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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Dowd. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Dowd, often where they are interviewed.

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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Dowd. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Dowd, often where they are interviewed.

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The Most Infamous Cop- Michael Dowd - Episode 48

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Michael Dowd or Mike Dowd, is the most infamous police officer in New York City history, he was arrested for corruption and criminal activity on the New York City Police Department. He was the main subject of the award winning, "The Seven Five" Documentary. He has been on several big podcasts and talk shows, like, Joe Rogan Experience, Joey Diaz, and the Johnny and Gene Show. The Seven Five Documentary, was a game changer for the Documentary world.

Meet the craziest and one of the most corrupt cops in New York City history. In the 1980s, Michael Dowd patrolled the mean streets of one of the toughest precincts in Brooklyn. He also headed a ruthless criminal network that stole money and drugs, ultimately resulting in the city’s biggest ever corruption scandal. In this explosive true crime saga, Dowd tells all as he relives his days as a mobster with a badge.


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Oct 27 2020 · 1hr 46mins
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047 Michael Dowd – A Sacred I-Thou Relationship with the Living Earth

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Prominent eco-theologian and “post-gloom collapsologist” Michael Dowd shines the light of evolutionary and ecological wisdom on this time of plagues, fires, floods, corruption, and collapse. He and Terry explore the psychological and relational journey into accepting our sobering predicament, living with accountability to the future, and even discovering lightheartedness amidst their heartbreak. They also consider how to balance certainty with epistemic humility (knowing we don’t know) in a way that keeps us realistic while still open to emergent possibilities. Ultimately, they each share their commitment to live at a depth that is never post-grief or post-gratitude — positively alive to the agony and the ecstasy of our moment in evolutionary time.

Michael Dowd is a teacher, speaker, and bestselling author, whose book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by many Nobel Laureates, science luminaries, skeptics, and religious leaders across the spectrum. He is also a prominent speaker and teacher, having delivered programs for TEDx, the United Nations, and Caltech, as well as three acclaimed online conversation series: “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity” (2011), “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness” (2015) and his current project, “Post-doom: Regenerative Conversations Exploring Overshoot Grief, Grounding, and Gratitude” (2020). 

Here are some of the questions he and Terry explore in the episode:

  • Which evolutionary, historical and, ecological patterns can help us understand our civilizational challenges?
  • How might we ground ourselves in appropriate certainty of what we know about our predicament — and live with a sense of possibility that inspires us to be of benefit?
  • How can we live with our individual and collective mortality as a close advisor? 
  • How can embracing some gallows humor release us into gratitude for this very moment of life and breath?
  • Why have “post-doom” conversations like this? Can they give us belonging and healing? Can they even prepare us to hold others amidst our looming mass mental health crisis? 
  • How might we use the “denser energies” of societal disruption to serve gentler transitions (“softer landings”) into sustainable relationships to the body of life?

For more information on Michael Dowd and Terry Patten, check out the following resources:

We hope you appreciate this week’s episode with Michael Dowd on State of Emergence. If you believe these conversations are important and want to support them, please join us as a monthly contributor and become part of our community of listeners. Thank you so much.

Oct 10 2020 · 1hr 35mins

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Michael Dowd -- Living Fully and Lovingly in the Age of Dying: Deep Adaptation

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Reverend Michael Dowd is a Christian minister, author, and eco-theologian.  He is known as a bridge builder, making connections between liberals and conservatives, religious and non-religious people, science and religion, and showing how a sacred view of Big History, human nature, and death can inspire each of us to live with greater joy, integrity, purpose, and passion. 

The heart his current "post-doom" work about living in the age of dying is summed up in his two-part video series, Collapse and Adaptation Primer. According to Rev. Dowd, "These two videos are a 'crash course' in post-doom and deeply adaptive thinking and living. They contain a distillation of humanity’s best and most up-to-date collective intelligence regarding Earth system science, ecology, abrupt climate change, environmental history, and collapsology .... Special attention is given to how we can support each other in staying sane, sober, and inspired in chaotic and challenging times."

Core to his way of seeing, Rev. Dowd approaches nature from a sense of gratitude, sacredness, and understanding that he is here to be in service to all life and all creation.  Through his work, he has come to deeper understanding of the predicament of modern human civilization, and engages in efforts to give voice to this context, along with his perspectives on a “Christian response”, grounded in compassion and goodwill.  He supports audiences in transcending belief systems in a way that deepens connection to the core of their faith.

Rather than seeing religion and science as antithetical to each other, Reverend Dowd’s work brings the two together.  He believes we are in the midst of an “evidential reformation”, with people increasingly open to religious interpretations based on new scientific, historical, and cross-cultural evidence.  For Reverend Dowd, this includes a belief that “Big History is the new Genesis” – that ecology is the new theology. Reverend Dowd believes in the sanctity of Big History -- “the 14 billion year science-based sacred story of cosmic genesis, from the formation of the galaxies and the origin of Earth life, to the development of self-reflective consciousness and collective learning, to the emergence of comprehensive compassion and tools to assist humanity in living harmoniously with the larger body of life.”  His work seeks to bridge the "how to live" questions with deep acceptance of reality and big history.

This marriage of science and religion forms a thread throughout Dowd’s life and work.  Raised a Roman Catholic, Reverend Dowd had a “born-again” experience at the age of 20 and began attending an Assemblies of God church, eventually earning a Master of Divinity degree from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) and serving as a United Church of Christ minister.  In 1995, Reverend Dowd became the Religious Organizer for the National Environmental Trust, working with religious leaders from a variety of faiths on social and environmental issues, eventually presenting policy ideas to Congress.  Reverend Dowd has also worked with The Portland Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign, and with Global Action Plan’s (now The Empowerment Institute) EcoTeam and Livable Neighborhood programs.

His work has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover, and on television throughout the U. S. and Canada. His book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and religious leaders across the spectrum.
Reverend Dowd and his wife, science writer, evolutionary educator, and climate activist Connie Barlow, have spoken to some 3,000 groups throughout North America since April 2002. Reverend Dowd has delivered two TEDx talks and a program at the United Nations, and conducted three acclaimed online conversation series: “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity” (2011), “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness” (2015) and “Post-doom: Regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding, and gratitude” (2020). Regardless of the format, Reverend Dowd's work provides audiences with applications of evolutionary and ecological wisdom that break through the confusions of these rapidly shifting times.
This conversation will focus on the topics related to his most recent “post-doom” work conversation series.  What is overshoot, and how does it connect to a Christian minister?  What does a “post-doom” context have to do with a service-oriented life?  How can traditional religious institutions (and their community members) gracefully integrate an ecological worldview?  How can one become resilient in a way that is aligned with evolution, ecology, and perennial wisdom teachings? 

Join us, along with your volunteer hosts Kozo Hattori and Birju Pandya, in conversation with this deep thinker anchored in faith, history, and science.
Oct 03 2020 ·
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287 - Ex-Corrupt NYPD Cop Michael Dowd

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Notorious 80’s corrupt cop Michael Dowd, now and ethics consultant for the NYPD, sits with us for an interview. The documentary of his story, The Seven-Five, is available to rent or purchase now. 

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Jul 03 2020 · 1hr 15mins

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509: Post doom, with Michael Dowd

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Three years ago to the week, Michael Dowd talked with Bart on this podcast about our modern way of life, sustainability and the future of civilization. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Bart could think of nobody he wanted to talk to about it more than Michael, so he's back!

In this conversation, Bart and Michael talk about their shared sense that the pandemic will be followed by an economic recession or even depression, and that it signals the beginning of the end of our current way of life. Michael talks about the industrial world's reliance on the 'religion' of growth-based progress, the ecological fallacy being committed, the illusion of control we have, the inevitability of collapse, the stages of grief in response, and his optimism about what lies beyond it all.

Michael's website can be found at PostDoom.com.

On Patreon this week, hear Bart's story of his first psychedelic experience after taking LSD! It's at Patreon.com/HumanizeMe.

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Humanize Me is hosted by Bart Campolo and is produced by John Wright at JuxMedia.com.
Apr 04 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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Die Early and Often—Being Attis in the Anthropocene (read by Michael Dowd)

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by John Halstead (read by Michael Dowd)

We are doomed to walk the path of the Dying God.  We must do so not in the hope of survival or salvation.  Our job is not to survive ... or even to birth a new world.  Our job is to die ... to die well, to die-with, to die early and often, to die in such a way that the “ash heap of history” might become the compost pile of the Goddess.

Visit the site: https://anotherendoftheworld.org

Buy the book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/john-halstead/another-end-of-the-world-is-possible/paperback/product-24240320.html https://www.amazon.com/Another-World-Possible-John-Halstead/dp/0359765106/

Read the original essay: https://abeautifulresistance.org/site/2018/08/29/die-early-and-often-being-attis-in-the-anthropocene-in-progress
Jan 10 2020 · 36mins
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Another End of the World is Possible—complete book (read by Michael Dowd)

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by John Halstead (read by Michael Dowd)

Author and activist, John Halstead, takes us from a 2016 environmental protest at a Midwestern tar sands refinery to a mid-20th century Mexican cornfield stricken with blight to a bloody sacrifice to the Mother Goddess in ancient Rome, and from ancient pagan myths to the latest superhero movies to speculative fiction about a biocentric com­munity of the future. In so doing, he explores the intersection of climate change and capitalism, hope and despair, death and denial, hubris and hero myths, love and limitations, popular culture and storytelling, and what it would really mean for our relationship with the natural world if we were to admit that we are doomed.

Visit the site: https://anotherendoftheworld.org

Buy the book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/john-halstead/another-end-of-the-world-is-possible/paperback/product-24240320.html https://www.amazon.com/Another-World-Possible-John-Halstead/dp/0359765106/
Jan 10 2020 · 2hr 37mins
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We Did Start the Fire—Climate Change & the Curse of Hope (read by Michael Dowd)

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by John Halstead (read by Michael Dowd)

Human civilization is a fire. It’s been burning since we’ve been human. And the human story is not a straight line, but a circle, a great ring of fire.

Visit the site: https://anotherendoftheworld.org

Read the original essay: https://abeautifulresistance.org/site/2019/10/16/bxqvw9zdoycegy854b1hdacy5axjeb
Jan 10 2020 · 36mins
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Michael Dowd - Post-Doom

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Michael Dowd – Post-Doom: Confronting Climate Chaos, Beyond Denial and Despair

Aired Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST

Interview with Michael Dowd, Eco-Theologian and Author of “Thank God For Evolution”

“The most dangerous predator on Earth, “Humanisaurus Wrecks” is on the brink of extinction.” — Swami Beyondananda

Sometimes I think we have created the political polarization and paralysis, the toxic culture wars, the fixations on “the pedophile elite”, and the arguments about how many sexes there are, so that we can distract ourselves from the elephant and donkey in the living room – what scientists are calling the Sixth Great Extinction.

The foreboding symptoms include climate chaos that seems to be spiraling out of control, dying oceans, societal unrest, and species loss. And at the top of the endangered species list, whether we accept it or not, is our own species. And yet we want to imagine that life will go on “as usual.”

Meanwhile, the two sides have retreated to their respective corners and are indulging in the two drugs more popular – and dangerous – than the opioids: Hopium and Deniatol. We have one force strung out on hopium – hoping that technology will save us, and another addicted to Deniatol, denying any problem exists. And many of those who have been addressing the issue for decades have all but given up.

My guest this week on Wiki Politiki, Michael Dowd offers a way through and past the denial and despair with a powerful re-frame he calls Post Doom. Writes Michael:

Doom is the mid-point between denial and regeneration…with or without us.

Post-doom is what opens up when we remember who we are, accept what is inevitable, honor our grief, and invest in what is pro-future and soul-nourishing.

A post-doom heart and mindset means living, loving, and relating honorably with full awareness that…

• There are dimensions of abrupt climate change beyond human control.
• Our ecological predicament encompasses all aspects of life.
• Climate is not our biggest problem; overshoot is (climate chaos is but a symptom).
• Human-centered measures of progress and wellbeing are ecocidal and self-terminating.
• Human-centered technology and the market are false gods, creating hell on Earth.
• The extinction of Homo colossus (rapacious industrial humanity) is both inevitable and necessary.
• The extinction of Homo sapiens this century or next cannot be ruled out.

Rev. Michael Dowd is a bestselling author, eco-theologian, sustainability activist, and TEDx speaker whose book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum.

Michael and his science writer, evolutionary educator, and eco-centric activist wife, Connie Barlow, have spoken to some 2,700 groups throughout North America since 2002. Their work provides audiences with applications of evolutionary and ecological wisdom that break through the confusions of these rapidly shifting times. Michael’s passion and legacy work is most fully expressed in his recent sermons, his 2019 video discussion course, “Pro-Future Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home”, and new podcast: “Post-doom: conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding, and gratitude”.

If you’re ready to move past despair, denial and false hope, please tune in this Tuesday, December 24th at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET. http://omtimes.com/iom/shows/wiki-politiki-radio-show/

To find out more about Rev. Michael Dowd and his sobering yet heartening Post-Doom vision please go here. https://www.postdoom.com/

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Dec 25 2019 · 56mins
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Rev. Michael Dowd, Death-Cult Environmentalist? |435|

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Rev. Michael Dowd brings a progressive Christian spin to apocalyptic environmentalism. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko: Alex Tsakiris: [00:00:02] If you’re talking about climate change and you’re talking about doing something about it. Michael Dowd: [00:00:09] No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t talk about doing something about it Alex, […]

The post Rev. Michael Dowd, Death-Cult Environmentalist? |435| appeared first on Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point.

Dec 17 2019 · 1hr 7mins