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Freedom From Spiritual To-Do Lists with Craig Denison & Josh Miller from First15

You Can Mentor

We all struggle in seasons of busyness to maintain our quiet time rhythms with God. Craig Denison and Josh Miller from First15 join Stephen this week for a discussion on why incorporating a daily quiet time is so crucial for our walk with Jesus and some practicals on how to start building consistency in this discipline.


29 Apr 2021

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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Writer, Josh Miller [Episode 78]

The Nick Taylor Horror Show

Josh Miller is a household name in the horror community, an American filmmaker, writer, director, and actor. Among other things, Josh created the Fox animated series Golan the Insatiable and wrote the script for Sonic the Hedgehog film, and is directing the cult horror-comedy Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! He is the co-host of The Greatest Movies Never Made podcast, along with Stephen Scarlata, which showcases some of the most interesting movies that never got to see the light of day. I caught up with Josh to talk about his overall career, writing processes, and how he got to write an enormous studio picture like Sonic the Hedgehog on today's episode of The Nick Taylor Horror Show. Now please give it up for Josh Miller. Here are some key takeaways from this conversation with Josh Miller. Make something, anything. Josh's start came from having no contacts or footholds in the industry at all. Instead, he made a super low budget feature in college called Stop Stabbing Me, and regardless of how good it was, ultimately, it led him to get recognition which over time yielded his eventual career success. A lot of filmmakers get held up on perfectionism and waiting for the perfect project instead of just fucking making something. Yes, it's important that your name be synonymous with quality, but when you're just starting out, all producers really want to know is that you can finish something and release it. That alone will enable you to stand above seventy-five percent of the pack. So, in the words of Robert Rodriguez, keep making shit. You never know where it can lead. Read good scripts and bad scripts. As a screenwriter, Josh reads a ton of scripts, and as important as seeking out good ones, it's almost as important to seek out bad scripts. A bad script allows you to have a higher level of consciousness about the pitfalls of screenwriting like lame dialogue, bad storytelling, lack of tension, etc. It's critical to identify these things so you can avoid them and the best way to do that is to get acquainted with what makes a bad script bad by reading bad scripts. So, next time you see a movie and realize it had a terrible script, find the screenplay, read it, and analyze for yourself what went wrong and what could have fixed it. I find journaling about what you don't like about movies and scripts to be a great way to avoid mistakes when it comes time to sit down to write. Stick with it. Josh got to write the script for an epic production like Sonic the Hedgehog, but it came after years of trying to break through with multiple projects. Josh stayed the course, built his contacts, stayed on the radar of important people, and simply didn't give up for over ten years, and here he is. Of course, success like this is never guaranteed but, failure is once you throw in the towel. After writing Sonic, Josh is heralding Sonic 2 and...I don't want to start a rumor, but it's on Wikipedia, so I guess I can say it. It looks like Josh is penning the untitled Ace Venture sequel. Fingers crossed. In any event, Josh's story is similar to many directors' in how it's one of endurance and momentum. Keep at it, stay the course.   Thank you for listening! Don't forget to subscribe.  ----- Produced by Simpler Media


22 Apr 2021

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PODCAST EP. 112: Bird Dog Training with Tom Dokken and Josh Miller

On The Wing Podcast

We crowdsourced bird dog training questions from the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels for this special “Ask the Experts” episode featuring professional dog trainers Tom Dokken and Josh Miller. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Director of Marketing Andrew Vavra joins host Bob St.Pierre for this entertaining conversation covering flushers, pointers, and retrievers. Episode Highlights:• Josh and Tom discuss whether playing around with a “wing on a string” is helpful or harmful to a young pointing dog’s development. • The guys discuss how to properly introduce a dog to an e-collar and the steps building toward that introduction. • The group debates the merits of hunting pointers with flushers.• And the conversation ends with a fun discussion about training bird dogs to avoid skunks. Thanks to SportDOG BRAND for sponsoring this episode and for their support of this month’s Bird Dogs for Habitat campaign. SportDOG BRAND is the official tracking and training collar partner of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, as well as a long-time national sponsor of the organization’s wildlife habitat mission.

1hr 29mins

13 Apr 2021

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Ep 89: Generating Leads and Data with GoForClose CEO | Josh Miller

The 80/20 Real Estate Show by InvestorFuse

GoForClose CEO Josh Miller joins the show to talk about his favorite thing in the world (data) and its importance in generating leads. Josh is a former Chevron Project Engineer who turned real estate investor, building a portfolio of 100+ doors with only talking to 2 seller leads his entire career! That is so impressive and interesting to me.  Get a free consultation with Josh at https://www.goforclose.com/ for all things marketing and data. https://8020businesspodcast.com https://www.investorfuse.com For REI Vendors and services, you can check out our compiled list here at https://www.investorfuse.com/resources


23 Mar 2021

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4 - THIS.IS.MARCH (ft. Josh Miller)

The Hunting RJ Podcast

It's that time of the year boys. March.Fucking.Madness. In Episode 4, the Hunting RJ crew is joined by ESPN NCAA Analyst, Miller. We run through our favourite bets of the weekend, our Final Four picks, and our pick to win it all. This is a great episode with some good analysis that you'll want to hear before placing those weekend March Madness bets. Love ya

1hr 6mins

18 Mar 2021

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Fan Outdoors: Jon Thelen, Josh Miller

FAN Outdoors

Billy and Bob are in studio! Jon Thelen joins the show to talk all things fishing, and his show Destination Fish, then Josh Miller joins to talk Bird Dog training and questions about Dogs from Twitter.

1hr 30mins

12 Mar 2021

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Fan Outdoors: Tackle Terry, Josh Miller, Mike Frisch

FAN Outdoors

Billy and Bob are in studio! Tackle Terry joins from the fish house to talk fishing tips and tricks, Josh Miller talks about his time in Arkansas and his dog training stories, Mike Frisch talks ice fishing around Alexandria and the season thus far.

1hr 26mins

30 Jan 2021

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Episode 91: Josh Miller- The Fine Line Between Encouraging Proper Development & Asking Too Much Of A Dog

Sporting Dog Talk

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1hr 8mins

7 Oct 2020

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My Good Friend: Josh Miller

Quarantine Conversations With My Friends

Join me for a quarantine conversation with a great teammate, all around funny guy and good friend, Josh Miller!I'm excited to introduce you to a couple of my friends every week as we discuss what life has been like under the Covid-19 quarantine. I hope you enjoy this little slice of what life is like during this time. It feels more important than ever to catch up with those people you care about. I encourage you to do the same and reach out to those you care for!

1hr 1min

26 Sep 2020

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13 // Interface innovation with Josh Miller


Josh Miller from The Browser Company joins Mark and Adam to discuss how to make a better web browser in 2020. The conversation ranges from user agency in software to architecture to social capital to end-user programming. @MuseAppHQ hello@museapp.com Show notes Josh Miller @joshm The Browser Company Branch Nate Parrott Einstein quote beginner's mind Evan Williams Brownian motion The Roots of Progress Jobs to be Done David Adjaye Museum of African American History and Culture Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) HVAC Bjarke Ingels Abstract A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction Snap S1 Snapcodes Evan Spiegel Norton Commander Electron sociology web browser as Figma canvas CERN and the birth of the web Taxi Magic timing matters / Adam's Heroku values Robert D. Putnam Bowling Alone Scott Heiferman Greasemonkey Rust

1hr 8mins

17 Sep 2020