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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Shah Rukh Khan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Shah Rukh Khan, often where they are interviewed.

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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Shah Rukh Khan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Shah Rukh Khan, often where they are interviewed.

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Shah Rukh Khan- Main Hu Na & Start of Anti- Hindu/ Army agenda - General G.D Bakshi

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Shah Rukh Khan- Main Hu Na & Start of Anti- Hindu/ Army agenda - General G.D Bakshi


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Nov 03 2020 · 22mins
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Who is Shah Rukh Khan?

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Oct 21 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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Shah Rukh Khan

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"If she loves you then she will turn around and see you ... turn ... turn!"

Welcome to Episode #28 of Crushing Disappointment. Matt chats to Shandana about her crush on Shah Rukh Khan.

Disappointments: How is it possible that you still don't know how to use a microphone? Do you have any new questions, ideas, thoughts? Did you not think about how to end the episode?

Nosheen Iqbal (The Guardian): Shah Rukh Khan: ‘My success is all down to the women I’ve worked with’

Khandaan- A Bollywood Podcast

Julien Cayla: Following the Endorser's Shadow: Shah Rukh Khan and the Creation of the Cosmopolitan Indian Male

Neelam Sidhar Wright: Bollywood and Postmodernism Popular Indian Cinema in the 21st Century

My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan

Sonia Mariam Thomas (Buzzfeed): The Undeniable Misery Of Being A Shah Rukh Khan Fan Today

Richard Dyer: Entertainment & Utopia

Sunny Singh: The Road to Rāmarājya: Analysing Shah Rukh Khan’s Parallel Text in Commercial Hindi Cinema

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Sep 06 2020 · 57mins
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Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Nepotism

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This podcast is one my closet one, and the most unplanned.

Has how bollywood influenced lives and discussed all the issues of bollywood 

Aug 11 2020 · 51mins

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As a “Bollywood fanatic, tandoori chicken connoisseur, king of trivial matters, and self proclaimed love doctor,” he may be a popular face in the South-Asian social media sphere, but that doesn’t mean he gets any passes from Bollywood big-shots or Twitter itself. We sit down with our creative friend SALMAN AKA CHAI PAPI to talk about his not so politically correct views, bizarre experiences in Saudi Arabia, standing up for the Shia community, and a whole lot more.

The Strange Squad also talks about the Joe Rogan Spotify deal, what we can all learn from 6ix9ine’s return, and more!

This is the 113th episode of Strange Flavors, brought to you by Alif Theory.


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May 26 2020 · 1hr 24mins
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Anjaam / Shah Rukh Khan- Review

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In the second in the Shah Rukh Khan series, Scooter Radio explores one of the darkest, and most violent movies ever committed to celluloid, the 1994 psychological thriller : Anjaam.
May 08 2020 · 33mins
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Kal Ho Naa Ho - Intro to Shah Rukh Khan & Bollywood

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Join us as we review the podcasts first of many Bollywood movies. The 2003 Shah Rukh Khan movie - Kal Ho Naa Ho ( Tomorrow May Never Come ).
May 08 2020 · 42mins
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Fan (Anatomy of an Actor: Shah Rukh Khan)

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Part 1: Zach, Ash and Nathan discuss movies they saw this week, including: Downhill, Downsizing, Underground and The Weather Underground.

Part 2 (44:25): The group concludes their Shah Rukh Khan series with 2016's Fan.
See movies discussed in this episode here.

Film list for the Intro to Avant-Garde series.

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Feb 14 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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Dil Se.. (Anatomy of an Actor: Shah Rukh Khan)

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Part 1: Zach, Jessy and Michael discuss movies they saw this week, including: The Turning, What Did Jack Do?, Wuthering Heights, No and The Bad Batch.

Part 2 (37:15): The group continues their Shah Rukh Khan series with 1998's Dil Se..
See movies discussed in this episode here.

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Jan 31 2020 · 1hr 27mins
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Are Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan helping Modi to see the Light?

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Jan 29 2020 · 41mins