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53: Glen Darcey With Ashun Sound Machines

Talking Synths

Talking Synths is a weekly podcast where Syntaur's Sam Mims and Carlos Morales tackle your questions and chat about all manner of synthology. In this episode Sam and Carlos sit down with Glen Darcey With Ashun Sound Machines at Knobcon 2021. Linktree: Syntaur Instagram: @syntaursynths Facebook: Syntaur Twitter: @syntaursynths Tik Tok: @syntaur


15 Oct 2021

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Senseo® Sundays ::: Glen Darcey :::

Spacemusic (Season 2-3-4-5)

Have a break everybody.... Coffee time! Imagine yourself exploring a new city....new sounds, people, buildings, traffic, parks, stores, boulevards, church, station, hotelroom... all accompanied by fantastic ambient tunes in your ears to give this adventure an extra dimension and powerful memory. Glen Darcey is on our show today with his album 'Ambiata' and we're sure this music fill fit your iPods and iPhones to go and travel your preferred cities and environments - a perfect soundtrack. Glen has always been into synths and electronic music, he has studied music and performed LIVE on stage in bands for example. Please check out his website for more details and get your copy of this relaxing 'Ambiata' album via iTunes Store today!APRIL 14th 2009nbsp;- we are experiencing problems with our server - the show (file)nbsp;is temporary unavailable for downloading - we're doing the best we can to solve this issue - as a matter of fact we're waiting for our host to come up with a solution - the file has disappeared from the sky.....stay tuned and please come back later again - thank you for understanding.On the other hand, it is clear that coffee is not for everyone. In excessive amounts - meaning more than whatever an individual's body can tolerate - coffee can cause nervousness, jitters, and rapid heartbeat.Although studies investigating any relationship between higher cholesterol levels and coffee have yielded conflicting results, it is believed that in some people, drinking excessive amounts of coffee might cause elevated cholesterol levels (5).However, coffee drinkers who consume filtered coffee should not worry themselves with respect to cholesterol levels, because research indicates that it is the coffee oils which are mainly responsible for the rise in cholesterol in people who drink nonfiltered or boiled coffee.Most recent large studies show no significant adverse affects on most healthy people, although pregnant women, heart patients, and those at risk for osteoporosis may still be advised to limit or avoid coffee.Senseoreg; Sundays ::: Glen Darcey :::(03:41) - Glen Darcey - The Garden(09:44) - Glen Darcey - Ekklesianbsp;~TCcopy; 2009nbsp;[ad#post-ad]

15 Mar 2009

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