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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joanna Wiebe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joanna Wiebe, often where they are interviewed.

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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joanna Wiebe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joanna Wiebe, often where they are interviewed.

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MicroConf Refresh Episode 1: Lizards Thru Doorways: Proven Ways to Widen Your Funnel Using Just Your CTAs- Joanna Wiebe

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MicroConf 2015

There are 2 obstacles getting in the way of your visitors clicking your buttons: friction and anxiety. In this short presentation, see how both may be holding your CTR back - and what we've done to reduce friction and neutralize anxiety. (With data from A/B tests we ran in 2013 and 2014 on button copy.) Oh, and find out what the hell we mean by ""lizards thru doorways""... and how that little phrase can make all the difference for your button click-thrus. By Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers (

Check out Joanna’s MicroConf speakers page for more talk’s ➡️

Jun 30 2020 · 38mins
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S01 E06: Joanna Wiebe - Writing Engaging Sales-Based Emails

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On today’s show, listeners will hear how a renowned copywriter teaches others to sell and promote with email. For Joanna, email is the direct path to revenue for every business, especially because it is a much cheaper and less time-consuming way of reaching your audience than many other mediums such as podcasting and blogging. Joanna educates listeners on the difference between direct mail and email, what direct response entails, and she gets into the factors that make or break an email campaign, including the relevance of the content and the timing. She gives pointers for writing sales-based emails that are interesting and that keeps the reader curious without resorting to cheap tactics like clickbait. But she warns marketers not to let the fear of being sleazy stop them from writing groundbreaking emails and suggests they should test different approaches with their audience. Joanna also shares how you can use storytelling skills to write effective emails and explains why getting everything out on the page is better than editing in your head as you go. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear why email provides an instant payoff that is seldom seen in other mediums. 
  • Keeping in mind that, while other mediums could work, they will likely cost you more. 
  • The difference between direct mail and email and the role of our impulse to keep clicking. 
  • An explanation of what direct response involves in the context of marketing. 
  • Relevance and other factors that determine whether a sales-based email succeeds or fails. 
  • Find out about the crucial part that email has played in Joanna’s copywriting business. 
  • Advice for writing sales emails that aren’t sleazy and testing your audience’s response. 
  • Writing interesting emails by paying attention to what is interesting and current in the world. 
  • Using storytelling skills to keep your email audience interested and wanting to know more. 
  • Why you have to write down everything that comes to mind and do the editing later. 


“There is a direct path between sending an email and making a sale. It is harder to make sales without sending emails.” — @copyhackers [0:01:52]

“The most ideal, if you are trying to get an email to convert, is increased relevance. Relevance is everything—but it’s hard.”  — @copyhackers [0:05:50]

“The fear of being sleazy keeps so many marketers from doing breakthrough work.” — @copyhackers [0:11:36]

“Great, readable copy doesn’t happen on the first take. The first take is supposed to be ugly.” —@copyhackers [0:20:15] 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Joanna Wiebe on LinkedIn

Joanna Wiebe on Twitter


John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Pushing Send

Jun 09 2020 · 25mins
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75 - “Along For The Ride” with Joanna Wiebe

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Joanna Wiebe is the creator of Copyhackers and the Copy Chief at CH Agency.

More than 70,000 marketers have chosen her as their copywriting coach.

For nearly 15 years, companies like Intuit, Sprout Social and VWO have trusted Joanna to optimize their copy.

In this episode, Joanna tells us how she went from a shy girl from a small oil town in Alberta to creating a massive movement of thousands online.


[01:23] Joanna talks about the difficulty she faced growing up as a shy person & trying to express herself creatively

[06:15] Joanna discusses the winding road of careers that she had & how she ended up as a copywriter

[15:15] How Joanna’s first products made her $20,000 in 3 days

[21:37] The experience of explaining what a “copywriter” is to family & friends

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Apr 17 2020 · 26mins
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I Made It: Joanna Wiebe Takes Us Inside a Timeless Writing Project

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Joanna Wiebe never meant to quit her job and start her business, Copyhackers. In fact, she quit Intuit by accident. Blame the boss, or the wine, or the way Outlook was configured. But don't blame fate. In fact, THANK fate, if you believe in such things, because without Joanna leaving her job all those years ago, thousands of aspiring writers would be worse-off ... and thousands of pages of great writing teaching writing may not exist.

If you enjoy these stories, there are a few ways to go deeper:

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Feb 05 2020 · 42mins
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Creating dozens of products from a single spark with Joanna Wiebe

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Copywriting is (nearly) everything when it comes to marketing. 

Learn about Joanna Wiebe’s creative process for writing her comprehensive ebook that has helped more than 10,000 startups and entrepreneurs nail their messaging.
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Jan 03 2020 · 42mins
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How to use marketing lessons to improve learner engagement: interview with Joanna Wiebe, PRO Copywriter

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About Joanna Wiebe: "I fell into copywriting. Just totally tumbled in, head over feet. I didn’t like the word “copywriter” when I first started – so I went by “creative writer”. Big mistake. That must’ve set me back a good 3 years. Now I know that COPY is awesome, and copywriters are the best-kept secret in the sales and marketing world."

What you’ll learn about listening to this interview: 

  1. What is copywriting? What makes it different from academic or technical writing? Why this is the secret to every single news story that grabs your attention and how you can use this to increase the sexiness of your own learning projects. Because, who doesn't want to have sexier learning???? (okay, maybe some people don't... but they are a tiny tiny minority)
  2. What skill set does a copywriter bring to a project? Where do they help? Where do they fit?
  3. CONTEXT: How does language change with context? How does it affect the reader?
  4. Many instructional designers get procedure manuals that they then have to turn into engaging reading and learning online. Joanna’s top three (or two!) tips for them to make the resources more engaging and meaningful. HINT HINT: Frameworks are involved!!!
  5. Joanna’s suggestions for someone wanting to get better at writing good copy.
  6. Joanna’s favourite resource for learning.... we get no endorsement dollars for this!! Yet... :)
  7. A book she thinks everyone who has a business should read  - They Ask, You Answer, by Marcus Sheridan.
  8. One of the best/most impactful lesson she’s learned over your career.

To learn more about Joanna on LinkedIn

Her business, Copyhackers:

Articles we discussed about headline formulas:

Joanna is very active on Twitter: @copyhackers

Jul 15 2019 · 39mins
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[REPLAY] 3 Steps to Write Copy That Converts with Joanna Wiebe

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Summary: Want to learn how to write effective copy? Here's your chance to learn from one of the best. This week's episode is a special replay of my interview with Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter. Tune in to hear Joanna reveal her 3-step process for taking the guesswork out of of copywriting.


Apr 30 2019 ·
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Joanna Wiebe | Conversion Copywriting: Execute Closer to the Transaction [Rebroadcast]

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Joanna cuts straight to the point. She says there are not a lot of copywriters who get what copywriting really is. Because “expert” and “copy” are terms that are thrown around loosely, the space quickly becomes confusing.

Copy is everywhere, and copywriting exists to get people to say something. Since the version of yes that you are trying to get them to say comes in many different forms, the actual results can become vague.

But as a business, you don’t want vague. If you’re investing in copy, you need a business result.

Be a Student of Copy

Joanna believes all business owners should start out writing their own copy, to understand what truly good copy is.

Copy must convert and persuade. Pay attention to what is going on around you and keep a swipe file. A swipe file should be anything that caught your attention and made you have a reaction. You need to be a student of copy.

Once you’ve done that, go find the why and understand why you keep responding to these various pieces of content. By teaching yourself these things, then you can start testing them and implementing them in your own space.

“What works… is basically eavesdropping on your customers… where are your visitors, where are your prospects, what are they talking about, what are they saying they care about and why don’t you just use exactly the language they use? They’re already speaking in natural language, why wouldn’t you just go take what they’re saying?”

Source this from surveys, customer reviews, interviews, competitor’s reviews and you’ll be amazed at what people share and how deep they go.

As a student of copy, Joanna is always reading and upping the intensity to continue learning and growing. Then, it’s time to test these hypotheses and see what they can contribute to the conversation.

Listening to your customers and prospects is part of the research process, which will make or break you. This is how you write content and copy that makes people care, because you are able to get into their heads.

Selective Hearing: A Skill

When it comes to listening to customer feedback, Joanna is also selective. As someone who is deeply affected by negativity, she takes notes and useful feedback but doesn’t let anyone shove her away from her vision.

Joanna references Game of Thrones, and how easy it is to overlook yourself as a trusted authority to make decisions. In reality, you’ve been making them all along. You don’t always need permission from your advisors.

You could apply the same mindset to the advice she is sharing in this podcast. Joanna says that as much as she can say, do this and don’t do that, you won’t truly know what works until you put it in front of your audience.

“Never expect that things that work for other people will work for you. Take them, try them, but don’t just blindly go forward with what you learn in a blog post or what someone told you works really well.”

Testing isn’t Optional

Because we are in a constant state of optimization, you have to keep reading and studying and evolving, and that’s why testing is so important.

Businesses know they should test, but they get impatient because it takes time to create an effective plan that gives real results. However, Joanna says that the best way to combat this impatience is to focus on the smaller checkpoints.

The sooner you can get the client quick wins through emails or Facebook ads, they will be more willing to take the time for testing something that takes a lot longer like a landing page.

Focus and Execute

You hear about all of these trends which makes it hard to focus on what is important. What should you work on? Joanna says you should focus on getting better at one thing: executing closer to where the money changes hands.

“You get to the point where you realize well hold on, it all really does come down to what’s on the page or what’s in the email because that’s where we talk to the customer. That’s the customer interaction point. That’s where the money can change hands. Although the theory in all of that other stuff is good, we find that we get a lot of referrals to us from the consultancies that are up at the top of that where they’re like ‘Ah, we need to execute on something now.’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, you do! You should have been executing on it the whole time!’ Invest closest to it where the money changes hands.”

Connect with customers and focus on copy that converts. It’s the words you use that get people to say yes.

“You tend to want to edit out the feeling, but that’s where the sale starts to happen where they’re actually feeling that pain and then you get into that solution.”

Joanna talks about the importance of defining the problem and illustrating moments where the client suffered because of the problem. Once the client is feeling the pain of the specific problem you are going to solve, that’s when you solve it for them.

Her challenge to you is a tough one: in the next thing that you write, specifically a landing page, no more than 10% of the words can be yours. Goodluck!

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Nov 26 2018 ·
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Writing Copy For SaaS (with Joanna Wiebe)

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In this episode, Mark interviews Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copy Hackers, about writing copy for SaaS. Joanna gave a brilliant talk at Business of Software Conference USA 2017 about using old-school copy tactics in your SaaS copy, and here they pick up on some of the themes of the talk and answer some questions from the BoS Community.

Watch Joanna's talk from BoS USA 2017 and other BoS Videos at
Nov 23 2018 · 53mins
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Copywriting – Not Actually What you Think it is with Joanna Wiebe

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It’s not actually what you think it is! Copywriting is not just simply writing. Find out why and learn the discipline behind it in this week’s podcast episode. Joining us is our guest, Joanna Wiebe – one of the most in demand and brilliant copywriter in her time. She provides growth -focused contents and teaches […]
Jun 12 2018 · 33mins