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CHRIS BELL: A Journey Through the Cosmos with author Rich Tupica

Death by Misadventure: True Crime Paranormal

Join us as we unravel the mystery surrounding the rise and fall of Big Star, a pioneering band in the world of indie rock. Our focus will be on the tragic death of Chris Bell, the band's impact on the music industry and the legacy left behind with the help of Rich Tupica, author of "There Was A Light: Chris Bell and the Rise of Big Star: The Cosmic History of Chris Bell and the Rise of Big Star".Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


9 Feb 2023

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Filmmaker Chris Bell | The Chris Bell Show & Bigger Stronger Faster

That Sober Guy Podcast

Chris "BOAR" Bell is a filmmaker, director, producer and writer, known for his documentaries Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids, Prescription Thugs and A Leaf Of Faith. You can find all of his movies on Amazon, Netflix, or other major movie platforms. Chris became an advocate for addiction recovery after losing his brother to a prescription drug addiction. Chris has struggled with his own addiction issues which he talks about both publicly as well as in parts of his films. Chris also hosts his own podcast, The Chris Bell Show. This episode was recorded at Chris's brother Mark Bells (Host of Mark Bells Power Project) home in Northern CA. Follow Chris on IG @BigStrongFast  Jumpstart Your Life Without Alcohol in 10 Days! Download my FREE guide and I’ll show you my quick and easy 3 step process to help jumpstart your life without alcohol in 10 days! https://www.thatsoberguy.com/10-day-jumpstart Join Us in That Sober Guy Men’s Locals Group and connect with over 500 men living free from alcohol at  https://www.thatsoberguy.com/mens-group Tired of Drinking? Try Our 30 Day Quit Drinking Dude Challenge! You’ll get 30 Podcasts in 30 days plus exercises, community and accountability to help keep you free from alcohol for 30 days or more!  For more information  on 'Quit Drinking Dude; The Ultimate Mens Guide to Quit Drinking Alcohol and Stay Sober for 30 Days or More' go to: https://www.thatsoberguy.com/quit-drinking-alcohol-for-30-days Follow us on Instagram @ThatSoberGuyPodcast For More Resources go to http://www.ThatSoberGuy.com Invite Shane to Speak - https://www.thatsoberguy.com/speaking Contact Us: https://www.thatsoberguy.com/contactus For professional assistance go to https://www.promises.com/soberguy/ or you can call 1-888-205-1890 For more information or to order a case of NOCCO go to https://nocco.com/us/ and pick up your favorite No Carbs Company drink today  Music - Going Late courtesy of Humans & Haven Sounds Inc. Need a Meeting? https://www.thatsoberguy.com/meetings National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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28 Jul 2022

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Ep 140 - Chris Bell – Views from a Pro-Life Lifetime

That's So Second Millennium

Christopher Bell, president and executive director of Good Counsel Homes, is “on the frontline of the pro-life movement,” as The Catholic World Report wrote in a 2021 profile. Chris and TSSM co-host Bill Schmitt have been friends since their college years, when they were both studying journalism. Co-host Paul Giesting joined the two native Long Islanders for a discussion of Catholic values in the abortion debate shortly after the leak of a draft US Supreme Court decision which pointed toward a Court decision overruling Roe v Wade. In 1985, Bell co-founded Good Counsel with Father Benedict Groeschel, who was a much-loved voice in Catholic spirituality and media and a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Good Counsel operates four homes to provide basic necessities and steps toward a stable future for moms and their babies, unborn and recently born, in New York and New Jersey. The homes are a pro-life alternative available at no cost to mothers who choose to give birth rather than abort their babies. The trajectory of politics and policies in New York and New Jersey has been strongly pro-abortion. The differences in approaches among all the states are being highlighted more than ever in the context of the Supreme Court’s pending decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

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1 Jun 2022

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Notifications Infrastructure with Chris Bell

Podcast – Software Engineering Daily

Notifications have typically been an area of a product where building in-house has been the only option. However, building a best-in-class notifications system that delivers a great customer experience requires a significant investment when you start to layer in complexities like batching, cross channel orchestration, and user preferences. Chris Bell of Knock joins the show to talk through how Knock can solve the challenges with building an in-house product notification system, and free up engineering time in the process. Sponsorship inquiries: sponsor@softwareengineeringdaily.com The post Notifications Infrastructure with Chris Bell appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


25 May 2022

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Kissing Spine Part 1: Dr. Chris Bell of Elder's Equine Clinic on Diagnosis, Surgery and Recovery

Ride Like a Mother

We've all been there... We're riding our horse and somethings not quite right but you can't quite pin point it. Maybe its that your fire breathing dragon turns a barrel and instead of the usual flaming run you just get a a little puff of smoke. Or maybe they're getting a little cinchy. Could it be Kissing Spine? In this 3 part series we are interviewing Vet, Horse Owner and Rehabilitation Expert on their experience with Kissing Spine. This ailment affects more horses than one might expect and has a surprisingly quick turnaround and recovery rate after surgery. Which is a great reason to know a bit about it as a competitive rider (in any field). IN PART 1: of the series we interview Dr. Chris Bell of Elders Equine about what Kissing Spine is, diagnosis, surgery and recovery. IN PART 2: of the series we interview Chantal Kesslering about her horse Charger who was treated for Kissing Spine. We discuss how she noticed a problem, the steps she took, the rehab process and plans for Charger's future. IN PART 3: of the series we interview Molly Kelleher about her equine rehabilitation program. We cover rehab in general, what she does and we talk specifically about Kissing Spine. CONNECT WITH DR. CHRIS BELL:>>> WEBSITE: eldersequineclinic.com>>> INSTAGRAM: @chrisbelldvm CONNECT WITH US!>>> EPISODE IDEAS SEND TO: ridelikeamother@gmail.com>>> FIND ALL THE EPISODES: ridelikeamother.ca


12 May 2022

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Easter 2022 - Chris Bell

3Circle Church


18 Apr 2022

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Chris Bell: Freedom From Pain - Kratom vs Big Pharma

Legends Of Iron

This time the Legends of Iron crew talks with the documentary filmmaker Chris Bell, the creator of the films “Bigger Faster Stronger” and “Prescription Thugs”. Chris talks about his new film “A Leaf of Faith” which explores the miracle of Kratom for helping with inflammation, pain and serious drug addiction.Some of the other topics the guys explore in this episode:• The guys speculate about the cause of some of the deaths happening now in the world of bodybuilding • The myth of ‘Roid Rage• The regenerative and therapeutic powers of steroids• How Chris whipped himself back into shape and beat an opioid addiction• The benefits of TRT and fasting• Prescription Pills and the sometimes unintended effects they have on people • Pharmaceuticals vs natural remedies • The difficulties of making health-based documentaries todayChris Bell is famous for talking about things most people aren’t willing to talk about and bring it to the front page. He has a passion to help educate the world with knowledge not given by mainstream media. This is a must-hear episode of LOI!Instagram @bigstrongfast https://www.instagram.com/bigstrongfast/Twitter @bigfaststrong https://twitter.com/BigStrongFastPrescription Thugs YouTube https://youtu.be/AP5JUuw2ZOsBigger, Stronger, Faster YouTube https://youtu.be/MXpgrN33OrYA Leaf of Faith - A Kratom documentary by Chris Bell YouTube https://youtu.be/l8cACxd3KKIHost of Legends of Iron Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LegendsofIron/Jon Andersen Instagram @thejonandersen https://www.instagram.com/thejonandersen/Website https://www.jonandersencoaching.com/copy-of-fb-landing-pageNick Best Instagram @nickbeststrongmanhttps://www.instagram.com/nickbeststrongman/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/NickBestProStrongman?app=desktopAkim Williams Instagram @akim_bkbeast_williamshttps://www.instagram.com/akim_bkbeast_williams/Podcast Producer Ben Bulman Of Angry Dad Podcast Instagram @B2thethpowerhttps://www.instagram.com/b2the4thpower/Website https://lnk.bio/angrydadpodcastPresented By MuscleMedshttps://musclemedsrx.com/

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10 Feb 2022

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Chris Bell - Chapel of Rock, Drummer

Break It Down Show

Chris Bell - Chapel of Rock, Drummer - Chris Bell is known as a drummer. However, our buddy Wes Maebe says Chris can do it all. As a drummer, Chris' credits include Big Country (this band is a personal fav for those of us who grew up on the Quake in San Francisco) Thompson Twins, Donovan, Plant/Page, Gene Loves Jezebel and BIDS alum Raie. Check out the Chapel of Rock at Chris is part of the crew at the Chapel of Rock, a collection of badass musicians in England who are changing how the music industry records music. And here is a fun note for you: per Wes, Chris plays the best sounding drum kit he's ever heard...and that is saying something.  For the  of this episode head to  Please support the Break It Down Show by doing a monthly subscription to the show  All of the money you invest goes directly to supporting the show!​ ​​Haiku Maybe a drummer                                                                            Although, he can do it all                                                                Big Country's his band ​Similar episodes: -  -   -  Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD.  Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner  Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev  Writer: Dragan Petrovski  The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows.

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8 Feb 2022

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Teletext R Podcast, 2nd February 2022 – Bamber Boozler Unmasked & More Digitiser Lore with Chris Bell (TSC 11/6/21)


(Guest edited by Kyra Diamondine) Reckon you know all about Bamber Boozler? Think again, maaan! During the 1990s, Digitiser's Mr Biffo took it upon himself to expand the Boozler family lore in a long-running series of pre-clickbait headlines. And considering he is a just a man made of yellow pixels, Bamber has led a rich and varied life. Fervent preservationist Tim Bisley has granted us exclusive access to a long list of the Bamboozle host's crimes, criticisms and cravings. Prepare yourself for the wasp-chewing, fraud-committing, pink loving/loathing adventures of teatime's favourite quizmaster. Fortunately for us, Sir Chris 'Bellston' Bell of Digitiser tribute site Super Page 58 is on hand to help Dan pore over the best of Boozler's worst. Press red to start... This segment was originally broadcast as part of the Teletext Sofa Club livestream on 11th June 2021.


5 Feb 2022

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MBPP EP. 651 - World Carnivore Month 2022 - Carnivore Diet Explained ft. Chris Bell

Mark Bell's Power Project

World Carnivore Month 2022 is off and running! Today we have fellow carnivore and big brother of the podcast, Chris Bell! Chris is the director of many films including the legendary doc, Bigger Stronger Faster. Chris has been doing the carnivore diet since he was in college over two decades ago and has a ton of experience and knowledge on the diet. Today he and Mark Bell share all of the in's and out's and how to be successful on the carnivore diet. Follow Chris on IG: https://www.instagram.com/bigstrongfast/ Subscribe to Chris' new podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwgIYwmM2s8KF3Iy_PZGJA Ninja Foodi Grill XL mentioned on air: https://amzn.to/3mSDJ8J Special perks for our listeners below! ➢Vertical Diet Meals: https://verticaldiet.com/ Use code POWERPROJECT for free shipping and two free meals + a Kooler Sport when you order 16 meals or more! ➢Vuori Performance Apparel: Visit https://vuoriclothing.com/powerproject to automatically save 20% off your first order! ➢Magic Spoon Cereal: Visit https://www.magicspoon.com/powerproject to automatically save $5 off a variety pack! ➢8 Sleep: Visit https://www.eightsleep.com/powerproject to automatically save $150 off the Pod Pro! ➢Marek Health: https://marekhealth.com Use code POWERPROJECT10 for 10% off ALL LABS! Also check out the Power Project Panel: https://marekhealth.com/powerproject Use code POWERPROJECT for $101 off! ➢LMNT Electrolytes: http://drinklmnt.com/powerproject ➢Piedmontese Beef: https://www.piedmontese.com/ Use Code "POWERPROJECT" at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $150 Subscribe to the Podcast on on Platforms! ➢ https://lnk.to/PowerProjectPodcast Subscribe to the Power Project Newsletter! ➢ https://bit.ly/2JvmXMb Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ https://www.facebook.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbpowerproject ➢ LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/powerproject/ ➢ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/markbellspowerproject ➢TikTok: http://bit.ly/pptiktok FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marksmellybell ➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkBellSuperTraining ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/marksmellybell ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell ➢Mark Bell's Daily Workouts, Nutrition and More: https://www.markbell.com/ Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ https://www.breakthebar.com/learn-more ➢YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NsimaInyang ➢Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsimainyang/?hl=en ➢TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@nsimayinyang?lang=en Follow Andrew Zaragoza on all platforms ➢ https://direct.me/iamandrewz #PowerProject #Podcast #MarkBell

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3 Jan 2022