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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Badillo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Badillo, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Badillo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Badillo, often where they are interviewed.

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La vie en Rose de Michelle Badillo

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Michelle Badillo, una reina de belleza venezolana que cambió su corona por el micrófono y las cámaras para cumplir su sueño de impactar positivamente la vida de otros, conversó con nosotras en este episodio y compartió las nuevas facetas en las que está incursionando y triunfando desde que se radicó en Miami. Michelle con su sonrisa y positivismo nos contó con pasión en su voz sobre su línea de tés que ha creado para potenciar el bienestar y ayudar a alcanzar el balance del organismo, siguiendo preceptos que ella aprendió en su certificación como instructora de yoga y coach de salud, también nos contó sobre el uso de los aceites esenciales y juntas nos paseamos por sus experiencias animando y entrevistando personajes como Cristina Saralegui, Don Francisco, Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas, Mark Anthony y pare usted de contar... Esperamos que disfruten de este episodio tanto como hemos disfrutado creándolo para ustedes.  Gracias por la inspiración: @michellebadillooficial @delgadomaite @nelsonbus @cristinasaraleguitv @holatv @nutritionschool @doterra


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Jul 10 2020 · 46mins
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LA Art Book Fair - Readings with Michelle Badillo + Heather Jewett

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Tierney invites screenwriter Michelle Badillo and comedian Heather Jewett into the Montez Press Radio RV outside the 2019 Los Angeles Book Fair. While book collectors stroll MOCA and the radio staff cracks beers on lawn chairs outside, Michelle, Heather and Tierney crouch around the motor home's dining room table and discuss their mothers. The segment is called "Maternal Adoration and Agitation" because that bond is crazy AF. Heather reads a piece called "Meal Time With Mommy," Michelle reads a diary entry from high school and I read an excerpt from my short story "Reseda," which originally appears in Dazed and Confused A/W 2019. 

Heather and Michelle's stories are sooooooo funny and beautiful, you'll squeal and squirm and smile. 

Follow Michelle @_mistermichelle and Heather @hurrrjurrr

Thank you Montez Press. 

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Aug 12 2019 · 35mins

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Michelle Badillo - S**y Besties

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Michelle Badillo is a screenwriter and actor from Queens, New York. We are globally renown best friends. Michelle is a sexy television writer and humorist, best known for her work on One Day At A Time, the Netflix reboot of the original Norman Lear sitcom, and The Bold Type, a show about young journalists for which she probably drew great inspiration from my life. 

You also might recognize Michelle from the steamy, non-binary facesitting scene in season one, episode three of the Starz show Vida. She's appeared in Vogue because modeling is very easy for her.

Michelle is so funny, so smart, so silly, so naughty, so sweet, etc.

We talk about The Hills: New Beginnings, especially how emotional Michelle became when Mischa Barton appeared on screen and how much we love Brandon Thomas Lee. We tell the story of how we met and our first impressions of one another – including lip rings, crowns, bodycon dresses, cigarettes, screenwriting, Facebook and early bedtimes. We also reflect on trusting our intuition, coming out after a GSA meeting and noticing childhood class dynamics. 

We mock the trust fund kids we went to school with, including their helicopters home to La Jolla, self-driving sports cars and wack-job parents. Michelle has the nerve to disclose where we attended school and I covertly assert that I was too smart to go there. I finally admit that I was famous but bullied on campus. 

We talk about the unique way moms talk about their daughters' bodies and Michelle teaches me how to become a successful screenwriter. I qualify multiple comments with "not to stigmatize" because I don't want to stigmatize. Michelle sings a couple of showtunes, lusts after Megan Fox and reflects on the more challenging aspects of lending her own teenage experiences as a queer woman of color to a character on TV. 

Finally, we play "Tierney Answers," an incredible new segment where my guest interviews me about my many attributes and preferences. 

Follow Michelle on Instagram and Twitter - @mistermichelle_ 
Follow me too  - @tstar7

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Credit and thanks to Margot Padilla, the best sound engineer

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Jul 17 2019 · 1hr 49mins
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The Problem with Michelle Badillo and Jordan Firstman

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Casey and Charles bring their lovers, Michelle Badillo and Jordan Firstman on as guests to flip the script and tell the hosts what their own problems are in what can only be described as a memorably disastrous episode. 

Apr 22 2019 · 1hr 6mins

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71: The TV Writer's Catch-22 with Michelle Badillo

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We're joined for more One Day at a Time greatness by Michelle Badillo, who has written on the show for 3 seasons (hopefully many more to come,) as well as on The Bold Type and the upcoming Kenya Barris project, Besties. We discuss what breaking into the industry looks like for diverse writers and get into how she deals with reactions from fandoms. 

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Feb 28 2019 · 53mins
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TV Writing for Comedy & Drama ft. Michelle Badillo & Caroline Levich (One Day at a Time/The Bold Type) (PT115)

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Alex and Nick invite Michelle Badillo & Caroline Levich, writers on Neflix's One Day at a Time and Freeform's The Bold Type, to discuss their experiences working in both half-hour and one-hour TV writers' rooms.

How do you approach your first days in a writers' room? What are some of the differences and challenges between breaking a half-hour and a one-hour show? What lessons can TV writers take from working in both multi-cam and drama rooms? How do you adapt to differences in tone between the formats? How are stories broken on One Day at a Time and The Bold Type? What was it like working on a Humanitas-nominated episode of TV? How can you use branding to your advantage as a writer? What are some tips for successfully transitioning between formats and genre?

The Paper Team changes tone...

Writing for both TV comedy and TV drama with Michelle Badillo & Caroline Levich (00:37)
Final Advice, Resources and Next Week On (47:28)

Michelle Badillo on Twitter
Caroline Levich on Twitter
"One Day at a Time" on Netflix
"The Bold Type" on Freeform
Gloria Calderon Kellett
Hollywood Fringe Festival
Dan Hernandez
"Hello, Penelope" (2x09 - One Day at a Time)
Amanda Lasher

"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying" by Carol Leifer
"Just the Funny Parts" by Nell Scovell
The Comeback
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Dec 10 2018 · 55mins