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# 202 Let's Just Talk with Eric Peterson

Let's Just Talk

I've enjoyed diving into the world of Tik Tok and mindlessly scrolling through the mass of entertainment there is to consume and what I've found most entertaining is the debate that goes on around whether the earth is a globe or whether in fact its FLAT! This weeks guest is a high school science teach based out of California who started doing live videos on Tik Tok where he would discuss what he thought were tried and true facts. What he found though was a world of people who disputed them and wanted to have debates around topics like, evolution, the earth being flat, gravity and many more topics you might have otherwise thought are not up for debate. I LOVE discourse, I love discussion and I've always loved listening to people from both sides of a debate play their hand. I really enjoyed talking with Eric and in this weeks podcast, I found myself going back into a science class with a teacher who is clearly passionate about what he does and for his love of all things science. I hope you enjoy the podcast and as always, please hit that SUBSCRIBE  BUTTON to make sure you never miss any future episode and please consider leaving a 5 STAR RATING and POSITIVE REVIEW as it would meant  the world to me. Join the tribe and become a THE TRAINING CLUB member today and  receive a brand new workout each week, access to 2 LIVE Zoom sessions each week and access to the my VIMEO on demand workouts that you can do  in your own time. Anyone can join and all you need to do is CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up today to join the team! Contact Eric Perterson Instagram: @planetpeterson Tik Tok: @planet_peterson Contact The No Breakfast Guy: Instagram: @balance_by_adam Website: www.thenobreakfastguy.com Email: info@thenobreakfastguy.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/thenobreakfastguy

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23 Oct 2022

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Eric Peterson is your new South Dakota head coach!

The Field of 68 AFTER DARK Podcast

Eric Peterson got the job as the new South Dakota head coach after just a year as a high major assistant.  Field of 68 Instagram Field of 68 TikTok You can binge the Field of 68's entire Off The Carousel series here: Apple Podcasts Spotify SUBSCRIBE! Our YouTube Channel Apple Podcasts Spotify FOLLOW! Rob Dauster Jeff Goodman Field of 68 Check out TheFieldOf68.com to see our full roster of podcasts!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


14 Jun 2022

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Acts: Act 2 - Eric Peterson

Rosewood Church Online

Guest pastor Eric Peterson continues the Summer series on Acts. He focuses on Acts 2:1-21


6 Jun 2022

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Ep 119: Eric Peterson shares his journey and vision for the men's basketball program and David Herbster reacts to Murray State addition and update on WBB coaching search


John Thayer talks to South Dakota athletics director David Herbster and head men's basketball coach Eric Peterson. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


7 Apr 2022

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Eric Peterson | Your Discerning Life Story, Episode 2

The Discerning Leader Podcast

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Eric Peterson "God is in everything, in all the details of life, and not just the pleasant ones." –Eric Peterson Eric Peterson is the son of Eugene Peterson, author of The Message translation of the Bible, who found his way to faith and pastoral ministry with reluctance. As he reflects on his discerning life, he describes his journey as along a luminous trail, a metaphor based on mountain climbing. Slugging his way up the mountain, he looks back and down and sees headlamps shining on the pathway he and his friends had created. The lights are references to his own discerning life story, always being led by the light, but not always along a straight line. Eric is a man who’s been richly blessed and continues to discern ways to be a blessing to others. Join the conversation about spiritual discernment as a way of life at www.LeadershipTransformations.org and consider participation in our online and in-person program offerings. Additional LTI spiritual formation resources can be found at www.SpiritualFormationStore.com and www.ruleoflife.com and www.healthychurch.net.


7 Apr 2022

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S7Ep11 – Eric Peterson – Tip-Tap-Typing Away

Wrote Podcast

Eric Peterson joins us with his debut novel, Loyalty, Love, & Vermouth. We discuss his journey from playwrite to novelist, how found family rallies together in a crisis, and including real people as aspects of his characters.


18 Mar 2022

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111 CFCasts Behind the Scenes with Eric Peterson

ColdFusion Alive

Eric Peterson talks about “CFCasts Behind the Scenes” in this episode of the CF Alive Podcast, with host Michaela Light. Show notes What is CFCasts Netflix for ColdFusion Free and paid levels Why should every CFer check out CFCasts CFML-based tutorials Full-stack content (CFML, JavaScript, Databases, etc.) Free! (and Paid) Why we built CFCasts “Netflix […]


17 Mar 2022

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10TEN Project Podcast with special guest Eric Peterson

10TEN Project

Recently on one of our monthly zoom calls with our 10TEN Project Participants, Josh had the privilege of interview Ps. Eric Peterson. Eric is the son of Eugene Peterson, world renowned Author and Pastor. Now you get to listen in! Learn more about 10TEN Project at 10tenproject.com Follow us @10tenproject, @tylerreagin, @joshuaturner Music by Thad Cockrell


11 Mar 2022

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SoapBox Relaunch - ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Eric Peterson

Modernize or Die® Podcast - SoapBox Edition

Luis and Eric host this episode. They talk about celebrating the 15 year anniversary since the release of ColdBox and the various iterations and features that have been added over time. Eric talks about his favorite thing inside ColdBox other than modules and his excitement for the addition of Async programming in the future for ColdFusion and ColdBox. Eric tells the tale of his journey from being a system analyst to a programmer and how the introduction of ColdFusion and eventually ColdBox changed his career path. They discuss the importance of testing and getting to know the process and the tools needed for an essential part in development which is sometimes neglected or overlooked. Eric speaks about his experience with working in Open Source projects and how the concept helps everyone involved and the people who might come in the future make their code theirs despite using someone else's framework. Both Luis and Eric enjoy taking concepts in other languages and translating them to ColdFusion.Eric speaks from personal experience with video tutorials and highlights the importance of services like CFCasts which make it easier and accessible for new developers to be able to begin programming without feeling the gate-keeping of the older generations. In the future he hopes features like webhooks and step debuggers are added to ColdFusion.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


7 Oct 2021

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TexSka and California Dreaming with Susie Ramone and Eric Peterson

Funkytown Podcast

Its a Skariffic show as Susie Ramone travels west to California, we check up on her and her trip. She will going on our favorite California podcast "The Bed Files" so we also talk with the host Eric Peterson about Ska, his podcast, toy hunting and even Metallica. Its a fun show and give The Holophonics, Rude King and Younger than Neil some love! https://theholophonics.bandcamp.com/track/main-title Intro https://theholophonics.bandcamp.com/track/lone-star-ska Susie Ramone California Phone Call (Friday) https://rudeking.bandcamp.com/track/sickness-in-the-city Susie Ramone California Phone Call (Saturday) https://theholophonics.bandcamp.com/track/the-science-of-selling-yourself-out Susie Ramone California Phone Call (Sunday) https://youngerthanneilmusic.bandcamp.com/track/rock-roll-may-not-pay-the-bills-but-ska-will-put-your-ass-in-debt Eric Peterson (The Bed Files Podcast) interview https://theholophonics.bandcamp.com/track/turtles-in-time

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29 Sep 2021