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All the Best Questions with Jacey Verdicchio

All The Best Days

some FAQ’s with Jacey Verdicchio @jaceyverdiccio My friend, Jacey Verdicchio, writes the BEST newsletter - In A Word. (You can find her on Instagram @jaceyverdicchio)She centers each one around a theme and her latest issue was the word - VACATION.Y’all, I LOVE this newsletter. Honestly, I love taking a minute to digest her words and scroll through the links and articles she has found. Its obvious she puts lots of thought into what she creates and I so enjoy receiving this twice a month in my email.SUBSCRIBE HERE —> IN A WORD NEWSLETTERShe asked if she could interview me for a fun audio companion/ audio postcard for the VACATION newsletter and I so enjoyed our conversation that I wanted to share it here. She helped me unpack and answer a lot of questions that I assume people just know about me - which isn’t true!I’m so glad to have this episode to answer all the FAQ’s that come our way.We talk about:- What does the planning of the trip look like? (Budget, itinerary)- What do you feed your kids on the road?- How many hours a day are you in the car?- What are your favorite kid activities on the road?- How do you handle tension/conflict with Michael?- What does #takeittothenips™ look like on the road?- What makes managing all these details less stressful than everyday life?WHATS IN MY FOOD BAG:turkey slicesmini guacsFRUITplaintain chipspouchespopcornbarsjerkyWHATS IN MY TOY BAG:audio booksLook and See booksWater WowFresh box of crayons & markersColoring sheets about where we are headed!Toy carsDoll


4 Aug 2019

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Ep. 80- Jacey Verdicchio - The Unexpected Way Motherhood Teaches Us How to Relinquish Control-

The Mommy Project

Jacey Verdicchio, writer, podcaster, blogger, and mama to a sweet baby girl- shares her story of how her daughter Betsy came to be in this world, and how the process was not as she expected. For most of us- we have certain expectations of how Motherhood will transform our lives. Our High Expectations begin with our Birth Plan.... and when things don't go according to the plan... we either fight it or accept it. But God meets us in our Brokenness and weakness.  Her is Jacey's story of Betsy's Birth.  For more of her story - (such a beautiful read) click the here.


14 May 2018

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Episode 63: Jacey Verdicchio

Surviving Sarah

Jacey Verdicchio joins me for episode 63. You may know her well from the popular podcast called Around The Table. Jacey and I became Voxer friends last year and I thought it would be fun to talk about finding your fit or your place in work. Do you feel lost in what you’re doing? Maybe you are a recent college grad but don’t know what to do next? O maybe you’re a mom who is drowning in a sea of diapers and wonder if there is more to life? Or maybe you find yourself at a mid-life stage of life and feel like its time for a change? If that is you, then this episode was designed with you in mind.  We talk about thinking outside of the box of what work might look like for you, what to do when you feel unsure of what to do next and advice that we would give to our twenty year old selves.  I hope you enjoyed my chat with Jacey. She is such a smart, hard-working woman. I really enjoyed the part of our conversation centered around the idea that God is working something in you even if the circumstances around you aren’t quite panning out the way you wanted. She said, “I think God is more concerned about our character than our circumstances.” Amen to that… even as much as that is tough to hear, my heart knows its true. What part of our conversation struck you? Let's not let the conversation end here. Come find me @sarahwbragg on Instagram or Twitter or SurvivingSarahPodcast on Facebook. Also, I really do love Jacey’s podcast guide. It is incredibly helpful for anyone interested in starting a podcast. She lays out how to think through what you show will be about and all the technical details. You can get a copy at SurvivingSarah.com/startyourpodcast Thank you for supporting the show from purchasing through affiliate links to sharing the show with your friends to leaving reviews on iTunes. Your support does not go unnoticed! I love helping you survive while you drive, shop for groceries, fold laundry or hide in a closet. I am here for you! So as always, I hope that this show helps you survive a little easier. 


21 Feb 2017

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HMM 31: A Budgeting Journey With Jacey Verdicchio

Her Dinero Matters

www.jenhemphill.com This week’s guest Jacey Verdicchio has so much financial goodness to share, you won’t be disappointed! What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:   How they lived on student debt loans and what they did to turn it all around What she learned about budgeting from the multiple times of disappointment What making giving a priority especially during hard times did for them


7 Jan 2016

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055: Jacey Verdicchio of the Around the Table Podcast

She Percolates with Jen Hatzung & Danielle Spurge

Jacey co-hosts the Around the Table podcast {This week they celebrated their 1 year anniversary, congrats gals!} and serves as the Brand + Business Manager for Naptime Diaries. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and golden retriever. We had such a blast chatting with Jacey.  Getting to interview other podcasters is so much fun! As we do with all of our guests we start out with a hard hitting question, what is your definition of success? Jacey shares an insightful answer we think will really resonate with all of our listeners,"Success to me is growing into the fullness of who you were created to be, regardless of fear, self-doubt, and obstacles along the way."Yes, Yes, YES! She also talks about how success is a process rather than a destination. If you've been listening for a while you know we 100% believe this to be true! It is all about the process or journey! Jacey shares the story of when her definition of success shifted. "I just wish I made more money." "I just wish I accomplished more." "I wish I had a job that had a track to it where I could know I was achieving something." Jacey shared these words with her dad and he gave the best response that Jacey needed to hear, "Life is about more than making money and achieving things." {-Jacey's dad} She knew that, and believed it but she needed to hear it to be reminded that she is not on that path, and that is ok. Her life and her success are not defined by her bank account and the things she checks off her daily/weekly/monthly to-do list. We talk a lot about her podcast and her blog. She shares how she defines success for both. The metric she uses for both is if people have a "me too" moment she knows she is making a difference. She can't be solely focused on numbers, likes, shares, downloads, hearts, etc. Jacey also shares about how she recently embraced the word ambition and now proudly counts it as a trait she has. Jacey mentions the book Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown and The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.


26 Aug 2015