, registered holistic nutritionist, medical exercise specialist, the best-selling author of the Simplicity Project and the creator of the women's revolutionary health program, The Hormone Project. This is a conversation with Fitness industry leader, Tommy Caldwell, best-selling author of Heavy Brain and creator of the MetFlex-Rx Diet. He is also the founder of Hybrid Fitness - Canada’s largest independent fitness facility. Tommy is here today to talk to us about the struggles we all face to meet our health, fitness, and performance goals and delve into understanding what motivates our actions and inactions. He will share with us resiliency strategies built from proven techniques of discipline and mindset, as well as resources to support each of us on our journey. As a performance coach with a specialization in habit and behavior change for fitness, Tommy has worked with thousands of clients, over the past decade, helping them to bridge that gap between their intention and the action to reach those elusive health and fitness goals. You can find links to Tommy Caldwell’s multi-platform publishings, as well as social / websites at the bottom of the show notes. You will also find linked info about our partners and recommended products to try. If you have a question for me and my team, send it on over to hello@jennpike.com or via Instagram at @jennpike and I'll do my best to share helpful insights, thoughts and advice.  Here are the main topics of today’s episode: Introducing our guest, Tommy Caldwell Jenn’s seasonal recommendations  Understanding our motivations for both action and inaction Emotional sensitivities  Building a resiliency mindset  The cyclical nature of reactive responses What’s done is done. What are you going to do now?  Underlying emotions  Changing the environment where the behaviour lives Resources  Connect with us -  Thank you for joining us today. If you could do me the honor of hitting the subscribe button, leaving a review and sharing this podcast with a friend or on social media tagging me when you do @thesimplicityproject on Facebook, @jennpike on Instagram, @simplicityjenn on Twitter, I would be forever grateful. Follow Tommy on Instagram @tcfitnessmentor and Twitter @hybridtraining  To connect with Tommy Caldwell and find direct links to read and/or listen to his books, Heavy Brain and MetFlex-Rx Diet. go to his website https://tommycaldwell.net To access his Podcasts, The Fitness Mentor Podcast and The Beyond Your Body Podcast, follow this link https://tommycaldwell.net/podcasts/ You can connect to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher by searching The Simplicity Sessions, or visiting www.jennpike.com/podcast. Join our growing community via Facebook The Simplicity Sessions Community. Online work with Jenn:  Register for my signature program The Hormone Project and work with me 1:1 to support your health, hormones, and more via the following link www.jennpike.com/thehormoneproject. Sign up for The Synced Program to learn how to tune your body to the lunar cycle and acquire a multidisciplinary approach to balance your body in less than 30 minutes a day!  Interested in registering for the upcoming Audacious Women program? Send us a message via our website at https://jennpike.com/contact/ To learn more about the products mentioned in this episode, visit the link i’ve shared on my Instagram @jennpike. There you can discover where you can purchase these products and how you can start to make them part of your everyday simplicity approach.  Learn more about the products I recommend and some of our amazing partners  Saint Francis Herb Farm Allergy Relief with Deep Immune  provides symptom relief plus addresses the underlying cause of an overactive immune system without drowsiness or dryness side-effects.You can use the code JENNPIKE15 at check out and save 15% off your order. Skin Essence is Canadian-founded, organic, non-GMO, not animal-tested- this company is one that we love and have around the house. The E-cream is a delicately balanced skin balm that contains a wide variety of plant extracts which offer excellent calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. E-Cream is ideal for helping to soothe and reduce the effects of eczema, redness, sun burns, insect bites, and dry/itchy skin. If it’s your first time ordering from Skin Essence, use my code JENNPIKE20 for 20% off. Use code JENNPIKE15 at check out and save 15% off your order for every order after that. GoodJuju make all-natural, plastic-free home & body products that are good for you, and good for the planet. Use code JENNPIKE at check out and save 10% off your first order  Quotes “I started down the road of understanding. The emotional, psychological connection between a person, what a person wants to do and what a person is able to do and learning why it's so difficult for someone to bridge that gap, because everyone knows what unhealthy eating looks like in their own life.” “ In my opinion, I think there's too much information. So for the average individual, you don't know how to discern what you actually need or how to then apply it into your life.” “If you can be resilient and stay positive. And just when you slip and fall, just pick yourself back up and go, okay, that happened. And this is why it happened. And it's not the end of the world. And I'm just going to pick myself back up tomorrow. That person is eventually going to succeed, whether it's six months, one year, five years, but managing that mindset is the trick.” “The more reactive you are, the less time you give yourself to assess what's going on, what you're feeling and how you should react. Just asking simple questions.” That is the best opportunity to stop and be curious because what's done is done. There's no point in holding it against yourself. What you need to do is now reflect on that moment, in that situation in a positive way. So you can actually get something out of it in the future. And that's just what I tell people what's done is done. Get something out of it. So what was it, what was the chain of events that led to that consequential behavior?” “Pick little things you can change and manage that give you a feeling of self control, that gives you the psychological reward of - I've identified the problem, I've picked how I'm going to manage it and I'm just baby-stepping. So I just made a little augmentation to my routine and I can do this consistently. And once you can prove to yourself that you can make those little changes for a few weeks. Now, you can make the next change.”  “We've had to step into a place of radical resiliency on many levels, right? Like in our, in the economy, in work and finance and our relationships, all of it. I think actually the one area that we really, we could have used the most help in this year, which is the understanding of our health and how to be healthy”  “Changing the environment where the behavior usually lives. And if it's on the couch in front of the TV, go for a walk for 20 minutes or do some yoga in another room because just doing that can number one, break up the pattern. And number two, give you the time and space in order to really assess what you're going to do when you return and it doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to change everything, but you'll find when you have those little gaps and those changes in the habit and routine that you're so used to the leads to the same outcome, it gives you the time and space to manage that part of your day differently.” “How your actions affect your mind in the aftermath is going to determine your future habits and behaviors, which over time will determine the outcomes in your health. So it all starts in the mind and how you manage those, those difficult times, because difficult times aren't going to go away.” Additional Information About Jenn: Jenn studied and graduated with honors in Human Anatomy and Physiology with such a passion that it propelled her to continue her education over many years. Jenn is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Instructor and Faculty of the Toronto Yoga Conference, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Expert, STOTT Pilates trained instructor, Twist Sport Conditioning Coach, Spin Instructor Crossfit Level 1 Coaching, among other certifications she got along the way. She is also a guest Holistic Expert for Breakfast Television, Global, CHCH, Rogers Tv and writes columns for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun magazine, Savvy Mom and contributes to Inside Fitness Magazine, The Toronto Star and Sun. She is also a proud educator and ambassador to Genuine Health, Nature’s Emporium, and Juice Plus. Jenn is a proud mama to two beautiful souls and her best teachers of life. She resides on Lake Simcoe in Keswick with her husband and two children. 


3 May 2021

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Why rock climber Tommy Caldwell started speaking out

The Landscape

Tommy Caldwell has been described as “the best all-around rock climber on the planet”—so why is he using his fame and platform to advocate for reforming the oil and gas leasing system on public lands? In this episode of The Landscape, Tommy talks about his career, his journey into advocacy, and what’s next in the climbing world. Watch Tommy in The Dawn Wall (Netflix) and Free Solo (Disney+), and read his memoir, The Push: A Climber’s Search for The Path. You can also watch this episode on YouTube. News Biden Moves To Make It Illegal (Again) To Accidentally Kill Migratory Birds (NPR) Oil leasing and permitting to get national forum March 25 (Albuquerque Journal) Join this Latino Advocacy Week, March 14-20 Credits Host/producer: Aaron WeissFeedback: podcast@westernpriorities.orgMusic: Purple PlanetPhoto: Tommy Caldwell


11 Mar 2021

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Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Cutting Edge

Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold need no introduction. Our show with them about the speed record on the Nose of El Cap (Episode 8) was by far the most popular we've ever done. Now they're back to chat with Chris Kalman about the CDUL Traverse: the Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. The two spent 36 hours in July doing 11 of the Park's most classic climbing routes and summiting 17 peaks.This traverse took place last summer, but the interview is brand new, and we also asked Tommy and Alex to reflect on their experiences climbing in the time of COVID, traveling vs. staying home, the opportunities for great adventures right in your own backyard, and what they're working on now. The Cutting Edge is presented by Hilleberg the Tentmaker, with additional support from new sponsors Lowa and Polartec. This episode was also sponsored by Coros Vertix. The Cutting Edge podcast is produced by the American Alpine Club.Photo by Adam Stack.


28 Feb 2021

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Ep069 Tommy Caldwell - Free Climb of El Capitan in Yosemite - Dedication vs Unhealthy Obsession

Journey to Wherever

There is a level of sacrifice that some can’t even fathom losing. We unwrap the amazing documentary on Netflix called “The Dawn Wall” starring Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson where a perfect example of sacrifice, dedication and obsession resulted in achieving the unimaginable - free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite.In today’s show we discuss what it truly requires to be great, amazing, the best in the world, the stuff of legacy. But what exactly is the cost? There’s always a cost. Whether you like it or don’t believe it, it's damn true!The boys poise the question to each other on what being ultra dedicated and obsessed about achieving a landmark goal really means. The countless hours, meticulous planning and above all, the ultimate sacrifices that take place. Would you be willing to put your obsession above things like your partner? Your kids? Financial impacts? What about those people that take the ride with you? Is there sacrifice to allow you to accomplish your dream a bigger achievement than yours? All discussed, true JTW style. Enjoy Fam!! About the podcast:Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together to record discussions that shouldn't be left unsaid.We would absolutely love for our listeners to get in touch to share their thoughts, questions, ideas, advice or feedback. Please drop us an email at journeytowhereverpodcast@gmail.com or reach us on our social platforms. We'd also appreciate a review on apple podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe so you'll always know when a new episode is out.You can find all the information you need about the show, including how to get in touch with us by visiting journeytowherever.com.Our socials:Instagram: instagram.com/journeytowhereverpodcastTwitter: twitter.com/journeywhereverFacebook: fb.com/journeytowhereverEmail: journeytowhereverpodcast@gmail.comjourneytowherever.com

1hr 12mins

17 Jan 2021

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Tommy Caldwell - The Push. Un'esperienza oltre il limite

Storia dell'alpinismo.

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30. Tommy Caldwell

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7 Dec 2020

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Born to climb the Dawn Wall — Tommy Caldwell


Yosemite’s most punishing climb is the 3000ft sheer face of El Capitan mountain called the Dawn Wall. Tommy grew up exploring Yosemite and in 2015 he and his partner Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb the wall(R)


5 Nov 2020

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Parenthood, climbing and activism with Tommy Caldwell: Episode 14

The Caroline Gleich Show

How do male athletes balance parenthood and sport? When did they know they wanted to become fathers?  I don't often interview male athletes, but I wanted to branch out to add more male voices to the podcast. When I had the opportunity to chat with professional climber Tommy Caldwell, I was really interested in how he is able to balance his professional sport and career with his responsibility as a parent. We discuss his projects, his training, how he's been able to avoid the "dad bod," and his evolution as a climber through parenthood. I was also very curious about his hair and skincare routine and how he's able to maintain his youthful looks while spending so much time in the sun and on big walls. Then we talk about activism! (In all seriousness, we need to normalize asking men about their hair and skincare routines).  Tommy has made first ascents of some of the hardest climbing routes in the US and the world. He is a fellow Patagonia ambassador and climate activist. This episode has some great nuggets of wisdom that are applicable to any athletes trying to balance all the aspects of life.  Huge thanks to Tommy for taking the time and for sharing his activism and adventures with us!  Lattice Training Programs--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/caroline-gleich/message


6 Jul 2020

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Tommy Caldwell, le pousseur du Kirghizistan

La folie des hauteurs

durée : 00:16:53 - Tommy Caldwell, le pousseur du Kirghizistan


5 Jul 2020

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Healthy Habits During Lockdown With Tommy Caldwell -103

The Improvement Project - Good Habits, Intentional Living and Becoming a Better Human

On Episode 103 Tommy Caldwell joins us again to discuss some strategies for improving your healthy habits during lockdown. This is especially relevant as we work through our 30 Day June Movement/Exercise challenge.


11 Jun 2020