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33 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nikesh Shukla. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nikesh Shukla, often where they are interviewed.

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33 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nikesh Shukla. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nikesh Shukla, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep09: Nikesh Shukla on writing to make space for other people

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Content warning: friendly swearing.


Nikesh Shukla is an award-winning, bestselling writer of books and television. So far he’s published three novels and two books for Young Adults, co-written a short film, written columns for The Observer and hosted a podcast. Nikesh is the editor of the essay collection, The Good Immigrant, where 21 British writers of colour discuss race and immigration in the UK. The Good Immigrant USA, co-edited with Chimene Suleyman, was released to acclaim from New York Times, Kirkus, TIME Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, and more. His new book, “Brown Baby: a memoir of race, family and home” is due out in early 2021 and can be pre-ordered now from wherever you get books.


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Jul 15 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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FIGHT THEM WITH LOVE (with Reni Eddo-Lodge and Nikesh Shukla)

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George Floyd’s brutal murder at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis has ignited a global conversation about structural racism in America. But how does Britain compare today? And how far have we really come in reconciling our dark colonial past?

Blaine sits down with author Nikesh Shukla, named by Time Magazine as ‘’one of the twelve leaders shaping the next generation of artists’’ to find out how ‘The Good Immigrant’ has helped change the face of publishing in the UK, and receives a surprise visit from a familiar face.

This week’s opening thought features journalist and author Reni Eddo-Lodge reading from her No.1 bestseller ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about Race’, recorded especially for TWFF.

At the end of this episode you will hear ‘Screwdriver’ from Mystery Jets’ critically-acclaimed new album ‘A Billion Heartbeats’. You can buy and stream the album here.

This episode of ‘Things Worth Fighting For’ was brought to you by Acast and produced by Matthew Twaites. 

Thanks to Courtney Aiesha Mortimer at UROK for production assistance and coordination. 


Read ‘Why I’m no longer talking to White people about Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge (Blackwells)

Listen to Reni Eddo-Lodge’s award-winning podcast ‘About Race’ (Acast)

Reni Eddo-Lodge interviewed by Emma Watson (Youtube)

Read ‘The Good Immigrant’ and Nikesh’s other books (Amazon)

Nikesh Shukla on Mystery Jets’ Speakers’ Corner (Youtube)

Nikesh Shukla TEDx Talk (Youtube)

Nikesh Shukla on The Guilty Feminist podcast (Acast)

Nikesh Shukla: How the Buddha of Suburbia let me into a much wider world (Guardian)

Read Hanif Kureishi: The Buddha of Suburbia (Waterstones)

Toni Morrison interviewed in 1998 (Youtube)

Akala reads his book ‘Natives’ (Audible)

Racial Equity Tools: Anti-Racist Glossary

Black Lives Matter Global resources

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Jun 22 2020 · 1hr 17mins

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045 Nikesh Shukla

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Deborah talks to author Nikesh Shukla

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Jun 03 2020 · 59mins
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Race, the Uncomfortable Truth and Legacy - Author Nikesh Shukla

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"I have a platform, I can share that platform with other people, that's
what my mum would have expected at this stage of my career. That's why
things like The Good Immigrant' came about because a win for me is a win
for the community" Nikesh Shukla.

Amanda Blainey talks to Nikesh Shukla who is a novelist and screenwriter.
His 7th novel Brown Baby will be published in February 2021. Brown Baby is
a memoir of race, family, and home that is essentially a love letter
written to his children and his mum after her death. It's about loss and

In this episode, we talk about

White privilege

Writers of colour

How The Good Immigrant came about
The predominant white voice in literature

Racism and its prevalence in publishing and the arts

Normalising our reality

Anxiety about being outspoken and burning bridges

The problem with diversity panels

Interrogating representation and identity

How his mum's death permitted him to speak his truth

Cooking his way through grief

Food as a way to connect to his mum

How heritage lives on in us

A win for him is a win for the community

Roots for change

Processing grief through his new book Brown Baby

Grieving in a new way since coronavirus

Nikesh is the author of Coconut Unlimited (shortlisted for the Costa First
Novel Award), Meatspace, and the critically acclaimed The One Who Wrote
Destiny. He is a contributing editor to the Observer Magazine and was
previously their columnist. Nikesh is the editor of the bestselling essay
collection, The Good Immigrant, which won the reader's choice at the Books
Are My Bag Awards. He co-edited The Good Immigrant USA with Chimene
Suleyman. He is the author of two YA novels, Run, Riot (shortlisted for a
National Book Award) and The Boxer (longlisted for the Carnegia Medal).
Nikesh was one of Time Magazine's cultural leaders, Foreign Policy
magazine's 100 Global Thinkers, and The Bookseller's 100 most influential
people in publishing in 2016 and 2017. He is the co-founder of the literary
journal, The Good Journal, and The Good Literary Agency. Nikesh is a fellow
of the Royal Society Of Literature and a member of the Folio Academy.

Podcast references

https://www.reachoutproject.co.uk/ http://www.nikesh-shukla.com/
Jun 02 2020 ·

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I Don't Want to be Tolerated, I Want to be Accepted - In Conversation with Nikesh Shukla

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Nikesh Shukla is a proud dad of 2, owner of two doctorates and editor of The Good Immigrant.  We sat down with him in February in an audience of 300 people in at Rich Mix in London. You can find him on instagram @nikeshshuklawriter and find us @dontsleeponus_.

Apr 22 2020 · 41mins
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Writing On The Outside with Nikesh Shukla

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In our series one finale, we speak with writer Nikesh Shukla about his early rapping aspirations, how he made the transition into writing, and seeing representation the right way.
Apr 05 2020 · 1hr
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Episode 10 - Nikesh Shukla, Great Literary Themes with Dorothy Koomson, Your name in a novel competition, Bollywood battle: Mum v Alex

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In this episode we talk to Nikesh Shukla on writing and rap battles, Vaseem introduces his next novel, Midnight at Malabar House, as well as a competition to get your name on a character in the book, Mum takes on Alex over the best Bollywood movies in recent years, and we discuss literary themes with Dorothy Koomson and Ayisha Malik.
Dec 09 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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Nikesh Shukla

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This episode, we chat to Nikesh Shukla about his new book, growing up in Harrow, and navigating an increasingly polarised world as a person of colour.

Nikesh Shukla is the editor of 2016's bestseller The Good Immigrant and author of Coconut Unlimited.

Nikesh can be found on Twitter @nikeshshukla
His new book, The Good Immigrant USA, can be bought on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Good-Immigrant-USA-Nikesh-Shukla/dp/0349700362

Get in touch with us:
Twitter @PodcastBrownie
Instagram @BrowniePodcast
Email browniepodcast@gmail.com

Co-hosted by Eshani Bhatt and Shivani Kochhar.
Produced and edited by George Swainston.
Apr 24 2019 · 47mins
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#11: Lori Gottlieb and Nikesh Shukla

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In this episode, Lori Gottlieb and Nikesh Shukla join us to talk about books that have shaped their own craft.

This episode is sponsored by The Five by Hallie Rubenhold and The Fall of Crazy House by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet.

You can subscribe to Recommended in Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, or in your podcast player of choice. The show can also be found on Stitcher here.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

Books Discussed:

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb

Love’s Executioner by Irvin Yalom

The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese

The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla and Chimene Suleyman

If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar

Us by Zaffar Kunial

Ocean Vuong

Terrance Hayes

Kaveh Akbar

The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi

Family Life by Akhil Sharma

Good Talk by Mira Jacob

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Apr 17 2019 · 20mins
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Episode 349: The Good Immigrant Editor Nikesh Shukla

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Nikesh Shukla, author of Coconut Unlimited and Meatspace, talks to Daniel Ford about The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America, which he edited with Chimene Suleyman.

To learn more about Nikesh Shukla, visit his official website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Libro.fm and OneRoom.

Mar 11 2019 · 31mins