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Episode 60: Learn to Unevolve with Jeff Fenster

Pursuit of Relentless

What a show.  This is one for the history books folks.  Learning to unevolve can bring us back to the basics.  What do we truly want?  Happiness, health, wealth and a way to make it all happen.  This show is a deep dive into what it takes to become the best version of yourself.  Becoming RELENTLESS is not going to be an easy task, nor is it supposed to be.  You have to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of and focus on simplifying the process.  Be like a kid and keep getting up when you fall down.  Share the value in this episode with a friend! @everbowlcraftsuperfood @fensterjeff


29 May 2021

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How to Solve Problems By Looking Within w/ Jeff Fenster

The Business Equation Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY: Problem-solving is a trait no business owner, entrepreneur, or professional in any endeavor can go without. The ability to find solutions and overcome obstacles is paramount to success and those thrust into leadership positions must be ready to find creative ways to address issues and keep their machine running efficiently at all times.Today, you're going to learn how to look within your own operation to solve problems...and a whole lot more!In Episode 89 of The Business Equation Podcast, I am joined by serial entrepreneur Jeff Fenster. Jeff is the Founder of Everbowl, a health food restaurant, company, and movement that is sweeping the nation. Jeff and his team are on a mission to bring Everbowl locations to all 48 states within the continental United States and there's no evidence that this won't happen within the next few years. Jeff discovered early on that he wasn't cut out for corporate life and, with the support of his wife and parents, blazed his own trail to freedom, happiness, and success. That journey has led to several successful ventures that Jeff and his partners sold. From there, all roads led to Everbowl.Within Everbowl, Jeff discovered a few issues that continued to repeat themselves as he expanded his brand and operations. As he evaluated these issues, he discovered it would be easier to solve these issues from within instead of going the traditional route of hiring outside help. This has led to more rapid expansion, increased profitability, and the ability for Jeff and his team to handle work typically outsourced within their own four walls.In today's episode, you'll discover:How to create your own solutions to repeatable, consistent problems in your businessHow to build a "moat" around your businessWhy providing exceptional service, value, and satisfying your Why are all more important than chasing moneyHow to find balance as a serial entrepreneurWhy you cannot hire people exactly like yourself and expect to succeedWhat is "relationship capital" and why is it one of the most important forms of wealth you should focus on?You can learn more about Everbowl and even experience it for yourself if they're not in your area by visiting everbowl.com. And be on the lookout for Jeff's new book. Stay tuned...Questions for Nick? Hit him up at nickbogacz.com!Nick is a published author! Click here to check out his book, The Pizza Equation: Slicing Up How to Run a Successful Pizza Enterprise.Connect with Nick Bogacz and The Business Equation!Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Linked InMUSIC CREDIT: Theme music for The Business Equation Podcast - Never Forget by Gareth Johnson & Chris Bussey, via www.audionetwork.com


6 May 2021

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How To Be An Extraordinary Problem Solver & Create Pandemic Proof Businesses with Jeff Fenster

The James Neilson-Watt Show

The founder of Everbowl, Jeff Ferner, serves a sumptuous meal in this episode to fill the gaps for today’s entrepreneurs on how they’re handling the problems of starting and scaling businesses. This serial entrepreneur highlights one of the four core values that made his company rock solid which is “to get 1% better every day”. Find out why entrepreneurs should never get tired of learning and why it pays to get a business coach or mentor, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or one who’s on top of your game. He also shares the method of solving impossible problems using the concept of Kaizen and why the 2021 methodology works better than yesterday’s methodology. “Ordinary people who do the extra stuff become extraordinary by default, and we all have that power. It’s just simplifying things down to the simplest form.” -Jeff Fenster In this Episode:The first step you need to take in the face of a problem and why solving it quickly can be the greatest mistake you can makeThe greatest challenge entrepreneurs need to overcome so they can have fun while solving problems that come with running a businessApplying the concept of Kaizen in attacking micro-goals that leads to grand-scale wins In a world full of “poles”, learn how to be a “flag” that pivots accordingly every time the wind blowsWhy most partnerships FAIL, the qualities you need to look for when choosing a business partner, and the quality of people you need to surround yourself withEpisode Resources: Healthcare Business Secrets: Free GroupLinkedIn Free Learning: Leveraging Your Relationship CapitalConnect with Jeff Fenster: InstagramLinkedInFacebook TwitterConnect with James Neilson-Watt:FacebookInstagramYoutubeWebsite 


20 Mar 2021

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96: Starting Successful Businesses with NO Industry Experience with Jeff Fenster

BiggerPockets Business Podcast

There are often standard prerequisites for starting a company. First, you need to go get a degree for a certain field, then you need to find a job that is in that field, then you need to stay in that job for 10 years to gain connections, and finally, you can start a business. Jeff Fenster, serial entrepreneur and founder of Everbowl thought this linear path was a bit outdated. If anything, Jeff thought it was slightly backwards!Jeff planned on becoming a lawyer in college, but once he had his first child, realized that being away from home wasn’t for him. He got a sales job and became the top sales rep in his company. When the company started dangling bonuses over his head, he felt uncomfortable and knew that he needed to start his own thing.He ended up founding a company that directly competed with his former employer, then sold that company, started another, sold that one, started a few more, sold those companies, and many companies later, he started Everbowl, a craft acai bowl and superfood company based out of San Diego.If variety is the spice of life, then Jeff is doing things right! He argues that the best thing you can do is go into a completely new industry, focus on a problem that competitors are overlooking, build systems to make the industry better, and carve out a portion of the market. This strategy has worked well for him as he’s profitably sold and started many different companies. If you want his breakdown on his formula to success, you’ll have to tune in to this episode!In This Episode We Cover:Why industry experience isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for successHow “fresh eyes” disrupt stagnant markets and industriesWhat to do before you try and solve a business’s problem Developing systems that beat competitors for youAddressing the not-so-obvious needs of customers Focusing on company culture and core values when building a businessLeveraging your “relationship capital” for future opportunitiesAnd So Much More!Links from the ShowAmazon AlexaBlockbusterNetflixBlackberryiPhoneBest BuyAmazonIkeaWe Build StuffNeil PatelUdemyEtsyFiverrFreelancer.com Check the full show notes here: http://biggerpockets.com/bizshow96See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


23 Feb 2021

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From Jeff Fenster | Lawyer To Millionaire Entrepreneur | Millionaire Secrets #113

Millionaire Secrets

Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Jeff Fenster. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Everbowl, one of the fastest-growing chains of fast-casual, quick-serve healthy eating restaurants in the US. But let’s backtrack to the beginning of his career, When Jeff left college with a law degree and six-figures of debt, he had plans of becoming a sports agent. (A law career just wasn’t his idea of fun and didn’t fit his personality). The only issue with the sports agent idea was - the relentless travel. You’d think no big deal for a young guy that had just graduated college. However, as well as Jeff just beginning his career, he was also just beginning his role as a father. Travel was out. Not really knowing what to do, he took a job at ADP selling payroll services. And this is where Jeff really shot into the stratosphere. From 0 to 6 months - Jeff became the number #1 selling salesperson in the company of 2600 sales reps. But Jeff was born for entrepreneurship. And it was this feeling that led him to walk away from a $17K bonus and start his own company. There’s more. The way Jeff describes his tackling of issues when building Everbowl is both inspiring and incredibly educational. Jeff definitely thinks differently when it comes to problem-solving. Namely - he thinks about issues/challenges/problems from a different angle to everyone else. Sometimes a problem doesn’t even need solving. That’s a tool you’ll gain from watching this interview with Jeff - and you’ll be able to implement it into your own life immediately. Jeff shares his core values: Make friends Have fun Be remarkable Do it now Kaizen And digs deep into his personal philosophies about his own success. This interview is an inspirational journey with a clearly gifted man but it also has some practical nuggets of gold that we can all utilize! Listen to the Podcast below to enjoy the full interview with Jeff Fenster: Check Out More of Jeff’s Content Here 👇    💻 http://www.everbowl.com/   📧 Send an Email to Jeff 👉 jeff@everbowl.com   🛒 https://shop.everbowl.com/   ℹ️ LinkedIn 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/jfenster/   🖥️ FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/jeff.fenster.5   ⌨️ Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/FensterJeff   📲 IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/fensterjeff/   📲 IG Everbowl 👉 https://www.instagram.com/everbowlcraftsuperfood/


13 Jan 2021

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From Hugely Successful Payroll Software to Açaí Bowls - Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Fenster

The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)

Jeff Fenster is a popular business name for his successful ventures including Everbowl (superfoods chain restaurants), CanopyHR (Payroll and HR company), WeBuild (a construction company with an impressive portfolio) JFEN Holdings (a disruptive digital marketing agency), and many others. At the age of 30, Jeff was among the Top 100 Entrepreneurs list by Empact Showcase. Listen to the podcast to learn how to dominate the market and create your own successful business Please Enjoy! If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider being the 1% and leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 30 seconds, and it really makes a world of difference reaching new interesting guests!. To sign up for Kevin's Podcast email Newsletter and to view the  show notes & past guests, please visit-  https://officialkevindavid.com/podcast Follow Kevin: https://mmini.me/@FollowKD


13 Jan 2021

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Leveraging Relationship Capital, With Jeff Fenster

Business Lunch

Roland talks with Jeff Fenster in this episode of Business Lunch. Like most of our guests, Fenster is a serial entrepreneur whose main business principles are making friends and having fun! Jeff is the founder of the rapidly expanding, So Cal-based superfood brand (and now franchise), everbowl™. Fenster is all about Startups with vertical integration and revenue-driving innovation. He and Roland talk today about his entrepreneurial journey, the takeaways that can help you in your own business, the power of Relationship Capital, personal branding, and Disruptive thinking. “If you make friends with people, that’s all that matters. People like to buy from friends, and they’ll buy it because you’re providing a solution. And if you really understand and dig into their problem and what they need, and provide them a solution, they’re going to do it because you’ve built trust.” Jeff Fenster Listen today For, How to become a Top Sales Person using Relationship Capital and ‘warm introductions.’  “My mentor, Dave Meltzer, stressed early on when I was a teenager RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL, Relationship capital, relationship capital. What does that mean? That means that you build relationships, and you make deposits consistently into those relationships. So when the time is right, and you need something, you can make a withdrawal, and it’s not forced, it’s not fake. It’s real.” Jeff Fenster  How to approach a new connection in a way that’s authentic and productive. “That’s the first modality when you meet someone, is what can I do to help them? Not, what can they do for me today? It’s not all about me. What problems are you dealing with, and how can I help? And if I can, I will.” Jeff Fenster A Strategy for when you run out of Warm Introductions and Relationship Capital. “So I started to strategically look at how I could move and sell once and get 50 sales rather than cold calling 500 to get 50 sales. It was just abstractly looking at the process, and leveraging relationship capital, making ‘deposits’ where I could and using my relationships to empower others, so then it would return back to me.” Jeff Fenster Plus, You Will Also Hear About, Why 2008 wasn’t a bad time to start a business. “Actually recessions are times of opportunity. Yes. You know, when everything’s going well, It’s less opportunity because everything’s going well. When nothing’s going well, people are looking for new, for different, and if you can disrupt - that’s the opportunity.” Jeff Fenster The value of having a Mentor. “I’m going to use an analogy in sports. Tom Brady has a coach. LeBron James has a coach. I guarantee you; their coach can’t play football or basketball better than they can. That’s not what a coach or mentor is there for. They’re there because having someone who can provide insight for you, be a soundboard for you, and force you to articulate your problems, challenges, and issues sometimes solves the problem in itself… So, entrepreneurs who don’t have that, that’s a mistake.” Jeff Fenster  Why you don’t need to have tons of experience to start a business. “I think the most overrated prerequisite to starting a company is prior experience. Too many people wait. That’s a bad idea in my opinion because if you have too much experience, you’re going to do it like everyone else and you won’t stand out’. Jeff Fenster How to think in terms of Vertical Integration. “What can I do to vertically integrate more little companies inside of what I’m doing here, which don’t need to necessarily make a lot of money. If it saves you money or speeds up your throughput, that’s value. It also makes you a little bit more dynamic as a company. Jeff Fenster Plus, Two Things You Can Do That Jeff Wishes He Had Done! 1. Be more thoughtful on the amount of money you raise and in your deployment of those funds.  “A common mistake most entrepreneurs make is they think ‘we won’t need another round’ (of funding). You will need another round, whether it’s for strategic acquisitions or a whole new business model that comes up while you’re growing”. Jeff Fenster Always raise a little more than you think you need. Have a plan for when that money runs dry. 2. Protect Yourself Better! “Occasionally, there are outliers to this comment, but investors bet on the jockey. They’re betting on the entrepreneur themselves. Right? No matter how friendly or how nice or how incredible the people you work with are, no one’s protecting you”. Jeff Fenster Tune in to hear his suggestions on how he would do that now. And So Much More! Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Business Lunch with Roland Frasier? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on ApplePodcasts and leave us an honest review! Your feedback will help us improve the show and connect us with more high flyers like you. You can also find us on your go-to podcast platform here.  Mentioned In This Episode Thank you to our partners, Conversion Fanatics. Find Jeff Fenster On LinkedIn On Instagram Follow Roland Frasier On Facebook On Instagram Through his Website  Follow Business Lunch Podcast On Twitter On YouTube Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Business Lunch with Roland Frasier? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on ApplePodcasts and leave us an honest review! Your feedback will help us improve the show and connect us with more high flyers like you. Click to find us on Apple Podcasts and other podcast players. 

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18 Nov 2020

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Jeff Fenster ON: What it Takes to Become a Serial Entrepreneur and Understanding Yourself - Founder of Everbowl

Property Mind with Yash Akpinar

Jeff is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Just the way this mans mind ticks is truly incredible.  In episode 57, the founder of Everbowl shares some amazing insights into his mind and how he built his own empire. Jeff was literally just on QVC before coming onto our podcast.  He is a Forbes entrepreneur instructor and just a truly inspirational person that you'll learn so much from.  I got to speak with this amazing person and provide you guys with so much value.  I'm not going to spoil his amazing story, but just know that this man gave up everything to pursue his passions and live life on his terms.  You'll be in shock after hearing what Jeff went through.   Be sure to engage with his incredible content on:   Instagram: @fensterjeff   Everbowl: http://www.everbowl.com/ If you are also interested in franchising an Everbowl in your location, visit:  http://www.everbowl.com/franchise Checkout yashakpinar.com.au for more content like this and also my YouTube channel @yashakpinar


16 Nov 2020

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Episode 72: The Responsibilities of a Business Owner - with Jeff Fenster

Real Business Owners

Jeff Fenster is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of everbowl, a rapidly expanding restaurant chain with over 25 locations. Jeff’s approach to scaling a company is unique, and the way he’s streamlined the process of opening new stores has lead to massive growth. In this episode, we talk with Jeff about his history as an entrepreneur, why lack of experience shouldn’t hold you back, and the responsibilities of a CEO. Video of this podcast is available at YouTube.com/RealBusinessOwners. Connect with Jeff @FensterJeff on Instagram or JFenster on LinkedIn. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @RealBusinessOwners. Need bookkeeping or accounting services for your business? Reach out to Easier Accounting at 888-620-0770 or by visiting EasierAccounting.com. Interested in fixing your credit? Visit SixtyDayCreditRepair.com.

1hr 9mins

14 Oct 2020

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Jeff Fenster - Founder at Everbowl


Since earning his J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Jeff has proven himself as an entrepreneurial innovator. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff's been recognized nationally for his business creations ranging from a quick-serve restaurant chain, payroll & HR company, digital marketing agency, and construction company, among others. In addition, Jeff is a Forbes Professor at their school of Business and Technology, was named a top 100 Entrepreneur in America under the age of 35 in 2013 by Empact, named a Top 40 Executive under 40 by the Business Journal in 2019, and was recently a finalist for CEO of the year (2019). Combining his two biggest passions—entrepreneurship and healthy living— Jeff created the foundation everbowl has been built on, and his personal philosophy of making friends and having fun has translated into a fun, vibrant culture at everbowl. Jeff loves inspiring others to be their best self and his relentless pursuit of helping others has allowed him to truly connect with audiences on stages and screens Jeff's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fensterjeff/ Jeff's Twitter - https://twitter.com/fensterjeff Jeff's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jeff.fenster.5 Jeff's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jfenster Jeff's Website - https://www.jefffenster.com/home Thanks for listening! Leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and let us know what you thought of this episode! Brady Morgan's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bradymorgan_/


7 Oct 2020