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Ep159: Chris Cox Talks 'Wonderville'

Magicians Advice Podcast

Ian Brennan and Phil Taylor chat with Chris Cox about Wonderville - an amazing magic and variety show based in the Palace Theatre in the glitzy West End of London! Tickets available from Wonderville Magic & Illusion Tickets | Events in 2021-22 | Ticketmaster UK Show Sponsors  The Magic CircleMagic TVGiggio . buy us a coffee at https://www.ko-fi.com/magiciansadvice Ian's book A Voyage To Better Magic.  ianbrennanmagic@live.co.uk Merchandise: Click Here Facebook group   Click Here If you are able to support our Patreon campaign please visit Click Here If you would like to know more about Ian Brennan  Sophisticated Magic, head over to www.sophisticatedmagic.co.uk and to check out Phil Taylor, (Wedding Magician), please check out his web-site www.magicianscorner.co.uk 


31 Jul 2021

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64: Chris Cox The Mind Reader Who Cannot Read Minds Talks Magic! | Talk Magic Podcast With Craig Petty #64

The Talk Magic Podcast With Craig Petty

Chris Cox is a mentalist magician – a self-proclaimed "mind reader who can't read minds". On television he stars in "Chris Cox's Mind Blowing Magic" on CBBC & BBC iPlayer and is "The Geek" in the award winning Killer Magic on BBC Three. He also stars in touring stage show The Illusionists and in the West End in Impossible. He is the only mind reader in history to play Broadway, London's West End and Sydney Opera House. In his radio career Chris was the writer and producer for Matt Edmondson on BBC Radio 1; the assistant producer on The Chris Moyles Show. The Guardian has called him "One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain" and Time Out once said he "does tricks that would make Jesus proud"

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25 Jun 2021

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Chris Cox, COO of Apiture

Around The Coin

In this episode, Mike Townsend sits down with Chris Cox, the Chief Operating Officer of Apiture. Chris oversees all aspects of business operations. Previously, Chris was the General Manager of First Data’s digital banking business. He also led mobile payment product development efforts at First Data. Prior to joining First Data, Chris was a Principal Consultant at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants and a Staff Consultant at CSC Consulting. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in banking, payments, mobile commerce, product innovation, and technology strategy. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Miami University in Ohio, and an MBA from Duke University.


24 Jun 2021

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Not Taking Magic Seriously with Chris Cox

Discourse in Magic

This week Jonah connects with Chris Cox to discuss his unique brand of mentalism, what it’s been like to go from touring every day to virtual shows at home, and why he loves magic but doesn’t find magic very interesting. Chis Cox is a mentalist who has performed on Broadway and on the BBC and toured as “The Mentalist” in the Illusionists. He’s also spent the past year crushing it in virtual shows, after thinking he would pass on it and enjoy the break after his grueling non-stop touring schedule was abruptly cancelled along with everything else.  Always A Performer  Chris has always been a performer and has always had a love for theatre. Unfortunately for him he can’t sing, can’t dance, and wasn’t funny enough for stand up. But he always loved magic and in his early teens discovered mentalism and realized instantly that this was the thing for him, as mentalism was all performance.  Loves Theatre More Than Magic A lot of people love magic and have no desire to be on TV or perform in front of a large audience. Chris is not those people. He loves theatre more than he loves magic and that has informed his presentation throughout his career. Watching a great play inspires him and investigating why it connects to him informs his thinking about everything he does. Consuming all kinds of theatre can inform you so much more about how the magic happens than watching the same tricks performed the same way over and over again. The goal is the performance and the presentation.  Happiest on Stage Chris is happiest on stage. He loves it, it’s exhausting, and he misses it terribly. When the pandemic started Chris avoided adopting any kind of virtual show performance. He was burnt out from two years of touring and thought he could just wait it out. Eventually it got to the point where he couldn’t avoid it anymore and he found his background in radio helped get him excited about virtual show producing. Since launching his virtual shows he’s learned lots of lessons about what to exploit and how to make it fun with his audiences.  Wrap-Up Endless Chain Here comes a list of people that Chris gets a lot from when he talks to them: – Mark Cailen Mark Kalin Jonathan Goodwin Andy Nyman Tyler Wilson Noel Qualter Young & Strange And also Paul Dabek! What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like? What they like What they don’t like Take home point Who you are now isn’t who you were or who you are going to be but who you are now is what you’ve got to work with. Finding out who you are as a performer is more important than anything else. Plugs Everything Chris Cox can be found at MagicCox.com Or Facebook at facebook.com/ilovecox Or Twitter @bigcox And also, fingers crossed, Wonderment will be returning soon to the London West End and if you are able to attend you should drop Chris a message and let him know so you can say hi from a safe distance. The post Not Taking Magic Seriously with Chris Cox appeared first on Discourse in Magic.

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20 May 2021

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We’re All Americans - An Interview with Chris Cox

Blunt Force Truth

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk to Chris Cox – Leader of Bikers for Trump.  Today’s show rundown:  · Segregation @ Columbia University as far as graduations go – Black Graduations as a whole only ampliphy neo segregation  · Bikers are citizen crusaders from all walks of life / blue collar, white collar, etc etc  · Everybody is equal when bikers get together 400,000 members for this Bikers for Trump  · Like Donald Trump, Bikers speak their mind and tell you the truth  · 1% discussion Biker’s for Trump do not have a ton of them in their membership – and really how that whole 1% thing is changing – it is blown out of proportion.  · You do not see hipocrasy within the biker community no call for be less white, or less black, just be you.  · Leftist Washington politicians are unhinged…they read things off bathroom walls, 24 hours later they are calling for an investigation  · Chainsaw artist – amazing Eagle art he show’d Mark and Chuck  · Chuck on David Letterman years ago, and how Letterman stormed off his own set  · Bikers for Trump make sure people don’t have voter fatigue – showing facts, doing the hard work   More about Chris Cox:  Chris is a conservative leader with a track record for getting results and making a difference on a wide variety of issues. He hasn’t made waves by doing things conventionally, though, and he isn’t a conventional candidate. A chainsaw carving artist by trade, Chris isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, put in the hard work to truly create change, and is ready to put his skills to use serving the Lowcountry.  In 2013, during the government shutdown the Million Vet March on Washington was announced. Chris realized that, with the Park Servicefurloughed, war memorials would be left in disarray and was outraged at the thought of veterans arriving to memorials covered in garbage and debris. He immediately left the Lowcountry to the Lincoln Memorial and began single-handedly mowing the lawns, clearing fallen trees, and taking out the trash—while the government remained gridlocked for 16 days.  Chris was determined to stop open-air war memorials from being political pawns again. So, he temporarily relocated to Washington as a full-time, unpaid citizen lobbyist to persuade members of Congress to support his legislation and selling chainsaw carvings on the side to support himself.After nearly two years, Chris successfully secured the bipartisan introduction of H.R. 1836, the Monuments Protection Act, in the 114thCongress.  In the summer of 2015, Chris found himself inspired by then-candidate Trump’s message to Make America Great Again. To support the movement, Chris formed Bikers for Trump and grew this nontraditional coalition to over 300,000 members today that played a key role in President Trump’s election.  After the 2016 election, Chris was able to return full-time to his 20-year home of Mount Pleasant. While he’s continued gearing up Bikers for Trump for 2020, he’s persisted his voluntary lobbying for bipartisan legislation supporting veterans, and has made five separate trips to Israel to build bomb shelters.  Already well acquainted with the legislative process, he will hit the ground running and bring real results...

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15 Mar 2021

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52. Alison Traub and Chris Cox: A Comparative Discussion of UK vs. US Fundraising

The Development Debrief

The week I sit down with Alison Traub (Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations at University of Cambridge) and Chris Cox (Vice Principal at The University of Edinburgh). Our guests talk candidly about the cultural differences between fundraising in the US vs. the UK. Alison and Chris are perfectly positioned to discuss this given their respective backgrounds. We talk structure, academics, growth over the past ten years, due diligence, admissions and more!Please connect on instagram @devdebrief or on our LinkedIn page if you want to learn more about the podcast.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kathryn-van-sickle/support


11 Mar 2021

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Section 230 Matters, With Ron Wyden & Chris Cox


Last week, we hosted Section 230 Matters, a virtual Techdirt fundraiser featuring a panel discussion with the two lawmakers who wrote the all-important text and got it passed 25 years ago: Chris Cox and Senator Ron Wyden. It was informative and entertaining, and for this week's episode of the podcast, we've got the full audio of the panel discussion about the history, evolution, and present state of Section 230.


2 Mar 2021

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This is Chris Cox - The House OKC

This is Oklahoma

On this episode I chatted OKC native Chris Cox. Chris has a marketing agency called The House OKC. Targeting the restaurant industry in Oklahoma City. Chris tell us his great story about how the House started. How during the pandemic he founded The House Helps, a non profit aimed at helping the bars and restaurants stay afloat during the lockdown. As we all know businesses have been hit hard and some have unfortunately closed due to the demands of covid. Chris is a huge part of the industry in OKC. He loves tigers and no its not to do with Tiger King. He explains in the podcast why he loves tigers so much. As well as the impact the community has had on the local businesses owners during 2020. Podcast will be released tomorrow. Follow Chris on instagram here www.instagram.com/thechriscoxonline at www.thehouseokc.com Thank you for listening and supporting the podcast.This episode is presented by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Telling Oklahoma's story through its people since 1927. Follow them on instagram here www.instagram.com/oklahomahof and their website www.oklahomahof.com #thisisoklahoma


29 Jan 2021

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Interview with The Propane Buzz co-host Chris Cox

The State of Energy

Christopher Cox is a Partner at Flash Point Energy.  Also, a co-host of The Propane Buzz Podcast. Chris has a Master of Science Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.The State of Energy hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt talk with Chris about propane supply and demand, exports, and the future of propane. TheStateofEnergy.comPropane.comRMpropane.orgPropaneBuzzFlash Point Energy Partners 


7 Jan 2021

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CHRIS COX FOR JUDGE DIVISION B, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

William Wallis For America

Chris Cox is running for Judge, Division "B" of the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.   He has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, an Assistant District Attorney, the Chief Operating Officer of Jefferson Parish, and an adjunct professor of law.   He has handled hundreds of cases that have resulted in guilty pleas, but what he believes qualifies him for this position is the amount of courtroom experience that he has gained, having actually tried sixty-six jury trials in state and federal courts combined.


31 Aug 2020