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53 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Whitmer Thomas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Whitmer Thomas, often where they are interviewed.

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53 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Whitmer Thomas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Whitmer Thomas, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 1119 - Whitmer Thomas

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
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Comedian Whitmer Thomas and Marc made a movie together in Alabama. But while Marc was just a visitor, Whitmer knows Alabama to the core. Growing up in Gulf Shores and living the life of a disaffected Southern skateboarding garage rocker, Whitmer was surrounded by family dysfunction that involved alcoholism, drug addiction, failed show business dreams, jail and eventually death. Whitmer says it was hard to process all of it but that’s what he did in his HBO special, The Golden One, as his desperation to connect made his creativity flourish. This episode is sponsored by The Kennedy Curse by James Patterson and Pataday Once-Daily Relief.

Apr 30 2020

1hr 22mins


#169 - Whitmer Thomas (Comedian, Musician, The Golden One HBO Special)

Washed Up Emo
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Today, we welcome Whitmer Thomas. You’re saying, who is Whitmer? Whitmer is a comedian that recently had a 1-hour comedy special on HBO called The Golden One. 

It’s also an album of music with the same name that you can listen to on our favorite DSP. Whit was a musician before a comedian and has quite the extensive knowledge of punk, hardcore, and emo from his days playing in emo and screamo bands. To that, Whitmer jokes throughout his HBO special about bands we all know and love. You should search it out, as there isn’t a more specific comedy special for our crowd. Whitmer was a joy to talk to and we had a blast talking about his inspirations, his late mom’s band, and being creative in both music and comedy.

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Apr 24 2020



Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) with Whitmer Thomas

Talkhouse Podcast
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Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, and comedian Whitmer Thomas have each released perhaps the best work of their careers thus far in the past month or so: Waxahatchee with her new LP, Saint Cloud, Whitmer with his HBO comedy special The Golden One. The two are huge fans of each other's emotionally vulnerable work; having recently met, they have, as Katie puts it in this talk, “a weird kismet connection."

In their open and honest conversation, Katie and Whitmer take us through their careers, from their beginnings as teenage rockers in Alabama to their current professional successes, and the processes of making their powerful new works. We also hear about the benefits of a slower professional trajectory; pre-album-release shame when you’ve been completely open about your life in your art; and how Katie getting sober changed her music.

Check it out, and subscribe now to stay in the loop on future episodes of the Talkhouse Podcast, including upcoming shows featuring Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) with the Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt; Black Belt Eagle Scout with Sasami; and George Saunders with fellow author Dana Spiotta. —Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producer 

This week's show was recorded by Claire Morison at and in Brooklyn by Talkhouse Film's Editor-in-chief Nick Dawson and myself in our respective #stayhome studios. The Talkhouse Podcast's co-producer is Mark Yoshizumi.

Our theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

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Apr 02 2020

1hr 5mins


Episode 247 - Whitmer Thomas (The Golden One, Glow, The Walking Dead)

Turned Out A Punk
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WATCH WHITMER THOMAS' "THE GOLDEN ONE"! This HBO comedy special has quickly become one of Damian's favourite movies (EVER)!  Listen in as Damian & Whit discuss his journey from listening to Bro-Hymn in the car with his mom & brother to performing Dammit with Mark Hoppus as well as agonizing over Fugazi jokes. 


Also Touched On:

Whit using Fucked Up as entrance music
A mutual debt paid
Mom teaching you to play Bro-Hymn
The true emotion of Pennywise’s 1998 version of “Bro-Hymn”
Mom loved new wave
Finding demos with two different takes on growing up in the South  

Alabama had no punk
Going to Pensacola to see shows
Seeing Against Me before they had real dreams
This Bike Is Pipe Bomb
“Pray to play”: Pretending to be Christian to get shows
Quitting the band and ruining an adult’s life
The Tooks can't make it in LA
The impenetrable cool of the Smell
The SF-Psych Revival
The Fugazi joke
 Fixing Danzig’s iMac in 2019
& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

Mar 19 2020



The Golden One With Whitmer Thomas

Your 2 Dads w/ Sean & Julian
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Non-dad, but double uncle Whitmer Thomas joins Sean, and Julian, to discuss in depth, the inspirations behind his new HBO comedy special, "The Golden One".

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Mar 09 2020



47: A Squad of UPS Drivers & A Lovely Song (w/ Whitmer Thomas)

Podcast But Outside
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Guests include a young religious mother and father, a trio of delivery women on an exciting birthday vacation, and our pal Whitmer Thomas! Recorded next to Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles.

Mar 04 2020



Whitmer Thomas Honors His Mom Through Comedy

Kickass News
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Comedian Whitmer Thomas talks about returning to his hometown to film his first hour-long comedy special at Alabama's legendary Flora-Bama Lounge where his late mother used to perform with her band Syntwister.  He says his music and comedy is his way of honoring his mom, and in a way, he’s now fulfilling her dream by pursuing his own.  We also discuss some of his most recent skating injuries, what it was like touring with comedian Bo Burnham, and how he went from being an angst-ridden emo kid in high school to parodying emo bands in his act.  Plus we talk about Pee Wee Herman, Donald Trump, Blink 182 as the ultimate parody band, his early obsession with Zach Galifianakis, and the time a 3-year-old Whitmer got kidnapped by his own obsessed fan!

His hour-long comedy special Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One debuts on HBO on February 22 at 10PM E/P.  Follow him on Twitter at @WhitmerThomas.  Today's episode was sponsored by Online Trading Academy and Wave.

Feb 20 2020



KITM Podcast: Wednesday, February 19th with Get Up on This: Whitmer Thomas, Animal Stories and You Faked An Accent

Kevin in the Morning with Allie & Jensen on KROQ
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Open. What's Happening. Women Brings A Mini Service Horse On A Plane. Get Up On This: Whitmer Thomas. Never Have I Ever. Animal Stories. What's Happening. You Faked An Accent. What's Happening.

Feb 19 2020

1hr 17mins


Episode 210: FBI Top Comics To Watch feat. Whitmer Thomas

Yeah, But Still
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Whitmer Thomas joins us right before the release of his new HBO special The Golden Boy.

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Feb 18 2020

1hr 7mins


VFV#221 Uncut Gems w/ Whitmer Thomas

Views From the Vista
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Comedian/actor Whitmer Thomas (Sword of Trust, the Golden One) joins the VFV Crew to review "Uncut Gems"!

Dec 19 2019

1hr 29mins