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Automating your Accounting firm with Jetpack Workflow’s CEO, David Cristello (Podcast)

Accountant's Flight Plan Podcast

Learn how to automate your accounting firm with David Cristello. 


21 Oct 2021

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The Importance of Workflow Software in Any Industry with David Cristello

Systems Simplified

David Cristello is the Founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, a workflow software that helps accountants and bookkeepers hit deadlines and improve their task management. David has a background in marketing and was previously a Technical Marketing Consultant at his own firm. David is also the host of the Growing Your Firm Podcast and co-author of the book Double Your Accounting Firm. In this episode: Millions of companies in a variety of industries use some form of workflow software. However, one industry was getting overlooked that may have needed it the most. That’s where David Cristello comes in. David Cristello is the Founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, a workflow software for accountants and bookkeepers. After seeing the need for task management software in the accounting industry, David created Jetpack Workflow to help thousands of accountants with their productivity and management. His company has rocketed to the top, and today he’s here to tell you all about it — and share some of his favorite applications along the way. On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit talks with the Founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, David Cristello, about the importance of workflow applications. They discuss why David created his workflow software for accountants, what you should look for in task management software, and the importance of using the right application for your business. You won’t want to miss this jam-packed episode!


13 Aug 2021

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052| How Accountants Can Be Effective, Efficient, And Productive With David Cristello

The Abundant Accountant

No matter what industry you are in, the sales piece will always play a crucial role in how you succeed. For accountants, this relates to how you deal with your clients—going through follow-ups, keeping up with deadlines, and overall making sure that you are not missing anything with them. Yet, not all of us can do everything on our own. That is why we need systems that can help, and in this episode, Michelle Weinstein brings over to the show someone who has been helping accountants become more productive and effective. She sits down with David Cristello, the CEO and founder of Jetpack Workflow, where he has the software platform that helps accounting and tax professionals track all their current work without any worries. Here, David talks about the difference between being productive and being busy as well as being effective. Join him and Michelle in this conversation as they lay down ways you can work smarter, ridding yourself from having to run around with your hair on fire.   Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Abundant Accountant Community today: theabundantaccountant.com LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube


15 Nov 2020

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Moving Beyond The Work To Become Relevant To Our Clients with David Cristello

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Of course, there is a joy and sense of accomplishment when in accounting everything balances and we are able to close out a month or perhaps even a year of books.  But there is something more that we need to do with our clients and the tasks within the accounting process may be holding us back as a profession.  Roger and David discuss both the why’s and how’s to become more efficient, therefore more profitable, so we can spend more time providing additional value to our clients to help them run their business.  Listen in to this great conversation and be prepared to take some notes. Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center Our Guest: David Cristello David is CEO and Founder of Jetpack Workflow.  He has a motto: Driven to solve painful problems with smart, passionate, and empathetic people Sponsors: Universal Accounting Center Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth. Jetpack Workflow - Simple Client & Workflow Management.  Join 16,382+ Accountants who started using Jetpack to help Never Misplace Client Work: Never again recreate or lose sight of client work Gain Full Visibility: Track the progress of your team, run reports within seconds, and never lose sight of deadlines Grow Without Worry: We've tracked over 5,000,000 tasks in 16+ countries (ranging from small accounting firms to the Top 10) Offers: Get a FREE copy of each of two book all accounting professionals should use to offer trusted strategic advisory services and get paid what they are worth.  These are must have additions to every accountants library to provide the value clients look for today: “in the BLACK, nine principles to make your business profitable” – e-book “Red to BLACK in 30 days – A small business accountant’s guide to QUICK turnarounds” – the how-to-guide e-book for accounting professionals Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal. Listen to our next episode and be sure to subscribe. For more information on how you can apply these principles in your business please visit us at www.universalaccountingschool.com or call us at 801.265.3777


17 Jun 2020

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How to Stop Complaining and Just Figure It Out with David Cristello, CEO of Jetpack Workflow

The Staying Power Podcast

David Cristello is CEO & Founder of Jetpack Workflow, a software company built to help accounting firm owners manage deadlines without client work falling through the cracks. Since launch, Jetpack Workflow served thousands of firm owners in 17+ countries and helped them complete millions of tasks monthly.https://jetpackworkflow.com/In today’s episode, we discuss:The method David used to come up with the idea to start Jetpack Workflow.The various challenges he faced when scaling his business including sales.Building and managing a growing team, the importance of clear communication when setting goals.The secret that gives him the Staying Power to move forward despite all the obstacles in his way.And more!To learn more about the Staying Power Collective, a group for aspiring and current virtual firm owners on a mission to grow their firms, visit https://www.stayingpowercollective.com/ To read the show notes, guest contact information, and impactful quotes, visithttps://www.stayingpowercollective.com/blog


18 May 2020

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Using JetPack Workflow for project management with David Cristello

The Modern CPA Success Show

Quote“Project management tools are built for a defined sprint of work, but there is a big gap in recurring client management tools.” - David Cristello The finer details of this episode David’s background and how he started JetPack WorkflowWhy JetPack Workflow is a valuable project management tool for CPA firmsHow to set up JetPack Workflow in your firmWhen a firm begins to migrate into JetPack WorkflowWhy JetPack Workflow is more effective than other project management toolsHow JetPack Workflow has moved the needle on Summit CPA’s gross profitThe best way for smaller firms to adapt to a JetPack WorkflowSummit CPA’s approach to maintaining their JetPack WorkflowWhat new things are coming from JetPack Workflow in the future Episode resourcesSummit CPA website - www.summitcpa.netEmail us with questions - cpa@summitcpa.netJetPack Workflow - https://jetpackworkflow.com/


27 Apr 2020

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078 How to Design Better Workflows in Your Business, with David Cristello, Founder & CEO of Jetpack Workflow

Business Strategy for CPA's

Today’s guest is David Cristello, Founder & CEO of Jetpack Workflow, which empowers thousands of accounting firm owners to build a better firm through managing all their client work in a single, easy to use application.   He's also the host of the "Growing Your Firm" podcast, an interview series that highlights best practices and trends in team management, metrics, M&A, marketing and more. David is also the co-author of the best selling book "Double Your Accounting Firm". His work has been featured in Forbes, AccountingToday, and AccountingWeb.  I put a question out to my audience last week about - without downplaying the seriousness of this crisis - what are the gifts to you in this time.  And without a doubt, the single biggest gift people mentioned was time.  More time with family + kiddos,  More time to take a step back and reevaluate priorities Take care of projects around the house Take care of projects in your business.  So I thought now would be a good time to share this episode with David Cristello, and talk about how to design better workflows in your business.  Designing better workflows can help you Save time and reduce redundancy Create a better quality product More consistent product - when everyone in the office does it the same way Scale more easily Be more profitable.  These are my key takeaways from our conversation:  Document all versions of the existing process as it currently exists, by all people What can we remove What needs editing or updating What needs adding Remember: That designing workflows is not one-and-done. You can revisit and improve workflows over time.  To keep it simple, and To include your client’s experience in the process.  Software:  https://jetpackworkflow.com/ Podcast:  Jetpack Workflow Blog: Strategies for Growing Your Firm https://jetpackworkflow.com/blog/ Book:  Double Your Accounting FIrm: Lessons Learned on How Top Firms Grow Faster, Build Stronger Teams, and Increase Profit https://www.amazon.com/Double-Your-Accounting-FIrm-Stronger/dp/1521814139/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Download ebook “6 Simple Steps to Double Your Revenue” https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/download-double-your-revenue Work with Geraldine: Strategy Session https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/strategy-session/ 1:1 Coaching https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/business-coaching/ VIP Day https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/vip-day/


25 Mar 2020

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Building a Practice Workflow Solution That Stops Client Work Falling Through the Cracks️ 🌀 | David Cristello

Accounting Apps | Accounting Technology | Modern Practice

Today I am speaking with David Cristello CEO and Founder from JetPack Workflow In this episode, we talk about . . . Why he created a company to build a Workflow and CRM solution for practices What some of his favourite features and reports are within JetPack Workflow The importance of asking better questions, to uncover real issues. The longest milkshake analogy ever told on an accounting podcast! Also, we heard about an atomic habit that David has adopted, and from that discussion I’ve followed James Clear on twitter And David expressed his interest in understanding if practices really examined their own capacity. If you have thoughts on that – send him a message on Twitter at @DaveCristello not David, just Dave…. Sign up to the Accounting Apps newsletter here: https://HeatherSmithAU.COM


27 Feb 2020

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Extracting Pain from Dentists with David Cristello

Run With It

Nuggets: Savvy founders often don’t come up with their own business ideas - they get them from an opportune market You can do this even if you have a full-time job - you have to get laser focused on the most important activities Action Steps: Search for the top 100 dental practices in the country Reach out to them and interview them to find out what about their systems are producing results Starting a podcast about dentists as a platform to connect with them could provide you much more leverage than cold emails and build deeper relationships faster Notice that their processes are probably pieced together using spreadsheets and by connecting disparate software tools Start documenting the processes you discover Wireframe a software using Balsamiq, Keynotopia, or just cutting and pasting buttons and flows from your favorite software and apps Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at update@runwithit.fm. You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.Links:Jetpack WorkflowDavid Hauser on Run With ItNever Eat Alone by Keith FerrazziDavid Cristello is the CEO & Founder of Jetpack Workflow, which is used by thousands of accountants in 18+ countries to help them better manage their client work. He has a background in (lean, cost effective, measurable, value driven) Marketing, specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.


20 Feb 2020

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Turn your Practice into a Business with David Cristello

I Love Bookkeeping

David started out like most entrepreneurs, looking for painful problems to solve. He worked as a freelance marketer and saw a lot of accounting firms struggle with various aspects of their business including project management. [3:45] He realized there was a gap in the market because if you’re a firm owner with a number of clients to manage, the average project management tool is not client centric at all. Sales tools are built for handling a pipeline, not for dealing with tasks. A conversation with one of his first customers lead to the genesis of Jet Pack. [5:40] Creating a solution and then searching for a problem is a recipe for bankruptcy. David is trying to instill that idea culturally into his business and is always trying to identify the pain that they are working to solve first. [6:25] By interviewing people in a specific niche and trying to solve their problems, you begin to learn the language of the industry and really understand the challenges they face. If you’re in the world of business, do more interviews and listen to them. [8:45] The bad news is that there are many challenges, the good news is they are common challenges to the business. The big shift happens when you go from an owner that does everything to being able to articulate the right process for your team to follow. The most successful firm owners begin to think of their business as a product and understand that the quality of their product is determined by their workflow. [12:10] When something goes wrong, always go back to the workflow that lead to that result. The SAT framework (Standardize, Automate, Track) comes into play when you’re hiring and scaling clients. If you don’t know where to start, begin with the tasks that have the biggest revenue impact or take up the most time. If you can’t get the process out of your head, have an assistant interview you. [14:50] None of us want to be micromanagers. If you can’t step away from your business without having a panic attack, it probably means you don’t have the right set of tools to give you the visibility to feel comfortable about the progress of the firm. [16:50] Every business has three systems: the deliverable, the marketing, and operations. Within each system there are processes that instrumental to the successful function. Simplicity is key in your checklists. [19:20] Whatever muscles you build today are going to be the muscles that you’re using when you hire somebody. If you start building up the discipline of documenting your processes today, you will have those muscles in place when you need them. Anything you ignore in your business accrues, at some point you will have to deal with it. When you start learning you will discover patterns that will make it easier. [25:00] If you are already using a task management tool and it’s working well, keep using it until the cracks start to show. [26:30] The more you can systematize your business, the more valuable it is. Nobody wants to buy a business that is basically buying a job. The more days of vacation the owner can take the higher the potential value of the firm, it indicates that there are processes and systems in place, and those are key to living a lifestyle you enjoy. [30:30] Planning your month in advance is one of the most freeing things you can do because you can see where you are each week and if you’re reaching your goals. We’re always a work in progress, you always have to reevaluate the structure of your workflow and integrate what you’ve learned. If you’re not seeing the information in front of you it’s impossible to improve it. [34:15] You don’t have to bring all the business improvements to the table, you should rely on your team to bring ideas on how to make things better. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients how you can serve them better. There are innovations in the minds of your clients as much as there are in your team. [37:50] More often than not, the insights are sitting outside of you in the connections and people you know and work with. [38:40] The Net Promoter Score is a simple system for pulling insights out of your clients. You will get a lot of feedback from your clients using that tool that you may never hear otherwise. It’s amazing when you listen to your people and what they will tell you. Insights from the Net Promoter Score will uncover the client experience so you can deliver a great workflow. [43:20] Create a guarantee that will hold you to being able to deliver on the goods. The industry is moving incredibly fast so if you don’t stand out from the pack you will fade into obscurity. A guarantee will highlight your marketing and force you to sharpen your workflow. Mentioned in this episode: Growing Your Firm podcastDouble Your Accounting Firm by David CristelloJetpack Workflow


8 Oct 2019