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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kay Snels. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kay Snels, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kay Snels. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kay Snels, often where they are interviewed.

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#30. From UBER to Bossbabe to Fulltime Entrepreneur with Kay Snels

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In this episode, Amy sits down with Kay Snels, an ex-UBER and BossBabe marketeer who’s starting her own business. In this candid interview, Kay and Amy cover everything from marketing and brand purpose, to money mindset and limiting beliefs. Kay shares her super inspiring story, including what she learned at BossBabe, and how she sets up her day with a kickass morning routine. Want to learn more about Kay? Head to fastforwardamy.com/kaysnels for all her details. Are you trying to build a 6 figure business? Check out my 6 Figure Freedom Framework at fastforwardamy.com/freedomframework.   

Jul 06 2020 · 58mins
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Kay Snels - Master Marketer and Entrepreneur

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Kay Snels is a former social media marketer at Uber and marketing manager at Boss Babe. She's now taking her experience and applying it to her entrepreneurial vision. Kay's story is filled with perseverance, creativity, and great negotiation tips. 

A little bit about Futurista: We’re a team of professional women and ambitious teens on a mission to inspire the next generation and help teens discover their dream careers. We do this through the stories and mentorship of today’s role models. Each Futurista episode will be hosted by Futurista team members representing both Millennials and Gen Z!

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Jun 18 2020 · 29mins

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Uber Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur: Marketing Sells with Kay Snels

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Los Angeles based brand strategist, marketing campaign manager and social media expert, Kay Snels joins us for this week's episode of the TLC Podcast. Born and raised in Belgium, Kay left home and travelled the world at the age of 21, finding herself in Silicon Valley and quickly bagged a job at Uber after writing her resume on a white board while on a tour of HQ. Kay has one of the most creative minds in the world, and after spending 4 years as a brand strategist at the fast growing startup in history (Uber), she most recently helped propel international brand BossBabe to levels the company has never seen before. Kay is a visionary when it comes to marketing, and we dive deep on thinking outside the box, building your personal brand, how to stand out in a crowded marketplace, what it takes to be a leader and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Learn how to build your personal brand with our FREE 5 Step Personal Brand Accelerator Guide which is available at https://www.livconlon.com/free-personal-brand-guide

May 27 2020 · 52mins
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Adopting a Lean Business Mindset, Negotiating Your Salary, Maintaining Work-Life Balance, and Leading a Team with Kay Snels of BossBabe

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Join BossBabe CEO Natalie Ellis in this absolutely value-packed episode where she is joined by BossBabe’s very own Head of Marketing, Kay Snels.

They are diving deep into all things marketing, leadership, negotiation and you’ll find out what it’s really like to work at BossBabe. Kay is sharing tips on delegation, personal branding, self-belief and having the confidence to pursue opportunities and celebrate your wins.

They discuss insights into communication, productivity and how to maintain a work-life balance whilst building a thriving company with a lean business model. This episode is a must-listen and if you’d love to learn from the BossBabe team about how to grow your audience on Instagram by 10,000 ideal clients in 30 days, register for a free spot in the next training at: https://bossbabe.com/growthatinsta

This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account. www.instagrowthaccelerator.com

Sep 30 2019 · 40mins

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Kay Snels - Head of Marketing, BossBabe

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On this week’s episode of Girl Gang the Podcast, we're in Los Angeles to interview Kay Snels, Head of Marketing at BossBabe.

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Apr 01 2019 · 29mins