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57: Mekenzie Riley - 4x CrossFit games athlete, remote coach and Registered dietitian


Welcome to the Type1lifting podcast. This episode is sponsored by Liberte Lifestyle. Save some coin by typing the promo code TYPE1 at checkout. https://libertelifestyles.comIn this episode I talk to Mekenzie Riley CrossFit games athlete, remote coach, Registered dietitian nutritionist In this episode we talk about * How she started CrossFit * How she got started with Misfit Athletics * How she manages remote coaching* Her write up on Morning Chalk Up * What are the goals for her this yearYou can I’lle always check out Type1lifting by going to www.type1lifting.com Instagram @type1liftingTwitter@type1liftingFacebookType1lifting Tik Tok@Type1lifting Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.

1hr 2mins

6 Apr 2021

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2019 Crossfit Games Recap with Jessica Griffith, Travis Williams and Mekenzie Riley

Misfit Podcast

Jessica Griffith, Travis Williams and Mekenzie Riley are in the studio to talk about their 2019 Crossfit Games Experience.

1hr 13mins

27 Aug 2019

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Two-Brain Radio With Sean Woodland, Episode 11: Mekenzie Riley

Two-Brain Radio

Two-Brain Radio With Sean Woodland, Episode 11: Mekenzie RileyOn today’s episode, Sean Woodland talks with four-time CrossFit Games athlete Mekenzie Riley.This week, Mekenzie will make her fourth career appearance at the CrossFit Games and her third as an individual, which she qualified for with an 11th-place finish in the worldwide CrossFit Open.She talks a lot about overcoming adversity. Mekenzie dealt with some pretty serious stuff when she was younger—including battling disordered eating, body-image issues and the loss of her parents—but overcame it all to become a successful CrossFit Games athlete. Mekenzie also shares how she prepared for the Games in Madison and what she would consider a successful season.Links: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/2019-crossfit-games-workshop/Contact: Instagram: @itskenzierileyTimeline: 1:37 – Training in the weeks leading up to the CrossFit Games. 4:28 – Struggling with body image as a teenager. 6:55 – Overcoming anorexia and bulimia.10:39 – To overcome an eating disorder, you have to want to get better.14:31 – Remembering Mekenzie’s hero: Her mother. 18:50 – Dealing with the loss of her parents. 22:01 – From Zumba instructor to CrossFit enthusiast.24:27 – Becoming a CrossFit competitor. 27:39 – Lessons learned from Games past: Be grateful.30:48 – Training around the new CrossFit Games season structure. 37:45 – What will it take for the 2019 Games to be a success? 


31 Jul 2019

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Positive Vs Negative With Mekenzie Riley - The Unprepared Podcast

Misfit Podcast

On today's Unprepared Podcast, Mekenzie Riely joins the guys to talk about training mentality and the pros and cons of both positive and negative mindsets. Enjoy!

1hr 26mins

26 Jun 2019

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G.R.A.C.E. - Mekenzie Riley


G.R.A.C.E. with Mekenzie Riley


3 Jan 2019

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Ep.11 - What it takes to be world class with Mekenzie Riley


We talk to 3 time CrossFit Games athlete Mekenzie Riley about what her day to day looks like, and what it truly takes to be a the top of your sport.


3 Jan 2019

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Success Defined 009: Pursuit of Being The Best In The World: Crossfit Games Athlete Mekenzie Riley

Success Defined with Ben McDonald

Mekenzie Riley has competed multiple times at the Crossfit Games. She is also a Registered Dietician who runs her own company. After a childhood of athletics, Mekenzie would work out for 3 hours on a daily basis. When she was introduced to Crossfit, the variety, competitions, and constant improvement were appealing. Mekenzie talks about what it takes to dedicate yourself to being one of the best in the world at something. We go in to sacrifice and aligning your life to fit your version of success. Mekenzie also talks about how she can be a professional Crossfit athlete and still run her own nutrition consulting company. The best place to follow or reach out to Mekenzie is on Instagram @itskenzieriley. With questions or comments about the show, reach out to me at BenMcDonaldFA@gmail.com


10 May 2018

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Belief, Focus, and Action with Mekenzie Riley

The Vaughn Weightlifting Podcast

2017 CrossFit Games Individual Competitor, Mekenzie Riley, chats with me about struggles she’s had and feels she is having as a competitor, as well as examples of focusing through the execution of a single, quick movement or plan of a WOD. We also dig into and discuss some potential steps that I recommend she can take(or not take) as she moves forward in her career and works to strengthen her mental game.“JUST believe in yourself!” It’s easy to say, and sounds good and positive, but it’s not as easily done as many people tend to demand that it is with a statement like that. “You HAVE to believe if you want to achieve!” Don’t let this seemingly nonnegotiable “prerequisite” lend to any hesitation in your pursuit toward your goal…work toward making it happen anyway with unconditional and relentless ACTION!I hope to help deliver a message that you DON’T have to completely believe in yourself or a specific outcome to achieve, and to achieve greatness! Here are my recommendations to help you offset disbelief and lack of confidence:1. UNDERSTAND that everyone struggle with this so you are certainly not alone.2. ACCEPT the possibility of what you’re working toward NOT happening. “I might not make this lift.” Missing the lift is a potential outcome. “I might not lose the weight.” Keeping the weight on or not losing as much as I’d like is a potential outcome.3. ACKNOWLEDGE that achieving you goal is ALSO a possibility. “It is physically possible for me to make this lift.” People make big lifts all the time. Making the lift is a potential outcome. “It is physically possible for me to lose the weight that I want.” People lose a lot of weight and completely change their lives all the time. Losing the weight is a very realistic, potential outcome.4. Get to work and stick with it no matter how confident you are in what the results will be, leaving no stone unturned or lesson unused in the process. JUST keep going, keep putting 1 foot in front of the other.“Success is largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.”William Feather

1hr 3mins

31 Jan 2018

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Unbroken Podcast 008: Mekenzie Riley

The Unbroken Podcast

Sorry for the sound quality of this episode. I know it was bad. I had the privilege to drive to Peoria, IL to meet Mekenzie Riley at CrossFit 309 and hangout and talk fitness. I met Mekenzie a year ago at a competition hosted in Ozark, Missouri called Ozark Mountain Shredfest, and she was awesome. She added me as a friend on Facebook and offered to help me with my quest to lose weight. We have stayed friends ever since. Mekenzie is a lifestyle coach and registered dietitian. She has her own business as well, Real Results Nutrition Consulting. Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks the walk. She is an amazing CrossFit athlete and competes with the best. She placed 3rd in her district in the last CrossFit Games Open. We talk about how she started CrossFit and how it helped her change the way she approached her own nutrition. Now, she wants to share that knowledge with others. Her team has some big plans for this next Games season. We talk training and what it is like to work together as a team. Episode was first released Dec 2015. Since the recording, she has been back to the games two times. Once again with a team and then 2017 as an individual.

1hr 4mins

2 Dec 2015