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#41 - Dr Noel Rousseau and Gordon Morrison - The Yips Toolbox

Read it, Roll it, Hole it

1/4 Golfers have the Yips. Dr Noel Rousseau and Gordon Morrison discuss how to helpIt was wonderful discussion with Noel and Gordon on the Readitrollitholeit Podcast. They both have studied the yips in putting and chipping for over 10 years and share with us a lot of wisdom on what it is and how manage it.Find out more www.golfcoach.online@GolfGordon on Twitter

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15 Jul 2021

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#37 Format d'experts : La communication avec Jean Noel Rousseau

Small is Beautiful

Nous nous étions rencontrés avec Jean Noel, en août 2020, lors de l'enregistrement du podcast de Yann dans les locaux de l'entreprise Gaia, sur l'île de la Réunion. Clément et moi avions tout de suite été séduits par le communiquant chez qui se dégageait puissance, calme et maîtrise de son sujet. C'est donc à lui que nous avons pensé en premier pour venir nous éclairer sur le sujet. Jean Noel nous livre 4 astuces pour une communication effiace et à moindre coût en 2021: 1- Créer vous même l'information. 2- Développer une relation de confiance avec son consultatnt. 3- Rester à l'affût d'opportunités. 4- Développer sa marque employeur. Bonne écoute, Jean

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17 Apr 2021

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A conversation with Dr Noel Rousseau of Rousseau Golf Academy/Golf Coach Access

Winning At Business with Ash Taylor

This week, Ash talks to Dr Noel Rousseau, a PGA Advanced Fellow Professional Golf Coach who has a PhD in Motor Learning and Performance. We hear about the importance of ‘purposeful practice’ and how that relates to our businesses. Noel also explains why he still has mentor sessions himself to ensure that he stays on top of his game and adapts in a constantly changing environment, and we look at why we need to be passionate about the mundane.Whether you’re a golfer or not, this week’s episode gives a great insight in to how we all need to focus on what’s important if we’re to make those game-winning putts, whether it's the game of life, business or golf!


18 Feb 2021

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[UNEDITED] Research + Insights into Swing Thoughts w/ Dr Noel Rousseau

Golf Science Lab

Listen into our full conversation on swing thoughts with Dr Noel Rousseau. Learn more from Noel here http://bit.ly/noelrousseau


28 Jun 2019

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How to stop repeating old patterns and habits with Dr Noel Rousseau

Karl Morris - The Brainbooster

In today’s show we provide an insight about how a coach and a player can evolve by taking ACTION Instead of just keep repeating the same old patterns and habits What are you going to DO that will make a difference? What will you do with the information in this podcast? We discuss today with Noel how he went from being a very player to an outstanding coach To go from shooting in the SIXTIES in practice to the horror of taking NINETY in a tournament that mattered. Can you imagine how that felt for him? How could performance vary so wildly? What was going on? Logically this didn’t make any sense so Noel decided to find out He not only looked at how others coached but decided to do his own research around learning, automaticity and skill acquisition We discuss how in years gone by how technical coaching and sports psychology seemed to be at odds with each other How sports psychology may have not provided the benefit to many players that it should The role of bio mechanics and what it can and can’t do for your game The limitation so just ‘working’ on your body What Noel found in his research about swing thoughts Deemed by many as being the ‘wrong’ thing to do on the course Noel discover differently and how much it was actually down to the unique individual A familiar theme on the Brain Booster about finding YOUR way and not hoping to discover THE way Some great insights into attentional focus and the very best way to spend your practice time Using time efficiently We discuss the ‘yips’ from a playing and coaching perspective and reinforce the fact that there IS hope IF you know how to direct your attention appropriately To find out more about Noel go to Noelrousseaugolf.com For the ‘Lost Art of Putting’ go to amazon.co.uk To become a certified Mind Factor coach go to themindfactor.com for details of the ONLY Mind Factor certification course this year in the UK


3 Aug 2018

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21D – Interview with Noel Rousseau, PGA golf professional and coach

The Perception & Action Podcast

A discussion with Noel Rousseau, PGA golf professional, coach and developer of the Everyday Golf Coach app. We discuss automaticity, how coaching needs to be tailored to individual players, handling pressure, and how sports psychology is viewed in golf. More information about my guest: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-noel-rousseau-13796a15 http://www.everydaygolfcoach.com/about-everyday-golf-coach.php https://twitter.com/noelrousseau More information: http://perceptionaction.com/ My Research Gate Page (pdfs of my articles) My ASU Web page Podcast Facebook page (videos, pics, etc) Twitter: @Shakeywaits Email: robgray@asu.edu Credits: The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action Lo Fi is Hi Fi - I’m on a Talk Show Mark Lanegan - Saint Louis Elegy via freemusicarchive.org


25 Feb 2016