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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marcia Kilgore. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marcia Kilgore, often where they are interviewed.

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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marcia Kilgore. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marcia Kilgore, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 63: Marcia Kilgore

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This week our guest is the extraordinary entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, founder of beauty brand after beauty brand. Her most recent incarnation is Beauty Pie, the disruptive buyer’s club that changed the way we think about beauty shopping. We talk self-doubt, skin and why this might actually be the best time to unleash your creativity…

P.S. Beauty Pie is offering you lovely lot your first month's membership free. Your code is MIDULTSENTME*

*T&Cs apply

Nov 12 2020 · 35mins
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EP26 — The Netflix of Beauty; Serial Entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore Talks Tech

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Are you developing a product you’re looking to sell direct to consumer, at the hand of technology? Have you always wondered how to set up a product-based subscription business? Are you looking for serious inspiration from a serial entrepreneur who’s been there before? Today we have Marcia Kilgore on the show, founder of 5 successful global businesses, talking tech. 

You can use MARCIASENTME to get extra £50 credit at beautypie.com.

Hit us up on Twitter (@mennenia) or email in on maxim@cuttingthroughtech.com.

Sep 22 2020 · 38mins

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Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur, with Marcia Kilgore, founder of Beauty Pie

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What is the secret to entrepreneurial success after success - ‘failure’ says Marcia.

From growing up in Canada and losing her father at just 11 years old, Marcia Kilgore talks to Holly about her journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Hailed by Oprah as one of the most inspiring women she has ever met, this episode follows Marcia’s incredible story. Arriving in New York aged just 18, a twist of fate led to her building her first business Bliss, a celebrity soaked spa. But Marcia didn’t stop there and has gone on to become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of our time.

Building five hugely successful companies, including FitFlop and Beauty Pie, in just two decades, Marcia’s drive, vision and innovation have delivered products that women had an instant affinity with and that have changed the face of the beauty industry forever.

Challenging the status quo, democratising beauty and a personal heroine for Holly, this conversation is truly inspiring.
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Sep 21 2020 · 58mins
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Englishmen In New York | Marcia Kilgore | Beauty Pie, Soap & Glory, Bliss, Fitflop

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Born in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Marcia Kilgore went on (via New York) to found businesses such as Beauty Pie, Bliss, Soap & Glory, Soaper Duper and Fitflop. In today's episode Nick and Will discuss those ventures as well as such varied topics as The South of France, Jean Claude Van Damme, Tom Hanks, Body Building and Bagels. Enjoy!

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Aug 28 2020 · 54mins

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Exploring Beauty Pie with Marcia Kilgore

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In this week's episode of The Cassandra Daily Podcast our host Nina Rupp is joined by the dazzling Marcia Kilgore, serial entrepreneur and founder of Bliss Spa, Fit Flop footwear, and most recently, Beauty Pie, for an in-depth conversation about the disruptor beauty brand and why consumers so readily turn to beauty in times of crisis. 

Jun 18 2020 · 32mins
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How I Built Resilience: Live with Tony Xu and Marcia Kilgore

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When Tony Xu started DoorDash in 2013, he wanted to help local restaurants stay afloat by introducing them to online delivery. Today, his quest remains the same, now that DoorDash has become an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marcia Kilgore's footwear brand, FitFlop, is experiencing a downturn in sales as retail stores stay closed. However, Beauty Pie – her direct-to-consumer cosmetics brand – is thriving as the beauty industry goes digital. These conversations are excerpts from our How I Built Resilience series, where Guy talks online with founders and entrepreneurs about how they're navigating these turbulent times.
May 21 2020 · 32mins
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Feel Good Habits | Marcia Kilgore

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Marcia Kilgore is a serial entrepreneur whose businesses include Bliss Spa, Fit Flop, Soaper Duper, Soap & Glory and, most recently, the hugely successful direct-to-consumer beauty brand Beauty Pie.

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May 10 2020 · 32mins
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BEAUTY PIE & FitFlop Founder & Serial Entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore

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Marcia Kilgore on Jazz Shapers with Mishcon de Reya.
Jazz Shapers in association with Mishcon de Reya broadcasts every Saturday at 9am, with a repeat on Monday at 5am, just before the Business Breakfast.
Presented by broadcaster and Mishcon de Reya’s Director of Business Development Elliot Moss, Jazz Shapers shares music from the risk takers, leaders and influencers of jazz, soul and blues, alongside interviews with their equivalent in the business world: entrepreneurs who have defined and shaped business categories and ways of operating, defying convention and have gone on to achieve great success.
With more than 900 people, Mishcon de Reya is an independent London-based law firm that serves an international community of clients. In their words: "We appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside our clients as a trusted advisor. Building strong personal connections to our clients and their businesses is important to us. It is for these reasons we say ‘It’s business. But it’s personal.'
Mar 28 2020 · 35mins
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128: The Incredible, Painful Gift of Criticism with Marcia Kilgore

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I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to sit down with a woman whose story inspires me to be a fearless female leader every freakin' day - Marcia Kilgore! Marcia has built and sold more successful companies than most entrepreneurs will ever see in their lifetime, and her latest endeavor, Beauty Pie, seeks to bring radical transparency to an industry that's historically been closed off to consumers. In this episode we chat about the twin gifts of failure and criticism, how to overcome your fear of both in order to find success beyond your wildest dreams.

Marcia has been incredibly generous to offer RISE listeners one month free to try Beauty Pie by using the code RISESENTME in signup. You can also follow Marcia's adventures on Instagram!


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Jan 07 2020 · 51mins
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S2/Ep12: Marcia Kilgore- Entrepreneurship and Connecting the Dots

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I have spoken to a bunch of entrepreneurs in my life, but none as lively and charismatic as Marcia Kilgore. From Bliss Spas to Beauty Pie, Marcia has left nothing but a trail of lucrative businesses in her wake. With a combination of vision, hard-work, and selective listening skills, Marcia has ridden a wave of success matched by few.
Dec 21 2019 · 57mins