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The Danger Of Betting Against Bitcoin | Tom Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory

The Wolf Of All Streets

Stemming from a deep passion for 360 degree health and wellness, Tom Bilyeu achieved world-wide success as the founder of billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition. Tom didn’t stop there, wanting to teach others what he learned along the way, so he began his second act called Impact Theory — designed to help and inspire people to develop skills needed to improve themselves and the world around them. Now, Tom believes Bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs, and the entire crypto market will play a pivotal role in his pursuit to make the world a better place — plus Tom has shiny, diamond hands. In this episode Tom Bilyeu explores: Covid’s existential crisis Making money vs. investing money The secret to the universe Winning the game of money The neurochemistry of collecting The danger of betting against Bitcoin HODLing and entrepreneurship Building the next Disney Launching an NFT and blockchain platform Finding meaning and purpose Continuing to stack sats Teaching others how to succeed ---Cosmos: Visit https://thewolfofallstreets.link/cosmos to learn about the Cosmos Hub and how the $ATOM can connect every blockchain. Cosmos is the port city connecting chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum to ensure your liquidity on any chain can be used anywhere. Find new staking opportunities, applications, or build your own parachain at https://thewolfofallstreets.link/cosmos ---If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe. This podcast is presented by Blockworks. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworks.coーーーJoin the Wolf Den newsletter:►►https://www.getrevue.co/profile/TheWolfDen/members


10 Jun 2021

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Tom Bilyeu’s Comeback Story - The Only Belief That Matters

Comeback Stories

Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory, delivers an incredible message of transformation and power. Hear Tom’s story of how his dream of becoming a filmmaker fell apart and how he lost his ambition to achieve in life until he had a life changing realization, and discovered his step-by-step formula for fulfillment and success in life. Tom Bilyeu’s life growing up was right in between blue collar and white collar life. He didn’t grow up poor, but did learn the frustration of having to earn the money to buy the things he wanted when he was young. He was diagnosed with ADHD but his mother refused to medicate him for it, which is something Tom is very grateful for. His childhood shaped his work ethic and cultivated who he is today. Tom made himself two promises as a child. One he hasn’t managed to keep and one he’s kept very closely. The first was never doing anything that made him nervous, the second was not letting other people tell him what to do, and as an entrepreneur he’s done well with that one. Tom has recently started examining just why he is so driven in life. His father had a deep love for cars when Tom was growing up, but Tom always hated the hobby. This led him to wonder if his father could love him if he hated his father’s greatest passion. This anxiety may have led to Tom being so driven to achieve. As he grew into his adult life, Tom began experiencing a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a loveless marriage. This was probably due to subconsciously picking up the distance between his parents when he was younger. Tom attributes Stephen King as being his first real teacher because King’s books taught him to read. Reading has been the foundation for Tom’s success. His father gave Tom a copy of The Gunslinger when he was young and twenty years later, it still resonates. Tom now spends an average of 2.5 hours every day learning or reading, and believes that is what makes the difference. Tom’s early 20s were difficult. Tom went to film school before YouTube and smartphones were prevalent, and that’s when he realized that he didn’t have talent as a filmmaker. Despite his high ambitions, Tom felt like he was at a dead end and found himself selling video games with no real opportunities worth pursuing. A major turning point was when Tom asked his girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage and he said no. The reason he didn’t want Tom to marry his daughter is that he accurately identified that he didn’t have the drive to see his ambitions through. Tom was lost, scared, frustrated, and hopeless with no idea what to do. That shame got Tom moving, which is when he became somewhat controversial. Shame can be a powerful motivator if you don’t let it break you. He started making changes to his life, one small step at a time. As a kid, Tom was excited for the future and all the possibilities before him. As a young adult, the reality of being broke and less talented than he thought brought that excitement crashing down hard. The first big narrative shift in his life happened when he realized that he was telling himself that he wasn’t smart enough to succeed in the way he wanted. Because of brain plasticity, he began to embrace the word “yet”. Buying into brain plasticity, which Tom refers to as the only belief that matters, changed his life. If you invest your time and energy into a skill set, you will get better at it. Tom is grateful for his wife more than anything else. Relationships are a compromise and you will make sacrifices when you’re in them, but if you get it right, it’s incredible. The greatest gift that life has to offer is a shared experience. Tom pursued the typical dream of getting rich when he was younger, particularly fast cars, big houses, and nice things. After about 8 years of really pushing, Tom was worth two million dollars on paper and realized that he hated his life. Money is very powerful, but it can’t change the way you feel about yourself. You’re living in a virtual environment created by your brain and the only thing that is actually real for you is how you feel. This realization led to Tom pursuing experiences that made him feel alive over everything else. People usually ask “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”, but that’s the wrong question. Tom started asking himself “What would I do and love, even if I were failing?” There are certain things that are true about humans. We seek status and we are social creatures. If you don’t contribute to the group you will feel bad about yourself and you won’t feel connected or fulfilled. Fulfillment, as a formula, works like this: You have to work hard because part of your brain insists that you earn what you have. You should develop a set of skills that are unique to you based on something that you care about, then leverage that skill set to serve you and other people. If it only serves yourself or other people but not both, it won’t work. The punchline of life is not success, fame, or notoriety. It is entirely how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are today, it only matters who you want to become and the price you are willing to pay to get there. Everything in life is a process. Find something that you find interesting, the thing that gives you more energy than it takes away. Don’t expect it to feel like you are saving the world, but if you find yourself unable to stick to it more than a few times, you may just not be resilient enough to push through the fact that even passion has an overhead. When you find the thing that holds your attention and is worth pushing through, start telling other people about it in an embodied way. You’re having a biological experience, and embodying a feeling with excitement and energy will tell your brain that this thing matters. Your brain will justify whatever energy level you bring to the table. Treat your desire like a process. Tell yourself and other people what it is you're fighting for, and you’ll end up in a self-reinforcing loop where the harder you work, the better you get, and the better you get, the better you are able to serve yourself and other people. We are wired to do something that matters. Mentioned in this Episode: YouTube.com/TomBIlyeu


20 May 2021

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Habits and Hustle Re-Release! Episode 5: Tom Bilyeu – Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory – Importance of Mindset, Routines, and Habits

Habits and Hustle

This is an ultimate throwback but one of the best episodes we’ve ever had on Habits and Hustle. Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory is the epitome of everything Habits & Hustle is about. On this episode, he talks about the very specific habits that make him successful including how meditation changed his life, handling email, his fitness routine, keto, intermittent fasting, why he is obsessed with building the next Disney, staying focused, scheduling, the importance of being a “learner” and Elon Musk. Tom also shares the story of his friendship with Steve Aoki and how they partnered on a comic book together.  Youtube Link to This Episode Tom’s Podcast: Impact Theory ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Did you learn something from tuning in today? Please pay it forward and write us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. 📧If you have feedback for the show, please email habitsandhustle@habitnest.com 📙Get yourself a copy of Jennifer Cohen’s newest book from Habit Nest, Badass Body Goals Journal. ℹ️Habits & Hustle Website 📚Habit Nest Website 📱Follow Jennifer– Instagram– Facebook– Twitter– Jennifer’s Website

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14 May 2021

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The Mindset of Success in Marriage & Business w/Tom Bilyeu EP 1095

The School of Greatness

“We don’t create momentum by talking, we create it by doing.”Today's guest is Tom Bilyeu. Tom is a billion dollar entrepreneur who built his success from the ground up. He is the CEO and co-founder of Impact Theory, a media studio created to influence the cultural subconscious by producing empowering non-fiction & fiction content across multiple mediums. Tom also was the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, which he helped grow to be the 2nd fastest-growing Inc. 500 billion dollar company by 57,000%.In this episode Lewis and Tom discuss the types of personalities that Tom feels are intoxicating, the keys to relaxation and relationships. advice on marriage and creating rituals for success. Tom’s master plan to become bigger than Walt Disney, and so much more!For more go to: www.lewishowes.com/1095Check out his website: www.impacttheory.comThe Wim Hof Experience: Mindset Training, Power Breathing, and Brotherhood: https://link.chtbl.com/910-podA Scientific Guide to Living Longer, Feeling Happier & Eating Healthier with Dr. Rhonda Patrick: https://link.chtbl.com/967-podThe Science of Sleep for Ultimate Success with Shawn Stevenson: https://link.chtbl.com/896-pod

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9 Apr 2021

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166: Tom Bilyeu – How To Develop A Growth Mindset

SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

“The only belief that matters is that if you put time and energy into getting better at something you will actually get better.” Episode Summary:  Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of wellness, encompassing body and mind, Tom created Impact Theory to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world. Listen to this episode as Tom teaches us practical and simple steps to build your ‘hunger’, your ambition, and to set realistic and achievable goals to keep yourself at your optimum level. In This Episode You Will Learn: The 3 ways to build hunger, ambition and drive. How to develop the growth mindset. The key component of your drive and how to acquire it. How to unlock the potential within yourself even when things aren’t working in your life. How to identify, craft and set the right goals for you. Tom Bilyeu’s 25 beliefs for a successful life. Some Questions That I Ask: How can people access and develop hunger, ambition? How can we develop our drive and follow through on what we’ve started? How can someone discern what the right goals are for them in this moment of their life? What are your key beliefs that have made you successful? What is the biggest mistake you have made and how did you navigate through it? What are some of the important elements in choosing a spouse or a life partner?

1hr 6mins

2 Mar 2021

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Growing Beyond the Divide with Tom Bilyeu [S2 Ep.6]

Conversations With Coleman

Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.    My guest today is Tom Bilyeu. Tom and I discussed the problem with 'self help', the benefits of believing things that aren't true as a mechanism of self-improvement, the side effects of taking pride in one's intelligence as well as cancel culture, political correctness and so much more. #Ad  This week's episode is sponsored by our friends at Indeed. Hiring is one of those things you don't want to mess up. To take your business to the next level you need to hire great people with Indeed instant match. Indeed searches through the millions of resumes in their database to help show you great candidates, instantly. This way you can do the part you really need faster – meeting and hiring great people. As a listener of my podcast, you can redeem your free $75 credit at indeed.com/CONVERSATIONS. This offer is valid through March 31.Terms and conditions apply.

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25 Feb 2021

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Tom Bilyeu

Capital University

Whether you're an experienced crypto trader or just starting out, Kraken has the tools to help you achieve financial freedom. With 50+ cryptocurrencies to choose from, industry leading security and wide variety of features to suit any investing strategy, Kraken puts the power in your hands to buy, sell and trade digital assets. Visit Kraken.com to get started today. Bryce Hall & Anthony Pompliano have partnered up to bring Capital   University to you. This show is a new age business/entrepreneurship podcast, geared towards helping young entrepreneurs and influencers create long term wealth. Throughout the show, Pomp and Bryce will be discussing investing, business, social media, and much more. They will also be bringing on world-class entrepreneurs and business leaders to further the learning. Be sure to subscribe to the show, share the episode with your friends, and check out the show on YouTube for the full uncut video. Meet Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder and Host of Impact Theory and Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition.


17 Feb 2021

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Tom Bilyeu

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Tom Bilyeu is a serial-entrepreneur, producer, director, and host of the popular podcast and founder of Impact Theory. He is also the co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition. Mikhaila Peterson and Tom Bilyeu discuss Tom’s work habits, striving for goals, the importance of having the proper mindset, learning from failure, and the choice to not have children (and the ramifications and benefits that come with having them). They also talk about how Tom prepares for his podcast interviews and the team structures and habits at Impact Theory. Find more Tom Bilyeu on Instagram @TomBilyeu, Twitter @TomBilyeu,  his YouTube Channel @Tom Bilyeu, and on Impact Theory’s website: https://impacttheory.com/ - This episode is sponsored by truLOCAL. truLOCAL partners with local farmers and butchers (in your area) to source the best meat available. Serving 100's of cuts of beef, lamb, buffalo, and chicken; truLOCAL even offers cuts that you can't get at the grocery store. My favorite is their lamb and striploin. Visit https://trulocal.ca and enter code "MP" to get 2 free ribeye steaks with a large box order. If you're Canadian and you appreciate quality meat - I'd highly recommend checking them out. A special thank you to Ground News for supporting this week's episode. Download the Ground News app for free https://check.ground.news/MPGroundNewsApp to join the fight against media bias. Ground News is a news comparison platform that enables you to see every angle of the story, from sources across the political spectrum. - If you'd like to stay updated in a more personal fashion, sign up for my newsletter at https://mikhailapeterson.com/newsletter - For advertising inquiries, please email eric@jordanbpeterson.com

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27 Jan 2021

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1of1 Tom Bilyeu "Passion is for Wimps!"

Leadership and Loyalty™

On this episode we take a hard look at why “follow your passion” might be terrible advise, and we’ll discover what will make you more powerful and impactful than simply following your passion.We all know that Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars of the Millennial generation. But you’ve heard me say many times that I believe that entrepreneurship, business and leadership are about something far greater than money, or even being the next entrepreneurial unicorn.It’s about purpose. A successful business can, if you are in touch with your purpose, become a way for you to positively impact the world.Our guest today Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and he’s the co-founder and host of “Impact Theory”.Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses.Tom is Driven to help people develop the skills they need to improve themselves and the world, Tom is intent on using commerce to address the dual pandemics of physical and mental mal-nourishment. Tom regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world, including Abundance 360, A-fest, and Freedom Fast Lane.Tom has also been a guest on the Tony Robbins podcast and The School of Greatness podcast, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Success, and The Huffington Post.Tom is currently on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.To find out more about Tom Bilyeu: http://impacttheory.comTo find out more about hiring Dov Baron as an advisor or strategist for yourself or your organization: http://DovBaron.comGet bonus content on Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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17 Jan 2021

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Episode 147:Tom Bilyeu, Writer Neon Future, Founder Impact Theory Comics

Dreamer Comics Podcast

Tom talks about the process of starting a comics company. Tom has conquered the nutrition world & started Impact Theory. Which strives to leverage the self-sustaining power of commerce to radically influence culture.

1hr 20mins

28 Dec 2020