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35: Women & Wealth with Merel Kriegsman

Create Your Destiny Podcast

We have Merel Kriegsman on the show today as we talk about women and money. I know it’s one of your favorite topics as well, that’s why I’m so excited to share this episode with you. I can’t wait for you to be inspired by all of Merel’s wisdom and knowledge. You’ll definitely learn more in this episode about women and money, and how to break the chain of generations of scarcity, and the toxic money cycle.


30 Mar 2021

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Let's Uncomplicate Our Relationship to Money, with Merel Kriegsman

Mother Flipping Awesome

In this episode Abigail speaks with Merel Kriegsman, Women's Wealth Advocate and Business Mentor. We discuss what it is like to be mothers and CEOs of our businesses and our families. We talk about how we women can - and must - transform our relationship to wanting, and making money, in order to create the emotional and financial lineage we wish for our families. Listen in and learn how to make money a force for good in your life and hopefully in the lives of others as well.


21 Mar 2021

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70. Merel Kriegsman, Women's Wealth Advocate

LA Business Podcast with Robert Brill

This Founder and CEO shares how she started teaching financial independence and broke out of a scarcity mindset that plagued the women in her family for generations.


10 Mar 2021

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Ep 17: High-End Sales for a High-End Life with Merel Kriegsman

Live and Earn

“You must fall in love with the constant challenges of running a business.” --Merel Kriegsman Merel Kriegsman is the founder and CEO of Merel Kriegsman Media. She provides high-end mentorship to women business owners, plus runs a conversion copywriting agency. While Merel is now on the verge of her first 7-figure year (in less than 5 years in business!), her story starts with: being in debt and underpaid, and scrubbing toilets to make ends meet… while 8 months pregnant. Helen and Merel talk about the unique relationship between power and money and why women shouldn’t be afraid to go after both. What we tackle in this episode: Learning how to sell is a rite of passage How essential it is to understand your ‘why’ when it comes to persevering in business The give and take of juggling your personal life while owning a business The benefits of peer mastermind groups Ways women keep themselves small and how to break out of it ---- Grab your free training! The Money Maker Mindset: 4 Strategies to Focus Your Mind to Make More Money https://HelenNgo.com/FreeCourse

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3 Feb 2021

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E582: How To Position Yourself As A High End Expert With Merel Kriegsman

Breakthrough Success

Merel Kriegsman is the CEO and founder of Merel Kriegsman Media - a company that has helped hundreds of women globally ascend into SELF-FUNDED WEALTH. She's dedicated to helping women break the chains of generational scarcity, and step into becoming unapologetic female leaders who fearlessly demand what they're worth - and get it. Here are the key links from the episode: Merel's site Follow Merel on Instagram Create Your Money Vortex FB Group Marc's Links 5 Day Podcast Launch Mini Course From $0 To $100K+ With Content Marketing Schedule a free strategy call


16 Oct 2020

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29. How to Position Yourself as High-end (even if you’re not) with Merel Kriegsman

Into The Wild

Hey You Wild Women! My guest today is Merel Kriegsman, CEO and Founder of Merel Kriegsman Media. Originally from Holland, she now lives in Saskatchewan with her husband and 3 beautiful young daughters. Merel has done it all from singing Soprano on stages across Europe, to cleaning toilets in Germany, to successfully launching her copywriting business.  Merel founded her business with the goal to help women across the globe ascend into self-funded wealth. Through copywriting and coaching, Merel helps her clients understand their worth and become the unapologetic money makers they were destined to be. In This Episode, You Will Learn About: Why Merel’s question to all her clients is "If you had 10 times the confidence, what would you do?" Learning to set work/life boundaries How she increased her income after becoming the sole provider for her family Why she believes in the importance of imparting life skills to her daughters Why you need to just start and stop waiting for perfection Taking the time to hone your skills and build relationships Why you shouldn’t relinquish your power and chase non-existent problems The need to consistently show up and commit Creating copy that sells Giving yourself the grace to iterate: It’s okay to make mistakes. Understanding that messaging is fluid and learning to pivot Knowing your value from the get-go and pricing accordingly How Merel teaches her clients skills in pitching, negotiating and overcoming objections Becoming the authority behind the money Learning to utilize and leverage your network Positioning yourself as the value Overcoming blocks to earn what you deserve The importance of creating clear plans and goals for your income Why you should never compare yourself to competitors Tips on how to increase your pricing How to position yourself for high-end business; Understanding the needs of high-end clients Maintaining momentum Showcasing your personality and having a holistic approach to credibility Resources: Website: Merel Kriegsman Facebook group: Create Your Money Vortex Instagram: @merelkriegsman Public Shout Outs: Google Docs Dropbox What it means to be a WILD woman:“Knowing your desires and honoring them.” ~ Merel Kriegsman -------- Renée Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, a 7-figure business starter, and the founder of We Wild Women, a business dedicated to helping women launch their dream business. She previously founded an industry-recognized PR agency that worked with funded technology startups from South Africa to San Diego. She's a mom to Irish Twins, a published author, and a drummer. Rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcast "I love Into The Wild, and think it's the best thing since sliced bread." <-- If that sounds like something you might say, then leave a rating and review for my show today! By having a good rating, it helps me reach more ambitious women who are aching to start their dream business but don't know how. Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap, and rate -- 5 stars will do -- and select "Write a Review." Make sure to highlight your favorite bits, and I'll be sure to give some public shoutouts! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on social media @renee_warren and @we.wild.women and check out www.wewildwomen.com.


4 Aug 2020

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How to Offer a High-End Coaching Program with Merel Kriegsman


Ten years ago, Merel was an opera singer, performing on big stages across Europe. However, the little pay she received left her frustrated and together with her husband, who was a singer like her, they decided to quit and generate their income in another way.  Merel wanted to do something that would educate her as well as support her family, and chose to set up a business as a copywriter. This allowed her and her husband to live wherever they wanted, and they took over her husband’s parents' 180 acre farm in the Canadian countryside, while both working on Merel’s copywriting business.  But then, Merel helped a couple of her clients with their launches and they didn’t convert. She didn’t doubt her copy writing skills, but she realised that there was so much more involved in marketing and selling an offer than just copy.  It drove her to look deeper into offer-creation, pricing sweet-spots, mindset and high-ticket lead-generation. As it turned out, she was great at it, and as she applied her knowledge, her clients were increasingly experiencing success. Today, helping women have this breakthrough and giving them the courage to charge what they are worth has become her speciality.  In this episode of the Sigrun Show, Merel talks about what defines a high-end offer, what you should consider when putting your offer out there and how you can shift your clients when you start charging more.   This episode is for you if you want to start attracting high-end clients or if you already have a high-end offer but are not sure how to find your ideal clients.  “If you’re in your zone of genius, clients will flock to you if you’re putting yourself out there.”- Merel Kriegsman What you will get out of this episode:  Merel’s love story and how it brought her from Europe to Canada  The reason why Merel quit her singing career  How Merel got into copywriting  The point in which Merel realised she was destined for more  Merel’s definition of a high-end offer  Examples of high-end offers  Merel’s advice on how to create a high-end coaching program  How to shift your clients when you put out a high-end offer  Are you looking for more information around high-end offers? Find out how to use a challenge to sell you high-end program.   Selling Your High-End Offer to the Right Client If you consider running a high-end program, the key is to add a lot of personal attention into it. People won’t pay a high-end price if the entire program is pre-recorded. What attracts high-end clients is an individual, customised experience where they get direct value from your expertise. Introducing hot-seats, discussions and Q&A’s helps provide a unique experience, as well as getting to know the people in your program, check in on them and focus on being there for them.   But once people have designed their high-end offer, they often get stuck with selling it. Merel has created a checklist, 40+ ways to call in your high ticket clients and make them buy from you, which contains great advice on how you should enter into the selling process.  The key is: You don’t find your high-end clients, they find you. You don’t make them buy, they want to buy.  Shifting, Niching and Positioning  It’s about shifting your messaging, niching and positioning - these are the three core things you should be thinking about before you create the content with which you want to attract high-end clients.  “A mistake many people make is that they want to serve too many different people. You can’t do that when you’re offering a high-end program,” Merel points out. People paying a high price want a very specific expertise. That’s why you have to do research on what the profitable niches are, and then be very specific about your offer and niche it down.  High-end clients won’t be attracted with the same message that speaks to low-end people. It’s important you know exactly who your ideal clients are in order to provide an intimate connection and a customised experience. Specific target groups have specific traits, and in order to personalise your offer, you need to go the extra mile to figure out what the things are that your ideal client really wants and needs. If your messaging is off, it will attract the wrong people to your offer.  For more great tips on attracting high-end clients, check out Merel’s checklist.  Did this episode help you get clearer on how to attract high-end clients? I would love to hear what high-end offer you are planning to put out there. You can follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Choose from 240 Free Online Courses This summer I'm running SOMBA Kickstart again and my students have prepared 240 free online courses you can participate in. Courses are in different languages and disciplines. This summer we have courses in English, German, Icelandic, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Czech, among others, tackling marketing, business, life coaching, parenting, mindset, movement and many more disciplines. All the courses are free, have a duration of 4 weeks, and start on July 27th.  Check out all the courses here. Connect with Merel Kriegsman: Merel’s checklist on calling in your high ticket clients Merels’ Facebook Group Create Your Money Vortex Please share, subscribe and review Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Sigrun Show. If you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music so more people can enjoy the show. Click here to learn how to leave a review, then head over to Apple Podcasts for your chance to win a special thank you gift!


22 Jul 2020

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How to Launch a High Ticket Group Program Like a Minimalist with Merel Kriegsman

Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres

Launching high ticket group programs is the path many have taken to achieve success. Have you considered if launching a program makes sense for you? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Merel Kriegsman, CEO and Owner at Merel Kriegsman Media, explore what it takes to successfully launch a high ticket group program.  Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://missionmatters.lpages.co/podcastguest/


16 Jun 2020

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Breaking the Chains of Scarcity and Becoming an Unapologetic Leader with Merel Kriegsman

The Dr. Valerie Podcast

This week, I’m talking money and worthiness with Women's Wealth Advocate and Business Mentor Merel Kriegsman. We dive into the process of healing the trauma of financial instability and dependence, the importance of sharing support and the path to abundance with other women, and how to harness our unique gifts to step into visibility and claim profits. For additional resources and to connect with my guest visit: www.drvalerie.com/podcast


18 May 2020

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The Design Business Show 085: How to Position Yourself as High-End with Merel Kriegsman

The Design Business Show

Merel Kriegsman - Business Mentor, helps women break free financially by showing them how to position themselves as the Hermes bag of their industry (high-end!), and charge accordingly. Her work centers around breaking generational chains of scarcity (AKA copying your moms toxic patterns that kept her financially dependent) - and giving female business owners the skills they need to make as much money they desire. And that… makes them powerful beyond measure. When she’s not showing her students how to get to 5-figures/mo (for starters!) you can find her in her veg patch with her hubby and tiny daughters, on their 160 acre farm in rural Canada. Here’s what we covered on the episode: How I met Merel in the fall of 2019 at Sage & Tarzan’s Legendary Life Event, where we were both guest mentors The story behind Merel’s “why,” and how in her mid-twenties she did a money challenge and realized she hadn’t earned that much money in her business How earning money by helping people fully healed her How Merel gave up her singing career and learned everything about sales, marketing, and promoting yourself How Merel started her business as a copywriter and how she can help designers with clients and positioning How Merel realized she needed to position herself as high-end & how designers can do the same by not worrying about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed How working hard for your business creates privileges, like setting your own prices How setting financial goals will help you set prices for your business How focusing on your niche, messaging and positioning can help create a business that is referable How Merel uses social proof to leverage herself to potential clients and how you can do the same to change how you position yourself Merel’s process for getting fantastic testimonials and how to help clients through the process so you can attract more customers How Merel’s organic launch made 350,000 dollars without paid traffic How Merel tried to do paid traffic when starting her launch and the lessons she learned from it How Merel uses nurturing as a business tool to get quality numbers for her programs How important the months leading up to a launch are and how you can nurture leads and clients How often Merel is on social media and how often she emails her subscribers each week How nurturing consistently, having personality, not talking just business and sharing credibility will help you convert potential clients Why it’s guaranteed if you open Merel’s emails, you’ll cry, laugh, learn something and make shifts in your business Why Merel doesn’t share service prices publicly or on her website and the reason behind it How if you do your branding well and share social proof, you can create high-end positioning How Merel’s contract and payment process works for clients Why service providers need to be way more badass with their boundaries Merels gift, How to Position Yourself as High-End, for listeners on positioning Merel’s free group, Create your Money Vortex How you can connect with Merel online Links mentioned: Merel’s Website Merel’s Stellar Testimonials Guide Create Your Money Vortex Connect with Merel on Instagram Merel’s gift, Position Yourself High-End in 5 Simple Steps Like what you heard? Click here to subscribe + leave a review on iTunes. Click here to join the free community!  Let’s connect on Instagram!


28 Mar 2020