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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tesla CyberTruck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tesla CyberTruck, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tesla CyberTruck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tesla CyberTruck, often where they are interviewed.

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I'm not one to buy new cars but for this car I've made an exception. In fact it's my first new car in 30 years of motoring. Here's my take on the car that's a game changer.

About Kym, :

Kym Nitschke is an accountant, financial adviser and entrepreneur who lives and breathes the advice he gives his clients.

Since taking charge of Nitschke Nancarrow Accountants in 2007, Kym has grown the firm’s client base to 1200 individuals and businesses.

Key to Kym’s success has been his ability to provide practical, wealth building solutions for all people and circumstances.

Whether it is minimising tax for a multi-million dollar business, a retirement plan for a high net worth individual, or business structure advice for a tradesman, Kym uses his decades of experience to develop plans for prosperity.

As a Fellow Chartered Accountant qualified in financial services and mortgage broking, Kym offers holistic financial advice.

A big believer in disruptive technologies, Kym has also developed his own accounting software and is a Xero certified adviser.

More than just an accountant, Kym is successful property developer, builder and business mentor.

Applying the advice that he gives clients daily, Kym has turned his first property purchase into a multi-million dollar residential and commercial portfolio.

And as a qualified builder, he’s not afraid to get hands on with his property developments.

As a proven success, and with diverse experiences and expertise, Kym is also a respected mentor to a number of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Fellow Chartered Accountant
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Bachelor of Economics
Xero Qualified
Certificate IV in Financial Services
Diploma of Mortgage Broking Management
Credit Representative of BLSSA Pty Ltd

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Apr 14 2020



#3 - The Tesla Cybertruck

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The Tesla Cybertruck is unveiled and we go over all the details.  Before that we take a slight detour into our mutual confusion for the hatchback and wagon.  Then a left turn into the world of electric vs petrol in a discussion for the future of vehicles.  We’ll get there eventually.

Tesla Truckula

Rivian Truck


Feb 28 2020



The Legend of Baby Yoda, North Korea Shenanigans, Tesla Cybertruck, And More!

Whats Poppin
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In this episode of the Whats Poppin podcast we cover trends online like Baby Yoda who people are absolutely loving, the Tesla Cybertruck, a recap on Thanksgiving Plates and specifically some of the nastier ones, but also controversies like North Korea threatening to bomb countries, Anderson .Paak speaking out on Gold Link, and a New Orleans hotel whose structure fell and a  worker got deported cause of it. Make sure to tune in to hear more!

Dec 09 2019

1hr 4mins


Chick-Fil-A Donation Backlash and Tesla CyberTruck Fail

That's NOT Christian
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This episode we talk on Chick-Fil-A. The Georgia-based chicken-sandwich chain has long been criticized over its contributions to groups with anti-LGBTQ stances. Chick-fil-A Foundation (the chain’s charitable arm) announced a more focused giving approach It will “deepen its giving to a smaller number of organizations working exclusively in the areas of education, homelessness and hunger,” and has committed $9 million to organizations such as the Junior Achievement USA, which fosters work-readiness and financial literary skills for students through 12th grade, as well as Covenant House International, which provides outreach to 70,000 homeless, runaway and trafficked young people each year. 
We also touch on Tesla revealing their new all electric CyberTruck along with the fail of the "bulletproof" windows breaking. Its a good one. Thanks for listening as always.
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Dec 03 2019



Episode 1 - Tesla Cybertruck (with Jacob Stiegler)

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Welcome to episode 1 of The Jaren Lue Experience. In today's episode we break down the Tesla Cybertruck and also discuss Jacob's lousy haircut.


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Dec 03 2019



2019 NFL SZN Week 12: The 49ers Are Aliens, Tesla CyberTruck, Sunday Slate Recap

Garage Guys Fantasy Sports Podcast
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Chase and Drew were blown away by the 49ers performance against the Packers. George Kittle owes the world a Doritos Locos Taco and BEAT IT LAFLEUR! Tesla has created a future truck and Chase wants one. The guys talk about futuristic shit and make predictions on how the world will be years from now. The Sunday Slate Recap includes Fantasy Football Trashcan Boys for Week 12 and the guys talk about all the big names and stories, and give insight on who to look for on the waiver wire before Week 13.

Nov 25 2019

1hr 16mins


35: Episode 35 - Tesla Cybertruck and Jesus

Blair The Baldy
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On this episode i talk about the Horrible/Beautiful Tesla Cybertruck. American sport stars thanking Jesus and Christmas.

You can watch & or listen here.

Nov 24 2019



#1 Tesla Cybertruck and other electric cars with Trevor Ragle

Full Chat Podcast
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This conversation is about the Tesla Cybertruck event and other electric car manufacturers with my good friend Trevor Ragle. The audio is a bit crackly in the beginning. But, we had a great conversation for you. Enjoy!

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Nov 23 2019