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Episode 39: Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Grit Player Services

Chain Link Sports Talk

Co-founder of Grit Player Services Jake Miller. 


22 Jan 2021

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Ep. 77: Creative Director at Grit Player Services and Graphic/Motion Designer at ScoreVision, Connor Dethlefs: How Handwritten Letters Led Him to a Job Designing on Computers

How The F**k Did You Get That Job?

How the f**k did Connor Dethlefs go from playing JV basketball in college (yes, that is a thing) to finding his passion in graphic design? Connor graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2016 where he played one season on what was the objectively the best dual affiliated NCAA Division III and NAIA Division II JV college basketball team to ever touch the floor. After graduating, Connor was a Senior Coach at College Possible helping improve the ACT scores and college acceptance rates for juniors and seniors in North Omaha. After that, Connor moved on to the customer service team of ScoreVision, a software company working on fan experience. Today, Connor is a graphic designer at ScoreVision, and the Creative Director of Grit Player Services, David and Jake’s company that’s miraculously still in business despite their leadership. So how did Connor make the leap from coaching basketball to graphic design? And why do some colleges still have JV teams?


16 Nov 2020

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Quarantine Conversations // Jake Miller on living in New York City, the journey of starting Grit Player Services, the sports agency landscape and coronavirus

The Culture Game

Jake Miller is the Director of Grit Player Services, a management firm looking after the interests of athletes and entrepreneurs. He is a former NCAA athlete and also is part of the duo that runs the podcast 'How the F**ck Did You Get That Job?'.  Sunny chats with Jake about living in New York City, the journey of starting Grit Player Services, the sports agency landscape and coronavirus. You can find Jake and Sunny through social media - @GritMarshall // @GritPlayerServices // @HowTFDidYouGetThatJob // @sjoshi___ on IG


13 May 2020

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Ep 1: Founder and CEO of Grit Player Services, Jake Miller: How He Went From Sitting the Bench in College to Starting For His Own Company

How The F**k Did You Get That Job?

How the f*** did Jake Miller go from small town boy to big city businessman? In this episode, David Jaffin asks his co host Jake how he became the Founder and CEO of Grit Player Services. After realizing at a young age, or rather after his mother pointed out to him that playing professional sports probably wasn’t in the cards for him (and after raking in a total of 40 minutes of play during his four years at Nebraska Wesleyan University as a basketball player), Jake decided to approach the sports world from a new angle, the managerial route. His journey to get there took him from his hometown in Colorado across the plains to Nebraska to earn his masters, over to New York City to intern with VaynerSports, back to the Midwest to participate in the MLS National Sales Center sales training program, and eventually back to New York City to start his own business. So how’d he manage to do all of that? And what are his plans moving forward in this crazy world of sports?


20 Apr 2020

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