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33: The People Hacker, with Jenny Radcliffe

Security Stories

Jenny Radcliffe, AKA 'The People Hacker' joins us as our guest today. Jenny is a world renowned Social Engineer, hired to bypass security systems through a mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile.We learn about incidents in Jenny's childhood which led her to become a 'burglar for hire', including getting locked in the lion’s enclosure at the zoo! She has spent a lifetime talking her way into secure locations, protecting clients from scammers, and leading educational simulated criminal attacks on organisations of all sizes in order to help secure money, data and information from those with genuine malicious intent.We also talk about how Jenny copes mentally with being in some of these situations, and how she works with organizations and helping them with their security culture. There’s a great deal of advice here too about how to protect yourself and your friends and your families from social engineering attacks. Jenny's podcast is available at https://humanfactorsecurity.co.uk/podcast-2/ Before that, it's Sana's last episode with us for a while (sob!) but she goes out on a high by telling the story of three military terms that have shaped the cybersecurity narrative in the last couple of decades. If you are like a movie buff, or geek out on military terminologies, or simply say ‘Roger that’ in response to everything, then you'll love this segment.If that wasn't enough, we also have Nirav Shah join us in the pod booth. Nirav is new to Cisco, having joined us directly from Solar Winds. He was working then when the massive breach that was heard around the world happened. We hear the inside story, and learn how this was a catalyst in the threat landscape. Learn more in Nirav's blog here.Episode time stamps:0:00 - 15:31 - Intro topic with Sana - Three military terms that have shaped the cybersecurity narrative15:32 - 42:29 - Interview with Jenny Radcliffe, Part 1 42:50 - 55:26 - Nirav Shah on the Solar Winds breach55:38 - 73:24 - Interview with Jenny Radcliffe, Part 273:25 - 83:30 - Closing thoughts and outro

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3 Aug 2021

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Burglar For Hire | A Conversation With Jenny Radcliffe | Tech Done Different With Ted Harrington


Known as "The People Hacker," renowned social engineer Jenny Radcliffe joins Tech Done Different to give the insider's perspective on social engineering. In this episode, you'll learn: why social engineering is "the art of the possible"why companies want to have their own "bad guy"what happens when you make it real to the customer how they could be exploitedwhat characteristics define great social engineershow to remove permanent failure by "never closing the file"why to be clear about scope with the clientwhat happens when ego gets in the waywhy even security professionals can be attackedwhy humans defeat humans GuestJenny RadcliffeOn Twitter 👉https://twitter.com/Jenny_RadcliffeOn Linkedin 👉https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-radcliffe-the-people-hacker-%F0%9F%8E%A4%F0%9F%8E%A7%F0%9F%A7%A0-85ba1611/ ________________________________HostTed HarringtonOn ITSPmagazine  👉 https://www.itspmagazine.com/itspmagazine-podcast-radio-hosts/ted-harrington ________________________________This Episode’s Sponsors ________________________________For more podcast stories from Tech Done Different With Ted Harrington: https://www.itspmagazine.com/tech-done-different-podcast Are you interested in sponsoring an ITSPmagazine Channel?👉 https://www.itspmagazine.com/podcast-series-sponsorships


22 Jun 2021

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Ep 58 | Social Engineering and People Hacking - With Jenny Radcliffe, founder and director of Human Factor Security

The Get Cyber Resilient Show

Gar is joined this week by Jenny Radcliffe, aka the People Hacker, founder and director of Human Factor Security. Jenny is a world-renowned Social Engineer, hired to bypass security systems through a mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile. Jenny talks us through her experiences of physical penetration testing, her background and how that fed into her success, and how to use emotions to socially engineer people. For the latest cyber news and insights head to www.getcyberresilient.com


15 Jun 2021

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People Hacking with Jenny Radcliffe

Easy Prey

When you hear the word “hacker,” you envision someone breaking into a computer, but did you know that people can be hacked? The manipulation and persuasion of people can lead to someone gaining physical access to a location or even data being leaked.  Today’s guest is Jenny Radcliffe. Jenny is the founder and director of Human Factor Security and is commonly known as the People Hacker. She’s a world-renowned social engineer hired to bypass security systems through a no-tech mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning, and guile. Jenny is also a podcaster, keynote speaker, talk show host, and panel chair. Show Notes: [0:58] - Jenny explains social engineering as no-tech hacking and how she became known as the People Hacker. [2:32] - Chris shares how a pen tester recently made a mistake and Jenny describes some of the mistakes she has made on that job. [3:56] - Laughing at previous mistakes, Jenny shares a memorable experience where she almost got caught in the act. [5:55] - In her experience, it is better to use psychology over breaking into a physical location. [7:01] - Jenny shares a story about breaking into a museum as the first time she felt drawn to this lifestyle and years later it was an industry she could work for. [10:30] - After a physical engagement and success in gathering the objects or data needed for the job, Jenny describes her adrenaline and celebration. [13:05] - Physical entry can seem very theatrical as we’ve all seen in action movies like James Bond. But ideally, Jenny says that evidence someone was there should not be left behind. [14:57] - Jenny sometimes leaves business cards in locations after she breaks into them and takes photos that she has saved. [16:50] - There is an element of social engineering with pen testing. [17:45] - Apparent authority is one of the top strategies used in social engineering. Jenny explains how Covid has made this even easier to dupe someone. [19:40] - Criminals and social engineers capitalize on fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  [20:47] - During pen testing, a no-blame culture is crucial. Otherwise, people won’t report in times of actual penetration. [22:12] - Even if you don’t think you are being scammed, you should always tell someone the second you are told to keep quiet about something. [23:27] - Chris and Jenny discuss ransomware. In some cases, there is not an organization with a business model. [25:01] - There have recently been a lot of high-profile ransomware hacks. [26:17] - You have to try to remove the emotion for the victim so that payment is not made. It’s horrible but if the money is paid, they’ll come back. [28:55] - How are these large companies getting hacked? How are hackers getting through? [29:36] - Have all the tech security in place but be aware that one person could still make a mistake. [30:54] - The reason the cyber security industry is so huge is because, despite our best efforts, mistakes happen.  [32:07] - You can’t guarantee avoidance as long as humans are involved. With proper training and the right amount of suspicion, all we can do is hope everyone will remember to report anything unusual. [34:18] - In a compliance-minded organization, something as simple as a sign that says not to do something, they don’t question it. [36:49] - Jenny shares a story of being caught and them not ever saying anything that she was seen. [39:23] - “This is not my problem.” Chris and Jenny chat about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and how some of the scenes apply to her job. [41:39] - Cyber security is something that defines how good a business is these days. [42:27] - When asked about things that go wrong during physical pen tests, Jenny says there are so many experiences that she tries to give a different answer to everyone who asks. [45:19] - Jenny shares the most boring physical pen test she experienced. [48:11] - Usually something goes wrong, so when something goes absolutely to plan, it is surprising for Jenny. [49:12] - Jenny shares the 4 things to do to stay safe. What are her red flags? Thanks for joining us on Easy Prey. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave a nice review.  Links and Resources: Podcast Web Page Facebook Page whatismyipaddress.com Easy Prey on Instagram Easy Prey on Twitter Easy Prey on LinkedIn Easy Prey on YouTube Easy Prey on Pinterest Human Factor Security Web Page People Hacker on Twitter Human Factor Security Podcast Human Factor Security on YouTube


2 Jun 2021

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Mindbender with Jenny Radcliffe


Social engineering is the art of exploiting human psychology. There is no perimeter defense for this method of infiltration. Known as the “People Hacker”, Jenny Radcliffe has spent a lifetime learning how to use the human element to gain access to the buildings, data and information, and the things we would wish to keep private. Her main objective is to smash security measures, using psychology, con-artistry, subliminal linguistics, cunning and guile.She’s an international keynote speaker, TEDx contributor, Award-Winning Podcast Host, and a go-to guest expert on TV, Radio and other online media. We socialize at the bar on subjects such as Social Engineering recon, deception techniques, skillsets needed, and tips for those looking to learn human hacking. Oh, plus how one break-in she was involved in intensified rapidly. Tony the Bartender coaxes us into “Hypnosia”.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/barcodepodcast)


23 Apr 2021

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The Human Hacker: People Manipulation in Cyber | Jenny Radcliffe

The Circuit Magazine Podcast

When we think of a “hacker” we have an image of someone behind a computer wearing a black hoodie. But today’s guest, Jenny Radcliffe, is here to expand the definition of a hacker to include human hacking or social engineering. According to Jenny, every human can be hacked. In fact, 95% of cyber-attacks are human-based or exploit some kind of human error or manipulation. And Jenny would know since she has been doing social engineering and physical infiltration for her whole life. As a human hacker or social engineer, Jenny shares her knowledge and expertise on how to avoid people manipulation through human hacking, including:   How to know if you or your Principal is being manipulated? What are the four red flags you need to be aware of? How to identify a genuine human factor expert from someone who is just faking it? What skill sets should you look out for?What are the social cues to spot when you may be a victim of phishing or any form of manipulation? And what countermeasures should you implement?What is the human hacker’s best disguise to avoid detection when penetration testing? You’ll be surprised to hear her answer to this! Today Principals have different profiles - they may be a Bitcoin billionaire or a social media influencer. They’re putting so much out there. It's like putting a sign on your front door saying, “I'm on holiday now. Please break in!” And it makes your job so much more difficult. You need to harness new skills to keep people protected. Tune in as Jenny shares lots of top-notch knowledge and wisdom to help you protect yourself and your Principals because as she puts it…“If you build a wall, someone's already thinking about a ladder.”As always, drop us a comment or leave us a review to let us know your thoughts.More about Jenny Radcliffe:Jenny Radcliffe is a world-renowned Social Engineer hired to bypass security systems through a mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile. A "burglar" for hire and entertaining educator, she has spent a lifetime talking her way into secure locations, protecting clients from scammers, and leading simulated criminal attacks on organisations of all sizes in order to help secure money, data and information from malicious attacks.Jenny was recognised as one of the top 25 Women in Cyber in 2020 by IT Security Guru, and as a Top 50 Women of Influence in Cyber in 2019. She was nominated for the prestigious “Godmother of Security” award in 2020 and won the “Most Educational Security Blog 2020.” Most recently, she was awarded a Woman of Influence & a Top 30 Cybersecurity Leader. Jenny is also a sought-after keynote speaker at major conferences and corporate events and is a multiple TEDx contributor. Jenny also hosts of the award-winning podcast “The Human Factor” where she interviews industry leaders, bloggers, experts, and con-artists about all elements of security and preventing people from becoming victims of malicious social engineering. Jenny RadcliffeHuman Factor SecurityMore about the CircuitThe Circuit team is:Phelim RoweElijah ShawShaun WestJon MossConnect with Us: Circuit MagazineBBA ConnectBritish Bodyguard Association


21 Apr 2021

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Why difference (and mints) are strength in cybersecurity – Jenny Radcliffe, People Hacker

Phishy Business

We all know a business’ cybersecurity is only as strong as its people. And that’s where Jenny Radcliffe comes in. Known as the People Hacker, Jenny is a psychologist and social engineer who helps her clients assess their security by breaking into their organisations, often without technology. In the very first episode of Phishy Business, we discuss: Stories of Jenny’s work in physical penetration testing, including her strangest break-ins and some close calls with the law How a childhood kidnapping experience shaped Jenny’s career How you can learn the trade without becoming a criminal yourself Ways for businesses to work with their people to stay secure Jenny is clear that victims of cybercrime certainly aren’t stupid – and it’s up to businesses to put the technology and communication in place to keep people and systems safe. About Phishy Business Fed up with the same old cybersecurity stories? Come with us on a journey that explores the lesser-known side. Whether it’s social engineering, taking criminals to court or the journalists hunting down hackers — our new podcast series, Phishy Business, looks for new ways to think about cybersecurity. Mimecast’s very own Brian Pinnock and Alice Jeffery are joined by guests from a range of unique security specialisms. Each episode explores tales of risk, reward and just a dash of ridiculousness to learn how we can all improve in the fight to stay safe. For more tales of risk, reward and ridiculousness, subscribe to Phishy Business on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts. www.mimecast.com


1 Mar 2021

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428: Jenny Radcliffe | Cat Burglar for Hire

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Jenny Radcliffe (@Jenny_Radcliffe) of Human Factor Security is an ethical social engineer hired to smash security measures using psychology, con-artistry, subliminal linguistics, cunning, and guile. She is also the host of award-winning podcast The Human Factor. What We Discuss with Jenny Radcliffe: How a childhood incident that took place in '70s Liverpool led to Jenny's resolution that she would never again allow herself to be helpless against bad people. What a thrilling break-in to the local zoo's lion exhibit in the middle of the night and an accidental sleepover in a mortuary with a dead body taught Jenny about the illusion of security. How breaking into places to test security for people went from being a side hustle (with assignments that may or may not have been legitimate or free of life-risking consequences) to Jenny's main calling. The strange, supernatural-seeming things someone might experience while alone in massive buildings after hours or asylums abandoned to the elements. What it was like to track people before the Internet, how social media made Jenny's job exponentially easier, and what you can do to protect yourself against being tracked. And much more... Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/428 Sign up for Six-Minute Networking -- our free networking and relationship development mini course -- at jordanharbinger.com/course! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!

1hr 11mins

10 Nov 2020

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CSCP S02E22 - Jenny Radcliffe - Social Engineering with the Human Hacker

Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast

Jenny Radcliffe AKA the “People Hacker,” is the Queen of Social Engineering, and host ofHuman Factor Security Podcast joins Francesco for an in-depth discussion on her career path inSocial Engineering. The podcast is brought you by the generosity of NSC42 Ltd, your cybersecurity partner. Cybersecurity is a complex and different for every organization, and you need the best-tailored service to make sure your customer's data is safe and sound so that you can focus on what's important, focusing on your clients and bringing the best and safest experience.  1:00 Introducing Jenny Radcliffe2:38 State of the Industry4:56 What makes a Social Engineers10:46 Starting a career in Social Engineering16:45 Childhood memories26:34 Teaching Social Engineering29:21 Body Language and NLP35:00 Connecting with Jenny37:08 Final Positive Message LinksJenny RadcliffeTwitter @Jenny_Radcliffe https://humanfactorsecurity.co.uk Cyber Security and Cloud Podcast#CSCPcybercloudpodcast.com#cybermentoringmonday


2 Nov 2020

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The Now What Show- Jenny Radcliffe

The Now What Show

How the hell does a girl from the mean streets of Liverpool end up robbing banks, breaking and entering corporate companies in foreign countries? Legally. Ish. Welcome to “People Hacker” Jenny Radcliffe’s world and 3 Now What moments!


12 Oct 2020